Meanwhile, back at the infirmary...

Altina pouted cutely, she couldn't believe that the first "patient" today had been someone so rude and as she watched the videos that were circulating around the social network apps she only became increasingly horrified. But even then, she couldn't help but feel bad that she'd had to resort to using her own physical size to subdue Chrissy.

The badly beaten Lillie could only yell in sheer frustration, though all she got her her troubles was a mouthful of doughy flesh that muffled all sounds she made into oblivion. There was no way her screams could hope to get past the thousands upon thousands of metric tons of fatty flesh that rested on her.

However, unlike with Dolores, even though there was an immense weight bearing down on her it didn't feel as oppressive upon her miniscule frame, Altina's enormous buttcheek felt a lot more like a soft cloud, almost comically unable to harm anything that found itself beneath though it'd definitely be pinned in place until its owner stood up.

A few minutes later, which felt like an eternity to the little prisoner beneath, Altina slowly stood up, checking where she sat. In spite of seeing the two large and deep round dents her sizable bottom had inflicted upon the bed, she hardly registered them. With her big sis and her mother being much better endowed, she always viewed herself as average at best, a notion that wasn't helped by her pretty much flat chest.

What she paid attention to, however, was Chrissy's defeated form, laying spread-eagle, breathing heavily and shivering as the air cooled by the AC hit harder after having been engulfed by what felt like the world's largest (and heaviest) heated blanket. Even now it was hard to sympathize with the girl but she knew she had to, she couldn't dishonor her job as an assistant nurse just like that.

"Had enough?" Altina asked "I'd say Mrs. Dolores punished you plenty, do you really wanna keep being difficult?"

'Go fuck yourself, overinflated albino bitch' Were the first words that echoed in Chrissy's mind but by now she knew better than to let her first impulse take over right away. In just these last few minutes she'd already demonstrated that she could punish her half as badly as Dolores if she meant to and Chrissy herself was really in no condition to take any more.

With the most reluctance she'd ever felt in her life so far, she slowly took a deep breath, almost as if trying to expel some of the burning rage in her body that, had she been in any remotely good state, would've used to probably do something stupid.

"I've had enough" She said, feeling like she was biting her own tongue with sharp fangs with each word. Her pride as a prejudiced Lilliputian, having to address this Brob girl as a person had taken a severe hit.

"Good" Altina also sighed, feeling that this girl was probably going to be trouble again the moment she could "Alright, I'll have to do a check-up on you to make sure you don't have any serious injuries"

"Don't you have Lillie nurses for that? I don't think you can-" Chrissy said with a hint of disdain but she was cut off as Altina nonchalantly picked her up and brought her near her eyes, their radiant beauty striking her far more intensely than last time.

'This must be like some sick joke, why in the goddamn hell did they make one of these oversized beasts this pretty?' She thought.

"Lillie and Gullie personnel haven't arrived yet" Altina explained in a happier-sounding and more relaxed tone, her previous anger rapidly evaporating as she focused on doing her job which she was passionate about.
"Not to worry, I'm trained in providing healthcare for all 3 races. Now, let's see" She said, looking her up and down. Other than her disheveled hair and being sweaty she didn't look that bad. Altina herself blushed, thinking that the sweat that drenched her had come from her own butt.
"Now I need you to take your clothes off"

"You what?!" Chrissy's anger flared right up once more but she panicked just as quickly and immediately tried to backpedal from that outburst.
"I mean, why?"

"I need to check for bruises or any visible signs of injury. But don't worry, you can keep your underwear on"

'Fucking hell, this has to be the most humiliating day in my life' Chrissy thought, finding herself figuratively cornered. Standing on the white haired beauty's football field-sized palm wasn't helping matters either. Turning around to give herself the illusion of privacy, she was quick to take her shirt off and then her pants, both of which landed with a heavy squelch, for they had absorbed insane amounts of sweat during her confinement within Dolores' extra-large behind.

Taking it as her cue, Altina looked her up and down, carefully scanning every inch of her small body, something Chrissy herself didn't even think possible, as all her life she'd been taught that Brobs were simply gigantic, blundering brutes without any shred of refinement. And yet this girl was displaying talent that could probably shame even Lillie nurses. After a few moments, Altina ashed her to turn around, Chrissy reluctantly obeyed but closed her eyes, not wanting to see those massive green eyes peering into her very being.

