While the others around you were leaving, Jen too advantage of the cover they provided and gently picked you up, raising you to her face's level and then winked at you. You weren't entirely sure what she was planning to do until the hand holding you began to lower down and it went around her waist.

'Oh, yeah... she said she wanted to carry me around there' You thought, feeling the goosebumps appearing all over your arms. It was your first day and apparently the prettiest Brob girl you'd just met was as touchy-feely as the women in your family. You didn't know how to feel about it exactly because it seemed like a massive stroke of luck on the one hand but you were lowkey afraid of messing up.

Before you knew it, Jen pulled her tight jeans back and dropped you on top of the back of her panties, though most of it was already greedily swallowed into her crack which was an enormous fleshy abyss not so different from her cleavage. Your fall was suddenly stopped by the two massive meaty globes at your sides pressing into each other, engulfing you with their overbearing bulk. Jen clenched her cheeks to feel where you were exactly and was pretty content with your location, a little past halfway deep into her crack and still on the outside of her panties.

Cindy giggled and gave her a thumbs up while Lillian simply glanced at her but there was a certain fire in those emerald eyes of hers. Jen could tell Lillian would be upping her "score" somehow later on but it couldn't be helped. She didn't think it would happen but here she was, her bestie was also a sort of love rival. Jen looked at her in the eye, her hazel irises conveying a similar fire in response. The girls then got ready to leave as the classroom was clearing.

"Ms. Johansen" Alisha called, freezing the brown-haired girl in her tracks. Her tone was casual but then again this was Alisha. Jen wondered if she'd been too harsh with Shirley herself but then again, she had been given a worse punishment than anything she could've inflicted short of unleashing a full day's worth of bean-fueled gas upon her.

"Huh?" Cindy looked at the teacher as well, a bit surprised that Jen got called like that.

"It'll just be a moment" She said, then she looked at Jade who was staying behind as well.
"Please wait outside Ms. Galewind, I'd also like to have a word with you after this"

The larger goth girl nodded enthusiastically and did as told. Cindy, Zuemy and Lillian all stared at her outrageous curves bouncing as she practically skipped her way out. The latter was reminded a fair bit of her big sis, which made the situation all the more insane that a girl close to that size and age range was still in highschool with the rest of them. They felt no sympathy for the trapped Gullie that must've been harshly sandwiched between those humongous blubbery masses she called asscheeks. Not even Cindy.

The 3 girls took it as their cue to leave as well, the day had gone surprisingly well save the shenanigans involving you and they didn't want to risk Alisha's wrath. Once they walked out it was just Jen standing before Alisha, who remained seated at her desk.

"Actually, I'd like to have a word with Mr. Santos please" She said, catching Jen way off-guard though not for the reasons she anticipated.

"Oh, Blaise? Um..." Jen wasn't about to tell her where she had put you and was thinking of a plausible yet innocent enough excuse. All she needed was to say one of her other friends had him but then what? If she called them back her lie would be instantly debunked and Jen would still have to reveal the embarrassing truth.

"Ms. Johansen, for your own sake I'd advise you not to try to deceive me" Alisha spoke in a sterner tone but still far from her more usual threatening warnings. It was more akin to a motherly vibe.

"H-Huh?" Jen couldn't help but blush. Had she been caught red handed? She had been careful enough or so she thought.

"Yes, I'm aware of his current location" Alisha said, lowering her gaze down to Jen's hips' level. The poor girl blushed as red as her skin could go while shuddering and her thoughts became a completely scrambled mess. Her mini mental breakdown came to a sudden halt when she heard something exceedingly rare: Alisha chuckling.
"Relax, these kinds of things are far more common back in India" She said in a reassuring manner "But that's usually done among couples. It's barely over half of the first day of class, isn't that a little fast even for Western standards?" She asked, a bit bluntly but fully sincerely.

"I... er, well..." Jen laughed nervously while looking in her mind for a good explanation that didn't sound outrageous when said out-loud.

