Back in Alisha's classroom...

You had lost all notion of time as you were regularly bombarded by Alisha's massive spicy typhoons. In between coughing fits and feeling your eyes, nose and throat all burn most literally you wondered what was going on. She put you in her butt for some reason and the first fart could've been an accident but this... you wondered if she was gassing you on purpose but then again you were well aware of the constant shenanigans you endured with your mom, your sis and other women close to your family like Dolores.

As unbelievable as it might be to most, you knew that there was a certain element of bad luck to it. Your mom was just gassy nearly all the time and her diet certainly didn't help. Others like Dolores had less frequent bouts of gas but it was your rotten luck that you were near if not outright in that enormous ass of hers when they happened. In her defense, she used to get really embarrassed at first but you reassured her that it was alright as she wasn't doing it on purpose. Over the years she eased more to it and would be a tad more nonchalant about wanting to carry you around or to have you massage in between her plus-sized asscheeks even if she was feeling gassy.

Alisha herself was feeling quite relieved, releasing all of that pent-up pressure that had been held in for at least 5 or 6 hours was doing wonders for her overall well-being, even improving her mood though it wasn't too bad already, the single incident that soured it being Shirley's failed attempt at hurting you.

However, the room felt noticeable warmer and the smell was definitely strong, even for Brob standards and furthermore, even for Alisha herself, who chuckled as she fanned her face and reached for the AC's controller. The school's ventilation system was state-of-the-art as many renovations had taken place recently. She was sure that the classroom's air would clear in about 5 or 10 minutes at the latest.

Just then, yet another massive fart erupted from her prodigious posterior, making the whole inside of her skirt felt borderline hot. She was surprised that she could still let out such big ones even after letting them rip for the better part of an entire hour.

'Oh my, I wonder how he's holding up. Must feel like an oven back there' She thought, noting that even though she blasted you dozens of times with big farts you didn't struggle frantically trying to get out. She even wondered if you'd gotten knocked out cold but a few clenches served to confirm that you were conscious and well in there. She then glanced at her phone's screen to look at the hour just as another rumbling blast escaped from her bottom.

With little to no time to recover, another gargantuan hurricane exploded within the depths of Alisha's humongous ass, blasting you with furious might. The heat and spiciness in that thick, heavy gas didn't diminish over time, making you wonder how much more you'd have to endure. For once, it was as if the Universe decided to have mercy on you, as soon light pierced your self-contained world of sweaty, blubbery darkness and cols air rapidly rushed in but you didn't even get to shiver from it as Alisha's building-sized fingers dexterously fished you out.

What she noticed first was that unlike earlier when she dropped you in, you were now very warm to the touch, as if you had gotten taken out from an oven indeed. This realization amused her but then she wondered how you'd react, thus bringing you back to her eye's level. The smell of her own fumes hit her, having you this close but she didn't make any visible reactions, instead focusing on you, looking you up and down and seeing that you looked obviously disheveled, your skin had a reddish hue overall and you were somewhat sweaty.

"Sorry about that, dear" She spoke softly "That final test was quite a bit rougher than I would've liked but I do appreciate your cooperation" She said in a vain attempt at regaining her more professional attitude from earlier. She also giggled and put a hand on her now relieved belly.
"Hmm... you look surprisingly composed for someone that just rode quite the storm" She added with obvious curiosity in both her tone and the look in her eyes, though she also seemed to be teasing you.

"H-Huh?!" It had taken you a moment to get used to the outside world but you heard her and got caught off-guard. One downside of being used to these kinds of antics was that you kind of forgot you were supposed to react but now it was too late, even if you tried it'd look fake and forced, lying was never your forte anyway. Plus, now that you were right before her, you subconsciously made a great effort to suppress any coughing, gagging and wheezing, instead quietly breathing the cool, clean air around you in hopes of cleansing your lungs from the onslaught they'd just survived.

"Oh, yeah... I'm alright, don't worry ma'am" You blurted out as you laughed nervously, you weren't sure if that came across as way too nonchalant or if it could be taken the wrong way, though you hoped that weren't the case.

