Chrissy was completely caught off guard, she didn't even have enough time to get out of the water as Dolores walked towards her, and from her point of view the enormous lady moved frighteningly fast, a sight that defied her views on reality itself, for she believed Brobs not to be just slow-minded, but clumsy, lumbering beasts. Then again, she'd already gotten some harsh first-hand lessons from Jen, who made such short work of her that Chrissy took a while to process that it wasn't some bad dream , that the encounter did happen in reality.

"Yes?" She tried to act as coolly as she could. After all, showing weakness was the last thing one wanted when facing any sort of wild beast, and as far as she was concerned, Brobs were no different. But on the inside she was trembling, that sole sentence conveyed that she wasn't happy and Chrissy was at her complete mercy right now.

"Get out of the bath and get dressed" Dolores spoke with the same authoritative tone she often used with her daughters, who were more than a handful each, way difficult to keep in line.

Chrissy wasn't quite used to this treatment. Back in her own home, she was the de facto princess, the beloved daughter that could never do wrong and was promptly showered with constant gifts and praise. Even in the harsh military-style education of Mully Ully Gue, she was treated as a superior being, considering that female Lillies had become very rare following the great pandemic.

And while many pushed for hybridization to replenish their numbers, just as many fiercely opposed the idea, wanting to keep Lilliputian blood pure and exalting the value of the whole package of their nationality, their history and their genetic legacy. As far as she was concerned, she was one of the most beautiful among her kind and being a pure-blooded Lillie, she'd be prime marriage material, allowing her to pick and choose anyone she wanted when the time came.

And while she was expected to bear children to help continue Lilliputians' existence, this was not to stop her from pursuing whatever she wanted in life, for the Lilliputian Empire would bend over backwards to accommodate her every whim, or at least that's what she'd been led to believe her whole life.

The idea of someone ordering her was in itself outrageous, but even more so when it came from something she herself deemed as sub-human, a mere beast with the visage of a person, making a poor impression of a human being. But as much as she hated it, even she knew she had to swallow her pride for now, she was in no shape to attempt escaping. Fighting back unarmed and alone was suicidal.

With an annoyed sigh, she climbed out of the bottlecap that served as her makeshift bathtub, though it was more like a massive pool to her. She dried herself off with a piece of toilet paper Dolores had provided, lacking proper Lillie-sized towels. While she bathed, she had tried her best to wash her clothes too but at this point they were still wet. Without any further choices, she forced herself to put the clothes back on.

Feeling the wet clothes on her body brought an uncomfortable shiver that rushed down her spine, but there was some degree of comfort in knowing that this time, the clothes were merely wet with soapy water rather than the unspeakable filth inside someone's gut. She looked up at Dolores and said no words, trying to steel herself as she felt this would be bad.

Dolores looked down at her. Being a fairly tall woman, the nightstand Chrissy was on was below even her hips' level. And right now she had no intention to make herself look any less threatening. She'd been quite calm and composed, but knowing that this girl was one of the people that attacked you so viciously had made her blood boil.

"I have some questions for you" She said, grabbing her phone and showed its screen, playing one of the numerous recorded videos posted on PikPok in which she attacked you mercilessly. As soon as she saw the video, Chrissy's blood ran cold, though she didn't think a Brob lady would care that much about some random Lillie boy, specially the outcast from her previous school.
"Does it look familiar?"

Chrissy clenched her teeth. There was no escaping this one. She was aware that Brobdingnag had a law against self-incrimination but she doubted that it would be enforced in here. Either answer would lead to the same outcome.

"Yes. That was me" Chrissy sighed. If she was going to go down, she would do so on her own terms at least.
"I was attacking the school's freak. Nobody gives a damn about that... thing. Why should you care?"

Dolores' eyes widened while she tried her hardest to suppress any signs from her growing rage. She had heard stories from yourself and your parents but she hadn't gotten the chance to see it first hand until now. She even wondered if you were exaggerating when you told her that the Lillie school you attended was a really horrible place and not just because of the teachers.

'I'm sorry honey. I promise you I'll never doubt your word again' She thought, closing her eyes, trying her best to put her thoughts in order.

