"Okay, I think I got everything, it should be fairly simple to find your missing friend" Bertha said, rushing to devour the rest of her donuts and hastily washing it down with her large iced coffee, surprising even Lillian and Jen, who boasted large appetites themselves and could eat quite a lot of food rather quickly if need be.
"You should go back to class before you get in trouble" The school's officer said as she walked after putting her empty tray away but the girls simply kept quiet, staring at her large figure, in particular to her massive booty as it swayed from side to side and jiggled considerably in spite of her insanely tight pants.

"Damn, that's like Jordana's level of big" Lillian said.

"Thousands of donuts must've been sacrificed to make that kind of badonk" Jen chuckled.

"Maybe we all should have some more sweets" Cindy said, wrapping each of her arms around their necks "I mean it wasn't even that long ago that we found out cheesecake kinda goes to your ass better than most foods" She then said to Jen, who immediately blushed from mild embarrassment but nodded in agreement.

"Sure. After Dolores gets some staff to help her maybe she'll make some more kinds of pastries too? There are many types of pan dulce that are great" Jen replied. [Minor note: I would've normally rendered it as "sweet bread" but apparently US people call it by its name in Spanish for some reason. In any case there's quite a lot of different kinds and Jen's fairly knowledgeable of most]

"I wouldn't mind going for some donuts myself. Maybe not these super sugary ones but the chocolate ones look and smell awesome" Zuemy chimed in "I remember Lulu's mentioned that there are some good muffins too. What about you, Lillian?" Zuemy then asked, knowing that Lillian was the one with the largest appetite of the 4 although Jen was a close second.

"I mean food is food" Lillian shrugged nonchalantly "I do have my favorites but I dunno, I don't think I have as much of a sweet tooth as you guys. But I'm partial to stuff like Hostess Cupcakes"

"Well, good news for you, if Dolores gets to make more pastries there's high chances she'd make those too" Jen said with a smile "But for some reason they're called Penguins"

"Penguins? Well, I can kinda see it" Cindy noted, giggling as she imagined silly penguin-shaped chocolate cupcakes instead.

After this, the girls headed back to Lulu's classroom as lingering around in the near empty cafeteria was a surefire way to get in trouble with the fearsome Ms. Abalos if she happened to go on her usual but unofficial patrolling rounds.

True to her word, Bertha began her search, hoping to get it done quick so the incident could go unreported and save herself the hassle, though she also wanted to sincerely help people, it was like a match made in hell that her size is so great even for Brob standards and that she's not the most aware of small things in, on or under her. She headed for Natalie's science classroom and was mildly surprised that the rather plump redhead was nowhere to be found.

'Oh yeah, she got a Lillie working with her. Was that some kind of TA? Must be real brave to come teach in a mostly Brob school, huh' She thought, remembering with mild amusemend that she already got a squishing incident with that man, giggling quietly as she considered it an unofficial sort of baptism for him to have ended under her enormous ass already. Even other Brob women or inanimate objects weren't exempt from her shenanigans, as she'd already bumped everyone at the very least once.

Meanwhile, Veronica and her friends were still hanging around in the science room because Veronica's stomach hadn't stopped making loud gurgling noises and both of her friends were having fun teasing her about it.

"I mean, you could just go to Lulu's class and let it rip, it's not like Lulu of all people would call you out" Emily said while Veronica was clutching her stomach. She had a mixed relationship with food because no matter what she ate, she'd be gassy to some extent but there were dishes that made things worse, and Dolores' hearty Mexican meals were among those. The only two girls she knew that could relate to her issue had embraced it in full and it didn't even seem to bother them much.

'I wonder how those two do it' She thought, noting that she hadn't really heard any of them let loose during the last class but she then remembered that they had lunch before.
'Oh yeah, they most likely used lunchtime to get rid of the pressure. Should've done that too'

"I think we should go, I don't wanna get in trouble with Ms. Abalos on the 1st day" Monique said.

"Chill out, Moni. We have like 15 minutes worth of grace period and it's not like we're gonna miss out on much" Emily replied and just then, Veronica couldn't hold it anymore and unleashed a loud, bassy fart that shook her own chair pretty noticeably and it went on for at least 15 seconds before it died down.

