After that unexpected massive tremor your surroundings gradually went back to normal, the two gigantic, soft masses engulfing you swayed from side to side but their motions were gentler as Jen had a certain gracefulness as she walked. One thing you noticed is that it was feeling quite a bit warmer, the heat itself coming from farther down below but then again it was a hot summer day, plus, as the son of a Brob you were aware that while they were greatly adapted to colder temperatures with their genetics, it was those same that made them struggle in warmer climates.

Come to think of it, you'd never seen your mom even wear anything warmer than some thin sweater and only on the days where it was absolutely freezing, biting cold as the winters in Brobdignag were practically Arctic level at times. Then again as a Lillie you were largely the opposite, genetically designed to thrive in warm climates but severely vulnerable to the cold, then again your Brob heritage granted you a noticeably greater level of resilience to it over most Lillies, and even Jim who often boasted of his French Gulliverian blood.

'I wonder if Jen's feeling uncomfortable if she's getting this warm down here. But maybe she doesn't even feel it?' You thought.

Neither your mom nor your big sis ever expressed any discomfort while carrying you around in their bountiful rears but the fact that it was their idea probably had something to do with it. Jen's nice and kind but this is the first day you met her and in some ways acknowledging her as a newly-made friend was tougher on your mind than you thought yourself. You sighed, blaming the unhealthy social relationships you had with most of your fellow Lillies back in Mully Ully Gue.

Unknown to you, it was but the absolute opposite for Jen. Just like Lillian back at lunch, her nethers were getting intensely hot with the knowledge that she had her tiny crush right where she wanted and it looked like you didn't mind at all. The feeling of your diminutive body thoroughly enveloped and engulfed by the soft, squishy and greatly abundant flesh on her sizable asscheeks got burned into her memory, she could tell she wouldn't ever forget today's experiences with you.

The fact that you were somewhat wedged into her crack but on the outside of her panties felt tantalizing, it was what she wanted yet she craved more. If her intrusive impulses were allowed to win, she'd pull her panties aside and push you right inside, hopeful to get you right against her deepest, most sensitive spot in there. She had to shake her head and lightly slap herself to regain her focus before these thoughts overwhelmed her.

'Come on, it's literally his first day! If you do something this stupid he won't give you any more chances again' She scolded herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Zuemy was giggling and sensed that it was directed at her.

"Getting your panties in a twist?" Zuemy teased "Or maybe something else?"

"Huh?" Lillian this time failed to catch on.

"Think Jen's getting some twisted twat right now" Zuemy then explained with a smug giggle.

"What the hell?! What makes you think that?!" Said a very flustered Jen.

"Just a hunch" Zuemy shrugged, though her answer wasn't entirely true. There was a certain, faint scent that Jen was giving off and it was in several ways similar to Lillian's earlier in lunch, however she chose not to comment on that for the time being.

"I don't see why she'd have that, she's got him right where she wants" Lillian shrugged.
"And you didn't even have to go out of your way for him to be fine with it" She added with a hint of annoyance in her voice, slightly resentful of the fact that you'd been more intimidated by her much larger rear. Jen's was huge as well if compared to most girls outside of their friend group but you didn't appear to be nearly as afraid of it.

"Oh, I don't think it's out of frustration" Zuemy then added.
"I think it's the opposite, she has him right where she wants and she probably craves more"

Jen stared daggers at her, internally baffled at how accurately she'd been read and feeling called out as well. But before she spoke, Cindy chimed in.

"Ooh, I think I get that! Cuddling just feels so nice! The boys tickled me a bit when I had them there" She said, causing Zuemy and Lillian to chuckle while Jen was allowed some respite, sighing in relief.

'Nice save' Zuemy silently mouthed to Cindy who raised an eyebrow, unsure as to what her friend meant.

"By the way, shouldn't we do something about Joel? I know we gotta get to Lulu's class but I feel wrong just leaving him to his fate" Cindy then said.

"It's not like we meant to leave Joel, Dr. Godfrey kinda asked us to get going already and she left as well" Jen said in response "But you've got a point"

"Maybe we should just go back and search for him? Lulu would understand if we arrive late for a good cause" Lillian suggested.

"Yeah but on the other hand those 3 were still in the classroom, I'm not sure I wanna deal with them right now" Jen said, looking away.

