Both Jen and Lillian kept looking and Jim and he sensed that they definitely wanted him to elaborate. He hadn't thought that such a simple out there comment would've gotten that kind of reaction.

'Unless... damn, these girls do really like him' He realized.

"I'm not kidding, I promise you that I never saw him looking at any of the Lillie girls in our old school. I mean he saw them in the same way we see a random person on the street... but, you know, he never looked at them in the way guys do when they see a girl they like" He explained. While Lillian seemed more curious and intrigued, Jen was looking more concerned until he finished, after which she sighed in relief.
"You saw how they treated him, is it really any wonder he didn't care for them?"

"Well, that didn't exactly stop us" Pete chuckled, noting that the 4 girls were looking at him next "Hey, the spirit is strong but the flesh is weak... When you're starving even the most stale bread looks delicious" He said with a somewhat cheeky smile.

That was an old Lilliputian proverb that originally referred to not being too picky when in the battlefield or similarly harsh situations but the had given it another spin. It took the girls a moment to actually process it and when it hit them, they all began giggling.

"I'm the new guy around here but going by what these 2 are saying and a bit of my own outlook on it, yeah, I can see why he wouldn't have shown much interest in those girls. You don't need to worry" Joel said.

"Thank you" Jen smiled and nodded, feeling better. It was something she hadn't given that much thought until now, that Lillie girls could be competition.

She recalled the way she showed absolute superiority over Chrissy, her primary reason had been to avenge you and teaching her a lesson but she couldn't deny she did enjoy putting her in her place. Jen figured that if Chrissy were a Brob she wouldn't have been too different from the girls that had been mean or even hostile to her and her friends in the past.
'Well, she deserved it' She concluded silently.

The class then was abruptly interrupted as it could be hear that someone was knocking on the door. Dr. Frelock sighed in mild annoyance but seeing that they weren't going to get much done on the first week, he reminded himself to take it easy while Natalie went to answer.

"Oh, Alisha. To what do I owe the honor?" She asked with a chuckle but then she noticed that Alisha was carrying something, or more accurately someone on her palm.

"I'm sorry, I took longer than I intended" Alisha apologized rather lightheartedly. It seemed that the two were already on quite friendly terms in spite of Natalie being one of the newest addition to the teaching staff, but then again Alisha had been the last hired teacher before her.

You were still somewhat confused with Alisha's whole stunt but piecing together what she told you, it seemed like she wanted you to be friends with her daughters and at least one of them was clumsy enough that your durability had been an important point. You could've done without getting blasted by farts but given Alisha's tone and the way she worded some things, you guessed that Fulki wasn't too different from the likes of your own family. At the very least you were thankful for that "Quick Cleaner" spray that she used on you, it surprisingly left you squeaky clean in mere instants and it dried really fast. Your recalled what happened shortly before she started walking towards the science classroom:

"If you're concerned about your mixed heritage, I suggest you to be cautious with your sweat" Alisha told you, reminding you of your own mom with her demeanor.
"I don't know if anybody told you but it does give you a... rather pleasant scent. I doubt you can sense it but women can, and we Brobs do have a pretty keen sense of smell ourselves"

"Thank you ma'am" You nodded and even did a slight bow. You didn't doubt Arianna's word but the fact that a completely unrelated person reinforced that advice convinced you that you really needed to be careful with that. Thankfully, the AC was pretty chilly and given your strength from your own Brob heritage, it wasn't likely that you'd work up a sweat doing most things.

"Good thing that this takes care of about everything" She said as she showed you a small bottle that she took from her purse. It was a new-ish cleaning product, engineered by Lilliputians for both Lillies and Gullies.

It was a spray that could completely disinfect someone and even remove most kinds of dirt or contamination on clothes. It wasn't a full substitute for a shower but it could prove useful a lot, specially for Lillies and Gullies that are hanging around consistently around Brobs. You remembered your little mishap at lunch and how Jen's solution was to basically give you a massive tongue bath, thinking about it made you blush intensely though.

"Welcome... Blaise, right?" Natalie spoke, snapping you back to reality.

