'I should get out of here' Joel thought but the weight resting upon him was truly asstounding. He couldn't even make his fingers twitch, the overwhelming doughy mass on top of him pressed him down harshly against the hard, unforgiving seat.

But just like the calm before the storm, things were only going to get drastically worse. As the chairs had no padding at all and in spite of the extreme overabundance of Bertha's own natural one she didn't feel quite comfortable, shifting her hips around as a result, trying to find a better position. Each movement of hers felt to Joel like the movement of actual tectonic plates, mind-boggling earth-quaking power and he was pressed right against the source

Back in the Infirmary...

Chrissy was for the first time after all her misadventures today getting a measure of rest but at this point she couldn't shake off a sense of paranoia, feeling that the moment she dropped her guard another gigantic woman would drop her immense, fat ass upon her or worse, trap her in it. She was laying on a Brob-sized bed, which to her was a soft, vast plain of white. In the distance she could see Altina happily humming to herself while she took inventory of the available supplies.

Seeing her like that, with her long white hair she gave off the aura of a fairytale princess, barely dampened by her modest scrubs. Chrissy's gaze inevitably lowered and then she saw the one thing she didn't really want to think about: Her massive, plump booty. It was way softer and squishier than even Dolores, as she'd already gotten to feel for herself. And yet it retained its perfectly round shape in spite of gravity, albeit with a lot of bouncing and jiggling that confirmed that those glutes' hefty mass was entirely gelatinous.

She rolled her eyes and looked away, grumbling to herself in a mixture of annoyance and jealousy, the latter of which she couldn't even understand. The notion that having that much body fat on her was wrong clashed with a quieter inner feeling that made her crave having that sort of physique, like some natural instinct that had remained dormant for many years up until now, reawakened by the weakened state of her own ironclad will.

And despite the fact that she had already provoked her into inflicting some punishment with that massive booty that she now sort of both envied and admired, she sensed that Altina lacked truly ill intent, her attempts at squashing her didn't even come close to the kind of hostility she got from Jen and Dolores. Then again her butt was maybe far too soft to inflict any damage even on the weakest among Lillies. The angelic aura she still gave off kept intriguing her.

'If she were a Lillie we might have been friends' she thought, fruitlessly trying to fall asleep so she could stop thinking about her. But maybe because her body had been overloaded with adrenaline for a long time now she simply couldn't fall asleep, vaguely sensing that even if she took any pills for it they wouldn't work at all. Chrissy then closed her eyes, fruitlessly chasing sleep that would just not come.

"Oops!" Altina giggled when she accidentally dropped a medicine container, a harmless little mistake that did remind her that she had to be careful since she'd be working with a lot of small and delicate equipment soon. But as soon as she bent over to pick it up a loud rumbling blast of furious, heavy wind erupted from between her thick asscheeks, making them jiggle frantically while those heaving slabs of fatty flesh clapped to it.

Chrissy barely had time do to anything, one moment she heard a deafening noise like that of a thunderous volcanic explosion and right after she found herself flying in the air at considerable speed. She must've flown a couple of meters across the miles-wide looking expanse of the bed before she fell back flat on her face.

The atmosphere around her instantly felt a lot warmer and even a bit humid, or maybe it was just because the mix of toxic gases surrounding her was so thick that it could be mistaken for a sense of humidity. Having had already endured Jen's and Dolores' "explosions" earlier, she held her breath though there was no way she'd be able to get out of the stink cloud in time, plus she wasn't even prepared to hold her breath.

And yet she stubbornly began crawling without any direction in particular, just going in a straight line until she no longer felt like she was in some sort of hot tropical swamp from hell. Her tenacity fueled her efforts but it only lasted a couple of seconds, rapidly exhausting what little energy she'd regained while resting. Pitifully soon, she felt her strength fade rapidly as she collapsed, her chest burning with the intense feeling of a lack of air. She had a full-on mental wrestling with the subconscious part of her brain, which desperately tried to force her to breathe again, prioritizing survival over pride.