"Hey, I get Emily's kind of a bitch or so they say but what's even wrong with Veronica or Monique? They're chill" Lillian asked with a frown.

"Well, I dunno. I feel like Veronica doesn't like me very much, something about the way I've seen her look at me" Jen said.
"Monique you're right, I've got no problems with her though I'm a bit envious" She chuckled
"She's almost at your booty size yet she wants to burn it off, sheesh. God really gives bread to those with no teeth*"

[*Note: That's the literal translation of a saying in Spanish, with the meaning that opportunities or things in life often end up in the hands of those unwilling or incapable of making use of them. Even in the Gulliverse, although she wasn't raised there as she was in usual canon, Jen's spent quite a lot of time in Mexico so she's familiar with many common sayings there]

"I know, right?" Lillian laughed "I mean, at least I get to keep my throne as this school's booty queen... not counting women older than us because that's kind of unfair. I was surprised that she wasn't trying to grow it bigger. Also I'm not sure if I buy her claim that she could get really bigger if she didn't exercise so much, I've seen how much she eats tho, she could give us both a run for our money"

"Hah, not many hungers can match our Viking appetites" Cindy chimed in, wrapping her arm around Jen's neck. The latter blushed but nodded in agreement. However, while she loved her meat and ate generous portions, she felt like maybe she wasn't fully living up to her bloodline's expectations with her fondness for the spicy and richly flavorful foods from Brobdingnag's southern neighbor.

"How about a middle point?" Zuemy spoke "We still get to go to class and arrive on time but we can do something to help poor Joel"

"Like what?" Lillian asked with a curious expression.

"We could ask Officer Bertha to look for him. According to the school app we are to report to her any missing Gullie or Lillie students" Zuemy said.

"But is that even a good idea? We know Bertha's not the best with smaller people" Jen said.

Indeed, Bertha's numerous blunders as a police officer were widely known and many were simply impossible to cover up. Not that she was malicious or anything, but she really didn't pay attention to where she sat until it was too late, plus people got lost between those massive cheeks way more times than Bertha herself would be willing to admit.

One of the most hilarious yet controversial was when she was assigned to work as a bodyguard for Mayor Patricia and her husband during an important event, only for her to have squashed him herself for near the entirety of the event. That she wasn't fired after that one was a miracle, there being rumors that in spite of it, Mayor patricia herself was fond of Bertha but surely there had to be someone else looking out for her in the Police Department. She was then transferred to work at Gulliver High as its Resource Officer on a request by Principal Arianna Abalos.

"It's better than nothing" Lillian shrugged "I really hope she finds him before she squashes him herself" She said as the 4 decided to take a small detour from their way to Art class to go see Bertha...

Meanwhile, in Dolores' room...

Dolores was soundly napping, needing the rest and recovering time to regain her strength for she basically fed the entirety of the school's students and even the staff partially all by herself. And she knew dinner was going to be even more of a rush than lunch as it was the first week of the month and fresh ingredients arrived. Even the girls who tried not to embrace the sheer curviness that's most usual in Brobs would be asking for generous helpings as the dinner menu was really popular.

But while she probably wandered off happily in Dreamland, her tiny captive was anywhere but(t). Chrissy had been utterly miserable, squished between the humongous weight of Dolores' nearly incomprehensibly massive backside. And she was trapped deep in the back of her thong, unable to move. She was too exhausted to try and escape anyway but even if she had the energy, Dolores' enormous ass was far too large for any Lillie to escape from within any reasonable time.

And that wasn't even the worst of it. Even while she was asleep, her body continued its work and among the many tasks it carried out there was one she dreaded: digesting her lunch, which consisted of a very large portion of her own cooking. Her big belly rumbled and groaned as her stomach made churning noises and untold volumes of gas traveled down the immense labrynth-like passage of her gut.

Every few minutes, once enough gas gathered up it would make an explosive exit, blasting Chrissy head-on with earthquaking fury, as viciously as a hurricane and making a booming, thunderous roar that rattled her every bone.

"Fucking hell! I can't even hear my own thoughts, it's all this whale's farts!" Chrissy screeched right as yet another gargantuan explosion of hot, noxious gas blew into her while her gelatinous surroundings wobbled frantically.

February 4