Just like you'd done in previous classes, you briefly introduced yourself, trying not to go into much detail but just like those other times, it led to getting asked various questions, coming from some students and even Natalie herself.

Apparently, the sole fact that you were a Lillie in itself drew attention but it wasn't just that. In a way, it felt like dominoes falling, as your being a Lillie first got attention, then you got asked about your surname and that led into revealing your background which once again seemed to be rather unusual. You had to carefully skirt around some of those questions to not give away your mixed heritage... But then, why did it look like Natalie knew? The look she gave you at first seemed cryptic but after answering her questions she had a satisfied smirk.

It was just a few minutes but it felt like a whole lot longer to you, in the end you managed to make it without saying anything too compromising. You did notice that upon revealing that you came from Mully Ully Gue, Dr. Frelock seemed to have given you a look of approval but who know? It might've been your imagination. With your introduction done, you noticed that Natalie began walking and sensed that it was best to ask.

"Uh, Dr. Godfrey..."

"Told you there's no need to sweat it but if you must, I'd prefer Teacher or Professor, you're gonna make me feel like I'm still working at the hospital" She joked "Anyway, what is it?"

"A-alright. Um, where are we going?" You then asked, feeling that it was more polite than asking 'Where are you taking me' outright, plus you didn't even know for sure if she was taking you anywhere explicitly.

"Well, I can't precisely keep you on my hand all class long, I figured I'd have to find you a seat" She replied and immediately noticed your look of concern.
"Not a literal seat, I know we don't have Lillie-sized accommodations yet"

You noticed that she had already walked past the first row of students and seemed to be heading towards the back. You couldn't tell for sure but it seemed she was looking for Brob girls without a Gullie or Lillie already nearby.

"Could you put me with Jen, if that's not too much trouble?" You asked.

"Oh my, I didn't take you to be that direct" She giggled, making your face get almost as red as her hair near instantly.

"It's nothing weird, I swear!" You said "She's the one showing me around..." You said, feeling like it'd be best to keep it as vague as you could though it wasn't even a lie, Jen wanted you to stick around with her to protect you but it sounded more embarrassing when put that way.
"Besides, we're dormmates" You added, hoping that'd be a better justification for wanting to stay with her.

"I see" Natalie smiled "It's great that you're already getting along with your dormmates"
"If I were you, I suppose I'd also like to stick around with a pretty girl anyway" She whispered and winked at you before making a sharp turn and walking back towards the front rows.

Unknown to either of the two of you, these simple actions had some unintended consequences, as Natalie's long labcoat fluttered behind her as she walked and with that sharp turn, the air she displaced caused it to undulate, blowing a very faint gust of wind to Brobs but it was more than enough to send a Lillie guy flying and the one caught by it was Joel, who didn't even know what hit him when he suddenly found himself no longer laying on Zuemy's tummy.

"What?!" He was baffled by how quickly it happened but he didn't even get to think too much about it because the wind only carried him for a relatively short distance, at least from a non-Lillie POV. Joel saw that he was heading towards another seat still on roughly the same row as he had been before.
"Oof!" He had a rough landing, faceplanting on hard, unforgiving wood though it was not cold. In fact, it was very warm, surprisingly so considering that the AC was really chilly. He then got up and looked up only to have the biggest surprise of his life so far.

He had just so happened to land on the seat belonging to the pretty redhead from before, who had revealed her name to be Veronica. She had partially gotten up to her seat to pass something to someone from the row ahead, most likely a pencil or eraser but in doing so she inadvertently gave Joel the view of a lifetime.

While not quite as well endowed as the 4 girls and with a rather slender physique, she still sported impressive curves of her own, specially on her bottom which was much plumper and curvier than her chest, which much to her own frustration was rather lacking. To any Lillies, however, it was far more than massive. As far as Joel could see, her backside was a pair of twin, round mountains encased by surprisingly tight white shorts.

He had been so captivated by the view that he failed to realize that they soon began to descend down towards him, not even acknowledging that his surroundings grew darker under her shadow. Veronica then sat down on her chair without noticing anything unusual, though at least one other person did.

