Altina already didn't find the situation funny at all but she was getting increasingly worried with every second that passed with her unable to find Chrissy. It'd definifely be pretty bad for her if Dolores came back to check in on her, or if she told Nurse Mia and she also came asking questions, though the worst possible outcome would be that Principal Abalos herself came to check in on the missing Lillie.

With her wide hips and disproportionately large booty compared to the rest of her slender, petite body, Altina couldn't even search under the bed freely, getting frustrated at the fact that she couldn't easily search a bit farther under the bed though she also hoped that Chrissy would show herself already if she was hiding there.

Entirely focused on the task at hand, Altina wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to how she moved, wiggling her hips quite a lot as she squirmed in desperate frustration, only being careful not to bump her head again. As a result, Chrissy found herself struggling with not just the sheer squishy doughiness of those mountainous cheeks but their intense jiggling and wobbling.

'How does this girl have a fatter ass than those two fatasses?' She thought, faceplanting on Altina's gelatinous cheek for the umpteenth time now. This sort of softness was almost tempting to rest on, it'd probably greatly soothe her sore body but like this it was getting out of control, like trying to ride on the world's biggest mechanical bull without any sort of saddle.

Feeling a bit of a sting from potential envy along with some kind of morbid curiosity, she grabbed onto Altina's fleshy asscheek. The thin fabric from her scrubs hardly masked the warmth that her smooth skin radiated, even more so now in particular. The white haired nurse's body was getting quite warm from her agitated state. Chrissy could've sworn she even felt a hint of humidity in the air from her evaporating sweat.

'Well, with everything I've gone through so far this isn't even that bad' She thought with a mildly annoyed huff. She tried climbing up to get somewhere safer but pulling up her own body weight in her weakened state was proving way too hard. Even a Lillie who mostly cut class in PE could at the very least climb up the equivalent of a skyscraper's height with no gear.

'Heh, if I had mountain climbing hear... I wonder if this girls' balloon cheeks would just pop if I poked them with it' Chrissy chuckled silently to herself, perhaps trying to cope with the sheer frustration of her current predicament. If she didn't know any better she would've sworn that Altina was just torturing her with that big ass of hers, swinging her around and making those globular glutes bounce gelatinously.

With one of those swings, Chrissy's grip failed her and her hands slipped free, getting flung upwards into the air, rapidly falling back down. Despite knowing that it'd be futile, she desperately tried to change her course but before she knew it she plunged into darkness and got surrounded by the overwhelming heft of Altina's ass, bearing down on her from both sides. It felt heavy but not that much heavier than Jen, definitely not as immensely overbearing as Dolores' backside but its greater doughiness meant that she was even more thoroughly engulfed by her squishy flesh.

If there was a bright side to this whole situation was that she was on the outside, with Altina's scrubs separating her from being truly swallowed by those mammoth asscheeks. In some way it almost felt like it wanted to devour her indeed but she was quick to dismiss the notion, trying to climb her way out. Unfortunately for her, even with her minuscule weight, her fall managed to get some of the fabric on the back of Altina's scrubs to bunch up between her cheeks, giving her a mild annoyance albeit one that barely registered in her mind.

In part from feeling gassy due to the hearty amount of Dolores' food she had for lunch and in part because of that mild irritation in her plump derriere, Altina's body decided to take matters into its own hands and while she kept trying to use her phone's flashlight to locate Chrissy she unwittingly unleashing a loud, bassy fart that rumbled her curvaceous cheeks. Unlike last time, there wasn't much of a warning rumble, the deafening explosion of noxious gases simply went off seemingly out of the blue and Chrissy felt as if she'd been hanging around at the top of a volcano right before it erupted.

The blaring reverberations, further worsened by the booming claps of those gigantic, mountain-sized glutes made Chrissy's ears hurt while feeling every vibration going through her whole body. She was effortlessly picked by the massive gust of wind and got sent flying straight up but a much greater distance than before, enough to get a bird's eye view on the worried Brob below.

