Chrissy never thought what an apocalyptic event would feel like and yet here she was, getting to experience one reserved exclusively for herself. Dolores' gigantic rear descended with a loud BOOM! and it struck her with the weight of many worlds. She'd never felt such an immense weight ever before and it was almost a wonder that she didn't get obliterated by the sheer tonnage of fatty flesh that plopped down on her.

For Dolores herself this was a new feeling as well. She'd sat on you many times, half of them accidentally and the other half playfully but never with the intent of hurting you. If anything, she wanted you to feel the softness and warmth that her huge butt provided. She hardly ever considered the idea of wanting to hurt a Lillie, the few times that she did were when she learned just how horrible your previous school was and it took Miriam convincing her for hours for her not to go and exact some revenge.

However, unknown to both Miriam and yourself, she still got her chance at getting some justice done by her own hand, as one day she happened to spot the Lillie school's principal seemingly lost in a Brob-majority section of the city. Unlike Lillies and Gullies, there were no truly "Brobs-only" areas, as the other races were welcomed everywhere but it was true that with different funding across regions and private businesses or residences handling things largely on their own, there were parts that didn't have nearly as many accommodations for smaller folk, and thus these areas were often colloquially known as "Brob-only".

She had no idea what someone as bigoted and resentful of her race was doing nor did she care to find out. She saw a chance at avenging the many injustices you'd gone through and seized it. Pretending to slip, she expertly landed on him, squashing him beneath her planetary derriere. Then she got up and by also pretending to dust herself off she shoved the man in between her ginormous cheeks, then proceeded to enjoy the rest of her day, walking around the city doing some personal errands all in a hot summer day.

'I'll be surprised if that man dares to ever step into that part of the city ever again' Dolores chuckled, recalling that when you'd been trapped there in similar circumstances you'd mentioned that it could get really hot and steamy like a sauna. And this time she had really gone out of her way to drive that factor up, much to her own satisfaction. Unwilling to ever acknowledge someone so vile, when she decided he'd had enough, she blasted him out of her gigantic booty with a loud, rumbling fart.

'Hmmm, this girl hasn't suffered nearly enough yet' She thought, returning to reality.

She wasn't entirely sure how truly heavy she felt to a Lillie because every time she asked you'd tried to heavily downplay it, most likely to spare her feelings as she'd observed similar behavior with your mom, never really complaining whenever she sat on you or dropped you into her crack, and even when she herself teased the idea of her butt being really big, fat and heavy you never took the bait, not even once. It was something both women found incredibly adorable and sweet.

In any case, she didn't think that merely sitting on her was going to cut it, after all she'd seen the other videos where Chrissy literally assaulted you and that was without mentioning her perverse plan of sort of crucifying you to breadsticks to be given to some unwitting Brob to eat. That was outright evil and she wasn't gonna have any of it even if she had to squash it flat out of her.

So, she stood up but only for a short moment, not wanting her to feel too relieved. Then she plopped back down, the sheer impact of her huge ass on the chair made the entire floor in her room shake for a split second. She felt the faint vibrations of what must've been Chrissy's muffled groans.

Chrissy's senses were seemingly squished out of her, she knew she was awake and she could feel Dolores' tremendous weight but beyond that, everything else was like a blur. Time seemed to have slowed down to a painstaking crawl, she couldn't tell how long she'd been under that enormous ass but it felt like it was an inordinate amount of time, maybe a few hours though in reality it was only several minutes.

Suddenly, the immense pressure on her began to ease up until it was no more. Cool air refreshed her overwhelmed body, which felt like she'd been covered by a million blankets in terms of heat. In fact, she shivered, the sudden change in temperature was quite harsh. Her vision, also having adapted to pitch-black darkness slowly returned, partially blinded by the light until it could readjust and once it did she wished she couldn't see at all.

She looked up at Dolores' gargantuan ass, jiggling from standing up. She clenched her teeth, feeling her stomach in knots in sheer disgust. Her heart burned anew with a desire for revenge. She would get this woman fired and even arrested if it was the last thing she'd do. Her hands twitched, grasping at soil that wasn't there. The warm but still hard and unforgiving wooden surface could be felt even by her, the chair's cushion had been flattened to oblivion long ago.

