A bit earlier, back with the 4 girls...

Getting Bertha's help was about the best they could do but none of them felt completely at ease, knowing the bumbling officer's history with smaller folk. Even though Gullies were more or less the size of an average doll to Brobs, she'd still managed to squash many students and their parents plenty of times. Knowing that there wasn't much to be gained from worrying to no end, they decided to push that aside but try to look for Joel after classes are over if Bertha fails to return him before then.

"On the bright side, it wasn't yours who got lost" Zuemy said as she looked at Jen, half-jokingly but also trying to lighten the mood.

"I would literally die if something that unlucky happened" Jen chuckled.

"That's yet to be settled" Lillian said with an annoyed huff, giving both Jen and Zuemy an annoyed glare.

"That makes me think, what do you think would happen if we somehow lost Blaise?" Cindy said with some playful curiosity.

"I really wouldn't want to imagine" Jen sighed "A lot of Brob girls aren't exactly familiar with Lillies, or even nice. I'd worry that they'd try to hurt him... but on the other hand, he seemed to know his way around even in a Brob place, I only noticed him when he arrived because I was paying attention"

"I'd say that it'd be worse if they didn't want to hurt him though" Lillian said, earning curious but confused looks from the other girls. Zuemy had a mild suspicion about what she might be on though.
"I mean, you and I are both after him... what makes you think some other girl couldn't develop an interest after meeting him?"

"Shit, you're right" Jen hadn't even considered that possibility until now.

"What about other Lillies?" Cindy then asked "I know he said they don't like him and I don't think he's a liar, yet somehow I think it's not the full truth, I dunno how to explain"

"I get you" Jen replied "Well, I saw the Lillies up close today and I can tell that there's a certain bitchy Queen Bee and her little 'entourage' but I agree with you, I don't think all of the Lillie girls view him with disgust. I'm a little worried actually, I feel some might wanna try something"

"Aw, come on... do you really think some Lillie girl is willing to go up against a girl a thousand times her size over a boy that's not so popular?" Lillian said.

"Yes" Jen answered flatly and in a complete matter-of-factly way "Would you?" She then asked with a little smug smirk.

"Touché" Lillian rolled her eyes and the group walked some more, nearing Lulu's classroom.
"Come to think of it, what are you gonna do this time?"

"Huh?" Jen raised an eyebrow, not quite following Lillian this time.

"We're heading to Lulu's class and we know how quirky and playful she can be. Just pray that she doesn't set her eyes on him" She giggled along with Zuemy and Cindy but Jen didn't laugh, catching their attention.

"Why do I feel you know something we don't?" Zuemy asked somewhat teasingly but Jen simply hurried up, forcing the group to speed up their pace and arriving to the classroom before she had to respond that question.

To their surprise, Lulu wasn't there but her purse could be seen on her desk so they were quick to find a desk for themselves. Like in many other classes, they were sized for 4 people instead of 2 since the new program was going really hard at promoting cooperation and teamwork. Cindy and Zuemy sat down and fished their respective Lillies out of their cleavage, both Jim and Pete immediately shuddered from the cold air rushing around them, Jim in particular as the inside of Cindy's cleavage had been quite warm and cozy indeed. The two girls raised an eyebrow when they saw that Jen just went and sat down.

"Um, Jen?" Cindy asked, thinking that she somehow legit forgot she still had you stashed between her large buns. Jen simply giggled and winked at her, shifting her hips a little.

"Wow. Careful, he might get lost" Zuemy teased but gave Jen an approving look regardless.

"There's not enough ass in there for him to get lost... Just wait until it's my turn" Lillian then said as she sat down, the rest of the girls noted how much her own ass jiggled upon sitting.

Not even Zuemy had been able to fully decipher how Lillian's booty was not only so much bigger than most but so incredibly squishy and doughy to the point of being pretty much entirely gelatinous, yet it kept a round shape even defying gravity and its own sheer weight. The only answer she'd been able to come up with was 'prodigious genetics' unless she wanted to acknowledge that actual miracles existed in life.

