Alisha brought you closer to her eyes and seemed to examine you like she hadn't before. You shuddered a little, seeing and feeling somehow that her enormous eye was scanning your very being. You hadn't bothered to notice that her iris was a strikingly clear blue that made you think of the ocean.

"Took me this long to figure out" She said quietly with a giggle "I guess I haven't been around Lillies for a while"

You weren't sure whether this was the moment to panic or not, and had no idea what to do about this situation either. You never thought anyone that didn't know you would figure out your true identity this quickly. Then again by her own testimony, Alisha was a woman raised in a culture where Lillies were fully integrated and it had been implied she'd not only grown up alongside them but had been apparently educated in how to treat them and more. Though what she did moments before, sitting on you, was way more reminiscent of your mom's antics than what you'd expect from a woman like her.

'Holy shit. What do I do now? Do I tell her?' You thought, your face going pale at the possible ramifications.

"Hmm? You look scared Mr. Santos" She said, you failed to notice that she had been looking at you all this time while you were having your little mental crisis. Alisha frowned but not quite at you, she was wondering if she'd missed something and inadvertently upset you somehow. Looking at you again, she sensed your fear but she wondered where it came from and as she retraced her own steps, she noted that it happened right after she mentioned her homeland's name for people like yourself.
"What's wrong?" She asked, hoping to find out a bit more.

You took a deep breath. You weren't supposed to disclose your status to anyone, the only people that knew were those who knew you beforehand like Arianna or Dolores. But then again, a teacher is a figure of authority and at the very lest in theory you should trust her. Maybe you could explain things to her and ask her not to divulge it as you did with Dolores but unlike her, you didn't think Alisha would have many reasons compelling to care that much for your well-being.

And yet, even though her eyes were an entirely different color than your mom's, you sensed some similarity in her gaze. You'd be surprised if she weren't a mother herself but was she a mother to any Lillies or did she just have only Brob children? Still, that sort of motherly warmth in her look felt reassuring enough that you eventually decided to trust her and quietly pray for the best.

Then, you decided to tell her more about yourself, confessing to being indeed a hybrid child, son of a Lilliputian father and a Brob mother. You didn't exactly have to but you decided to be fully honest so you even clarified that you're 3/4 Brob as your father was already a half Brob-Lillie hybrid. Largely unnoticed by yourself, her eyes lit up at this revelation. You told her that neither you nor your family are from Lilliput though and instead were from Mexico and while you were raised fully in their culture you have been there only on vacation.

"I see" Alisha said after you finished "And that explains some things too" She added.

"Huh?" You raised an eyebrow.

"Did anyone ever tell you that things like that black hair of yours do not exist among Lillies?"

"What?" Your eyes widened. This was the first you heard of this or at least the first time it'd been told as explicitly.

"Yeah, Lillies, at least those without mixed heritage, have rather fair and pale skin and their hair is either red, blonde or a light brown. Even those in India get a mild tan at best even with our hotter climate, but then again it's not like they spend that much time out in the sun" Alisha explained, noting your surprise which she found cute.
"Your hair alone was a dead giveaway for anyone that knows their stuff" She added.
"But your skin color too for that matter. I hadn't really thought how it'd look on the smaller folk but I have to admit you wear it well" She said with a slight giggle.

Looking at her, you saw that her skin had a much darker brown color, maybe even darker than your mom's and somewhat similar to Zuemy's. Compared to that, yours was more like milk coffee if you had to put it in a way to explain to others. Your parents did mention a few times that you basically got a literal mix of your dad's and mom's tones but resembled the latter's more. But outside that no one had really ever commented on it until today when you met Jen, who mistook it for a tan, possibly one done for fashion?

"But there's something I'm not getting" Alisha continued "Why did you react that way when I mentioned this?"

You gulped, this was it, the moment of truth. You'd already gone and told her practically everything so you might as well finish and tell her the rest.

"W-Well, you see... ma'am" You said, trying to remain respectful while hoping to make a better case for yourself "My mom told me not to reveal my mixed heritage. She didn't exactly tell me why but she said to be careful around girls, specifically Brob ones" Now it was the turn for Alisha's own eyes to widen in surprise.