"So far, nothing looks too bad. And here I thought Mrs. Dolores had been a lot harsher" Altina chuckled.
"I'd still like to run some X-Rays but we haven't gotten the proper equipment yet so I'm gonna have to trust you on this one: Do you feel any pain on the inside? Broken bones hurt way badly most of the time"

"No, I... I'm fine, I guess" Chrissy said. Though only now she was beginning to realize how much she'd endured while basically running on fumes, and not the kind that she had to endlessly breathe during her misfortunate entrapment within Dolores' bowels.

"I'd still like to have you scanned properly so I'm gonna make you an appointment for Wednesday after school" Altina said, using her other hand to pick up her phone and typing some stuff. Soon enough, Chrissy heard her phone give a notification ping and saw that the infirmary appointment had gotten sent to her school app, pinning itself to remind her of it. She sighed quietly and shook her head.

"You look pretty tired so you should rest for a while, then you can leave after you've recovered enough" Altina said, carefully setting her on top of the bed, also putting her clothes next to her.
"If you need anything just push the 'Call nurse' button on your school app. Or shout if you think your throat's good" She added with a slight giggle, turning around to arrange some medical supplies and inadvertently giving her a breath-taking view of her gigantic derriere.

Chrissy couldn't help but stare. Unlike Dolores and Jen, whom she still viewed as disgustingly fat slobs, Altina was really slender overall, it was only her butt that was remarkably large and her thighs to go with it. The way those enormous meaty globes bounced and jiggled somehow conveyed a feeling of peacefulness, like those were soft heavenly clouds, so soft that someone resting on them might be able to meditate enough until reaching full Illumination.

She almost instinctively reached back, touching her own small and rather bony butt. That kind of physique had always been favored by "mainland Lillies", those that originated from the continent that the world dubbed Australia and the largest majority of the population.

One of the many points of contention that they had with those Lillies inhabiting the Southeastern Asian islands was precisely that given their long coexistence with Gullies and Brobs, they had developed a taste for thicker, more voluptuous women, a thing that the mainlander Lillies deemed as tasteless, barbaric and backwards.

For the first time in her life, Chrissy wondered what it would feel like to have such a large amount of squishy soft padding back there and on her thighs. She remembered that among Lillie girls back in Mully Ully Gue, a few of them had a more robust physique, making them suspect of being impure ones, tainted with Gullie or worse, Brob blood.

Rosario, a somewhat close friend of hers was one of the more egregious cases though in that case, she claimed that she had some hormonal imbalance, which sort of made sense given her larger appetite than most, but even though Chrissy herself had vouched for her, many still suspected her to be half-Brob given the nearly outrageous measurements she boasted by the time puberty hit.

'Guess Rosa's one of the few that actually knows what that's like' Chrissy thought. Thinking some more about that friend of hers, she recalled that one time her brothers had come alongside her dad to pick her up, one of the kids was quick to rest on her lap, using her large thighs as makeshift pillows, which Rosario herself found cute and funny but it was almost alien to Chrissy.

Not only because her own relationship with her siblings was in nowhere near as good terms, but also because the very idea of having someone resting their head on her lap had never really occurred to her. Her own legs were thin and the lean muscles on them were rather tough, plus the hardness of her bones beneath was very evident, it would've been way uncomfortable if anyone tried.

Chrissy then shook her heads, trying to get herself out of that train of thought, recalling a few lessons she'd paid a smidge of attention to, remembering how she'd been told that Lillies evolved in warm tropical weather and thus, it was best for their bodies to be as lean as possible whereas Gullies but even more so Brobs needed notorious fat reserves as they evolved in much colder climates, though even those that had moved farther south into warmer and even tropical regions failed to lose the trait, the explanation given was that the Brobs' soft body and those energy reserves also proved beneficial outside of their original purpose to defend from the cold.

'Gah! I don't need to fatten up. If it gets cold I can just wear warm clothes!' She thought, slapping herself. And yet, that notion of curiosity wasn't entirely gone...

March 4