Chrissy had never thought that one day she'd end up stuck in a Brob woman's ass.
Chrissy had never thought that it'd be a woman with one of the biggest asses in the entire city.
Chrissy had never thought that she'd be mercilessly squished between those enormous cheeks.
And sure as hell, Chrissy had never thought that the Brob woman whose anger she incurred in would blast her with her massive pent-up gas.

The fart that Dolores unleashed was unlike the ones she'd endured before, even while trapped in the depths of her gut. At that time, Dolores was really holding it all back but right now she had no such considerations. She had ignited her maternal ire and it would not subside until she deemed that the self-proclaimed Lillie Queen suffered enough.

Before even hearing any sounds, the massive shockwave that blew past her rattled her entire skeleton, pushing her with forces far greater than even what Air Force pilots experienced and without any protective gear. But a split second later, there was a deafening thunderous roar, like a cannon blast from hell, amplified times one thousand. An immense torrent of blazing hot wind hit her viciously while Dolores' gigantic asscheeks, each of which might as well be an entire planet in Chrissy's scale, rumbled and vibrated ominously to its furious beat, the loud reverberations feeling like they were drilling directly into her skull.

Her notion of time evaporated and it felt like this monstrous eruption had lasted for an eternity, but once the initial assault on her senses began to die down, she was hit by the intense stench that lingered, surrounding her completely with a greater grip than an anaconda's constricting strength.

Any traces of the stale air in Dolores' crack was gone, utterly displaced by her latest release. Chrissy's eyes were watering while she frantically coughed and dry-heaved. Thanks to her last stunt that earned her Jen's ire, she didn't even get to have any lunch so there was nothing for her to throw up, for which she was somewhat thankful for. Given how weakened she was already, even while suffering this intensely she wasn't moving around as much and Dolores mistook this lack of struggling as defiance.

'Oh, you thought that was nothing to scoff at? Good! I've got plenty of shots in the tank'

Once again, she hardly needed to relax for another tremendous fart to explode out of her plus-sized bottom. She even felt Chrissy's pitifully helpless form vibrating along with her cheeks as her blaring blast raged on, finding it surprisingly enjoyable, though not in the exact same way as she'd done with you trapped back there. But then again, she had never let loose on you on purpose, the only two instances where you had been subject to her gas was if you managed to find yourself trapped in that huge booty of hers without her realizing or when she asked you to go massage in between her cheeks, often feeling gassy when that happened.

'What... what garbage does she eat?' Thought a woozy Chrissy. The world had gone mad and was spinning as far as she was concerned. The fact that no matter how deep she tried to breathe, she drew in nothing but obnoxious intestinal gas wasn't helping. Her grasp on reality was becoming weaker and weaker but there was still the tiniest spark deep within her, sheer pride that didn't allow her to get knocked out just yet, holding onto consciousness at absolutely all costs.

Without giving her any time to recover, Dolores nonchalantly let another one out...

Back in Science class...

"Wonder if that has something to do with the other teacher" Cindy said.

"Hmm, maybe? Then again it's a dude, when's the last time you've seen a Brob dude?" Lillian replied.

"I wouldn't be so sure that he'd be a Brob" Jen said.

"Dr. Albert Frelock... hmm..." Zuemy softly repeated out-loud as she saw her phone's screen, listing the name of the two teachers. The other 3 girls noticed and kept quiet, sensing that she was onto something.
"What?" Zuemy said when she realized that the other girls and even the boys were silently looking at her.

"Well? Did you figure something out?" Lillian asked a bit bluntly but that was the question in everyone else's minds.

"Kinda" Zuemy chuckled "I mean, his surname... I'm pretty sure it's a Lilliputian surname but who knows, for all we know he could be a hybrid. Then again, boys always inherit the father's size and that's a native surname from Lilliput it's most likely he's a Lillie too. But he could be a Gullie if that surname comes from higher up in the family tree, like grandparents or above"

"Wasn't the History teacher in Mully Ully also a Mr. Frelock?" Pete asked Jim, triggering many unpleasant memories, as that guy had been one of the more obnoxious teachers back there.

"Damn, you're right. Wish I could forget that motherfucker" Jim chuckled, trying to ease back his own mood, shaking his head as if also shaking off those bad memories.

"Blaise didn't tell us the name but he mentioned the history teacher was kinda nasty" Jen chimed in.