Before any further discussion could continue, Lulu walked into the classroom and Jen knew she'd have to take you out since she'd seen you in Homeroom and knew you were hanging around with her. She tried to be discreet but she underestimated just how attentive the curvy redhead could be. Lulu smiled quietly when she saw that Jen reached into the back of her pants and pulled you out. She was a tad surprised that she was being that bold but given her knowledge of her group¡s particular interests, she perfectly understood.

"Welcome back" Jim waved at you, noticing that you yawned and appeared sleepy.
"Looks like someone really enjoyed the caboose ride" He chuckled.

"Shut up" You said mid-yawn, making it sound extremely unconvincing. You rubbed your eyes while waiting for a bit so you could adjust to the light. Your arms got goosebumps all over, the A/C felt even more chilly now that you weren't basking in Jen's gentle body warmth, though the fact that you'd been was enough to get you to feel embarrassed. You felt yourself dangling in the air but unlike most Lillies, you were rather familiar with that feeling. Luckily it didn't look like anyone else paid attention to that though.

"I'll take it as a compliment" Jen said before she carefully placed you on one of her mountain-sized boobs, giggling as you failed to keep your footing and faceplanted onto the soft, pillowy surface.

"Hello everyone, I hope you've been having a great first day" Lulu spoke, instantly getting the entire class' attention "I know for a fact some of you definitely have" She then said, looking at you and giving a playful wink. The 4 girls all blushed a little, feeling like it was directed at them but it was subtle enough that nobody else seemed to have noticed.

Given that the first class of the day was Homeroom with here, there was no need to introduce herself or to have the students introduce themselves anymore so she started with a general talk of what Art is and its importance and impact in the world. The notion that her quirky playfulness aside she's a surprisingly good teacher returned, now you were seeing her in her element.

"After all, there's so much beauty in the world... but only a sapient mind can start appreciating it. Who knows how many glorious views we missed in the days when our species didn't exist. What kind of auroras did the animals in the Ice Age see? What kind of dawns and sunsets did they have back in the era of the dinosaurs? Well, we've still got plenty of incredible things in nature that we can appreciate but we can still go even further beyond" She said.
"For the first time in the world's history, a species emerged with intelligence beyond anything that had existed before and with that, a little big something called Imagination. Not only we can see and imitate what there is already in the world, but we can come up with our own unique ideas and styles. Of course, things get inspiration from somewhere but that doesn't take away the artistic merit"

Something about the way she carried herself gave you the impression that Lulu could very well be a college-level teacher in some prestigious university and you wondered why she was teaching in a highschool like this. Then again Gulliver High might be one of the biggest schools in the entire country in both senses of the word.

Lulu did some walking around while speaking, something that you could kind of relate, it helped to take your mind off focusing entirely on the crowd. What you weren't expecting was that she dropped her pen or something and swiftly turned around, bending over to pick it up and it happened right in front of you, giving you quite the view as one of the biggest asses you'd seen today with jeans so tight they could be painted on slightly spread. It was a lot bigger than Lillian's for sure, it was hard to tell if she was bigger than Arianna but you wouldn't be surprised if she was.

"Whoops" She chuckled and straightened up, turning back around just as gracefully as she'd done mere moments before "Well, unexpected things happen a lot in Life too and sometimes we can get a pretty good view from them, huh?" She said, making the class giggled though you sensed that she was looking at you the whole time, hoping that maybe it was just in your general direction since it seemed like Jen and her friends were quite friendly with her too.

'You saw that?' Cindy managed to convey to Zuemy with just a look and a couple of subtle gestured.

'Yup. I think Lulu got a favorite already' Zuemy silently responded and the two giggled while Jen and Lillian had a confused look, unsure what kind of nonverbal conversation had just transpired.

Not too long ago, back in Science class...

Bertha couldn't help but chuckle when she saw how much the floor shook when she fell and landed on her enormous rear, a common occurrence. This time, it had been simply that one of her ankles failed her and down she went with little time to react. She was thankful that her butt was so large and soft as it completely cushioned her fall with barely any pain. She then stood up and resumed her search, using a magnifying glass to check even in between the floor tiles while her target happened to be closer, much closer than she expected.

Joel was pretty much plastered to one of her planetoid-sized asscheeks, too dazed to react and too stunned to move, most of his body felt numb after the titanic impact he'd just endured.

March 5