"Wow, nice" Emily chuckled. Having been friends with Veronica for years, she wasn't nearly as fazed by the stench despite being right next to where that bomb had set off. Monique looked more embarrassed but she kept quiet, knowing that Veronica's embarrassment was even greater. Around them, various girls could be heard coughing and gagging while those farther away laughed.

For the Lillie unknowingly trapped beneath Veronica's booty the experience had been far more intense, though the fact that he was caught under one of her cheeks did shield him a bit from taking the full brunt of the blast. The loud, thunderous roar and the powerful vibrations that ensued caught Joel off-guard, however, he didn't entirely dislike it, not even as the intense smell overtook most of the breathable air around him and his eyes watered a little but just the feeling of this immense, plush mass bearing down on him made it worth it on its own.

He had seen her since Lillian got him out of her belly button. That long, red hair, her bright green eyes and her slender yet bottom heavy physique felt as if every checkmark inside his head was getting fulfilled. He wanted to try talking to her but felt understandably intimidated, given that as most girls in this school she's a Brob. Just approaching her would be challenging in itself and that was without accounting for the fact that they were about to have class too. So, he never expected that this soon he'd get up so up close and personal with her, albeit unknowingly as far as she was concerned.

"Shhh!" Veronica's face was nearly as red as her hair. She shifted around on her seat, feeling uncomfortable as her stomach had been bubbling a lot for a while and the pressure that she'd been holding in had become too much.

She was relieved that other than her friends nobody seemed to identify her as the culprit, the last thing she wanted was to tank her reputation on day 1 and lose any chances with any of the new exchange Lillie boys that started attending. Since she wasn't overly social due to her gassy issues, people didn't even know that she along with Monique were into Lillies, thus they didn't get the same kind of backlash as Lillian and her friend group did.

"Next time please warn us at least" Monique whispered, giggling as well but subtly covering her nose with her shirt.

"It slipped out, I didn't want to rip one in the middle of class" A still flustered Veronica replied.

Meanwhile, back at the 4 girls' desk...

Jen was surprised when Natalie walked to her and held her hand out, it took her a moment to realize that you were on her palm. She shyly thanked her and you hopped onto Jen's hand, also thanking her.

"You sure took your sweet time, huh?" Zuemy teased.

"Mrs. Kshatriya had me help her with a bunch of stuff" You said, trying to not get too flustered yourself. Just recalling her daughters' pics would've been enough for your façade to fall apart but fortunately you were able to keep your focus.

"Not gonna lie, I was getting worried too but glad that you're ok" Jen smiled and before you knew it, she gave you a quick kiss, obliterating in a mere instant all your mental effort. Your face felt really hot and you could imagine that you were blushing as red as people who got sunburnt at the beach. At least no one seemed to notice, and even less so as Jen promptly placed you back on one of her boobs, which Natalie noted with amusement.

"She's still getting ahead of you score-wise" Zuemy texted Lillian, making the larger girl put and give an annoyed glare.

"What did I miss?" You asked, trying to change the subject and buy yourself some time for your blush to fade, though sitting on the plush, warm flesh of Jen's mountain-sized boob wasn't exactly helping matters.

"Depends, I could say not much in the way of actual classes but on the other hand, look" Jim replied, glancing in Dr. Frelock's direction.

"Oh, yeah" You remembered just how surprised you'd been mere moments ago upon realizing who was the other teacher for this class "Sheesh, I wonder what kind of strings did Ari-I mean Ms. Abalos to pull to make that happen"

"Ha! Knew you'd be a fan" Jim chuckled.

"Well duh, he basically invented Hyperman in real life. Plus, his Lilliputian battlesuits also put a lot of stuff from fiction to shame. Those are like real life Gigazoids" You replied. Both Jim and Pete nodded in agreement, as the 3 of you loved that show.

"But those aren't cool beasts like dinosaurs or sabretooth tigers and mammoths" Pete added.

"Yeah, it'd be cooler if they were. Imagine what fun it'd be to pilot a tyrannosaurus robot or a badass dragon" You said with growing enthusiasm.

"Well, I wouldn't exactly call it 'piloting' but you can ride on something much bigger than the Gigazoids" Jen playfully interjected, making you freeze in your tracks. The realization that you had just let your guard down and were geeking out with your friends in front of these girls hit you like a bucket of ice cold water to the face at 5 AM.

