Alisha's eyes widened for a split second. She relaxed a bit too much, or most likely the pressure she'd been holding in was becoming too much. A long, loud fart erupted from the depths of her massive bottom, echoing around the empty walls. Its vibrations slightly rattled her desk.

'Oops. I didn't mean to try that... yet' She thought with a semi-amused smirk.
'Then again I did warn him it could get a bit rough' She giggled quietly and lightly clenched her cheeks to feel you. Other than being notably warmer than before she didn't feel like anything was off.
'What if I knocked him out though?' She wondered, giving her hips a couple of shakes and clenching a bit tighter, causing you to resume your struggle to push their overbearing mass away, though what air remained around you was tainted but you still didn't feel like getting completely smothered by seemingly endless amounts of doughy fat.

'Should've seen this one coming' You thought, coughing as the intensely spicy air still affected you. You were sure that if you didn't develop a decent tolerance to spice thanks to being raised as a Mexican by your family you would be suffering a lot more right now. But there was a difference between spice in your food and having it in the air you breathed.

In any case, most of the times you ended up trapped in a butt, it was almost a certain inevitability that you'd get farted on. An absolute given with your mom and also with your big sis, both of which treated it as a form of showing affection. You weren't quite on board with the idea but didn't raise as much of a fuzz, even less so over the years. Then, with people like Dolores it seemed like you often had bad luck and was often gassy while you were near or in her bottom but at least it wasn't as constant as with the first two.

Your thoughts got interrupted by a second blast. You were almost as unprepared as the first time but by reflex, you anchored your feet, digging into Alisha's cheeks while curling up, trying to protect the front of your face and body with your arms right as the massive hurricane blew furiously. Your jiggly surroundings wobbled wildly to the thunderous tune of her fart's rumbling roar but you held on.

The immense torrent of blazing wind made you feel as if you were in an actual oven. You held your breath right before you had to inhale any more of her spice-riddled gas but as the intense vibrations that ensued rattled your whole skeleton, you began to quickly grow dizzy, forcing you to breathe before you lost your grip. The sheer heat of the wind itself hit you, even if you got a little numb to the spiciness of it.

As you thought of it, you were surprised because even though your mom loved chili peppers herself and her foods were all heavily seasoned her farts were never this intense in this way, hers were heavier with the smell of beans and meat with only some hints of the spices she ate.

'What the hell does this lady eat for her gas to be like this?' You wondered while coughing. Your eyes thankfully weren't watering much but even your eyeballs felt hot. You thought of every game you ever played when they were in a volcano or lava level, that's how you felt right now, though instead of rocks, you were surrounded by squishy meat.

After that initial bout of pressure escaped, Alisha had a much harder time keeping the rest at bay and soon, a second fart blared out, just as massive as the first. She blushed for a moment, as she only let loose like this in the privacy and comfort of her own home. She wondered why the curry she had today for breakfast and lunch made her react like this.

'Of course!' Alisha facepalmed, remembering that she had slightly overslept and as she was in a rush she didn't get to make her own food. Her youngest daughters, Yamile and Fulki had gotten up earlier, they made both breakfast and lunch to take to school.
'Guess that explains it. It tasted better than mine at least' She chuckled, putting a hand on her slight tummy, which looked a bit bloated.
'In any case, it can't be worse than theirs. Fulki doesn't even hold them in at all' She then thought, rolling up her eyes as she recalled many of the times she tried to correct the tomboyish girl's behavior, She then glanced down at her hips, picturing your location as she felt your body enveloped by her bountiful booty flesh. She then took another glance at her phone.

'I could do 20 more minutes and still return him before class is over. Not like they're doing much other than ice-breakers and introductions' Alisha thought.

Meanwhile, in Science class...

The class' atmosphere had become uncomfortably tense with Dr. Frelock's visible disdain for Brobs. Even the Lillies in class were worried, but less so out of sympathy for them and more so because they feared the girls would take it out on them.

"Well, why don't we start from the beginning? We're going to be working together for the year so we should get to know each other" Natalie said, her voice had a certain motherly quality to itself, it was soothing in a way that most would struggle to describe other than saying 'This lady's a mother for sure'.

