Meanwhile, back in Math class...

After Savannah was rightly punished by Ms. Coleman, Shirley was tasked with getting revenge on the guy that caused it all, the one Savannah failed to bully. All they got at first was your name and the fact that you were in class 1-B but thanks to the recent videos that were quickly going viral, she was able to put a face to that name, plus she also saw who you were hanging around with, though this in itself presented a problem, a big one at that.

She was hoping that you'd be on the desk, it seemed odd that on the first day Jen would be keeping you on her bountiful chest already, though of course she had no idea of the context in which you two met nor her reasons for doing so, not that Shirley cared. This was an obstacle to overcome. Thinking of ways to execute her revenge, she concluded that if she was swift enough and did it at the right time, she could swap you for some other random Lillie and then throw you on Alisha's seat, all without Jen noticing.

She looked around, searching for a secondary target, the Lillie she'd swap you with. Luckily for her, no other Lillies were enjoying such a close relationship as you were having with your new Brob friends but in exchange, many of them gathered on a single unoccupied seat, making it impossible for her to snatch one without alerting the entire group. She huffed in frustration and looked around, there had to be others fending for themselves without their safety in numbers.

It didn't take as long as she first thought and once she found her target and smiled. There was a lone Lillie boy being largely ignored by his classmate, who had simply given him half of her desktop's space to stay and otherwise entirely focused on the class.

'This couldn't be more perfect' She thought, swiftly yet sneakily approaching that location from behind. Alisha's explanation and the noises of the other students scribbling notes provided a good cover for Shirley's footsteps, which weren't that easy to hear anyway given her status as a Gullie. Then, without making a noise, she snatched the Lillie guy and closed her hand, squeezing him a bit to prevent him from screaming.

"If you make a single sound I'll make sure you really regret it. My boss is far scarier than I am" She whispered "Trust me, you do not want to meet Toxic Lily if you're bug-sized"

With her cargo scared into submission, she began to head towards Jen. She remembered Toxic Lily's advice on the issue: "Don't try to fight that cow, you won't stand a chance. You can't let her catch you 'cause if she does, there's no guarantee I can save you in time" was her solemn warning, just as she was ordered to avenge Savannah.

'Sheesh. Of all people it had to be someone who can actually fight the boss' She thought, cursing at your luck for getting such a girl to protect you but in the end it would make revenge much sweeter and more satisfying.

In the meantime, you and your friends were actually paying attention as Alisha decided that for an introductory class, rather than jumping into solving problems and starting to work with the book, she explained the origins of Math itself and how ancient people came up with clever ways to solve problems while lacking advanced technology, noting that advanced mathematics was one of the factors that led Lilliputians into making their technological leaps centuries earlier than the other two races.

Still, she also commented on how important Math was for other ancient civilizations like those of Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as India, the oldest Brob nation in the world. In spite of being a Math teacher, she sure was knowledgeable about history and her passion for it showed, narrating events in a way that kept most people's attention, inadvertently making it even easier for a certain Gullie to sneak closer and closer towards you.

Shirley finally reached Jen's chair and began to climb from one of the back legs. As Gullies were roughly the size of dolls to Brobs, she still had to be careful not to alert her of her presence. She took her sweet time, making sure that her movement went undetected until she got to the top of the back of her chair. She couldn't see you but she'd already spotted you before she began her climb and knew that you were sitting on her left boob, more or less around the middle, which was about the most protected position you could be in besides her cleavage.

The Gullie clenched her teeth in frustration but she already knew this was going to be no easy task. She looked around and kept aware of her surroundings, she needed to be stealthy enough to pull this off without sharing Savannah's fate. Alisha had already made it pretty clear that she wouldn't be tolerating any antics, specially not on Lillies so her punishment would definitely not be light if caught.

She observed Jen as best as she could and when she determined that she was completely focused on taking notes she decided to take the leap of faith, figuratively speaking. She carefully climbed up her shoulder, each second praying that she'd go undetected and even panicking for a split second when one of her arms got caught in the locks flowing down from her ponytail.