"Forget I said anything" You said while facepalming. You had no one to blame this one on but yourself.

"But why? The Power Troopers are a cool show" Cindy said "What kid didn't like giant battle robots that combine into a bigger, better one?" She giggled cutely.

You were legit surprised that someone outside of yourself and your group of friends would still call that show cool in this day and age but you saw that Cindy both sounded and looked sincere, she wasn't trying to make fun of you and thus, you appreciated that she stepped in.

"Oh boy, be careful or you might end up having to watch a marathon of the old sagas with her" Zuemy teased.

"That doesn't sound so bad" You replied, scratching the back of your head in mild embarrassment but unknown to you, this kind of alarmed Jen, who glared at Cindy. Her apologetic look made her realize that she wasn't trying anything funny though and Jen had to remind herself that Cindy just wanted friends and nothing more.

"Anyone's invited if you guys wanna" Cindy said. Besides yourself, the others were able to see between the lines, finding the whole thing amusing.

"Anyway, we got a celebrity scientist from Lilliput for a teacher, this is gonna be a wild year" Pete said.

"We're in a school surrounded by giant chicks and you think having Dr. Frelock teaching science is the weird part?" Jim said, eliciting a giggle from all 4 girls.

"Why not both?" You shrugged "I mean it's weird as in unusual, not weird in a bad way" You then added as you sensed that Lillian and Jen looked at you.

At that moment, the class bell chimed, indicating that it was time to move to the next class. You checked the school app on your phone and realized that the next two would be the last classes of the day, and both were in the 1-B home room. Both subjects were going to be taught by Lulu as well.

'Art and... I.S.S.E.D? The hell is that?' You thought, tapping the name of the latter subject.

"New class subject mandated by the Gulliver Project Exchange Class Program" That was what the class summary read and there were no links for further info, as opposed to most other subjects.

'Guess we'll find out what it is when the time comes' You said, still trying to figure out the meaning of the mysterious acronym.

[Note: You can check Blaise's class schedule here. This only covers the official core classes, additional subjects and clubs can be attended to after the main class schedule is over]

"Let's go" Jen stood up more slowly than usual to minimize the jiggling and bouncing that would ensue on her chest, not that it'd matter much because then she picked you up and with a playful wink, she brought you once more around her waist and began lowering you, discreetly slipping you down the back of her pants. This time, you didn't fall down for nearly as long because her massive, plump asscheeks caught you in between rather quickly.

"Heh, lucky" Jim said when he saw you disappear back there.

"No need to get envious, right Cindy?" Jen giggled and Cindy simply nodded, picking him up from her belly before she stood up. She was a tad more nonchalant about it and brought Jim to the back of her pants, pulling their waistband back a bit before dropping him in.

"Looks like you guys are getting the VIP travel pass" Zuemy said to Pete before she did the same. But then, when Lillian stood up the other 3 girls stared at her.

"What?" Lillian raised an eyebrow.

"Thought you were gonna do the same with Joel" Zuemy said flatly.

"Come to think of it, where is he?" Cindy asked, only now noticing his absence. Lillian's eyes widened in surprise and she put a hand on her tummy, feeling no trace of the Lillie boy that had been under her care so far.

"What the fuck... He was with me, I swear!" Lillian whispered but barely hid her nervous surprise.

"If you had ripped that giant fart I would've said you sent him on a one-way flying trip" Zuemy giggled at her friend's expense.

"Har har, how funny. But it wasn't me anyway" Lillian huffed.

"Any chance he fell off?" Jen asked.

"I didn't really move much but I'll look" She said and the 4 girls began searching their immediate surrounding area, the desks, the seats and even each others', particularly the back of their thighs and even their sizable booties but to no avail.

"If he was on Lillian's belly it wouldn't make much sense we somehow sat on him" Zuemy noted as the girls kept searching while the rest of the students left for their next class. However, these 4 weren't the only ones that were still lingering.

"Are you alright?" Monique asked with some concern as Veronica's belly made more loud, groaning and gurgling noises.

"Sounds like you're about to explode" Emily teased and Veronica only replied with a pained glare while trying her best at suppressing the gas in her bowels, another monstrous eruption was trying to escape but without the cover of the crowd, she didn't want to out herself as the "fart girl" even though she already was known by many as the school's "Farting Queen".

January 23