'Has any of these oversized pigs ever HEARD of antigas pills?' She thought while covering her nose and mouth with one hand, trying to minimize as much as she could the amount of toxic stink she'd breathe in as the massive yet invisible cloud that engulfed her was rather impossible to escape from. But she was so concerned with all of this that she didn't even realize where she was heading, assuming that she'd land with a bounce on Altina's bulbous backside. It was only after several seconds that she looked and nearly choked in panic.

Altina's continuous movements had caused her already ill-fitting scrubs to ride down and the upper half of her sizable ass was exposed. Her crack now looked like a dark, hungry chasm that somehow pulsated with an ominous energy, eager to devour anything unfortunate enough to find itself in its path. The fact that she couldn't even see anything beyond that pitch black darkness made Chrissy go pale.
'For Lustrog's sake, just how many miles deep is that thing?!' She thought right as she plummeted down into the warm, swampy darkness, her frustrated screams soon got muffled by a mouthful of that very same soft flesh she had slightly enjoyed before...

Meanwhile, back in Art class...

As embarrassing as it was, being pressed against Lulu's humongous buttcheek didn't feel bad at all. In fact, you'd say that the problem was that you were kinda enjoying it a bit much, as a certain part of you kept poking into the immense blubbery mass. You felt each jiggling ripple and heard every booming quake that she made when she took a step while listening to her class, she was asking other students about what they knew regarding Art or their opinions on it. Having a bunch of Gullies and Lillies alongside the Brob majority provided a wider scope and a bit more insight into different cultures.

Jen quickly tapped her foot, feeling increasingly concerned and annoyed that Lulu had you with her and so close to her enormous backside, one that blew both hers and Lillian's out of the water but it was also kind of unfair to make the comparison, she easily had over a decade worth of growth to her advantage.

"Be thankful it's her pocket and not the back of her thong" Zuemy whispered, giving her a smug teasing smirk. However, unknown to both girls Lulu caught that and even made a mental note. She giggled quietly, finding it cute that even a girl as pretty as Jen could feel threatened by her own beauty. But she'd be lying if she said that she was only doing this to annoy the girls, she'd already taken quite a bit of a liking to you and wanted to get to know you better. Feeling your tiny form firmly pressed into her cheek and even noting a tinier poke into it made her blush for a split second. Minutes later, one of the girls raised her hand to ask a question.

"Yes?" Lulu said, looking at a somewhat chubby girl with brown hair, sporting curves that could give Lillian, Jen and Cindy a run for her money.

"Um, is that Lillie guy you stuffed in your pocket okay?" She asked with an innocent yet curious look in her eyes, eliciting chuckling and giggling from the Brob and Gullie girls around her. The Lillie boys' reactions ranged from mild envy to 'Yikes'.

"Don't worry, he's perfectly fine. In fact he's quite warm, comfy and safe... if I didn't know whom he's hanging around with I would even tell you he hasn't been better" Lulu said, giving Lillian and Jen a playful wink that got the two girls blushing into a beet red in a matter of seconds.
"Right now we're still on Art class, but it's good that you asked because this will certainly be among the things we will discuss right after on the I.S.S.E.D class" She added.
"By the way, if anyone can guess what that means before I tell you I'll make sure you get double portions from our dear Dolores' amazing cooking all week"

And as if on cue, knowing her students well, she cleared her throat right as the noises of many phones being tapped were heard all around the classroom.
"Nuh uh uh! No looking up on the Internet and surely no Foogling!"

A collective "awwww" was heard in response. The girls in their various friend groups already began discussing the possible meanings, trying to figure out what that acronym could possibly stand for. The Gullie girls that had Brob friends chimed in just for fun, lacking their larger counterparts' more voracious appetites and often enjoying from having them share their food as well. The Lillie boys were mildly curious but they similarly had little incentive since they already enjoyed plenty of food given their size and eating more than their fill was not even necessary.

Back in her pocket, you were a bit intrigued by the meaning of that mysterious acronym but the reward definitely seemed more suitable for the girls than you or any other Lillies. You wondered if you could have your 'prize' transferred, because then you could make either of the girls real happy, you were pretty sure of it. But soon enough, these thoughts passed to be a secondary matter in your mind as you began to feel some vibrations coming from the distance, as well as a low series of noises that were gradually getting louder.

March 15