Bertha slowly walked around, scanning the floor as thoroughly as was possible to her. In fact, she could probably count with the fingers on one hand the times she'd ever been this meticulous at work. But no matter what, she simply found nothing, not even traces or any signs of the missing Lillie boy. She lowkey hoped to find at least his shoes or a piece of clothing, assuming he got snatched by some Gullie or Brob girl.

As she walked around her enormous ass jiggled a lot more than one would think, given how tight her pants were. And along all that wobbling blubber, Joel remained helplessly plastered to the immense meaty expanse. Now that he didn't have her mind-boggling weight bearing down on him he found the situation a bit more enjoyable though he was a bit worried, he could fall off her any minute and then who knows where he'd end up. He felt he was in for a long ride however...

Meanwhile back in art class...

Lulu talked some more about the importance of art and mentioned some of its origins, noting how the 3 races went about it, with Brob art being very simplistic, sometimes too plain but it always described things as they were, as good as the artists could render.

She then went on to mention how Gullie art was much more variable as many different regions placed differents amounts of emphasis on it but one thing that could be noted overall was that they could transcend depicting things as they saw then, that they tried to make more grandiose things, leading to more imaginative art that wasn't nearly as constrained by reality as Brob art prior to contact with the other 2 races.

"But I think you guys don't wanna have to listen to me all the time" Lulu then said, eliciting some laughter.
"Considering that we've got quite a few Lillie newcomers maybe we could get some insight on how art developed there? Or maybe just some of what they know from their own point of view?" As she said that she locked eyes with you, making you flinch with the sheer intensity of her gaze.

The fact that Jen sat at the front didn't really help. Come to think of it, you hadn't even wondered why they'd choose to sit there but as you glanced at Cindy and saw her glasses you got a pretty good guess that they might do so for her sake. Strangely enough she didn't seem to be visually impaired when she interacted with you though but you weren't allowed to dwell on it much further as Lulu approached. She walked towards you, swaying her hips and chest a lot more than it was necessary, the tremors that her steps caused reminding you of the heft that they carried.

"How about it Blaise? Would you care to enlighten us a little on what you know about Art among Lillies?" She asked innocently enough, sounding quite sincere in fact. But you couldn't help but shudder, sensing a hint of flirty playfulness in her voice and in the way she looked at you. Even Jen was feeling a bit awkward but she refrained from saying anything.

"Aww, come on, I don't bite" Lulu giggled "I see that you're still quite comfy there" She then said, noting how you were sitting on the vast expanse that Jen called one of her boobs. You had sort of gotten used to it but couldn't completely ignore the fact, feeling already flustered. Feeling the smoothness of her skin and even a faint, sweet scent wafting from it along with hints of salt that weren't too different from the sea breeze at the beach, what little hair you had on your arms stood on end.

"It was still my idea to have him there" Jen stepped in, just as she'd done back in Homeroom. You really appreciated that she did. She protectively cupped a hand and placed it near you, a gesture that didn't slip past Lulu.

"I know. We haven't talked this much about it but it's actually a pretty nice gesture on your part. And I'm glad you're helping to keep him safe" Lulu said with a wink that weirdly enough seemed to suggest that she knew more than she was letting on, leaving Jen blushing quite noticeably.
"We're going to talk more about this on the next class, but it's really important to understand that the point of this exchange program is to promote socialization and cooperation. Bonding, if you will. You might find new great friends you wouldn't have met otherwise... or, who knows? Maybe even find love" Lulu said with a giggle, batting her eyelashes at you while most of the classroom looked at Jen, Lillian, Zuemy and Cindy.

"Anyway, what do you say?" Lulu spoke again, clearly looking at you.
"I heard from a certain little birdy that you're quite knowledgeable on your stuff" This time you blushed almost as hard as Jen before but not just because of the ludicrously thicc teacher's behavior but because you actually felt embarrassed on being outed as a full-on nerd.

"W-Wait, I may know a thing or two but by no means I'm really knowledgeable on anything, I'm like an average student at best, not exactly the pride of my previous school" You replied, laughing awkwardly as you tried to defuse the situation or at least that was how you viewed it.

