[Continuity Note: This chapter does a slight retell of the previous one's final portion]

Chrissy's primal panic when faced with the wrath of a living creature that was so much bigger and more powerful than her to such a vast extent made her lose her own sense of time, thing were a strange mix of slow-mo and everything becoming a blur from going so insanely fast, such a severe contradiction that no human mind should ever try to comprehend, and yet her senses were all in a similar state of disarray.

Every step Dolores took, every quake they generated, the imposing tremors and their shockwaves traveled through the ground and their ominous vibrations made it all the way up to the chair Chrissy was on with no issue. She was too weak to mount any sort of defense and even if she were at full health there was little she could do on such short notice, the entirety of the chair's surface was larger than whole Lilliputian cities and with her dead center of it, there was simply no way her small legs could cover the great distances needed to leap off the chair and avoid the doom that was approaching.

Chrissy clenched her teeth so hard that they began hurting, it was as if she were trying to bite her own fears off to no avail. Her hands trembled, trying to grasp soil that wasn't there. Solely existing on a piece of furniture leagues bigger than any of her kind could possibly conceive was bad enough for her shaky mental state already. This was a reality she'd done her best to avoid through most of her life, in spite of living in Brobdingnag itself she had seldom interacted with anything or anyone that wasn't Lilliputian and it all came to bite her now, at the worst possible of times.


Another thunderous step. Her skeleton got rattled by the powerful quake that ensued. She could tell that even for Brob standards, Dolores was much bigger and heavier than the average. Under other circumstances she would've scoffed at the lady, calling her names such as hippo or elephant, disgusted at her overflowing figure and the excessive meatiness she boasted, all which harshly clashed against Lilliputians' own standards of beauty, which were all about being as lean and slender as possible.

Dolores looked down at Chrissy. She could tell she had reluctantly resigned herself to her fate and most likely from a lack of options. She figured that if she'd been spending the last hour inside her XXL-sized derriere she'd be in really poor condition right now but after seeing what she had done, she had forfeited any and all mercy that there was to be had. It wasn't even the first time as she had doled out some big booty-based justice in the past, something not even you were fully privy to.

Even before doing anything, she really wanted the notion to sink in for Chrissy, hoping that she'd realize what she did wrong and hopefully regret it. She gave her the same stern look she gave her daughters when they misbehaved, the look that could convey alone that they'd messed up and that punishment was coming. Chrissy flinched, almost sensing the burning fire in her deep brown eyes.

Feeling like that part of the message got across, Dolores then slowly turned around, reminding Chrissy both that she was on a chair and what chairs themselves were meant to be used for. Now that it was no longer tightly confined by her work pants, her monster booty looked even bigger than before, nearly devouring the light blue panties she wore, turning them into a makeshift thong. For the helpless Lillie girl, the view was beyond terrifying, two absolutely gargantuan, brown meaty globes that jiggled and rippled ominously. She didn't even know living flesh could look that gelatinous.

She barely held back a scream of terror as her immediate world was instantly covered in shadows, making it crystal clear that not a single square inch of the chair's surface would go unoccupied. If anything Dolores would've needed two whole seats to accommodate her gigantic booty.

'Shit, shit, shit!' Chrissy panicked the hardest she'd panicked today, and perhaps ever in her life. She knew that this woman wasn't kidding, just like Jen wasn't kidding either as she squashed her beneath her massive chest and her own enormous ass.
'What is it with these cows and squishing people?!' She thought.

Even if the sizes were reversed, Chrissy herself didn't have much meat on her body and her arrogant attitude would've made it so that she'd think she was too good for any of the people smaller than her to be worthy of touching her body. She would either stomp on or flick them away. The idea of using her own body to squash others was something she couldn't truly understand, though she could sense Jen's intent at least, showcasing the sheer superiority of her curvy body over hers. Remembering this made her blood boil, silently swearing vengeance on her.

