"Fine. How many days of detention am I getting?" Shirley asked with a defeated sigh, rolling her eyes.

"Detention?" Alisha replied slowly but with a hint of amusement in her voice. If anyone had any doubts of it before, the chuckling that ensued after seemed to have confirmed her reputation as someone who did enjoy dishing out punishment albeit not unjustly so.
"Oh no, that style of Western slap-on-the-wrist nonsense just won't do"

"W-What?!" Shirley almost choked in surprise.

She'd been involved in various other antics before and got caught in enough to have gotten herself a reputation but all she'd ever earned for it was detention. Though anyone who saw Arianna's face those times would've known that she didn't hand out harsher punishments probably because something wasn't allowing her to.

"I've seen it all" Alisha said "How some of the girls on this side of the pond treat each other and even worse how they've treated Lillies. I'm unpleasantly surprised that you as a Gullie fails to see it" The disgust in her voice had made itself crystal clear with that last sentence. It was at this moment that Shirley began to realize that she chose the wrong teacher to piss off.
"You want to abuse someone because they're smaller than you? How about you being on the other side?" Alisha said, looking at Jen in the eye and that almost completely conveyed her ideas on its own "I'm sure Ms. Johansen is willing to show you" The usually-stern Indian teacher smirked.

With that as her cue, Jen slightly rose from her seat and swiftly put Shirley on the middle of it before sitting back down, smothering with her much bigger butt. Even if they were the same size, Shirley would've been physically outmatched by her. The girl didn't even get to scream as Jen's plump bottom descended upon her, engulfing her like an avalanche. The other students winced, picturing the pain she must've felt, even other Brob girls tried to imagine it.

"Back in ancient times that's how we sorted things out. Equal retribution for any given offense" Alisha explained "Even in modern times, this kind of behavior is absolutely not tolerable at all. Also an easy way to disqualify yourself from finding a husband" She liked to think that the faint groans coming from Jen's seat were in response to what she'd just told.

"Hey" Your focus was taken off from Jen's lap to her chest, with another Lillie guy waving at you, standing on the same mountainous boob you were on.

"Oh, hello..." You greeted back. This was someone you'd never seen in your life, you were fairly sure of it. And yet something about his wild-looking crimson hair with gold and orange streaks felt weirdly familiar, as if you had seen that somewhere. Or maybe in a dream.

"Man, what did you do to piss the ASS trio off like that?" He casually asked as he walked towards you. Unlike yourself, he didn't seem to struggle with how squishy and bouncy the "ground" was.

"I think it was the heinous act of existing" You said with a half chuckle yourself. In all honesty you had no idea why you were being targeted. That term also shouldn't have made sense and yet, for some reason you recalled something similar you saw somewhere before but couldn't pinpoint to save your life.

"Oh? Well, I guess that happens too. They do target new kids and with the sudden influx of Lillie boys I guess they were just getting random targets" The red-haired guy explained.

His tone and demeanor all screamed "senior student" but that made no sense, this school had been Brobs-only with some earlier but limited Gullie exchange programs until this year's new program. Then again, your parents did mention that something like it had been done back when they were around your age or a bit younger.

'Just how long has this guy been around if he's so familiar with the school already?' You wondered.

"Kane. CoCo Kane. Or just CoCo for friends" He said, holding his hand out for a handshake. He was wearing shades now but somehow you felt as if his eyes gleamed through them for a split second. Come to think of it, was he even wearing shades before?

Before you got too caught up with your own confused thoughts, you shook hands with him. You felt noticeably more calm after, as if a wave of soothing, positive energy had just washed all over you on the inside.

"Blaise Santos" You replied, feeling a bit lame in comparison to this flashier looking dude. The sheer amount of confidence that would take walking in his shoes just for an hour was mind-boggling to you.

"Well, Lil B, I'm glad nothing bad happened to you. Could've gotten squished flat, yikes" He said.

"Indeed. That was a dangerous stunt and I'm sure that was her intention" Alisha's voice made you shudder and immediately turned around. She was still sitting at her desk but was practically in front of Jen.

"A-Ah, don't worry about that. It really wasn't that bad and I'm not hurt at all" You said with a slight nervous laughter "The chair's cushions must've been so well cushioned because I barely felt a thing. Even if this girl had bad intentions it was going to fall flat" You hoped to discreetly reassure Alisha, feeling like the many situations where your mom's weight or the proportions of her massive butt came into question and you acted in the only way that felt natural, not wanting to hurt her feelings regardless of her being your teacher, and a stern one on top of that.

