"You see, to make such an advanced AI there are certain things that cannot be overlooked, corners that cannot be cut" He said as the slide showed various warning screens and other graphs.
"I'm fully aware that giving an artificial entity human-like intellect isn't something to be taken lightly and just like ourselves, who grow up from babies, through childhood and teenage years until we finish developing into adults, this AI needed to develop"

"How?" A somewhat chubby girl with short brunette hair whose figure seemed most similar to Lillian's asked.

"I developed various testing tools. Most important was to make sure that this AI's ethics program is completely flawless, there can be no errors. I implemented Asimov's laws of robotics into it" Dr. Frelock showed then another slide that had them written.

First Law: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
Second Law: A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Third Law: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Upon clicking, another law then appeared, written above the first three.

Zeroth Law: A robot may not injure humanity or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

"The development of this AI program including the zeroth law was full of controversy in itself. Without my mentor's support I wouldn't have been able to secure the funding and materials to bring the project forth although on the condition that Dr. Xavier Limtoc personally oversaw it himself"

"Isn't the zeroth law just a repetition of the first though?" The pretty redhead that sat next to the chubbier girl asked, looking intrigued.

"That's where it gets tricky" Dr. Frelock smiled "1st law refers to any individual human being, be it Lilliputian, Brobdingnagian or Gulliverian... but the 0th law refers to humanity as a whole... I'm sure you all know at least a little bit of the great floating island Laputa? Lilliput's greatest technological invention" He said.
"Imagine that some madman seizes control of the island and flies it towards here, Brobingnag's very own capital with the express intent of crashing it down, not just obliterating the island but destroying a large chunk of the nation's west coast with the impact's shockwave... Now let's suppose that a robot with my AI is present at the control room along with the perpetrator. The madman won't stop and there's no verbal persuasion to be done... In order to save mankind, the robot must slay this one human"

"Holy shit, that's almost like the final boss battle in Hyperman Cipher IV" Cindy whispered. Joel, Jim and Pete all looked up in surprise that she even knew of the game.
"I never cared about what's right or wrong and I never called myself a hero in the first place... I have always only fought for those I believe in. If an enemy appears before me, I won't hesitate, I will destroy it!" She said, trying to make her voice deeper to mimic the game's protagonist.

"Yeah, that's the stuff" Jim and Pete nodded, immediately recognizing the quote.

"By the way, that's Blaise's favorite moment in the entire saga, together with the whole final boss battle atop the falling satellite Armageddon" Jim said, looking Jen in the eye while Cindy giggled in delight.

"But he's more of a fan of the previous saga, Hyperman Incognito. Nil is a good character but he says that he stole Incognito's protagonism before he even got his own games" Pete explained.

"Probably has to do with gameplay too, Nil's laser sword is cool but he is kind of a glass cannon. Incognito had ranged attacks and gets to equip various armors to be a pretty mighty tank" Jim added, remembering the many times that the trio got together to play the games and to see the full story, making various theories about the future that would only be answered with the next game.

"Sounds to me like he would'v been a better match for Cindy" Zuemy interjected, bearing a smug grin as both Lillian and Jen glared at her.

"You say that as if we don't play games too" Lillian scoffed "Please, we've beaten every game in the Hyperman franchise"

"Even the Combat Grid saga? Because at that point it's an entirely new thing in an universe that's not even canon to the main timeline. Also they did away with all the robots and now they're just some kind of AI thingies? Blaise didn't like those much" Pete said and Jim chuckled as he heard him. To their surprise the girls nodded.

"Yeah. The romance between Ray and Pearl in the 3rd game was way cute" Jen said.
"I was cheering for her to win him over even though she was an AI"

"Eh, I still thought May was the best girl" Lillian added with a nonchalant shrug "Childhood friend and all. Funniest thing is that she won in the end" She then said to Jen.

"Unefani said that both endings in Combat Grid 6 are canon, it's up to whatever the player chooses" Jen replied with a mildly annoyed look.

