Some time earlier, in Science class...

Jen was the last to arrive from her group but just like in the previous class and most for that matter, Lillian reserved a seat for her, with Cindy and Zuemy sitting with them as well. Science classrooms had longer desks for 4 students together in a row as opposed to the usual ones that were only for 2. Even before the exchange program, Gulliver High always promoted cooperation and teamwork so hardly any classes had individual desks.

The 3 girls looked at Jen as she simply sat down, Cindy wincing a little, thinking that it had been a bit rough. Lillian had a more intrigued look while Zuemy's was more of a mixture of curiosity and amusement.

"I thought you were gonna take him out before you plopped down" Cindy said with noticeable concern for you in her voice.

"I don't have him with me right now" Jen replied with a sigh. She was trying not to look too bothered but her friends largely saw through it.

"You lost him already?!" Cindy's worry levels instantly peaked.

"No, it means Alisha still has him" Lillian said to calm her down, though it was also the truth.

"Oh yeah. She wanted to talk to him after class. You think he's in trouble?" Cindy replied.

"Why would he? He was a victim" Jen said somewhat defensively but she was quick to realize that she shouldn't take her annoyance out on others, specially not Cindy herself.

"Besides, it's clear Alisha cares for Lillies, I don't think she'd be doing anything bad to him" Zuemy chimed in.

"Well, as long as she doesn't sit her fat ass on him again I think he'll be fine" Lillian chuckled.

"The pot calling the kettle black again?" Jen said with an amused smirk. Getting the chance to call Lillian out on her antics was a surprisingly good boost for her mood.

"Well duh! Of course! The only fat ass he should be concerned with is mine" Lillian playfully stuck her tongue out at her and spanked herself, making a sharp yet very meaty noise.

"You're gonna have to get in line because there's 3 more of us" Zuemy teased. Jen blushed but in reality was glad that she was included, knowing what it meant. To be acknowledged by the likes of Zuemy or Lillian to having a big booty was like a lowkey badge of honor for her. She was still the smallest among the 4 but that didn't mean hers wasn't big by any means.

In contrast, Cindy nodded enthusiastically. As sweet as she looked, one could thing she was way too shy but she had fully embraced her bodily shape a long time ago, and wasn't ashamed of being a curvy, chubby cutie, though given the school's lack of boys up until today, she didn't get called that often.

"I thought you two were gonna step aside, this is supposed to be between Jen and I" Lillian said, crossing her arms.

"We're not competing for his affections" Zuemy shrugged "But even as just friends he's gonna have some quality time with this" She slowly caressed her lower curves as she spoke.

"I just like cuddling" Cindy said in a way that was incredibly blunt yet cute with her sheer sincerity about it "Besides, I already promised that he'd end up between my cheeks later" She giggled. Jen glanced at her, rolling her eyes as she knew that in spite of how quirky she was, Cindy was just a sweetheart.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? You hit the 3 guys with quite the atom bomb back in lunch" Zuemy giggled.

"That only happened because someone poked my belly" Cindy huffed, getting a bit red in the face but more so from annoyance than embarrassment. She was relieved that none of the 3 guys got mad at her.

"Speaking of which, aren't you guys sitting on them right now?" Jen raised an eyebrow, finding it curious that they called her out earlier on that very same thing.

"Nope, Jim's been riding safely in here" Cindy was the first to reply, pulling him out of her cleavage but just enough for his upper body to be visible.

"Same here" Zuemy pulled Pete out of her cleavage, though he had been riding in her back pocket before. The two girls then looked at Lillian, who didn't have much in the chest department, certainly not enough to hold even a Lillie guy safely. The large Brazilian beauty simply responded with a smug smile and reached into her belly button, pulling Joel out of it.

"I gave him a bit of a break. Not anybody can deal with this much ass all the time" She giggled.

"But Blaise can?" Jen raised an eyebrow.

"If he can deal with those blimps of yours I don't see why he can't with mine" Lillian responded with a confident smirk, glancing at Jen's chest as if it were necessary to confirm what she was referring to.

They refrained from saying it outright but both Jen and Lillian recalled Zuemy's theory of you being a "fancier model" than a run-of-the-mill Lillie and in that case, neither of them needed to worry so much about overwhelming you with their respective massive curves.

Jen still envied a bit the sheer size of Lillian's ass but considered that maybe hers was just big enough to be appealing without it being too much, not that this was stopping her from trying to grow it even larger. Both girls had enjoyed considerable growth over the years and in part thanks to Dolores' cooking and the large portions of it they both ate on the daily.