"Oh, the cushions..." Alisha subtly smirked, taking a glance at her chair. It was a fancy, executive-style one, made of leather. But its seat cushions had been flattened into oblivion a while ago, owing to having her humongous derriere rest its enormous weight on them day after day. Then again, there were other soft cushions involved in this equation.
"Well, you're right, the school's kindly provided us with high quality seating to help make classes as pleasant as they can be" She said while lightly caressing one of her asscheeks. Her desk kept that action hidden from the entire class though.

Meanwhile, Shirley was feeling even more miserable than when Lily berated her for messing up. Jen's butt was soft but it was bearing down on her with incredible pressure, she felt like she could flatten at any moment, wondering how Lillies could withstand this themselves. Not that she got any sympathy for them even while experiencing this.

Most importantly, she was angry that one of Lily's enemies was the one punishing her right now. She tried to bite her as hard as she could but her teeth couldn't even hope to pierce the rough denim of the Brob's jeans. She also let out many muffled screams while twitching in vain.

Jen herself couldn't help but smile, the so called ASS trio was a nuisance to everyone, they'd caused some incidents where people got hurt already and that was before Lillies came into the picture. Plus, she had quite the bone to pick with Toxic Lily herself but the fact that these girls were targeting you was for sure what enraged her the most. She subtly bounced on her seat, trying to make Shirley's punishment even worse.

"She really cares about you, huh?" CoCo Kane whispered to you, catching you off-guard and making you feel flustered at the implication. You didn't even know what to say in response, fumbling wildly in your mind.
"Must be your lucky day" He chuckled.

"Hold on" Alisha said to Jen, making her worried that she might have overdone it but the look in her face showed no hints of anger or even concern.
"I said before that punishment should match the crime... but as I think about it, even this punishment falls short of what she was trying to inflict on Mr. Santos"

"Huh?" Plenty of students with yourself included were caught off-guard by that.

"I believe a harsher punishment is in order. Ms. Galewind, if you please" Alisha said and promptly, a girl stood up.

Even for Brob standards she was massive, arguably as tall as Lillian. Dressed in all black and with matching raven black hair, a bit long with some spikes. In addition to that she sported a full-on goth look down to black nails and lipstick. This girl's looks alone were pretty intimidating and that was without accounting for her physique. She was not just tall but way heavier than most other girls. Even the likes of Lillian and Cindy, who were already quite chubby, looked slim in comparison.

And also her body was very pear-shaped to an extent that surpassed Lillian herself, though like Cindy, she also sported a sizeable chest in spite of that, dwarfed by her own figure. When she walked, you could feel the ominous quakes that she created, making Jen's boob ripple. Probably too subtle for Brobs to notice but not for a Lillie like yourself.

"Wow" You heard Cindy say, both Lillian and Jen looked baffled as well, like they didn't even know of this girl's existence until now. Come to think of it, Lillian had boasted about having the biggest ass in all school, clearly she had missed this girl somehow. By the look of it only the likes of freaking Dolores could compare.

"Ms. Johansen, I'll have Ms. Galewind take over the punishment" Alisha said and that was when this girl turned towards Jen and Lillian, quickly spotting you and Kane on the former's chest. She smiled kindly and waved hello at you, her attitude seemingly a complete opposite of what her looks suggested.

"Name's Jade" She said and winked at you, turning slightly to the side to show off just how enormous her behemoth booty was. You gulped nervously but didn't feel threatened, instead you couldn't help but feel flustered.

Jen's and Lillian's jaws dropped and it took them roughly a minute to regain the composure. Jen cleared her throat and leaned to the side to retrieve Shirley from under her butt, handing the defeated Gullie over to her new "executress".

"Do as you will until the end of class, then bring her to me" Alisha said in a stern yet soft-ish voice with a strong maternal vibe to it. Jade nodded happily and gave Shirley a smug smirk. Just like Lillian and Jen, she too had a bone to pick with Toxic Lily and her lackeys so this practically made her day. She nonchalantly reached behind herself and pulled the back of her pants and her underwear open, dropping the screaming Gullie down into the massive chasm she had for an asscrack...

December 17, 2023