Trying to look discreet, Monique quietly walked towards the door to open it. Having been friends with her since Elementary, she had a remarkable degree of resistance to Veronica's deadly farts but even she could reel from how bad they could get, and this was definitely one of such occasions. Emily didn't appear to give a damn though she subtly fanned the air around her face, trying hard not to cough as the thick, heavy stench invaded her nostrils.

The curvy blonde could only try to picture how much more intense it must've been for the poor sap that got trapped beneath Veronica's booty, enduring each and every single one of her monstrous blasts at point blank in a scale that Emily herself could only try to imagine. She wouldn't have minded doing it herself but using her friends was even better, with one having a considerably bigger ass that often got sweaty and the other being the school's so called "Farting Queen".

Unknown to her, or any of her friends for that matter, Joel wasn't exactly suffering in the way they'd expect. Veronica's massive booty blasts were intense like nothing he'd faced before, yes but he still couldn't quite get over the fact that such a hot girl was sitting on him.

He coughed and gagged at the mix of noxious gases he kept breathing in but it was mostly out of a need for actual oxygen than full-on disgust at the intense smells. Luckily, even ordinary Lillies could do with very little oxygen as they evolved as an island inhabiting race and were more aquatic-oriented than either Gullies or Brobs for the most part. They were the world's best divers for a reason, and in proportion with their size they were arguably the best swimmers too though at least Brobs could compete on diving prowess with some training and equipment.

He tightened his entire body by reflex when another deafening, rumbling explosive roar went off, sounding like something between thunder and a volcanic explosion, though in some ways it was like a gargantuan revving engine or like a million heavy motorcycles at once. The noise was so loud that it felt like it hurt his ears but Veronica's plump buttcheek muffled it just enough to keep it from causing any actual damage and Joel guiltily enjoyed even this.

The tremendous noise and the smells surrounding him made him feel tingly all over and a bit lightheaded. Joel had never done drugs in his life but he wondered if getting high was anything like this. And yet, even amidst the most intense of his methane-fueled stupor, there was a tiny voice that lingered, a nagging one, like that of a certain fairy in a well known adventuring game... Said voice reminded him that he was in danger, that he needed to get out and be found. But Joel's horny kept a strong hold still, basking in the pleasure of the same thing that could harm him.

Out of nowhere, memories of his previous school flashed by and in particular, he recalled a Philosophy class where they talked about how one's own sense of security could be tricked, the teacher used an analogy of some animal, either a frog or something else, maybe even a crab or a lobster that got put in a pot full of water and it began getting heated up but very slowly. Being cold blooded animals, the feeling of the water getting warmer was rather pleasant but that was where the trick was, the warmth increased so slowly that neither animal realized that they were in danger and by the time they finally did, it was far too late, for they didn't live for very long... A harsh lesson indeed, one that warned them about getting too comfortable in one's zone. Though in Joel's case, the analogy was perhaps at its most literal ever.

'Huh? Maybe I should move?' He thought, just as Veronica unleashed another colossal, booming fart that further numbed his senses. He weakly grabbed the immense mass of her asscheek, it was warm and squishy, it felt like he was grabbing a cloud of Heaven itself. His hand trembled, this feeling would get burned forever into his memory, if he made it out of here that is.

"Wow, Lulu might even want to compete with those" Monique chuckled though just like Emily, she had to fan her face to keep the thick stench tolerable.

"I guess" Veronica giggled while blushing, still a bit embarrassed even when among friends.
"But I can't just blast off the entire class" She added "Plus, I don't really want Lillie boys to think I'm some kind of fart machine"

"But you are...?" Emily teased, making Veronica pout rather cutely.

"Yeah, Em hit the nail on the head there. Maybe you could embrace it like Lillian? That girl doesn't give a flying damn and just lets them loose when she must" Monique said.

"Really, Moni?" Veronica raised an eyebrow "Lillian's also pretty happy having the biggest ass in this school, not counting the teachers and staff" She said, giving her a knowing look, barely suppressing a smirk of her own.

"Ugh, don't remind me" Monique sighed "I can't shed a single pound off these no matter how much I work out"

"How about dieting?" Emily chimed in.

"It'd suck to be hungry all day, I wouldn't be able to think. Besides, it's not like I eat that much, right?" Monique replied with another annoyed sigh. Veronica and Emily simply looked at each other, much to the thick brunette's chagrin.

February 25