[Continuity note: The 4 girls' hip/butt measurements in the Gulliverse are a bit larger than their regular counterparts. Lillian's being 58 inches, Jen's 54, Cindy's 56 and Zuemy's 55. Lillian's butt size was retconned/fixed in the chapter where it had been first mentioned, "Gulliverse: Big Bouncy Booty Bonanza?" ]

"Damn, bro is gonna be drowning in thiccness at this rate" Jim joked, reminding the girls of his and the other two guys' presence.

"If you play your cards right, you all will soon" Zuemy teased them.

"Even if you don't land dates I'll always be there for warm cuddles" Cindy said sweetly, making the Lillie trio blush.

At that moment, a taller-than-average and surprisingly voluptuous woman in a labcoat walked in. She seemed to be in a rush though. Her hair was a brighter red compared to Lulu's whose hair was a darker hue and it was arranged in a simplistic, broad ponytail worn on the side. Her thick rimmed glasses gave her a bit of a nerdy touch similar to that of Cindy's but she had a more elegant and serious demeanor overall.

"Good afternoon. I'm Dr. Natalie Godfrey and I'm going to be one of your teachers for this course..." She said as she looked around, trying not to seem too frantic but doing a rather poor job at hiding it. After a couple more seconds of scanning the floor with her eyes, she huffed in frustration.
"Excuse me, I'll be right back..." And with that, she left almost as suddenly as she had arrived, leaving the entire class baffled, with many wondering why they even had 2 teachers assigned, some noting that the other was a man.

Meanwhile, back in Dolores' room...

What Chrissy had been experiencing could only be described as crushing agony, but even those words fell way short to describe the extent of her actual torment. She thought at first that it couldn't be much worse than when she was trapped in Dolores' enormous ass unaware but she couldn't have been more wrong. Still not exerting her full effort, Dolores squished her between her cheeks with supreme ease and as she clenched them together, the once soft blubbery walls became much denser, still with a vague semblance of softness but it made Chrissy feel like she was crushed between two hydraulic presses.

'This... damned... fat bitch' Chrissy struggled with what little strength she had left, trying to push away the colossal masses that smothered her very being but they simply refused to yield. She was on the verge of crying out of sheer frustration and rage but she'd already sweated so much that it was as if her body was devoid of water, her mouth and throat also feeling painfully dry.

For the last hour, Dolores had been squishing her between her humongous asscheeks as much as she could, confident that they were soft enough that she wouldn't be able to go overboard yet at the same time glad that they were so big that escape was completely unfeasible. You wouldn't have been sure if you were asked but Dolores did pay attention to your comments when you'd found yourself in there.

'Funny that I'm doing the exact opposite of what I normally would, but then again this is not him' She thought. She walked around some, letting the swaying motions from her hips do some of the dirty work, dragging her helpless victim even deeper into her cavernous depths. And with her big booty clenched tightly as she'd been keeping it, the temperature rose.

Chrissy had never ever considered what overheating felt like up until right now, she felt like she was in a sauna from hell but she was barely sweating anymore and the lack of it meant that she almost felt as if her insides were starting to get cooked. She couldn't help but wish for some way to get rid of this heat that mercilessly enveloped like a phantom blanket that couldn't be removed.

Unknown to her, that wish was about to get turned against her. Dolores' large belly began making grumbling noises once again. The large lunch lady knew exactly what it meant, her copious meal, the same stuff she served the students had been diligently getting broken down by her stomach and plenty of hot, noxious gas gathered in her gut as a result.

Originally, way before she found out that she had a little stowaway she had been planning to release that pent-up pressure in the privacy and comfort oh her own room but ever since she discovered Chrissy, she decided to use it as an extra tool for punishment. With a smug smile, she lightly patted her bloated belly, eliciting louder gurgling groans. She'd been storing up enough and now it needed to be unleashed.

All it took was the tiniest bit of relaxation and a huge blast erupted from her extra large bottom, making a loud, blaring roar akin to a revving engine, likely loud enough to compete with Miriam's blasts. Her massive asscheeks vibrated intensely as the powerful swirling winds blew past and one very unfortunate Lillie girl took the brunt of the hurricane-sized gust of wind at nearly point blank... If one focused hard enough to tune out the sheer noise of Dolores' big boisterous booty blast, they could hear some faint, muffled screams...

December 29, 2023