"Yeah. He and the PE one were the worst" Jim sighed "You know, I hate to say this but I don't have high hopes that a Lillie teacher will be very nice, the ones from Mully Ully weren't exactly polite about the other 2 races"

"We know" Lillian said "We haven't experienced it much first hand but we've seen some of it on the Internet. Some people still think we are massive gluttonous monsters and whatnot"

At that moment, Jen and Zuemy had been staring at her with a poker face but Lillian sensed it and looked back at them, raising an eyebrow. It took her roughly half a minute to figure out, pouting somewhat comically.

"Hey! I'm no monster!" She crossed her arms.

"She's not denying the parts where she's massive and gluttonous though" Zuemy whispered to the boys.

"I mean, can we really call her out on it?" Cindy giggled, patting her chubby belly. In response, Jen looked at it as it jiggled for a moment and then glanced down at her own admittedly massive hips. There was not a single inch of unoccupied space on her chair's seat and even though she was the least endowed down below, her thighs and hips were overflowing a little from her chair, something that was much more noticeable with the other 3 girls.

"You got a point" Jen said, finding it a tad amusing "We all eat a lot and we're kinda big for Brob standards" The girls noticed that the guys had gone quiet and the 3 of them were blushing quite a lot.
'Looks like at least some Lillies might be into it though' She added in her mind. Then again, you also seemed to be not so scared about her size and definitely enjoyed your little spelunking trip down her cleavage and being carried around in her crack.
'But if it comes to sheer size the deck's kinda stacked against me' Jen thought, glancing at Cindy and Lillian, whose bottoms were definitely larger. Zuemy was slightly bigger than her own but it didn't help that Zuemy was a lot shorter than herself, looking a lot curvier as a result.

Before the conversation could continue, the teacher came back and by the look of it, there was something on one of her hands. Or as Zuemy had guessed, someone...

"Sorry about that" Natalie said "We had a certain incident..."

"Say it how it is! That officer committed assault against me!" A male voice was heard but only to the students in the front rows and nearby.

"Mr. Frelock-" Natalie tried to interject.

"DOCTOR Frelock" The Lilliputian man harshly corrected "I didn't spend Lustrog-knows-how-many sleepless nights to earn my PhD to not use my goddamned title"

"Yikes" Some of the students muttered, his attitude almost immediately killed the great curiosity that his Lillie nature had first instilled.

"Sorry, Dr. Frelock" Natalie said with a sigh, rolling her eyes "We talked about this, Officer Bertha tripped, it was an accident and she already said she's sorry"

"Saying sorry doesn't come close to making up for the sheer discomfort of being squashed by thousands of tons of disgusting blubber" Dr. Frelock huffed "That woman should be suspended for a whole month without pay!"

"Unfortunately, all schools following government-sponsored programs are mandated to have some form of security and Officer Bertha is all there is available to us so I'm afraid that's just not possible"

"Pheginakh" Dr. Frelock sighed. The Lillie boys that were close enough to hear winced.

"What was that?" Jen asked Jim whispering.

"Hard to translate but it's a Lilliputian curse word. Imagine the worst insults you can come up with, multiply them by one hundred and then condense them into a single word. More or less that" He explained.

"Wow" Both Jen and Lillian were surprised at that revelation.

"I thought this fancy new program I was sent to teach to was going to be an opportunity for growth but now I see it was just an unjust and uncalled for punishment. I wouldn't have taken this job if I knew I'd have to be dealing with you people" He muttered angrily. He took a deep breath and grabbed his suitcase.

Taking the cue, Natalie carefully brought her hand close to her computer and lowered it until the back of her palm rested on the desk. He quickly hopped off and opened his suitcase, grabbing a Lillie-sized laptop computer that wirelessly connected to Natalie's. He then attached a microphone, a webcam and what appeared to be a sort of portable podium that quickly unfolded at the push of a button. With the expected dexterity of a professional, he remotely controlled Natalie's computer with his own, activating the electronic board and making a small window appear to the right, showing the Dr. himself.

"I am Dr. Albert Frelock, or just Dr. Frelock if you wish to conserve some breath" He said, eyeing various of the Brob girls in the front row with unfiltered contempt "And together with Dr. Godfrey we'll be teaching Science to this class for the following year"

While Natalie looked like she was a nice teacher, everyone could feel that with Dr. Frelock onboard, it was going to be a very long year...

December 30, 2023