"I think I figured out what the name of the subject is" You said, using a hand to cover your eyes since the sudden shift from darkness to normal light affected you a bit more in particular. The photophobia you'd inherited from your mom allowed you to see quite decently under low light but it came at the expense of being sensitive to strong lights, specially when lighting changed rapidly.

"Holy...! He did?!" Jen, Lillian, Cindy and Zuemy were all flabbergasted along with your friends though among them, Jim knew you were smarter than you let on and Zuemy similarly sensed that there was more to you, having already heard how you explained some bits about art from a Lilliputian perspective.

The rest of the class was equally surprised, with many noting surprise at the fact that you could even hear anything with the insane muffling that Lulu's gargantuan booty must cause. Some curious murmuring ensued and you could swear you almost heard some dramatic drum roll.

"Go ahead, what is it?" Lulu asked, giving you a playful wink that made you blush. However, in spite of feeling a bit nervous, you took a deep breath and regained enough focus to calm yourself before you spoke.

"Inter-Size Sex ED" You said with surprising confidence and in that instant, the entire class went silent.

It felt as if time froze right there and then, like seconds were now going at a snail's pace, like this moment in time was going to last far longer than it should. The fact that the entire classroom went silent only added to how eerie this all felt but you tried to stick to your guns, the worst thing that could happen would be that you were actually wrong but on the other hand, that you even thought of this idea might tank your reputation to Mully Ully Gue levels. You shook your head and slapped yourself to snap out of it, silently praying that it weren't the case.

"Uh... I guess I missed the mark, didn't I?" You asked with a nervous chuckle, anticipating your failure.

You remembered a funny scene from an iconic cartoon called The Thompsons, where Horace, the father, tried to discourage his son Bort from making a jump across a great canyon but in the process he himself began to slide down as he was standing on a skating board and before he knew it, he was performing the daredevil stunt he didn't want his son to do. At first it seemed like he was going to make it and he even cheered but then began to plummet down as he got halfway through, comically falling down until he hit the very bottom of that canyon. Right now, you felt like you were experiencing that same fall.

"No, not at all... Whoah, you got it!" Lulu then replied, her eyes even lit up. It looked like she was surprised by the fact you'd actually guessed it and it took her a moment to process it. The class cheered and clapped but there was even more giggling since it was something about sex and it had been a guy who cracked the code.

"Ms. McAllen?" You then timidly raised your hand. In response, Lulu, who had placed you on her palm, brought you closer to her face, to her plump lips' level.

"You can just call me Lulu, dear" She spoke softly "I think we're past last name basis by now, don't you think?" She then asked and gave a flirty giggle, winking at you once more.

"A-Alright" You were definitely blushing but tried your very best at keeping your composure.
"Uh, can... can I give my prize to someone else? I mean, we Lillies don't really eat much and I don't think double rations is going to do much"

"Ooh, graceful in winning and generous too! I like that" Lulu teased but then got back to her more professional, yet jovial demeanor "Sure, who would you like to give your prize to?"

You gulped and felt your entire body tensing up, this was the moment of truth and you really hoped that you were right about this one. You had seen that Jen really enjoyed her food and had quite the appetite, a bit reminiscent of both your mom and big sis. Under that same logic that either of them would appreciate more food, you decided to go ahead and do what your heart told you.

"To Jen" You said, a bit timidly but loud enough to be heard by all. Cindy and Zuemy cheered for their friend but Lillian huffed in annoyance and rolled her eyes while Jen herself smiled, blushing a little but she looked quite happier than usual... Wait, did she bat her eyelashes at you? Nah, must've been your mind playing tricks.

"Well, looks like you already made an amazing friend, Jen" Lulu said, walking towards her.
"I'd say he's already trying his best at getting to know you so please keep taking good care of him" She said before bringing you towards her. But rather than depositing you on Jen's awaiting hand, Lulu's went past it and then set you right on top of her chest, giving the two of you a knowing look and smile.
"If not for anything else, at least take care of him for me~" She winked and turned around, giving both you and Jen quite the view of her mammoth booty as it swayed from side to side while she walked away, going back to standing in front of the whole class.

"Thank you" Jen whispered and lightly pressed you onto her squishy boob for a second.