Sitting next to her was Emily, a blonde girl that was both taller and curvier than her redhead friend. By almost pure chance, she noticed that something very small flew in the air and landed smack on the middle of Veronica's seat and much to her surprise and delight, she found that it was a Lillie guy. She didn't even mind that she wouldn't be able to get to play with him herself, the sole prospect that he'd soon find himself buried beneath Veronica's plump booty was good enough for now. She smirked evilly as her friend innocently sat back down, entirely unaware of what she'd just done.

"What's up, Em?" Veronica then asked, seemingly having noticed the blonde's grin without turning her head.

"Oh, nothing, just remembered something funny I saw on Chirper earlier" Emily replied.

"I just hope it's not more of that squishing nonsense, that was kinda mean" Another girl spoke, sitting next to Veronica on the opposite side. This one had relatively short brown hair and a much curvier and plump physique, coming close to Cindy's or Lillian's level.

"Aw, come on Monique, that stuff's obviously staged. You think they'd let actual physical abuse be posted for long?" Emily said. She knew perfectly what her friend was talking about, both she and Veronica were very much aware that Emily often followed and liked online content where girls in other schools but still mostly in Brobdingnag often squashed Lillie students, sometimes also stuffed them down in many places like their cleavage, the back of their underwear or placed them on an unknowing teacher's seat.

And while content featuring both male and female Lillie victims or even antics against Gullies was available, Emily herself seemed to only have an affinity for the ones where it was Lillie boys that got squashed or smothered. Veronica and Monique failed to find the fun in those and were a bit concerned that Emily enjoyed them so much but she always dismissed it as just "funny internet memes and stuff". As of late, Monique had been gradually becoming more outspoken about it, asking Emily not to tag her or Veronica on those things.

"I dunno, the algorithms don't always tell apart whether something is a joke or actual bullying" Monique sighed. Her reluctance and the fact that she was chubbier and heavier than the other two only made Emily want to get her to squash a Lillie even more than she already did but she'd have to do it right. Suddenly, she got an idea and began tickling Veronica, her fingers almost looked like they were pressing invisible buttons all over her ribs, getting the pretty redhead to blush incredibly hard as she tried her best to hold her laughter in.

"Emily sto-" Veronica interrupted herself by unleashing a long, loud fart that echoed around the entire classroom, which instantly went silent.

"What?" Lillian said as she noticed that Jen was immediately looking at her.
"That was a good one but it wasn't me..." She said but almost immediately she realized that not only the Lillie boys were there, you were already as well, as Dr. Natalie had returned you to Jen as per your request.
"I mean, why would you think it was me?!" She added, trying to sound offended in a poor attempt to mask her initial pride.

"It wasn't me either" Zuemy was quick to add.

"Me neither. Jim here can confirm, my belly hasn't made any noises, right?" Cindy said, lightly poking her tummy to make some rippling fleshy waves that bounced the blonde Lillie a little.

"Yeah, I can confirm that there were no weird noises here" Jim said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Besides, if it had been Lillian we would've felt it" Zuemy added yet another jab, earning an annoyed glare from the thicc Brazilian beauty.

"Oh, wow. I guess our classes on the digestive system will get interesting" Natalie said with a smile, evidently trying to lighten the mood, however she recognized the noise and casually glanced in Veronica's direction, much to the latter's embarrassment.

"Ugh. Is this really the education you get in your home?" Dr. Frelock complained. Even though he was several Lilliputian miles away from the epicenter of the booming blast, the thunderous roar was loud enough to make his ears ring and the air had become thick, uncomfortably warm and unpleasant to say the least.

"Well, Doctor, I'm afraid we Brobs don't have quite the super metabolism of the Lilliputian folk, most meals are bound to generate at least some gas, and often it's the richer and more nutritious foods that give the most gaseous volume and the less pleasant smells" Natalie explained. Her tone and demeanor reminded him of back when he worked at government labs in collaboration with various medics.
"Normally, it's polite to let those off in the privacy of one's room or a bathroom but these are just natural things that happen, best not to make a big deal out of it" She added, throwing another playful glance at her daughter without the rest realizing.
"Besides, I heard that the cafeteria's food is getting high quality, fresh ingredients and even have an authentic Mexican lady cooking the dishes. It's best if we get used to the possibility of this happening in the future"

"I really should have never left Lilliput, I swear to Lustrog..." Dr. Frelock facepalmed and shook his head in disappointment.

January 20