"I can see that" Alisha briefly smirked, amused by your unusual reaction.
"You know, it's almost as if this wasn't the first time you went through this kind of rodeo, huh?" She half-joked but then she saw your face and noticed that you got even more nervous.
"Hmm?" She raised an eyebrow and gave you an inquisitive look that reminded you in some ways of your own mom, tricking your deep conscious into being unable to hide anything from her.
"Wait, did I actually hit the nail on the head?" She asked with some amused, barely hidden giggles.

At this point you knew you'd been caught and decided to come clean. After all, she's a teacher and seems to trust you herself quite a surprising amount already, it's not like she'd tattle to other people, right? You took a deep breath and timidly nodded.

"I... uh... I've been through similar incidents, yes" You embarrassedly admitted, much to Alisha's own surprise. The look in her eyes was silently asking you to elaborate further and you reluctantly agreed.
"You were right, my mom carries me around with her a lot. So, yeah... this kind of stuff has happened to me before, many times with her" You almost had to bite your own tongue, deciding to omit mentioning the many other women you'd endured these kinds of shenanigans from.

'Oh? I didn't think I'd encounter such a cultured woman on the other side of the globe. What a world' Alisha thought while smiling in response and giving you a nod to show her understanding.

"I see" She replied, now feeling a bit awkward herself. She had promised you and herself that she would explain her reason for these tests and so far, all the info she'd been getting from you kept leading her to believe that she made the right call but now that the moment finally came, even she felt somewhat awkward. And that was without accounting for her own embarrassment as one of her plans essentially involved pulling a great "sales pitch" on the one daughter of hers that was virtually unfit for marriage back in India.

"Well, I did promise that I'd explain to you my reasons for all these tests I've put you through" She said, both to you and herself. But she was scrambling in her mind, looking for the best way to put it together without it sounding horribly wrong. After about a minute of thinking, she came up with something.
"But on a semi-related note, I noticed that you were hanging out with some Brob girls" She said.
"Didn't your mom warn you about that?" She asked with a slight smile and a teasing tone, however her question was legit, you didn't strike her as the kind of boy that'd go and immediately disobey his mother for no reason.

"Y-Yeah, you're right ma'am" You blushed and looked away. Somehow this felt more embarrassing than admitting that you got farted on by your mom on a regular basis.

"Why? If you don't mind me asking" Alisha then said.

"Well, the thing is that when I got to the classroom for the first hour, I found that there were no Lillie seats so I had to climb up a Brob one"

"Of course, these people didn't even get all the proper accommodations" She sighed and shook her head disapprovingly.

"I thought it'd be alright but then a girl arrived and almost sat on me" You said, noticing that she gasped quietly and her eyes widened for a moment. You sensed that she was about to ask you for the girl's name to give her a scolding and responded accordingly.
"It's alright, Jen saved me, she grabbed me before the other girl sat down. I don't even know her name" You shrugged and the fun part was that it wasn't even a full-on lie, you really didn't know her name, all you'd heard was that her nickname was "Snickers".
"So... the thing is that Jen wanted me to stick around with her to be safe and since we share all the same classes, there was no reason for me to refuse without being rude"

"I see, I see" Alisha nodded "I knew you weren't the kind of guy to blatantly disobey your mother without a good reason. Glad that Jen was able to rescue you, she's a nice girl and take it from me, that's not very common in this school" She said with a brief smile.
"But I feel that you're not just staying with her to be polite, huh?" She teased you further, making you blush once more, feeling almost like a dear caught before headlights.
"I'm not blaming you, she's really pretty after all... and quite voluptuous too"

At that moment you almost choked on the air you were breathing, causing her to giggle some, finding your reaction cute.

"I mean, all 4 of those girls are pretty curvy. I'd say they're nice to look at, specially for guys but then again don't most western Lillies like them thinner?"

"Uh... I mean, I'm not like the true Lilliputians" You replied almost by reflex, wanting to defend your friends but in doing so, you kind of dug yourself into a hole. You only realized this too late and your face was so red that it almost glowed.
"I... I mean, they're all very pretty" You quietly admitted and looked away. Unknown to you, Alisha smiled, this had been what she wanted to hear...

January 14