"That's... good to know" She said in a quieter tone, almost as if she was just thinking aloud rather than talking to you.

"So, you don't mind bigger girls" She said, her tone sounding ambiguous enough that you couldn't tell whether that was a question or a statement. The inquisitive look in her eyes conveyed that she wanted an answer though.

"Uh... I guess I don't" You said, laughing nervously "When you're already so small almost everything else is bigger anyway"

Alisha looked at you for a moment but then she laughed as well. It was a genuine laugh and you sensed it wasn't that common for her in spite of the interactions you'd had with her so far.
"That was a great answer... you really weren't raised into Lilliputian culture, I can see. They hate to admit that they're small" She said "I dunno why that wounds their pride, it's just how we were all born, some of us are big, some are medium size and some are small, but the 3 races are all just as human" Then she gave you a look that you found hard to decipher.
"Well, I'm not going to lie, I'm glad you didn't buy into their national stereotypes"

Something in her voice told you that there was something to read in between the lines but you had no idea what it could possibly be.

"And that brings me to the next point" She said, bringing you a bit closer to her face.
"There are some people I'd like you to meet, going by what you've told me so far I think you could get along quite well and she's not that bad to look at either"

"...she?" You raised an eyebrow, feeling already confused by her wording.

"Oh, whoops! Slip of the tongue, guess the cat's out of the bag" She giggled but you felt like that was rather intentional.

She used her other hand to grab her phone and gently lowered you towards its screen, keeping you far enough to be able to see the whole of it, another proof of her experience handling Lillies, as you knew that Brobs that weren't used to had a harder time judging the ideal distances. On the phone, she went into her image gallery and pulled up some photo album. The picture showed you a very pretty girl with dark, chocolatey brown skin just like Alisha's but much younger, definitely around your age range.

That girl was surprisingly curvy, her chest didn't seem to be that much smaller than Cindy's or even Jen's but her hips were a whole other thing, they were massive and the tight short shorts she was wearing only emphasized how incredibly thick and soft her thighs looked. Her butt was definitely massive, you could see some of it from the front and you could roughly tell that it might be almost as big as your mom's or even Lillian's. Being able to judge a Brob's size from a mere picture wasn't a common skill Lillies had but those that grew up around Brobs became pretty good at it.

Thiccness aside, the girl had her hair cut at around shoulder length and her eyes were a clear blue color that was quite striking. She seemed both strong and energetic. Most other people would've noticed that she definitely seemed rather tomboyish but with yourself having been raised by a proud self-proclaimed grown-up tomboy it was harder for you to notice explicitly, in your view it was just normal. Then again other girls like your big sis only reinforced that idea further.

'Holy hell!' You thought.

"That's my daughter Fulki. I'm flattered" She said, making you blush. Apparently, there was some visible reaction when you looked at her.

"Huh?" Your brain almost had a software crash right there and then. It took you about half a minute to regain your senses.

"She attends this school and in fact, she's going to be in the same class as you. She didn't come today because something happened and her flight from India got delayed, we had been visiting family but I had to come back earlier to help prepare for the exchange program but she'll be coming starting tomorrow" She explained "In any case, what do you say, would you want to meet her?"

"Sure!" You blurted out without thinking but then flinched.
"Uh, I mean I'm open to meeting more people and making more friends, I don't have any questionable intentions or anything" You nervously apologized pre-emptively.

Fortunately, she didn't even seem bothered, instead she slid the picture to the right and showed you a few more. Much to your own surprise, it appeared that Fulki had a twin whose eyes were green instead of blue and had longer hair and had a certain waviness to it. It also seemed that she sported a larger chest than Fulki's but the pics didn't quite show if she was just as well endowed below the waist, though she also had very thick, plump-looking thighs and similarly to her sister, she had an apparent fondness for short shorts.

"That's Yamile, Fulki's twin sister. She's also going to start attending starting tomorrow" Alisha said "I think you could get along with them"
'If my gut feeling is right, you might still like Fulki better provided that you get past her quirks' She thought, having made a couple of mental notes, seeing that the 4 girls you were hanging with were known for being rather tomboyish and what little she'd heard about your mom suggested she may have been one as well in her youth.