Before too long, she was unable to keep fighting her own self-preservation instinct and took a deep breath, instantly regretting it. If she thought the gigantic farts she endured were bad, she just found out that those were far out of their league. The vile air that she desperately took in felt like it was the very definition of the word "Toxic" itself, just pure undiluted poison, burning her nose and throat as it invaded the depths of her lungs. Chrissy could swear that she felt something inside them shrivel up and die from the sheer stench.

The smell was so atrocious that she didn't even cough and gag like before, she simply fell, silently convulsing, her brain was too overwhelmed with the insane sensory input from her nose and throat that everything else became an uncontrollable blur.

'Oh, wow, that was bad' Altina thought, catching a whiff of her gassy outburst. But to her it wasn't that much of a big deal, it wasn't that much worse than the stuff that her mother or sister let out on the regular. Or at least that's how she felt about it. She then remembered that she was not alone, blushing when she recalled that she had a patient albeit a tiny one.

Altina put the medicine container away and turned around, walking towards the bed where she'd left Chrissy. Much to her surprise, she wasn't on the spot she'd placed her anymore, gasping in panic.

'But how?! She was pretty beaten up! How did she get away so quickly?' She thought, immediately looking around. Believing that she had escaped, her first thought was to check the floor, even checking her own shoes, praying that she hadn't accidentally stepped on her. Even if Lillies could usually endure that sort of stuff as a nurse or even just as a normal person, Altina didn't want to be the cause of such harm upon anyone.

Still on the bed but near the middle of it, Chrissy slowly recovered from the convulsing episode that Altina's ungodly fart had triggered. But she felt absolutely drained, unable to move or to speak and so, when she saw that the young nurse panicked, she couldn't let her know that she was still on the bed, just a bit farther away.

"Um, Chrissy, was it? Hello?" Altina called out, getting on all fours to thoroughly check the floor. She wondered if the somewhat uppity Lillie was trying to make her day harder out of spite or if she was just scared of Brobs in general.
'Guess I shouldn't have sat on her. I mean she called me fat but I had to be the bigger person' She thought, quickly realizing her involuntary pun which made her giggle.

'Ugh, whatever. She'll eventually find me, she can't be that stupid... right?' Chrissy thought, closing her eyes out of sheer fatigue but even like this, something inside her refused to let her drift off into unconsciousness, like an ember that remained red hot.

Altina was hoping to find her Lillie patient quickly and maybe just lightly scold her for it unless she was clearly afraid. But those feelings only got displaced by panic at her failure to find her as the seconds passed, turning into minutes. She'd never gotten in trouble for anything serious in her life but she didn't want to disappoint her boss, Nurse Mia nor the principal, whom she felt that she'd be quite scary if mad.

'Where?! Where is she?!' She crawled further under the bed, using her cellphone as a lantern. However, she was soon stopped when her large, bulbous rear got caught at the hips, it was simply too big to fit under the relatively narrow space under the bed unlike the rest of her body, which was rather slender. In surprise, Altina raised herself up, bumping her head against the underside of the bed.


That was the one thing Chrissy heard before she suddenly felt like she'd been launched from the world's biggest catapult.

"What the fu-" She slowly opened her groggy eyes and they instantly widened when she realized that she was miles high into the air and flying into an arc, heading towards a certain pair of jiggling round meaty twins, clad in tight blue fabric.
"Not this bullshit again!" She desperately screamed, comically flapping her arms in an attempt to change her course even a little bit though there was simply no way that she could compete with a force greater than her own to such a tremendous extent.
"Those bastards should've taught us how to avoid these kinds of situations" She angrily mumbled to herself, futilely trying to swim through the air to get anywhere that was not straight towards Altina's massive ass.

Against her every desire, as if Fate had a bone to pick with her, that was precisely where she was headed and soon landed with a gelatinous bounce. Without its owners' enormous weight resting upon her, the mountain-sized buttcheek was extremely squishy and soft. Chrissy bounced a few times before her fall was stopped for good, though she wasn't complaining as much, having felt that incredibly soft mass pressing into her face.

"Fucking hell, this again" She said with a coarse sigh. She tried getting up but it was insanely hard to maintain her footing on the almost alien-looking surface, it was like trying to stand on warm pudding.

March 12