You couldn't help but be a bit surprised by this teacher, she looked more like a literal doctor or maybe a scientist, complete with the labcoat. Her thick-rimmed glasses looked surprisingly elegant on her, with a different attire she could've perfectly looked the part of a hot businesswoman or a secretary. A quick look at her body surprised you even further, this lady was probably about as curvy as your mom, which wasn't exactly common even though the people close to your family had quite the notorious examples.

"Y-Yeah" You said, feeling a bit awkward.

"I hope you weren't too strict with the poor lad" Natalie joked and Alisha blushed a bit, which made her smirk as it was amusingly unusual. She wondered what kind of business was Alisha up to for her usual stoic, no-nonsense attitude to have dropped like this.

"I wasn't" Alisha sighed, feeling that Natalie was going to tease her about this later and definitely not being amused herself by the thought.
"I had him help me with various... important things" She said "But he's a good kid, he would've arrived on time if I hadn't held him up"

"Not like he would've missed out on much, first day is always introductions, isn't it? And the first week is easy as well" Natalie shrugged somewhat nonchalantly.

"Yeah, I know" Alisha smiled. She slowly brought her hand closer towards Natalie, who got the hint and presented her own palm for you to get on. Walking across Alisha's hand as if it were some massive bridge and reaching Natalie's didn't cease to surprise you, even though you of all people should be most used to these sorts of interactions with Brobs.

"Well, I'll be leaving him in your care" Alisha then said.
"Thank you again, Blaise. See you next class" She said to you and gently waved goodbye before she left in a semi-noticeable rush, probably because she was going to have a class in less than 10 minutes.

"Alright, let's get back to class" Natalie said "By the way, my name's Natalie Godfrey and I'm a medical doctor, specialized on gastroenterology. Don't worry, you don't need to sweat the title but a fellow of yours is my co-teacher and I doubt he'll let you address him as anything but Doctor" She whispered and barely kept herself from giggling.

'Huh? A Lillie teacher?' You raised an eyebrow 'Well, the school is all about integration between the 3 races, it makes sense but sheesh, I wonder if it's going to be yet another guy like those from Mully Ully'

Natalie walked back into the classroom, with you on her palm, which drew everyone's attention, including said fellow Lillie's.

"What is the meaning of this?! Do you even know what time it is? Showing up to class 10 minutes before it's over?!" He immediately ranted, which would've surprised you in spite of expecting that sort of reaction, but that was overshadowed by your surprise at the fact that this wasn't some random everyday dude with a reluctant teaching job.

It was none other than Dr. Albert Frelock, one of the leading minds in the field of Robotics, disciple of Dr. Xavier Limtoc, a living legend and acclaimed by many as the greatest Lilliputian genius of the century. But what was doing someone of his caliber in a random mixed school in Brobdingnag?

"Please calm down, Doctor. It wasn't his fault, Mrs. Kshatriya requested his help with some important business, that's what held him up. She notified me before class started" Natalie shifted to a more professional tone but her voice remained calm and soothing.

Dr. Frelock raised an eyebrow and looked you up and down. Even though in your own scale you were hundreds of meters away from each other that was no issue, Lillies' visual acuity was nearly unparallelled though Brobs' was surprisingly good as well, the difference being that the former were good for seeing things clearly even from far away, while the latter could make out minute details with relative ease.

"Hmph. Well, no doubt that even one of our own youth can prove useful even to you gargantuan folks" He crossed his arms but seemed to feel proud... for you? Or maybe more generally for Lillies as a whole.
"But next time, do remind her that you have academic obligations that extend beyond her class" He added.

"I'm sure that won't be an issue. Mrs. Kshatriya wouldn't abuse anyone's kindness like that either" Natalie spoke in your defense, giving you a wink that you weren't sure how to interpret.
"Well, since you're already here and already got the spotlight, why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" She asked and only then you noticed that virtually the entire class was looking at you.

You could see Jen, Lillian, Cindy and Zuemy, who were sitting near the front row but also several other girls that you hadn't paid much attention to but were starting to recognize. There was that athletic looking blonde that smiled at you earlier. You also noticed Jade sitting in the back, shifting her hips, which reminded you that she was punishing Shirley still. Also in the back, near the corner you saw the chubby blonde that almost accidentally sat on you first thing. You felt a bit awkward but knew that you had to go ahead. Thankfully, that training in public speaking came in handy, you regained your calm with relative ease and then began to introduce yourself to the class...

January 18