There was a brief silence that allowed Alisha to remember that she hadn't fully told you why she'd run these tests that you probably found strange even if you were oddly compliant. Considering herself an honest and honorable person, she couldn't just go and not explain herself as she'd promised once it was all over.

"By the way, sorry, we got kind of sidetracked but this was related... I did promise you that I would explain what all these little tests I ran were for"

"Oh, yeah" You relied quietly, feeling a bit awkward. You had almost forgotten about it yourself until now that she mentioned it again.

"Look, I really mean no offense but I'm not sure I can make this not sound wrong in one way or another: One thing I wanted to test was whether you could handle women our size, you know? Neither myself nor my daughters are precisely small for Brob standards" She chuckled "And I know, from your perspective that went out the window a long time ago too, but still. I wanted to make sure you wouldn't get injured"

You knew she was half-joking with these things but felt like it'd be rude to actually respond so you just nodded respectfully.

"Fulki's not the best at handling smaller folk, she can be a little clumsy but when anything happens, she never does it on purpose" Alisha said, sounding a little nervous herself.
"I hope that doesn't deter you from getting to know her"

"Not a problem at all, ma'am" You replied with a sincere smile "I also mean no offense but it's kind of expected, most Brobs aren't used to interacting with us so I kind of always expect that to the point that I'm surprised when it's not the case"
"And... well, you know I did grow up among Brobs and had my fair share of... shenanigans with them. I don't think anything will scare me away short of her wanting to get rid of me like an actual pest" You laughed a little, scratching the back of your head hoping that little self-deprecating joke didn't rub her the wrong way.

"Alright" Alisha said, barely suppressing a chuckle "Don't worry, she won't" Then she glanced at her cellphone and saw that there was a little over 10 minutes of your Science class remaining.
"I've held you up long enough but thank you for your trust. Shall we go to your Science class?" She asked while gently setting you on her open palm.

Another thing she noticed was that you didn't show any discomfort even though she held you close to her face for a bit while you spoke, another sign that you were used to these sorts of little interactions. With that, she left her classroom and headed for the Science one.

Meanwhile, in Science class...

"So, you're all from quite the varied places, huh? Damn, I feel lame, all I've got to show is that I have French blood but I was still born in plain boring Brobdingnag" Jim said.

As everyone had introduced themselves, he along with Pete and Joel learned the girls' various origins, with Jen being a peculiar case, born in Norway but raised in Brobdigngag while spending a large amount of time in Mexico. Lillian bring from one of the two Brazils was hardly a surprise either, given their worldwide fame for their voluptuous women though the Portuguese one did take the cake.

Learning that Zuemy is from Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean Confederation also caught them off-guard, they knew of the place largely because of you, who in turn knew of it because of your mom, but they had never met anyone from there. And lastly, Cindy revealed her Danish origin, which helped explain why she seemed a bit closer to Jen than the rest. Zuemy even mentioned that she and Lillian sometimes called them "the Nordic sisters" as a way to tease them, specially when the two talked in their respective languages as they could easily understand each other and it was seen as a bit of a flex by the other two girls.

[Continuity Note: Cindy in regular canon is from Germany but that doesn't work in the Gulliverse, so it's been changed to Denmark as it's a part of Brobdingnag. You can see the world map for it here]

"It's not like I'm that interesting either" Pete shrugged.

"Damn, Blaise's got us beat on that front too... if it weren't for the assholes in Mully Ully he could've been a wild success with the girls there" Jim replied and immediately both Jen and Lillian perked up, looking at him intently as he was still resting on Cindy's tummy, using it as a sort of gigantic beanbag chair on Cindy's own request.

"Wouldn't it have been a problem for you if that happened?" Pete raised an eyebrow. He was similarly resting on Lillian's belly as he spoke.

"Nah. I'd be happy for my homie being successful. Besides he would've been a great wingman too" Jim said with a cheeky grin, then he looked up and noticed the girls' intense stares.
"Relax! If it's any consolation, I never saw him looking the Lillie girls' way, not even once"

January 16