Just as when she'd been trapped inside Dolores' bowels, the concept of time seemed to have completely disappeared for Chrissy, who couldn't even be sure if the minutes she counted were actual minutes or if she'd really finally lost her mind and her sense of time became utterly meaningless.

There was no mercy, no rest, no respite, not even the slightest amount of relief. Stuffed in the depths of the lunch lady's humongous ass, if its immense weight didn't thoroughly envelop her entire being, then she'd be blasted by yet more eath-quaking, thunderous hurricane blasts. Her hatred for the woman burned to new heights she didn't even think possible but even more so her hatred for the one who got her in this situation: Jen.

'That filthy cow will PAY!' She thought, powerlessly clenching both her teeth and her fists all while tears of sheer rage and frustration slid down her face.

Even if the girl was over a thousand times larger than herself, she knew that there must be some way she can get her revenge. She might not have paid much attention to many classes like History but even she knew that the Lilliputians weren't a fearful people and that, facing a world much more dangerous than it is for the rest, they were always prepared to face the worst.

For the first time in her ordeal her mind went back to you, the previous target of her ire, surprising herself by how little she'd even thought about you until now. Her heartbeat accelerated a little more but her body was at its limits and she couldn't even physically get any angrier anymore, yet her hatred for you burned with renewed vigor.

'How did that bastard find himself a Brob girlfriend to protect him this quickly?! He was an absolute pariah!' Her despise for you was nearly matched by how mind-blown she felt, unable to comprehend how any girl, regardless of the race, paid any attention to you.
'He's an abomination, a freak! It's only natural that no self-respecting Lillies would give him the time of day, but to think girls of the other races would go after him... For Lustrog's sake, just how desperate was that fat bitch?!'

In her sheer frustrated rage, she squeezed Dolores' doughy flesh with her hands, instantly regretting it as she shuddered in utter disgust. The thin sheen of sweat that covered the inside of Dolores' crack had gotten on her hands, plus it drenched her long ago but she couldn't tune it out, it repulsed her to no end and there was nowhere to wipe it off.

'Well, there's a weakpoint... Go after the cow-titted whale's boytoy. She can't protect him forever. Attack her where it hurts... but damn, maybe I should try reading up on what's there to combat Brobs these days, there's got to be something' She thought, trying to burn the mental note into her memory because by the time she got through this entire ordeal she wasn't even sure if she'd remember her own name anymore, but her sheer tenacity was so that even if she forgot her name, she'd still remember to get her vengeance on Jen, Dolores and you.

Just then, as if the Universe had been listening on all these malevolent thoughts swirling inside her tiny head, Dolores blasted her with yet another humongous, deafening fart that felt like a blazing hurricane of noxious stink, making her cough and gag, almost getting her to lose track of her thoughts.

Much bitter sobbing and many massive farts later...

Dolores stirred awake just moments before her phone's alarm began sounding, chuckling at how accurate her naps often were. Just as she did some light stretching, another loud, rumbling fart erupted from within her gigantic booty, making those oversized, doughy cheeks jiggle and ripple in a way that was funny to her but it felt like a hellish seaquake to her miserable prisoner.

"Don't think I forgot about you, Missy" She said in a somewhat playful tone. Seeing things in a more motherly light, she hoped that Chrissy learned her lesson because if she ever caught wind that she went after her beloved unofficial son once more she'd definitely have no mercy.

As much as she could keep punishing Chrissy to satisfy her own maternal anger she still had some restraint left in her, seeing her as more of an unruly child than a truly bad person and thus, she determined that keeping her inside her booty throughout the rest of her work day would be far too much for a first time offense.

She quickly got dressed and left her room but didn't head towards the school kitchen/cafeteria, instead she went somewhere else: the school's infirmary. With how Gulliver High was such a vast school on par with most high tier university campuses and almost functioning like a self-contained town, the infirmary was massive just like the cafeteria and other school areas, in fact it could almost be considered like a full-blown clinic and even a bit of a small hospital.

Given the school's boarding nature, medical care was among the many things that it was expected to provide. Principal Abalos spared no expenses to make sure that it could take care of practically anything that could possibly happen at school. Her main issue, just like most other areas of the school itself, was getting it fully staffed.

