"Now that there's no one else around I'd like you to give me an honest answer" She said and while her phrasing may have sounded like a stern warning, her tone wasn't threatening at all, it was definitely a sincere question.

"Huh?" You raised an eyebrow, unsure on what she could possibly mean, you hadn't been blatantly dishonest responding any of her questions as far as you could tell.

"You know what I mean" She said with a subtle giggle "When I accidentally sat on you..."

"What about it ma'am?" You didn't think there was more to it, she had asked you if you were hurt and you weren't and that wasn't even a lie. Alisha was a very curvy woman, yes and in fact she was most definitely heavier than, say, your mom. But you'd withstood far greater weights from larger people in the past without much issue. Your biggest inconvenience when around people like grandma Xóchitl or Dolores was that their butts were far too big to escape from if you were to end up in their canyon-esque cracks.

"I want to know for real: wasn't I too heavy? Look, I'm not blind, I know I'm far from being light as a feather and if this sort of accident happens again I wouldn't want to seriously injure some poor Lillie" Something in the concern you could hear in her voice gave you motherly vibes, not too unlike those of your own mom's and Dolores' but on the other hand, you weren't so sure about her intentions as she stood up while speaking, letting you see just how impressively wide her hips were, boasting enormous thighs to match and you knew those were supporting a gargantuan ass.

At that moment you couldn't help but get nervous. You hadn't really considered it until right now that Alisha might be as self-conscious as your mom seemed to be. While women like grandma Xóchitl and Dolores were fully aware of their enormous size and weight, they were jovially nonchalant about it but in your mom's case, she seemed to be worried about getting too big or even putting on too much weight, which is why your dad taught you early on to never tell her that her butt is big even though it was larger than some mountains in Lilliput itself and to always agree that her clothes just kept shrinking in the wash when they became unable to cope with her overflowing curves.

You were now faced with a dilemma. You could answer truthfully but in the future that could get other Lillies in a more serious predicament as they're not quite as durable as a hybrid like yourself. But telling her otherwise would most likely hurt her feelings even if she seems to be anticipating that response. The only way out of this would be to disclose your true nature but you hadn't even thought about revealing your status to teachers. Maybe you could work something off your initial, honest answer?

"No, you weren't that heavy... ma'am. I'm fine, really" You said with a split second of hesitation. This was one of the few instances where you were telling the truth yet felt worried about the consequences.

"Really?" It was very subtle but Alisha's eyes lit up briefly upon hearing you. Your response most likely cheered her up even if just a little bit. You chose to nod instead of giving a verbal answer to hide your nervousness a bit better.

'His previous answer seemed sincere before but I thought he was afraid of me. Even now it's still just as genuine. Interesting, you wouldn't think you'd easily find someone like this on this side of the world, huh' Alisha thought, she was definitely amused and found you even more endearing than before. She couldn't help but feel a bit intrigued as well but her current train of thought was suddenly cut off by her own conscious, reminding her that while she didn't have a class to teach at the moment, she was holding you up so she decided to take care of that before continuing.

"Oh, I just remembered something... hold on for a second, please" She said as she pulled out her phone, leaving you largely confused but relieved at least temporarily. She dialed Dr. Godfrey's number and called.
"Hello Natalie... I'm good, thanks! Hey, the reason I'm calling is because one of your students is helping me with a little something for a bit. Yeah, I was talking the roll call. Right, I'll be sure to bring him back to the classroom... Thank you! Alright, then I'll be seeing you in a few" And with that, she hung up. You did notice that she made it sound like it'd still take a bit before she took you back to Science class.
"Okay, the most immediate issue is covered" She said and looked down at you, focusing a bit so she could observe the confused expression on your face.
"Don't worry, you're not in trouble or anything but I wanted to ask for your help with some tests"

"Uh, Mrs. Kshatriya... I'm afraid I'm not really good with Math stuff" You said, softening it a little because in truth it was your worst subject.

The numerical ineptitude definitely strongly came from your mom's side of the family, having failed to get even a shred of your dad's Math proficiency. Even remembering how he got nicknamed "Pythagoras" at work because he was one of the few people who could do complex calculations in his head or on paper without the need for electronic calculators. Alisha looked at you in silence for a couple of seconds, then she enjoyed a hearty chuckle. You weren't too sure on what made her laugh but at least you hoped she wouldn't get mad at you.

