After having been confined to the dark depths of Dolores' immense derriere, Chrissy's tired eyes took a few minutes to readjust to the light. Even before she opened her eyes, she could feel that the light was much brighter than in Dolores' room and the air felt cooler, somehow sensing that the room was more spacious even though any Brob dwelling was already mind-bogglingly colossal to Lillies.

The air smelled different too, there was a certain chemical, sterile scent to it that was more akin to that of a clinic than somebody's room. Other than Dolores' constant farts that room didn't have any notable smells anyway. But at the very least she was free.

Her eyes widened, realizing that she wasn't just returned to some room by herself, she had been handed over to yet another Brob, one she didn't even know anything about yet. Panicking, she swiftly turned around and looked up, expecting another girl that she'd describe as a "fat bitch" to keep ruining her life, yet that was not what she found.

Much to her surprise, she was on the hand of a smaller girl compared to either Jen or Dolores and, as much as she despised Brobs, the first word that came to mind to describe this one was "angelic". A beautiful, gentle-looking face sporting a faint blush with gorgeous green eyes and long, smooth hair whiter than the school's boards. Chrissy hated the very idea but she couldn't deny it even in her mind, this girl was prettier than even any Lillies she knew.

The exhausted, diminutive girl slapped herself awake, wondering why she was staring so much, this was a girl, and a Brob one at that. She'd always been taught that Brobs were fat, bloated and oversized brutes, the kind of beauty that this girl sported would've been more befitting to a girl like Chrissy herself, or maybe someone more important like an Imperial Princess from Lilliput, or at least some other member of high nobility.

'This girl is way prettier than her or her kind have any right to be' She thought, frustrated that there was something overwhelming about this girl that made it impossible to deny how good she looked. She was envious of her looks but at the same time felt wrong for bearing ill feelings towards her, she really looked like an angel just missing the wings and the halo.

Altina, however, wasn't even looking at her tiny patient. Instead she'd done as Dolores instructed and was browsing through the local trending videos on PikPok, wondering how this Lillie girl seemed to have earned quite the harsh treatment from the otherwise kindly lunch lady.

Her body above the waist looked deceptively slim and much to her own chagrin, she didn't have much of a chest, unlike her better endowed big sis. Her body stubbornly stashed nearly any and all gains she made from food into her plump posterior, which unknown to her was easily able to compete with some of the largest in the school, barring older girls and women. Dolores had taken a liking to her and had made sure to always feed her extra, which Altina appreciated even though her chest barely grew even after consuming a lot of hefty portions of more than just hearty dishes.

It didn't take too long for her to find relevant videos, easily recognizing the girl that she held on her hand. She began playing them and rapidly became horrified. Seeing a Lillie being so vicious to one of her own made her shudder, she had been led to believe that Lillies mostly needed protection from the larger races, seeing that even their own could treat them this badly broke her heart a little and she finally understood Dolores. She sighed and shook her head in disapproval.

'Shit' Chrissy thought, hearing the videos that Altina had been watching on her phone, knowing that any semblance of a reputation she might've had was just thoroughly annihilated. She still didn't regret her actions, only that she'd been caught.

"I see why Mrs. Dolores got mad at you" Altina said, her soft and soothing voice making a harsh contrast with the disappointment she gave off. It sent many chills down Chrissy's spine, disappointing such an angelic figure felt like a surefire way to earn yet more vicious retribution.

"Look, I dunno what you just saw-"

"You were so mean to that guy" Altina cut her off "And he's kinda cute" She added, the faint blush on her face intensifying for a few seconds. Chrissy couldn't help but sigh and roll her eyes.

"That fre-I mean, we Lillies got our reasons to hate that guy, just trust me on that one, he's not worth anyone's time" Chrissy said, trying to make a case for herself. In the meantime, Altina saw a video showing your arrival and how Jen fished you out from her cleavage before she kissed you and winked at the Lillie girls down below on the table.

"Awww, he's already taken" Altina pouted "Well, it should be no surprise... That girl's so pretty too" She said, looking down at her nearly non-existing chest, sighing in mild frustration. She frowned when she saw the rest of the videos, in particular the one where Chrissy had you sort of crucifixed to Gullie-sized breadsticks to turn you into a snack for Brobs.
"Really, trying to make a Brob eat him?" Altina raised an eyebrow, glaring at her with just one eye but that was plenty to make Chrissy flinch. She didn't even know what to say anymore.
"Oh, the big bad giant is gonna eat someone... Are we still doing this in this day and age?"