"You never know..." Dolores replied, somewhat cryptically "Did nobody ever tell you to treat everyone kindly, for you may never know the turns that Life takes?"

As much as she would've wanted to respond with a comeback of her own, Chrissy knew better, down to a primal level, she could feel that this was someone she really didn't want to piss off. Just on sheer physique, she was really like a living mountain to her, her immense curvaceous body, the way the ground quaked when she moved... If someone like her had shown up way farther back in Lilliputian history, they would've deemed her a mighty goddess or perhaps something even greater, a living, walking force of nature, a primordial power incarnate. And yet, she was only the school's lunch lady.

"That boy you despise so much... who knows? Maybe his mama isn't a Lillie like you'd think, maybe she's a Brob" She said, having an added threatening gleam to her eyes.

"Well, duh. That's why we all hate the freak, he's not even a real Lillie" Chrissy spat out without really thinking it through, almost by reflex. She had been conditioned to thoroughly hate any Lillies with "impure blood", as it had been taught in Mully Ully Gue.

"I see, I see" Dolores chuckled. Rarely ever did she enjoy dishing out punishment, but this girl, as far as she could tell, was really, really asking for it.
"Then, how unfortunate that the boy's mama had to find out this way" She glared down at Chrissy, almost wondering if she got the hint just yet. The panicked look in her eyes gave her all the confirmation she needed.

"H-Huh?!" Chrissy took a step back "Wait a second! I know who his mother is and it's not you!"

"You're half correct, I wasn't the one who had him 9 months in my belly" Dolores chuckled as she nonchalantly picked her up, raising her to her eyes' level.
"But I still helped raise that boy. You could consider me his second mother" She said, returning to her sterner demeanor from earlier. Chrissy gulped, realizing that she really had fucked it up this time.

Out of pure self-preservation instinct, she tried to wiggle free but even if she were at her full strength she doubted she could push apart Dolores' building-sized fingertips. Try as she might, there was simply no way she could compete with any Brob on brute strength. But more frightening than that was the fact that she could feel deep down that whatever she suffered until now was going to pale in comparison to this woman's wrathful retribution, after all, few things in nature are more threatening than a mother defending her young.

"I see that you finally understand where we're going" Dolores then walked over to her desk, pulling the chair up to her. Without any further words, she set the Lillie girl down, dead on the middle of it as she turned around. Without her tight work pants constricting her curvaceous thiccness, her mammoth ass looked even larger. Chrissy's pupils widened in abject terror, those things were hovering above her hundreds of meters above yet they looked way bigger than they had any right to be.

The whole chair she was on, which to Chrissy herself was a vast wooden plan looked puny in comparison to the gigantic meaty globes that ominously hovered over her. The seat was definitely far too small for Dolores' 90 inch booty, there was no room to escape, nowhere to hide, all that was left was to face her impending punishment.

Chrissy closed her eyes and laid with her limbs spread, focrcing herself not to go into fetal position. This was a thing nearly all Lillies had been taught at one point in their life in case they found themselves about to be stepped or sat on. She felt and heard the ominous noises that the air itself made as a truly gargantuan object moved through. Movies' special effects were easily put to shame. She could even feel the intense warmth that emanated form Dolores' skin, a result of her long work day, which wasn't even over.

Then, there was an immense booming noise when Dolores' world-class derriere slammed down on the chair, making it groan greatly under her weight. The cushions, already severely flattened, offered virtually no resistance as they disappeared under that gigantic pair of asscheeks that instantly gobbled up all available space on their surface, and then some. Dolores' butt easily spilled over to the sides, with the chair being unable to contain all that sheer meaty mass.

As for Chrissy, she never imagined how literal the phrase "having the weight of the world on one's shoulders" could go. Her lack of close encounters with Brobs and overall lack of interactions with them, left her cripplingly unprepared, enduring Dolores' colossal weight through sheer resignation and some of her lingering pride. She had never conceived that something could be so incredibly soft and squishy and yet so oppressively heavy. She felt like her whole body was going to get flattened, unable to cope with a pressure that might as well rival that of the bottom of the sea...

November 3, 2023