"Oh!" Alisha raised both eyebrows in mild surprise, still similing as this was a rather pleasant surprise to her.
"So you are in the process of courting the boy, I see" She chuckled again "It's alright, officially it's none of my business as long as he's consenting to these advances"

Jen kept blushing but she nodded in response, not trusting herself to utter a word without embarrassing herself further. Alisha looked her up and down, seeing that indeed Jen was quite gorgeous herself. She had heard other girls speaking ill of her and her friend group and it didn't take too much digging to find out that they were deemed as "weirdos" and "deviants" because they were amongst the relatively few girls on this school that had expressed an interest in Lillie boys.

Given how the 3 races were much more integrated into her homeland's society, Alisha couldn't help but silently side with them, praising them for going against the more prejudiced local standards around here. But other than that "quirk", the girls seemed to keep to themselves and weren't getting involved in anything scandalous. In a way it was a surprise that right off the bat on the first day she'd be already trying her chances with a Lillie boy but then again, that made perfect sense with what she knew.

"Then you've got nothing to worry about. I think it's great you're already taking care of him, as you clearly saw, this school isn't fully friendly to Lillies yet so he's probably going to be counting on you a lot for his own safety and well-being" She said.

"Y-Yes, ma'am" Jen said a bit weakly but in spite of her embarrassed shyness, Alisha could sense the determination in her overall demeanor.

"Little piece of advice: I've heard that Lillies from outside of India sometimes are a bit too proud for their own good. If you ask them they will say that they're fine or that they're not in trouble but you should still keep protecting him. Specially the ones from Lilliput itself, they will never ask for help but will take it if offered while looking reluctant"

"Thank you, ma'am" Jen nodded slowly, appreciating the advice. She knew you weren't exactly that kind of person but then again, your previous school was way too much like those of Lilliput and they might've had some lasting influence. This gave her a little extra confirmation that she'd best make sure you're fine and not just trying to tough out some problem. Her blush, which had only recently faded, also returned briefly as she realized that Alisha was basically giving her useful tips for her love life.

"Anyway, I'd still like to have a word with Mr. Santos. You may wait outside if you'd like but you probably should get going to your next class. I can bring him to you when I'm done too, just tell me whose class you're taking"

Jen then pulled out her phone and opened the school's app to check her schedule. She saw that she had Science class next but when she tapped it for further information she saw that two teachers were listed and none of their names were familiar.

"It lists Dr. Albert Frelock and Dr. Natalie Godfrey" Jen replied and showed Alisha the phone's screen.

"Oh! The new guys. I know where their classroom is" Alisha said.

"New teachers?" Jen was a tad surprised. Then again the school was a bit understaffed at least with teachers and there was even a sort of open secret that Ms. McAllen was apparently the Principal's go to for teaching any subject lacking a teacher and even subbing for teachers that failed to show up for whatever reason.

Last year Lulu had been teaching Science to Jen's class in addition to Art, her actual subject. The girls definitely had fun and enjoyed those classes but there was no way to know what these new teachers would be like. She also found it odd that Science was assigned to two teachers when most subjects only need one and maybe a teaching assistant at most.

"Should I go to the bathroom...?" Jen asked as she looked at Alisha's face and remembered what she'd just asked of her.

"Not necessary, just set him here on the desk" She said and Jen hesitated for a moment but then complied, reaching down the back of her pants and digging a little in between her plump buttcheeks to find you. She gently grabbed you with two fingers and retrieved you from her crack.

"Huh? What happened?" You asked, having closed your eyes in anticipation to the sudden change in light. It didn't feel like Jen had walked to her next class yet and you honestly had been more preoccupied with getting cozy than listening in on the sounds of the outside, on top of that those were heavily muffled anyway.

"Welcome back" Alisha spoke, catching you off-guard just as much as Jen before you.
"I just want to have a word with you for a couple of minutes. I'll bring you back to your friend once I'm done"

Jen took the hint and politely left. You felt like you should've tried to protest but then again it didn't seem like earning Alisha's ire was the wisest idea. Hopefully it'd be nothing to truly worry about. You gulped, the room suddenly felt a lot cooler and emptier, with just two souls in it, one much larger than the other.

"A-alright, ma'am. What is it?" You asked, hesitating with the question and almost quietly praying it didn't come across as disrespectful. Alisha simply smiled at you before she spoke...

December 25, 2023