"Uh, I guess we can say art went in like 3 directions as we went through the stone age and into the bronze age. We still had people depicting what they saw and some of this would be used for science, countless philosophers and early scientists would extensively document the plants and animals of our world, trying to figure out how they worked, how Life worked... but I'm not quite sure if those illustrations really count as art" You said, looking up at Lulu in wonder, trying hard not to dwell on the fact that she had you sitting on one of her boobs.

"Of course, scientific illustration is art in the service of science but still art at the end of the day" She replied, her look beckoning you to go on.

"Alright, thanks" You chuckled and scratched your head "On the other hand, art also became a form of cultural expression, like the many stories told from our past, music that could aid in creating an atmosphere for social events, make religious things more solemn or even inspire armies as they battled. Many battles got immortalized in paintings and had songs and books written about them, and people would get portraits and sculptures so that they could be remembered in posterity. I guess this aspect isn't really that different from how Gullie art evolved..."

"What's the 3rd direction?" Asked an enthusiastic Cindy, making you feel a bit flustered, you felt like you were subbing for the teaching role and didn't feel like your whole explanation was that interesting or even worth listening. The fact that Cindy definitely proved that she was really paying attention made you feel all tingly on the inside and your heart accelerated, its beats becoming a bit erratic.

"Well? The public wants to know" Lulu said, teasingly pressing you a little into her boob as she'd noticed you froze for a moment.

"It might sound lame but I'd say the other branch art evolved into was... propaganda? Ok, hear me out. I already told you that Lilliput itself claimed one of the most fearsome beasts around as their symbol. In fact, if you look up the Imperial Crest of the Royal House of Lilliput you'll see that it's a feline-looking silhouette. Yeah, that's the Marsupial Lion, you see the sharp teeth are more at the front and not to the sides." You said and Lulu used the electronic board to do a quick search for it so the class could see.

"Anyway, as I saw this in books I realized that over time, a lot of work was put into making art to give people an identity, symbols to hold as their own, to proclaim their power and to show off something about their past or the culture. There's a reason the Lilliputian churches are full of stained glass with scenes from the Blundecral to this day. Also, a lot of noble houses and the different Lillie kingdoms and city-states had amazing coats of arms and flags, that was also the work of many artists. Also, it might be a bit corny but certain weapons and armors also had intricate designs, making many of these family heirlooms that far transceded their tiem and got passed down for generations upon generations..."

A quick look at the classroom in front of you, from the vantage point provided by Lulu's chest, showed that most people were indeed listening intently, weirding you out a little. You felt like it was best to cut it short so you began your conclusion on the topic.

"Um, in conclusion, Lilliputian art evolved way more quickly than Gullie or Brob and there was always a greater emphasis on the grandiose, be it displaying epic battles and ancient legendary stories, the power of ruling monarchs, high nobility or the church in its efforts to expand into the continent and throughout all classes. Maybe there's some perfectionism in all that since even the most minuscule details matter, especially when we are minuscule ourselves"

Your slight joke got quite a fair amount of cute-sounding giggling from many girls besides your newly-made friends. Thankfully it didn't seem like anyone was laughing in a more contemptuous way and you hoped the way you portrayed Lillies as a whole didn't make anyone any enemies for free. Repping your entire race was an unexpectedly heavy burden but it seemed that you'd pulled this one off without much trouble.

Your train of thought got cut short as Lulu's skyscraper-sized yet surprisingly graceful fingers picked you up for the second time so far. You got raised to her plump lips' level and before you knew it she gave you a quick kiss, followed by more giggling from herself and some of the girls watching. You wondered if you were already getting some kind of 'teacher's pet' rep, what had you even done other than answer the questions you'd been asked?

"That was excellent! Have you considered becoming a TA?" Lulu then said, further catching you off-guard, which she found endearingly cute. But then, there was a different gleam on those hypnotic eyes of hers and their gaze seemed to intensify.
"Looks to me like you're indeed an enjoyer of both the T and the A but I wonder which one you enjoy more~" She said, giggling mischievously as she turned around and slowly lowered you down until you were dangling above one of her back pockets, which looked insanely taut against her gigantic, bulbous asscheek. She had to use her other hand to pull it open before dropping you in, letting the fabric snap back into place and pressing you into the enormous jiggly meaty mass.