But right now she had far bigger things to concern herself with and in more levels than one. Dolores remained silent and simply began leaning back, ready to take a seat but doing so incredibly slowly. She wanted Chrissy to look up and despair, seeing the sheer immensity of what was going to come crashing down on top of her. It was rare to see Dolores being this vicious but the fact that Chrissy had chosen to attack you of all people was what drove her over the edge, and she'd try her absolute best at ensuring that such a thing never happened again, with the fear of her monstrously titanic ass hopefully as deeply imprinted into her soul as it would soon imprint the chair's cushions if they weren't as flat as possible already.

Hearing the noise that such a colossal thing made as it came down, displacing ungodly amounts of air was enough to send cold shivers down her spine. This terrifying situation couldn't get any more real even if she tried. The noises heard in movies when some massive mothership descended or some humongous mecha were completely put to shame, hearing the real thing would've been enough to make even the bravest of Lillies to cry out for their mommy.

Chrissy remained paralyzed with fear, her eyes locked on the twin, fleshy planetoids that were descending down upon her like some sort of divine judgement, or like the spell cast by a madman drunk with godlike power. Almost at the last moment, adrenaline kicked in and she realized that she'd involuntarily gone into fetal position.

Being one of the things she paid attention to in classes, she knew that this would've been wrong and thus, she forced herself to lie flat on her back, spreading open her limbs. When a Lillie was about to be squashed by a Gullie or Brob, if dissuasion or dodging wasn't possible, this was the next best thing they could to to prevent themselves from getting hurt too badly and hopefully escape later, as Lillie battle philosophy dictated that it was always best to live to fight another day.


Dolores' ginormous ass made a much more powerful sound with tremors to match as she sat down upon Chrissy. She could tell that even though she was on the middle, she still got caught under her right cheek. She couldn't help but smile, as the feeling of a Lillie's diminutive body getting engulfed by her overly abundant, warm and squishy mass was something unique, something that couldn't be easily replicated.

Chrissy had never felt such a mind-boggling weight on top of her. Her entire body felt like it would get squashed flat, thinner than a sheet of paper at any second, though it was only the feeling, as her body still held its shape thanks to her Lillie physiology. She was thoroughly engulfed by Dolores' immense doughy cheek and the warmth that it began to give off quickly became overbearing. Then again, this too was nothing in comparison to the sweltering hell that the inside of her bowels had been, but the current situation was by no means pleasant.

Dolores smiled and let the full weight of her body rest on the chair. She remembered the numerous times she'd inadvertently squashed you like this but she was glad that you were always a gentleman about it, never holding a grudge. Sometimes Miriam joked that you must enjoy it since you don't make much of a fuss whenever she sits on you, nor when you've found yourself trapped in the dark depths between those titanic cheeks of hers.

Unlike those times, she wanted Chrissy to suffer and thus, she began her punishment, slightly raising her huge booty off the seat only to plop right back down. She even felt the muffled groan Chrissy let out, vibrating right into her fleshy asscheek, something that the bronze-skinned BBW found pleasant, repeating the whole thing over and over. Her chair creaked and groaned, as if protesting the massive weight that kept assaulting it.

It was at this moment that Chrissy realized that even when Jen crushed her under her huge boobs, that weight and the force behind that she felt were completely outclassed. Dolores' enormous butt felt like it literally weighed as much as a planet... or two. The first time the Brob lady plopped down, Chrissy had the air knocked out of her lungs and each subsequent squash only made her feel more and more like she could become a living sticker at any moment, almost feeling as if these tremendous impacts were drilling her tiny frame into the chair's unforgiving surface.

Suddenly, the pressure on her eased. Chrissy's vision was flickering, like a failing television. The lack of air was making see stars. But even like this she saw that Dolores' planetary ass began to rise. She wondered if that was going to be it but she seriously doubted it herself. Dolores looked down at her from over her shoulder and the moment their eyes met, her smile was all it took for Chrissy to realize that her suffering had only just begun.

Just like that, Dolores plopped down once more, thoroughly flattening the badly beaten seat cushion while the defenseless Lillie laying on top was overtaken by a humongous sea of caramel-colored blubber. All she could see was pitch black darkness and all she could feel was an overwhelming weight while her body got engulfed by warm squishiness...

November 4, 2023