"Because these kinds of decisions can be tough and we don't want to create some apocalyptic scenario with our weapons turning against us, I programmed and designed an extensive software application to test the AI's ethics" Dr. Frelock continued and moved onto the next slide.

[Project Eos]

[Ethics Program Test Results]: 100% Success!
[Errors found]: 0
[Current status]: Awaiting Initialization

"Eos has been thoroughly tested for the last 25 years to fully determine that she will never become a threat to us" He said "But when I showed my research along with the modified Project Neverland body I tailored for her I was rejected by the Brobdingnagian representatives... for Lustrog's sake, too dangerous they said! These are the same people that rejected gunpowder because they thought it was too evil!" He grumbled, facepalming intensely.

"Ah, yes... well... what can I say, Brobs aren't exactly fans of using excessive force for anything. I can see why that seemed like a bit much" Natalie said but then she saw the doctor's look of annoyed disbelief.
"Western Brobs at the very least... I won't deny that in other places, our people can be more warlike"

"Holy... 25 years?!" Some students could be heard murmuring. They were baffled that something like that took longer to test than they had been alive.

"I have to say, that's quite the introduction" Natalie smiled at the doctor, who looked away in mild annoyance.

"I hope this allows you to understand my displeasure. Someone of my stature demoted to teaching ordinary students, not even Lilliputian ones in my homeland but in some random faraway forsaken land, all to keep me away from current affairs. I wouldn't have minded teaching at some university in Lilliput but no, they sent me here... I already fear for my safety" He sighed several times as he spoke.

"Dr. Frelock, I may have a limited understanding of the cultural perceptions in the Lilliputian Empire but let me tell you that this isn't just some random school. What we're trying to achieve here is to save our country, to recover from the plague that ravaged it badly. This is a special program that was last active about 2 decades ago, to bring all 3 races together. I'm sure that Principal Abalos or Superintendent García have grand plans for someone of your brilliance, I don't think they would've requested your assistance for nothing" Natalie said, trying to ease his mood, knowing that a bit of flattery could go a very long way with Lillies in particular.
"Now, why don't we all start introducing ourselves, we're going to be together on this endeavor, might as well make an adventure out of it" She said.

While most of the Lillie guys took the teacher's words at face values, the Brob girls managed to read in between the lines. Not just with how she spoke, but with her looks and even her body language, she was asking them to show that they were harmless, peaceful and loving.

Even though they weren't as much into Lillies as a certain group of 4, the majority of them didn't want to be perceived as violent monsters either, that being a harsh stereotype that had been considered a national shame for centuries. And thus, the students began to introduce themselves, sharing some things about themselves to try and make everyone else feel more at home.

Meanwhile, in Dolores' room...

Another loud, explosive blast blared its way out, slightly shaking the nearby desk. Dolores' own humongous asscheeks rippled and jiggled wildly as the intense gust of wind escaped from within their depths, completely drowning out a desperate Lillie girl's screams.

"Ooh, that one was bad" Dolores chuckled. She had her room's windows open but even then she could smell that her gaseous emissions were definitely pretty rank but then again that was to be expected from the sheer amount of food she ate and the type. Those black beans weren't forgiving in the least bit and even less so when refried. The fresher ones gave it an even harsher smell while the refried ones seemed to keep giving her more and more gas that didn't run out.

Chrissy felt like not even bugs blasted with insecticide at point blank were ever fumigated this badly. These immense noxious hurricanes were warm enough to make her feel like she was getting steam cooked and the smell had rendered her nose numb a long time ago, but even in that state she couldn't get rid of the heavy bean-based scent in her every breath.

Suddenly, Dolores' larger-than-mountain-sized cheeks clenched together, squishing her with untold amounts of pressure that only kept increasing. A vague sense of a circular motion let the trapped Lillie girl know that her colossal captor was most likely giving her hefty glutes some kneading, maybe as a way to further taunt her.

"I didn't think I'd meet a Lillie more evil than that rotten principal" Dolores said quietly just as she nonchalantly ripped another enormous fart, sending Chrissy into yet another writhing fit.
"I don't even know if this is enough punishment for the likes of you, but you definitely deserve it" She added...

January 8