Similarly to the kitchen being singlehandedly run by Dolores until the new Gullie and Lillies arrived, the infirmary was largely run by the school's head (and for the most part, sole) nurse: One Mia Hafsa, a friend of Dolores' and former coworker of grandma Regina's up until the latter retired. Last year they were a bit luckier than usual though, as Arianna caught wind of a promising nursing student that desperately needed a job to finish paying off her student debt and help provide for her household.

Pulling various strings and carefully cashing in some long-deserved favors, she was able to get this girl hired by the school to provide Mia with some much needed assistance. A white-haired beauty hailing from the state of Finland, Altina Laitinen was possibly one of the youngest people to graduate in a health-related major in many decades. She was happy to finally put her learned skills to practice, though she didn't think she'd also get to care for Gullie or Lillie students as well.

Dolores planned to leave Chrissy with either of them to allow her to recover so she could go back to her down on her own, hopefully having thought about what she'd done. Given the hour, she expected to find Mia and knowing her, she'd likely administer some punishment of her own to complement Dolores', believing that kids these days were way too spoiled.

Upon walking into the Infirmary, however, rather than finding her fellow full-figured woman, she found a long mane of snow white hair that reached just above a surprisingly plump booty, not quite as large as Lillian's but close, definitely big enough to give the likes of Jen and Cindy's a run for their money. Her green scrubs only further emphasized her curvaceous bottom as they looked practically painted on, though above her waist she was much more modest than even the likes of Veronica.

"Oh, I thought Mia would be in" Dolores said, closing the door behind herself. She giggled when she saw Altina get comically spooked.

"Ah, Mrs. García" She said, greeting her slightly awkwardly.

"Please, I don't need to feel that old today" The larger lady replied with a cheeky grin.
"Where's Mia?"

"Um... I'm not sure but she left on some important errand, she left me in charge just in case but nothing's really happened so far" Altina explained.

"Well in that case, sorry" Dolores said but still with a playful grin "Something happened"

"What?!" Altina gasped, already panicking at the prospect of having to handle an emergency alone. Could be even worse, what if it was a Gullie or a Lillie? She had studied a lot in nursing school but she hadn't had a chance to put most of that knowledge into practice and she wasn't the most confident in her own skills.

"Relax, all you need to do is watch over her and let her rest and recover" Dolores said with a nonchalant shrug. Altina looked around but saw no one with Dolores and with the door being transparent, along with the large glass walls at the front she couldn't see anyone else waiting outside.

But before she could even verbalize her question, Dolores reached into her crack and did quite a bit of digging until she pulled out Chrissy, who was immediately gasping for air but also shivering from the harsh shift in temperature. Altina blinked twice in sheer disbelief, her large green eyes fully focusing on the diminutive Lillie girl, she looked like she'd gotten beaten up pretty badly.

"W-What happened to her?" She asked. She also wondered why Dolores carried her in such a harsh way or why she handled her without much care but refrained from outright asking that.

"She messed with the wrong woman's son, that's what she did" The lunch lady said with a hint of firmness in her voice that wasn't there before.
"I don't even know how or why but I found her trapped in my booty, I guess she got some karmic justice" She added, Altina subconsciously held her hand out and Dolores deposited Chrissy on it.

"Seriously, when Mia gets back, ask her to call me and I'll explain to her in detail. But if you really want to find out for yourself, just check the school's trending videos on PikPok" Dolores said with a sigh. Altina nodded and felt like it was best to find out right away, so she grabbed her phone with her free hand to open the app and start checking out the videos.

"She's suffered plenty so I think all she needs now is to get some rest until she can go back to her own dorm. I hope she doesn't try to stir some trouble with you" Dolores said in a more admonishing tone while looking at Chrissy herself, making her threat known albeit unnoticed by Altina, who simply nodded.
"Sorry to just dump her on you like this but I need to get going, the school's 5 PM and 9 PM meals aren't going to cook themselves"

"N-No problem Mrs-Dolores" Altina nodded, glancing at Chrissy who pretty much just collapsed out of sheer fatigue on her palm. Dolores felt content enough and left, heading towards her workplace...

February 11