"Hmm?" Lulu tilted her head cutely "Modesty's nice but there is such a thing as selling yourself short" She then giggled at her unintended pun "No offense" She added with a chuckle.
"As for your previous school, their loss if they didn't appreciate you. I feel like you could be quite the good student, if only I had enough time~" She then said in a more sensual, whispery tone as she walked a few steps closer towards Jen and you. She then held her hand out with the palm facing up, a gesture that you immediately recognized from your mom and the other women in your life, she wanted you to hop on.

Unsure on how to proceed, you looked up at Jen, another thing that Lulu's sharp eyes caught. The two of you looked at each other, neither really knowing what to do, though Jen was now more aware than before that you were really trusting her with your safety.

"Um, Ms. McAllen... what-"

"I'd just like to have Blaise hop on for a minute" Lulu replied with a confident smile.
"It's not like I'm going to steal him away from you~" She chuckled
"Unless... you think I can actually compete with someone so much younger. Hmm?" She gave an even more playful look as she further taunted a flustered Jen. The look the hazel-eyed beauty gave you managed to convey that it was best to do as she said so you hesitantly slid down the enormous mammary slope and then walked until you reached the tip of Lulu's fingers, climbing them up.

With surprising grace and care, Lulu raised you closer to her face level, letting you admire the exotic beauty of her dual-colored eyes, as they each sported a greenish turquoise color, but the innermost and outermost rings of her irises were sapphire blue. It was almost unreal, they could easily be mistaken for the otherworldly eyes of some goddess and if hypnosis or other amazing mystical eye powers were possible, Lulu's eyes would definitely be the kind to posses those.

But it wasn't just her eyes that you noticed, her smooth, slightly wavy red hair with a much more radiant and intense color than any dye could achieve was also quite the breath-taking sight, specially up close. And the multiple freckles sprinkled across her face gave her a rather unique brand of cuteness. In spite of having just implied that she wasn't quite so young, by looking at her face alone no one could say she had aged a day past her early 20's, it was only her voice and demeanor that suggested that she was more seasoned than her youthful appearance let on.

"I think you could use some motivation" She spoke softly and then lowered you down to her chest, which was pretty massive. Not quite as big as Jen's but it was still pretty huge and even more so for a Lillie, those round meaty globes were definitely as large as hills to you.

On the desk right in front of her, neither Lillian nor Jen were very amused, seeing their quirky playful teacher nonchalantly place on her bountiful chest the boy they have a crush on. Zuemy found the scene hilarious herself while Cindy simply thought it was cute.

Soon, you landed on soft, pale and freckled flesh as you had been dropped on Lulu's exposed chest but not exactly on her cleavage. You struggled to keep your footing, faceplanting a few times, making her giggle as she found the view utterly adorable herself.

"Soo... now that you're nice and comfy there, how about you tell us anything you might know about how art originated among Lillies or what is the impact it has today? Or even just your views and opinions on it?" With no way to really deny such a request, you took a moment to put your jumbled mind back in order, then cleared your throat before you began.

"Alright. But just for the record, I'm a Lillie, yes. But I'm not native to Lilliput. I've been there a few times though, most of what I know is what I learned in school or read about somewhere" You then said. Lulu gave an approving nod.
"Well, for starters, Lillie Art began pretty much in the same way as Gullie and Brob did but it happened thousands of years earlier, the first things we painted were the animals we hunted. The thing is that those are wildly different from what you guys know. In the Lilliputian continent (Australia) we basically have a marsupial version of about everything. The deadliest beast in there being the fearsome Marsupial Lion, with sharp incissors and the strongest bite for any animal ever in relation to their size" You said, hearing a few surprised gasps.

"Such a beast inspired terror amongst our earliest ancestors but also came to be seen as the embodiment of power, a majestic king of the beasts. Fun fact is that the name for Lilliput itself comes from the ancient name for this beast. In the ancient tongue, the clan that founded the city that became the country we know today took the name of the beast for itself, 'Lillip' with 'Ut' meaning 'clan of hunters'. So, if you wanted to translate it it would be 'the clan of the Marsupial Lion Hunters' "

Lulu silently smiled and nodded approvingly, glad that even she was learning new things today.

March 8