"Clearly he cares about you... or maybe he wants to see those curves grow even more" Lulu then said, getting the two of you to blush to an intense tomato red. Cindy and Zuemy gave Jen an enthusiastic thumbs up.
"By the way, how did you figure it out if you don't mind me asking?" Lulu asked, looking at you.

"HUH?!" You had expected that question yet it still caught you off-guard when Lulu asked. You didn't want to seem like a sick freak but even if you answered with the honest truth, you weren't sure if anyone would buy it.

The actual reason you knew was because you'd heard Arianna talking to your mom about some new education program where she mentioned the acronym and its meaning, though it'd taken you a while to recall the memory. You didn't think it'd be wise to out yourself as a relative of the school's principal anyway. You then realized that at least Lillian, Cindy and Zuemy were giving you intrigued looks. You gulped, feeling increasingly awkward but went ahead anyway.

"Well, I... I have a relative who works on Education and I think I heard her talk about that new subject" You scratched the back of your head "It took me a while to remember though"

"Sounds like you got great hearing and also good retentive memory then" Lulu smiled but this time it wasn't her smug flirty behavior but more like a simple, genuinely kind smile, reminding you why she seemed to be such a great teacher. You even felt like you might've known someone like her before... but when? Trying to think about it gave you a mild headache so you quickly dropped the matter.

"But yeah, that's the new subject that we'll be having now that we're under the Project Gulliver Federal program, Inter-size Sex ED, because knowledge about relationships between any of the 3 races seems to be really scarce in this country. It's the 21st century and we really haven't learned much even though we're allies with some great nations that have integrated the 3 races much better than we have" Lulu explained though the snickering was still inevitable. The majority of the girls seemed intrigued and some directed glances at Jen's group.

"Wow" Jim scratched his head "That kind of class taught by a teacher that hot? Finally, a class that I will never skip!" You chuckled and rolled your eyes in response but you noticed that all of the girls seemed to be blushing a little.

"Damn, you got me beat at figuring that one out" Zuemy said, giving you a nod of acknowledgement. She found it amusing that you were able to get it right before she could but fortunately she wasn't a sore loser. She wouldn't have minded getting the extra food herself but she knew from the moment that you got the win that were going to give it to Jen.

"Guess that's gonna be a real interesting class with Lulu in charge" Lillian said, then she gave you a suggestive look and a smug smirk.
"Knowing her, we'll probably learn something about how to handle big, sexy asses" She said, making you both nervous and weirdly aroused.

"She said it's Inter-size Sex ED not Squash ED" Jen replied, sticking her tongue out at Lillian and then lightly rubbing you into her boob. Jen herself couldn't wait for classes to be over, she'd already gotten you to admit that you liked her body but she hadn't had as much of a chance to really show off, though she was confident that keeping you on her chest during class and getting carried around between her cheeks was enough to keep you hooked for the time being.

"Careful, you can do some squashing too" Lillian shot back, but it definitely looked like her feathers were more ruffled than Jen's. Then again, she felt like she was fighting an uphill battle with the increasing edge Jen got over her this early into their competition.

"Don't worry Blaise, there's no squashing to worry about with me, just warm, soft cuddles" Cindy said. Both Jen and Lillian raised an eyebrow, surprised by Cindy's sudden bold move though they could see her reasoning, specially when she'd made it clear earlier that she really wanted cuddles with you.

"I'd say your biggest worry would be getting lost in dat ass but I think you might not just wanna leave. Plus, Cindy probably will enjoy you cuddling with her big buns too much to let go" Zuemy said.

"He's not going anywhere!" Jen spoke with a defensive tone that surprised everyone but most of all, yourself. She also cupped a hand protectively around you, as if to prevent either of the other girls from taking you. The seconds passed and she soon realized what she'd just done and blushed.
"I mean, he's not going anywhere that he doesn't want to" She amended.

A couple of minutes later, the 'bell' chimed, indicating that the current class had ended but unlike most times, there was no need for anyone in the classroom to go anywhere since the next subject will be taught in the same room and the same teacher.

"Trust me, this will be quite the ride!" Lulu said, more than ready to start with what was going to become her very favorite class this year.

March 17