"This again?!" You sighed in exasperation. You weren't even holding itagainst the teachers themselves but you had thought that the incident with that Gullie girl from earlier would remain an one-time mishap, instead there was yet another one out to get you.

Something about her felt wrong, like there was even more to it and that this was barely scratching the surface. Your only consolation was that even if an entire gang of Gullies decided to pick on you, on most circumstances you should be safe if you stuck with your new Brob friends, though having to rely on them for your own safety did feel kinda lame.

The timing with which you were thrown couldn't have been worse because Alisha had indeed checked her seat before sitting down, a hint that she was used to living amongst Lillies and perhaps to an even greater degree than your mom and the other women close to you in life, though then again in that setting Lillies were a minority with just yourself, your father and your uncle amongst an otherwise Brob family.

Soon, you felt a near incomprehensible weight, finding yourself caught under one of Alisha's monumental asscheeks as she sat down. Similarly to Zuemy, your mom and Dolores for that matter, despite its sheer size, her butt was so soft that in many ways it negated any damaged such a weight would've caused, resulting in just a mild discomfort and the inability to move, though you didn't quite appreciate having a literal faceful of your teacher's enormous rear.

"What.Did.You.Do.To Him?!" Jen asked in a sterner tone, tightening her grip just enough that Shirley feel like her ribs could snap anytime soon if this angry Brob applied a single extra ounce of strength.

"What's going on, Ms. Johansen?" Alisha raised an eyebrow, noticing that the brown-haired beauty had caught a Gullie girl in her grasp and was squeezing her torso tightly. Upon looking at said girl in detail, Alisha sighed and rolled her eyes.
"What did you do this time, Shirley?" She bluntly asked.

However Shirley refused to give any answer, instead she squirmed and fruitlessly tried to free herself from Jen's grip, hoping to make herself look like the victim in this situation but unfortunately for her, her reputation long preceded her. Alisha may not have personally involved herself with her students but she at least cared to know them well enough to remember their names and personality and she knew for a fact that Jen wasn't the kind to attack someone unprovoked.

"Well?!" Alisha raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms, giving the squirming Gullie a stern glare while the class gradually grew quiet, the atmosphere feeling much more tense. Some murmuring ensued but she was quick to silence it.

"I...did...nothing!" Shirley tried with all her might to pry open Jen's hand, speaking with a strained voice.

"Jen?" Alisha asked tiredly, seeing that Shirley refused to confess whatever she'd done. Just like that, she'd already earned herself a harsher punishment.

"She did something to Blaise!" Jen replied, to which Cindy and Zuemy reacted with surprise while Lillian had an unamused look, having witnessed the previous incident. Alisha blinked once, remembering you, she'd memorized your name when she did roll call just like she'd done with all her other students on the first day she taught them. She glanced at Jen's chest, not seeing you there anymore.

"I believe I told everyone here that bullying will not be tolerated, even less so towards Lillies" She said with a voice that sent chills down most students' spines.
"What did you do with him, Shirley?" She then asked, barely holding her righteous anger back. Without even noticing, she wiggled a little on her seat, getting comfortable, unaware that you were right under her.

In spite of their well-worn state, the chair's cushion was soft enough for Alisha's movement not to have hurt you, though you felt the sudden shift and a brief pressure spike which was far from pleasant. You wondered if you could try pushing her flesh a little with your hands but you were afraid that she'd think you were up to no good and get harshly punished. Her previous lecture had given you some hints that she seemed to view all 3 races as equals and this most likely meant that anyone was just as accountable as the next person.

Jen, Lillian, Cindy or Zuemy would probably try to come to your aid but the effort might just end up with them getting punished along with you. Choosing not to take risks if it can be helped, you sighed and laid still, hoping that Alisha gets up and you get your chance to escape. Then again it might be easier to explain your predicament this way but you didn't like making these kinds of gambles.

"Um, Mrs. Kshatriya..." A guy's voice was heard coming from where Jen was. Alisha looked once more at the girl's prodigious chest, surprised to see another Lilliputian boy standing on it. She spotted Gullie-sized hairbands nearby, presumably what Shirley had used to tie him with.

"I'm sorry, I don't believe I recall your name" The stern Indian teacher asked, raising an eyebrow. This Lillie had a somewhat unusual appearance, with wild-looking messy crimson hair with a few orange and golden streaks. There was a certain iridescent shine to his eyes that was visible even to a Brob.