'But why would he have to hide such a harmless, simple fact?' That was the first thought that crossed her head.
'Hold on... you're not in India anymore, this is the States of Brobdingnag... I suppose hybrid children are less common around here. And this is a boarding school, so, a mother sending her precious child by himself to a place where she's not going to be able to protect him as well as if he were still at home... surrounded by a majority of girls, and those being of a larger race... Okay, this is actually making sense now'

Alisha then recalled some things she had seen and heard, funnily enough some of those memories being parts of conversations Jen, Lillian, Cindy and Zuemy themselves had and with that, it finally clicked in her head.

'I see. Hybrid children are already rare and a 3/4 Brob-Lillie even more so! I mean they weren't that common even back in India, come to think of it. But they're so much rarer in here, and with the knowledge that they're stronger and more durable, it's no wonder Brob girls would be interested. Specially those 4, who are all on the bigger side' She thought, chuckling quietly at the last part.

"Okay, I understand now" Alisha said in a more soothing tone "Your mom is indeed a wise woman, and it's clear that she raised you well given that you're still obeying her in her absence"

"Thanks" You couldn't help but blush at her compliment though you also found it somewhat embarrassing, yet you couldn't help but feel at least a bit proud.

"This would've made things easier if we both knew from the beginning though" She chuckled.
"Still, I'm glad. Looks like you will have no trouble handling this much woman, huh?" She said as she shifted her hips from side to side and you noticed some jiggle despite looking from above and from the front. You gulped nervously, unsure and unable to respond.

"I'd like to test out a few other things with you and it's much better now that we know you'll be safe" She said "But I should warn you that some of these tests will get a bit rough"

"What kind of tests, ma'am?" You asked but were almost afraid to know.

"I believe it's best to learn that by doing" She smiled "But trust me that it's all for good reasons, I'll tell you after we're done"

Before you could say anything, she lowered you down until you were above her chest. You hadn't looked at it much but now that it was impossible not to, you realized that it was a hell of a lot bigger than even Jen's. Her business attire didn't do nearly as much to conceal their sheer curvature and instead it looked like those huge boobs could burst out of her blouse if she bounced them just a little bit. Their sheer size had also forced the collar of her shirt into a makeshift cleavage that showed off quite a bit, only her stern personality and no-nonsense attitude were likely the only things that kept people from commenting on it.

"This must be familiar, I imagine your mom lovingly carried you around this way" She said as she lowered you into her cavernous cleavage and nonchalantly dropping you in, landing with a soft bounce that mildly tickled her.
"I'd say she probably still carries you around like this, maybe not in public anymore" You heard her say with another giggle. In a way, it was weird that someone who you sensed was so strict could be so jovial when not constrained to being at work. But it was surely preferable to the opposite.
"Or... at least, if I were your mom I wouldn't mind" She added, slightly bouncing her chest to try and readjust it while also getting a better feel of your diminutive form.

You were thoroughly engulfed by her warm flesh, not so different from when she sat on you but this time the weight was all around you instead of on top of you and it felt less overbearing. The atmosphere felt thicker but in here you could smell a mixture of flowery scents, most likely a perfume or soap. Alisha definitely gave the vibes of using either, with her elegant demeanor.

Her comment about carrying you around in her cleavage if she were your mom did make you blush brightly once more but thankfully there was nobody to see it. You were in almost complete darkness with just a couple of thin rays of light that managed to make it through her blouse's cloth and into her ample cleavage.

You still had no idea what she was trying to test out but given the limited information you had available right now, it definitely had to do with your hybrid status and possibly her weight. Maybe she was concerned about her size just like your mom appeared to be. But the question was, why would she have to worry about having a student stuck in her cleavage? And then you remembered Shirley and Savannah.

'Oh, that's right. With people like that, I guess this makes sense' You thought. To you it seemed that Alisha was trying to test out some worst-case scenarios knowing that it'd be extremely difficult for you to be hurt, if at all. Yep, that made perfect sense and now all you had to do was wait for her to pull you out...

December 28, 2023