It didn't take away from the serious aura she gave off earlier when she arrived but it made her seem more human, a notable change as many intellectual people tended to portray themselves as unfeeling machines. And for the Lillies from Mully Ully Gue, that had been in some ways the norm as the only emotion those teachers ever expressed was rage.

"Nonsense! We've wasted precious time already with that behemoth of a woman trying to flatten me. Now, where's the class syllabus?" Dr. Frelock reached for his phone, grumbling about the school app's functionality.

"Dr. Frelock, I'm sure you must've been made aware that here in Gulliver High the first day of class is always dedicated to introductions and socializing. For that matter, no homework is assigned during the first week either to allow students to settle..."

"And that's why the country is the way it is. There's no need for resting, we will all rest for eternity when we die. Now that we're alive it's the time to be productive! How do you think Lilliput achieved its technological greatness? I'll tell you: By not taking breaks or 'taking it easy' " The Lillie professor harshly responded.
"All you people have got going for is that immense size and strength that makes your kind so dangerous and hard to take down, but if it weren't for Lilliputian scientist and even those half-baked Gulliverians you'd still be stuck in the Ancient Age, unable to even work dirty iron!" He ranted.

"So, are you going to defy Principal Abalos' orders, Dr. Frelock, is that what you're saying?" Natalie's tone got sterner as she stared daggers at him and reached for her own phone. At that moment, the diminutive man froze in his tracks and broke into a cold sweat. After a few minutes of tense silent, Natalie sighed.
"That's what I thought" She then looked at the class "Apologies. This is all part of the experience, I'm sure that many of us come from different backgrounds and have different views on many things. We can see that the good Doctor here is quite passionate about his work" She added with a smirk, briefly glancing at him as he quietly grumbled and crossed his arms, almost like a pouting child.
"Even though scientific facts are objective and universal, the way we interpret them can be subject to variation. And sometimes our own cultural views may blind us from approaching things at certain angles"

Once the mood had been eased enough, Natalie started the class introductions and went first to set an example.

"Well, I've already told you my name. My name's Natalie Godfrey and I'm a physician with a PhD in Gastroenterology but I've always enjoyed teaching so here I am, helping instruct the next generation in the ways of science" She said. Somehow, her already impressive beauty became more radiant as she showed more of that kind warmth that she exuded.
"How about you, Professor? Could you enlighten us on your backgrounds and your many achievements?" Natalie smiled, knowing that if their pride was appealed to, Lillies could soften up more easily.

He sighed and pretended not to want to, but she could tell he wanted to have this chance to boast about himself, and she was willing to let that happen if it mean he'd take it easy on these students, who were just ordinary teenagers and neither soldiers nor scientists working for the Lilliputian government.

"My name's Albert Frelock, Born and raised in Blefuscu, province of the Empire of Lilliput. I've got PhD's on mechatronic, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering as well as computer science, programming and artificial intelligence studies" He said "And I was the second person to ever graduate with a doctorate in Robotics"

"Wow" Natalie was sincerely surprised at the sheer amount of academic degrees the man got under his belt.
'No wonder he's so grumpy, I doubt he's ever taken a break in his life' She thought.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I'm not passionate about teaching. But I'm not saying I'm not competent on the matter either. I was sent here as a punishment for purely political reasons" He said, his voice sounded more gruff than usual as he spoke.
"My greatest work! My magnum opus! Rejected by those haughty, complacent idiots in Oslo! I was sabotaged by my fellow scientists who grew envious of my work"

"You mean you presented your work at the Oslo Conference?" Natalie raised an eyebrow. She knew the guy was a scientist of some renown but she didn't know the full extent of it until now.

"Yeah" Dr. Frelock sighed "I've worked on developing machines advanced far beyond their wildest dreams! Truly autonomous robots with the capacity to not just follow basic commands, but to truly think and formulate ideas of their own! And they rejected my designs because the initial prototype was that of a war machine and the Brob representatives in the Council deemed it too dangerous" He facepalmed.

The entire class' jaws just dropped at this revelation.

January 3