Her heart felt as if it stopped beating altogether when she saw Dolores' planet-sized rear ominously descend towards her and frighteningly fast too. There was barely any time to react, by pure reflex, all she managed to do was close her eyes and empty her lungs of air before the tremendous impact hit. There was a colossal earthquake and a very powerful boom that made her entire body rattle. This somehow felt worse than the first time but her suffering was far from over.

Dolores was very aware of how big and heavy her body was at least to normal Brobdingnagian standards and with that knowledge, plus some vague notion to scale it up a thousand times for Lillies, she decided that the next phase of her punishment would be to make use of it in almost its full capacity: She stood up and plopped down just like she'd done not even a few minutes ago. She did this over and over again, making the chair creak and groan, protesting the abuse it was getting put through as her overwhelming booty kept slamming down on its surface.

In spite of the noises the chair made, Dolores was confident that it wouldn't break since Arianna made sure that all furniture at school was reinforced to support plus-sized Brob ladies after having such an accident herself in her office, that weak chair had been unable to cope with Arianna's own very sizable rear and its mass for more than a year before it collapsed.

Chrissy's thoughts were getting figuratively and literally scrambled with every cataclysmic impact from Dolores' titanic ass. Her Lillie body proved resilient enough not to be truly harmed even by such an impressive weight but she still felt the overwhelming pressure and the quake-like shockwaves that kept rushing past her. Some part of her wished that her body would just flatten so that she didn't have to feel an ocean's worth of blubber trying to engulf her every time the large lunch lady sat down.

Dolores must've plopped down on her seat over a dozen times before she decided to stop. After all, it wasn't worth it to get that worked up over someone like Chrissy but she felt satisfied, knowing it couldn't have been a pleasant experience at all. She decided to remain seated and letting her weight do the rest of the job. It seemed that Chrissy had resigned to her fate, she hadn't struggled much, her limbs only twitched a little but nothing near enough to be considered resisting.

'I wish she'd learned her lesson that easily but I saw her in those videos. There was pure evil in those eyes. How can someone be that hateful?' Dolores wondered. Even though her own daughters weren't exactly the most obedient, they were naughty and mischievous at worst but not genuinely evil towards anyone, and she could pride herself that she raised them fairly well into decent ladies, albeit with some things left that will still have to be ironed out by her mighty chancla when needed...

A few minutes later, Dolores stood up, having felt her chair warming up quickly from her own warm and sizable booty. She decided that it was going to be time for the next phase of her punishment even if she didn't know too well how bad it really was. Given your lack of complaints she assumed it'd be most likely a mild one and only because she was hot and sweaty right now, as well as bloated with the gas from those potent black beans she cooked.

She stood still for a moment, having noticed the girl's fearful reaction from earlier and given the situation, it was rightly so. She reached for her panties' waistband and tugged at it, wedging it even deeper into her canyon-esque crack, aiming to strike fear into her heart even more strongly which was a success.

Chrissy's skin, reddened by the overbearing warmth from Dolores' body was quick to go paler than even her usual tone as she saw that immense wall of cloth get hungrily swallowed between those two gigantic asscheeks whose size alone defied her comprehension. She felt observed and looked up, making eye contact with Dolores whose eyes were still burning with maternal anger.

She flinched and as if on cue, the larger lady effortlessly picked her up and began to raise her until she was at her belly's level. She shuddered again when she heard the faint rumbling groans coming from it as she'd already experienced those much closer not so long ago.

Some of the noises from a bit farther above, from her stomach, sounded like a gigantic cauldron, bubbling up ominously. Chrissy's fear of getting devoured and finding herself in an ocean's worth of acid chilled her to the bone though, much to her fortune or perhaps misfortune, that was the last thing on Dolores' mind. Dolores then moved her around her waist and used her free hand to pull her tight panties back, making Chrissy's heart skip several beats while breaking out into a cold sweat.

"N-No, no, no!" She began to whimper but Dolores either didn't hear or didn't care. She dangled her above the back of her open panties, letting her see the enormous abyss below that would soon swallow her for a second time.

November 16, 2023