"I'm not talking about those kinds of tests. In fact I'm not talking about Math at all" She then gently brought one of her fingers close to you, turning it upside-down with the clear intent for you to hop on. You were a bit surprised by the gesture but managed to understand it and climbed on her fingertip which by itself was like the size of an average bedroom, her whole finger resembling some sort of serpentine skyscraper-sized kaiju. Once you were on it, she raised it towards her face.
"There are some things I'd like to test with your help. Some could be a bit rough but I promise you that it's all for a reason. Do you trust me?"

You were a little taken aback by how forward that was but you couldn't begin to imagine what she was referring to. At the very least it seemed serious enough to ask for some form of consent and given that this is a teacher and one that cared for Lillies in particular, you saw little reason to object, nodding again because you were a bit afraid of tripping over your own words.

Alisha smiled warmly in response, then turned around and bent over, bringing you to a familiar location: the middle of her chair's seat cushion. You were once more as baffled as you could be and while you stared at the "ground" in confused shock, you failed to notice quick enough that everything around you got dark.

"I haven't sat on a man in a really long time but I'm glad I still can. I'll be careful" You heard her say and when you turned around you saw her gargantuan ass putting severe strain on her business skirt as she began to sit down.

"...wha-" You were unable to even formulate your question as you found yourself pinned under an incredible weight, with a warm, doughy mass resting on you. She had sat down more gently than when she did so unknowingly so you didn't feel that meteoric force, just the overbearing embrace of her enormous asscheek's squishy bulk.

Alisha couldn't help but feel her face heat up a little. She didn't lie, it had been a long time ever since she'd had this kind of interaction with anyone outside of a few sparse accidents. She could barely believe that you still maintained she wasn't too heavy and even less that you agreed to help her test things out. She noted that feeling your tiny form embedded into her much larger one made her feel some pleasant tingles.

'Looks like I was right' She smirked, wiggling a little on her seat to get more comfortable. She noticed that you weren't struggling, trying to crawl out from under her or worse, trying to bite her.
'That's remarkably polite for a Lillie, almost as if... oh...' Her eyes widened for a moment as she hit an unexpected realization, one that if true it would make things a whole lot more interesting.

At this point you had no idea what Alisha was getting at but clearly it was something related to this last incident where she sat on you. Thankfully this wasn't very different from the times the likes of your big sis or Arianna sat on you, in their case being more of a show of affection as far as you knew.

It didn't even feel that bad, even in its near flattened state, the leather cushion beneath you felt soft enough and the warmth that Alisha's immense cheek radiated was rather soothing, diffusing not only into your own body but into the cushion itself, making you feel as if you were surrounded by the world's biggest bed with warm sheets added as well, though the portion resting on your body definitely felt more like a waterbed.

An indeterminate amount of time later, she stood up and turned to look at her seat, finding only the two huge dents her big booty caused but no sign of you. She immediately realized what happened and giggled, reaching for the asscheek you'd gotten stuck to and slowly pulling you free from her jiggly flesh's grip.

"Alright, I believe you. You didn't show any signs of discomfort while you were under me" She said, bringing you back to her face's level. There was a certain gleam to her eyes that you hadn't seen before.
"Got you figured out, Sankar"

You blinked twice in confusion. You remembered hearing that word, it was taught in a Lilliputian History class back in Mully Ully Gue, your previous school. But you couldn't recall what it meant.

"I'm sorry, what?" You said, even forgetting to add the "ma'am" to be safe. Alisha noticed your surprise and either didn't care for the lack of formality or gave you a pass as she simply giggled briefly before explaining.

"Going by the way you behave I could say you're a Brob woman's son, either biological or adopted. But your looks and how well you handled someone my size tells me you're most likely the former. Sankar is how we call people like you" Her explanation was calm and smooth but there was a hint of... giddiness? that you couldn't quite understand in full "Don't worry, it's just a word for Lillies with Brob heritage, it's nothing offensive" she reassured you.

December 26, 2023