[Note: If you want a visual on Jen, this is a fairly decent approximation for her general looks and this one for her hair. Warning: It's AI generated]

Shirley huffed in annoyed relief upon untangling her arm and resumed her climb over Jen's shoulder. Time seemed to have slowed down, it was now or never, she had to be real quick and snatch you up then quickly get away before Jen could figure out what happened. She wished there would've been a better way but she didn't have the patience to keep waiting around for a chance that might never come.

She took a deep breath and quickly rehearsed what she would be doing in her head a couple of times before she leaped, grabbing you with a hand as she soared past and using the other one to drop her other captured victim. She landed on the desk without making much noise. Due to Jen's writing and the size of her own chest, she had a large blind spot down below that Shirley exploited with some luck.

Just as she'd done with her first victim, she squeezed your torso with two fingers to prevent you from drawing in enough air to make a sound. You were the most confused about this whole thing, one minute you'd been sitting on Jen's boob and were listening to Alisha and the next a Gullie girl was squeezing you like some kind of squeaky toy.

"Savannah didn't enjoy that, you know?" She whispered with noticeable venom in her voice, revealing to you why she'd gone out of her way to do this to you. You then began to try and push her fingertips apart to free yourself, surprising the not-so-bright looking girl.

Shirley's eyes widened. She'd never gotten to handle a Lilliputian before and feeling that you might be strong enough to free yourself from her grasp made her panic. Choosing to act fast, she looked ahead. Alisha's seat was on the same column as Jen's half of the desk but a few rows ahead. She estimated that with a good throw she could still get you to land on the cushion.

'Dammit!' She thought. Her original plan had been to climb over to Alisha's seat and make sure she tied you up with something before dropping you off, which would also give her a chance to get away from Jen but if you were already resisting she couldn't risk letting you break free, which forced her to think fast.

She took a moment to take aim, then she spun her arm a few times, making you somewhat dizzy in the process and then she threw you with all her might. You smacked face-first right on the middle of Alisha's seat cushion, which looked fairly worn and flattened, with two notoriously big, round imprints that took up practically all room on its surface. The impact added to your dizziness, leaving you feeling even more disoriented.

"And these are just some of the reasons why Math has been so important for humans. I know not everybody will be using them for their everyday life but hopefully the mental agility gained from doing these exercises will come in handy later in life" Alisha concluded her explanation and began approaching her chair, the booming quakes her footsteps made feeling even more powerful than Lillian's or Lulu's.

'Mission accomplished' Shirley smiled smugly, dusting off her hands. She couldn't help but think that Shirley must've been too careless to have failed such a task and with less difficulty than her own version on top of it.
'Now all I have to do is get the hell out of-'

Her thought was cut off when a large, pale hand caught her in a vicious grip, squeezing her torso and stomach not unlike how she'd done to her Lilliputian victims earlier. Her eyes widened, her heart skipped a couple of beats and her blood ran cold. She was raised to Jen's face's level and her hazel eyes gave her a very judgmental glare.

"Shirley..." Jen said with an ominous growl "What the hell did you do with him?!" She asked, barely holding back her fury.

"W-What are you talking about?" She asked nervously but still trying to pretend she had no idea what she meant. She glanced down at Jen's chest and found that her previous victim had been freed but she couldn't tell whether he did by his own hand or if he managed to alert Jen so quickly.

"I'm not messing around" Jen narrowed her eyes and began to squeeze harder, making Shirley's ribs ache. Gullies were tough if compared to animals but out of the 3 races they were technically the weakest, possessing neither the disproportionate strength, speed and durability of Lillies nor the Brobs' sheer power from their own immensity.

Back on Alisha's seat, you weren't even fully recovered yet when you noticed that everything had gone dark and when you looked up you saw a much bigger ass than Ms. Coleman's, clad in a near-bursting business skirt descending down upon you...

November 28, 2023