"I mean, I could've offered him to Gullies too" Chrissy shrugged but Altina's displeased sigh was plenty of an answer on its own. Altina browsed some more videos and saw the one where Chrissy confronted Jen, who had come to your rescue, frowning as she heard how much the Lillie kept insulting her.

"You really think a girl like that is fat?" Altina asked with a raised eyebrow. Chrissy tensed up but her burning hatred for Jen got the better of her.

"Hell yeah! That's a disgusting, fat bitch with cow tits!" She blurted out. Altina simply shook her head again in great disapproval.

"I understand we're a lot bigger than you but that was uncalled for, that girl's just gorgeous and that kind of chest would be the envy of any from the 3 races" Altina said, walking over to one of the various empty beds and lowering Chrissy down to it.

Before the latter could even ask what just happened, the intense white lights from the ceiling were gone, her immediate surroundings instantly went dark. Getting a bad feeling about things, she looked up and much to her horrified surprise, Altina's gigantic booty loomed over her, looking like a pair of jiggling moons, making her green scrubs looking like they were painted on.

"Am I fat too?" Even though she didn't know this girl, Chrissy sensed that it was highly unusual for someone like Altina to speak this angrily, there was some ominous sense of danger that she still chose to ignore.

"It is kind of fa-" She wasn't even unable to finish that phrase as those enormous doughy moons instantly descended right upon her, squishing her with countless tons worth of weight. Chrissy let out blood-curdling screams that got muffled into oblivion by the sheer mass of those cheeks though...

Sometime earlier, getting back to the 4 girls...

They had agreed to go find Bertha but it was only after that they realized that they weren't even sure where to find her. Like most school staff, she had a personal office but given the nature of her job it'd be fairly unlikely to find her there. Then again, even though she had to regularly patrol the school she was known to be a bit lazy at times.

"I think I've got it" Lillian said and began walking ahead in the cafeteria's direction, the other 3 followed her but weren't even fully convinced themselves. A couple of minutes later they found her, sitting at a table enjoying a fairly generous helping of donuts and what looked like a large iced mocha.

"She's got good taste in coffee at least" Jen chuckled.

"Look, that's kind of what it takes to have curves that big" Lillian quietly pointed out, glancing at the large amount of donuts still on Bertha's tray. Jen couldn't help but blush a little, looking down at herself and briefly feeling her hips and butt with both hands.

"I mean, I want it bigger but that's a lot... plus I'd rather keep the curves to the top and the bottom, not the middle" She replied with a giggle.

"I don't think he'd mind if you had a bit of a tummy" Lillian said with a teasing smirk and glanced at Cindy, who nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, he enjoyed it when I had him on mine" She added.

"I thought you quit the school's soccer team to thiccen that booty?" Zuemy chimed in, making Jen blush slightly harder.

"That was one of the reasons, yes" Jen huffed. However, Cindy and Lillian had raised a good point, she had seen herself that you'd been quite comfortable while laying on their bellies and definitely didn't appear to be repulsed by them, already going drastically against the known Lillie stereotypes and she wondered what she'd look like with a bit of pudge there, also wondering if you'd like it better.

While Jen had that little moment of introspection, Lillian went ahead and greeted Bertha, who found it a little strange that these 4 girls came to see her since she knew them not to be troublemakers.

"Um, we want to... sort of report a missing student" Lillian said, feeling responsible and thus taking the lead "He was with us in Science class with Dr. Godfrey until he wasn't. I dunno what happened but he disappeared, I think he's still somewhere around in the classroom but we couldn't stay and check"

"Heh, relax. That's way more common than you think, trust me, I've been around Lillies" Bertha said with a nonchalant giggle, then munching a few more of her donuts.
"Do you guys want me to make an official report or can I just go look for the little guy?" She asked after swallowing her food, washing it down with some of that exceedingly sugary iced mocha latte.

"Just finding him and returning him to our class would be enough, and thank you" Lillian said.

"Awesome! It'd suck to actually have to go and fill in all that pesky paperwork, plus I'd gave to tell Ms. Abalos and I don't really wanna hear anything about any more incidents today" Bertha said. The girls all exchanged a mildly concerned look but said nothing. She then asked the girls for the missing guy's name and description.

February 15