"My apologies. Name's Connor Corbin Kane, but people usually shorten it to CoCo, CoCo Kane" He explained, doing a respectful bow while everyone else found his introduction somewhat odd despite sounding so ordinary.

"Well, what was it, Mr. Kane?" Alisha decided to move on, setting the other questions in her mind aside for another time.

"This girl grabbed the guy that was on Jen's chest. She used me to swap him out so that she wouldn't notice he was missing until it was too late" He said with a surprisingly confident tone while Shirley growled and stared daggers at him.

"I see" Alisha huffed "And what did she do with Mr. Santos?" She asked, and at that instant the room felt a few degrees colder. Everyone knew that Alisha's tone just now was that which preceded her giving out some punishment.

"Well... about that..." CoCo chuckled "It's kinda too late, in a way"

"What?!" Jen and Lillian's eyes widened, giving him an intense stare while Shirley felt as if her limbs became popsicles from how frozen they got.

"I think it's best if I tell Mrs. Kshatriya in private" He said. He may look a bit eccentric but he seemed completely sincere just now. Still, Jen and Lillian raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what the hell had happened to you that he was reluctant to tell outright.

"I appreciate your concern but these matters are best dealt with publicly so, please let me know what happened with your fellow classmate" Alisha said as she once again wiggled a little to get more comfortable on her seat, even if just temporarily before she stood up to pick the unruly Gullie and give her her just desserts. CoCo however winced upon seeing and hearing the chair groaning.

"Mrs. Kshatriya... with all due respect, you're currently sitting on Blaise. Shirley threw him on your seat so that you'd squash him without noticing" He said, looking a bit nervous while the class went dead silent.

'This bullshit again?!' Both Lillian and Jen thought, the latter feeling more tempted than ever to crush the girl in her hand like an empty soda can.

"What?" Alisha blinked twice in sheer disbelief "But that's impossible, I always check before I sit, I've nev-" She stopped in her tracks when she shifted her butt a little and felt it. A distinctive tiny lump almost dead center under her left buttcheek.

"She threw him after you checked" The Lillie redhead explained.

Alisha stood up without further questioning and turned to look at her chair, with the two massive round imprints her big butt made looking deeper now that she'd been sitting but there was nobody to be found.

You felt the immense pressure easing up, confusing you a little since the class hadn't ended yet but it was a welcome surprise nonetheless. Your relief was short lived though because just as Alisha's humongous ass rose, so you did along with it. You'd gotten somewhat embbeded into her doughy flesh and got stuck. Plus, you instinctively held onto her skirt's fabric to avoid falling off.

Alisha saw nothing but she was certain that she'd felt you under her butt and unconsciously touched her left cheek with a hand, feeling the tiny human-shaped lump this time pressed between it and her asscheek. She carefully picked you up in such a graceful way that it made it obvious to you that she was definitely well accustomed to being around with Lillies to a level comparable to your mom's if not greater.

"My sincerest apologies, I failed to notice you before I sat" She said to you as she brought you closer to her eyes to make sure you weren't hurt too badly.

"T-Thank you. I'm fine" You managed to say, still feeling a bit disoriented but it was probably more so from the rapid change of temperature and lighting than from being under her giant booty. Her voice had a maternal vibe to it that put you at ease even though she had sounded so much sterner earlier.

"Not a single visible injury, amazing" Alisha muttered, thinking out loud "Does anything hurt on the inside, any bruises?" She then asked.

"No ma'am" You said, being careful to be respectful now that your brain had soft-rebooted and you were feeling better.

"Really?" She said, surprised yet mildly pleased with your answer "I mean, I can't lie to myself, I'm not exactly light as a feather, you know" She half-smiled while cupping one of her massive buttcheeks with her free hand.

"Don't worry ma'am, it wasn't that bad and I'm not hurt at all" You said as reassuringly as you could without dropping too much the formality.

'Strong, polite and a bit of a charmer, hmm...' Alisha smirked for a split second while her mind began to wander. Still, she quickly pushed those ideas aside for later as she was aware of the situation at hand.

"Well, I'm glad you're unharmed, Mr. Santos" She said as she gently set you back on Jen's chest, much to hers and your own surprise.
"As for you, Shirley... you need to learn that acting in bad faith plus getting caught equals a good dose of consequences and retribution" She said ominously.

December 3, 2023