For the last hour or so, Dolores had been quite relentless, letting Chrissy endure every single one of her admittedly massive farts and squished her thoroughly with her even more massive cheeks. Given that you'd also endured her gassy bouts and spending time trapped in her huge ass without complaining much she was under the false impression that this was a mild punishment at best.

She reached for her phone, which had been left on the nightstand and checked the hour. It was past 2:30 PM and that meant that she only had about 2 more hours left to rest as she'd need to get back to the kitchen to prepare more food for the students.

With Gulliver High being a boarding school, they provided 3 meals every day: the first one being the school lunch, though to many it was technically a breakfast, served at 12:00 PM at the middle of the school day. Another meal was served at 5:00 PM, an hour after main classes were over and finally dinner was served at 9:00 PM.

As Dolores was the school's sole cook, she had to handle all 3, though she was paid quite generously for her extensive work and had been promised some reinforcements in the form of Gullie and Lillie staff to handle the meals for smaller students. Her personal experiences with Lillies such as yourself gave her a much more decent grasp on making food for smaller folk but her own sheer size acted as the main limiting factor. Her skill at making small portions that looked like proper meals rather than crumbs or leftovers was nearly unparalelled and while the food she'd make for you was a tad too big for a Lillie but with their accelerated metabolism it wasn't anything that you couldn't handle, plus her food was a close contender to your mom's.

'Might as well leave her there while I rest, then I'll drop her off at the Infirmary' Dolores thought with a chuckle, knowing that Mia, the school's nurse was also a bit old-fashioned when it came to discipline and she'd definitely understand.

Chrissy's mind felt like it was barely holding itself together, her body had been pushed far beyond all of its limits and yet, her sheer willpower that was largely fueled by her incredible sense of pride that degenerated into arrogance kept her from getting knocked out. She drained her own body dry, gathering strength from where there should be none as she withstood the overwhelming pressure of Dolores' titanic glutes and her hurricane-sized booty blasts. She didn't even know how long she'd been enduring all this terrible punishment but what she knew was that she couldn't take much more.

And then, there was another thunderous explosion, a massive gust of furious, hot and noxious wind that blew past her with tremendous force. Even after breathing the large lady's rank fumes, they still burned her nostrils and throat anew with every breath. Her aching limbs had already given up, opposing no resistance to the immense blubbery masses that greedily engulfed her tiny form, thoroughly hiding her from the world outside while subjecting her to the full wrath from her gut.

Her desperation became so great that at this point she was willing to forgo seeking vengeance if she just got freed from this punishment that she couldn't handle anymore. However it seemed that if the Universe was listening to her pleas at all it simply refused, leaving her to her current fate. Suddenly, the pressure all around her increased but mostly from above. Dolores had sat down.

"You got off easy. I'll have you know that I have a friend who wouldn't have been half as kind as I'm being" Dolores taunted her as she sat on her bed, unsure if she could hear her at all, trapped by so much of her doughy flesh.
"She would be so mad, knowing that you wanted to hurt her precious baby boy" She added before laying down, she set her phone's alarm to 4:30 PM so she could wake up on time to get back to the kitchen to prepare the students' next meal...

Meanwhile, back in Science class...

"You know... Mrs. Kshatriya's sure taking her sweet time with Blaise" Zuemy said to Jen, knowing that it'd also catch Lillian's attention.

"She wanted to talk to him. I think it must be something about those Gullie girls that wanted to hurt him" Jen said but neither her voice nor her overall look showed that she was fully convinced herself.

"Let's just hope she doesn't sit on him again" Cindy giggled.

"Why would she? She's from India, she handles Lillies better than any of us" Lillian thought.
"Now, if it were Lulu I'd get worried... that fat ass sure is hungry for Lillie boys" She added half-jokingly as the 4 girls recalled many instances where their beloved Art teacher showed that she could be quite horny and playful herself. Ever since she found out about the 4 of them being into Lillie boys she began to openly show interest herself, often joking about the things she'd like to do if they ever got Lillie students.

"Now that you mention it, she did tease him a little" Jen said, biting her bottom lip. After Science class they were going to have Art class with her, plus a new subject also taught by her. On the school's app the schedule marked it as I.S.S.E.D but nobody knew what it meant, and the school app itself only mentioned that it was a new class, mandated by the exchange program and that it would be taught by Lulu. Notably, every single class day ended with that subject.