Jen looked definitely concerned while both Cindy and Zuemy, just as the majority of the girls in class, enjoyed a hearty chuckled, finding the quirky teacher's antic rather silly and funny. Lillian had laughed at first but now she understood more why Jen didn't seem to be too trusting with Lulu.

"He sure earned the best seat in the whole classroom" Lulu said, turning back around to face the students. She would also resume teaching the class, covering the basics of art and with some more talks of its early forms, all while walking around, swaying her massive hips far more than was necessary, with pretty much everyone aware of what she was doing.

You'd be lying if you said this is the first time you found yourself stuffed in a back pocket pressed into a gigantic, gelatinous buttcheek. Whenever you weren't in her cleavage or in between her own gargantuan buns, your mom had a fondness for having you in her back pockets. Not to mention that your big sis, Arianna and Dolores also shared this tendency, though the latter definitely preferred to feel you in between. Your aunt Betty would also at times carry you around in there, largely on your mom's own advice but it didn't seem like she was even fully aware of the dimensions of her own booty.

Lulu's colossal glute somehow felt heavier, squishier and overall doughier than your mom's at least. If you had to make a comparison, you'd say it resembled Lillian's most. But without that layer of familiarity between you and her, this hit differently and you couldn't help but feel as your own temperature rose. Unable to move, the entire front of your body was pressed into Lulu's cheek with it perfectly molding to your shape, even with the denim that separated you from her luscious skin.

On the inside, you felt full of erratic tingles and soon many of those seemed to flow in a specific direction as a certain part of you hardened, stubbornly poking into the endless-looking fleshy expanse. Your breathing and your heartbeat accelerated, feeling almost as flustered as you'd been while in Jen's cleavage or her crack. At the very least you were grateful that you were hidden from the outside world, you'd die if you were seen in your current state or at least you felt so.

As a consequence of the countless times you've found yourself surrounded by mind-boggling amounts of soft, squishy flesh you were pretty adept at listening in on the sounds of the outside, in spite of their being muffled by metric tons upon tons of layers of jiggling fat so you weren't missing out on Lulu's class. Though her little joke about being a TA sort of went over your head. You then took a deep breath and tried to relax, it didn't look like she was going to take you out any time soon...

Meanwhile, back in the science classroom...

Bertha was a little surprised that neither of the teachers had come back, but then she figured that they probably had a free hour with no class to teach for the time being.

'All the better I guess. Now if I could just find that missing little rascal...' She thought, thoroughly searching the room's entire floor for the third time, wiping off some sweat from her brow. After another fruitless round of searching, she decided to take a seat, heavily plopping her enormous bottom-heavy frame on one of the chairs, which groaned loudly almost in protest of the immense weight that it was made to support.

Joel was caught off-guard, he had been lost in a little bliss as he tried his best to enjoy feeling himself stuck to the planetary-looking mass of Bertha's asscheek, failing to foresee any immediate dangers. He suddenly felt as if gravity itself shifted and then looked sideways, seeing a familiar flat surface rapidly approaching.


And once more, he found himself crushed beneath a near incomprehensible weight. Bertha's entire body but specially her ass was simply leagues larger than Veronica's and now he was experiencing its full weight. He was pinned down by the round, meaty mass that rested atop him, unable to move, barely able to breathe. His entire body felt like it was hitting its upper structural limits, any more and his bones might snap.

His eyes widened and his heart began pumping harder. This was no picnic anymore, he could very well end up squashed into an inglorious little red stain plastered on the cop's oversized bum. Far from the ending he would like and far from his beautiful redhead queen. Adrenaline pumped through his veins and he tried his hardest to move but he couldn't even make a single muscle twitch, the pressure that Bertha's humongous ass was inflicting upon him was like that of many worlds together.

March 10