[Note: You can see Gulliver High's basic school schedule here, however that doesn't cover extra subjects/extracurricular clubs as those are all considered classes outside of the main schedule. The allocated time for those would range from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM]

"Hmm? Damn, Lulu's got good taste then" Zuemy chuckled, knowing that both Jen and Lillian would get flustered.
"It's gonna be a tough matchup for either of you... Can you really compete with a MILF with a truly massive ass? Hers is bigger than even yours, Lillian. At least you still have her beat on the boobs department though, Jen" She gave the girls a smug grin, watching in amusement as both went beet red and had a look of great annoyance.

"But we don't know if she has kids" Lillian said in response, eliciting some more giggling from Zuemy.

"Really? Is that all you've got? I mean... yeah, the only debatable thing about her is whether or not she is a literal MILF but she looks like one for sure. But on thicc curviness she's got you both against the ropes" She said.

"Well, nothing's gonna happen to him as long as he's with me. Not even Lulu will take him from me" Jen said with some confidence.

"Like you have him right now? For all we know, Alisha could be letting him get acquainted with that big booty of hers" Zuemy once again teased.

"She's not like that" Jen huffed.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt but who's this Lulu you're talking about?" Jim asked, failing to hide his thirst. With what little he'd heard just now it was enough to paint quite the picture in his head. Joel was mildly intrigued while Pete looked away, seemingly flustered but unwilling to show it.

"Ooh, you didn't get to meet her yet? You're going to LOVE her!" Zuemy replied.

"Lulu's a really pretty lady, she's our Art teacher and, my god, she's thicc to an extent that will blow your mind away" Cindy chimed in "I feel like her ass is twice as big as mine, and mine's not small"

Upon hearing that, all 3 Lillie boys went beet red. Zuemy adored their reaction and couldn't resist the urge to keep going.

"She's got bright red hair too so if you like redheads you're in luck. Her eyes are kinda hypnotic too, they're like green and blue at the same time" She said.

"And she's got cute freckles on her face and her chest too" Cindy added.

"Speaking of which, hers isn't that much smaller than Jen's here" Zuemy said, glancing in her friend's direction.

"Wow, she sounds like a total knockout" Joel added with a nervous chuckle.
"No offense to you girls!" He then added.

"None taken. We aren't so petty that we can't admit other girls... or women in this case, are hot" Lillian said, also amused by the boys' reactions "But I'm still the school's reigning booty queen! Only people older than I am are better endowed"

"I wouldn't have questioned your word anyway" Jim chuckled.

"Good. If you doubted me, I could always show you proof" Lillian gave him a smug smile. Jim couldn't help but feel his face get warmer as his blush got more intense. After so many years of fruitlessly chasing after girls that largely ignored him or landing relationships that didn't last beyond 2 weeks, meeting a girl with Lillian's sheer level of self-confidence threw him off somewhat.

"Oh? Are you forfeiting your chances with Blaise already?" Zuemy taunted her, making Lillian blush this time but less so from embarrassment and more from annoyed disbelief. Unable to piece together even a single word, all she could manage to do was stare daggers at her.
"I know, I know... I'm just saying that if you're contesting Jen's claim you should be more mindful of certain things, you could give him the wrong idea" She said in a calmer, more serious tone.

"D-Don't look at me, I'm not going to try anything funny with girls that are clearly into my best bud" Jim said as he noticed that the other girls were indeed looking at him.

"That's cute. And I can respect being a loyal friend" Jen said, giving him a more sympathetic look.

"I mean, that's only Jen and Lillian. Neither Zuemy nor I have called dibs yet" Cindy said, giggling some more along with Zuemy, who loved it when she was both cute and kinda bluntly honest like this.

"Dibs, huh?" Jim quietly repeated. It didn't take much to piece together a reasonably good approximation to what transpired "I have to say that I'm surprised in a good way that you two want him that badly" He scratched his head while chuckling as he saw both Lillian and Jen blush yet again.
"Dude deserves it. No one looked his way back in Mully Ully" He added. Just then, the classroom went quieter and the group of 7 focused back on listening to the class, as it looked like introductions were over...

January 10