"Like I was saying, Lillies are surprisingly strong and durable, however that doesn't mean their strength has no limits. It's gonna sound a little paradoxical but the better endowed girls will have an easier time on some things, as those soft curves can perfectly cushion and protect them" Lulu said, casually glancing not just at Jen, but also Lillian, Cindy, Zuemy and a few other girls in the classroom like Monique and Jade.

"But on the other hand, those gorgeous curves weigh. Trust me on this one, I know firsthand" She said, playfully spinning around and showcasing quite a bit just how much her massive booty wobbled, even while contained by her tight jeans. Practically every Lillie boy stared helplessly at the humongous display, many of them had never seen such a large amount of jiggling meat in their life. The Lillie girls for their most part groaned and huffed in annoyance, rolling their eyes though at least one seemed to admire the teacher's bountiful feature.

"So, you really got to be careful with your man" Lulu added in a more serious but still jovial tone.

"I really need to shed off some pounds" Monique said quietly to her friends, unhappy with her belly or with how much her thick thighs bulged, and even less so with how much her sizable behind spilled over to the sides and behind the seat proper.

Jen glanced at Lillian and gave her a smug smirk, briefly sticking her tongue out at her as well while Cindy looked down at her chest, wondering if it was really that heavy, she was confident that her plush assets were soft enough not to cause any harm but she hadn't had much of a chance to truly test it. In her defense, when Zuemy introduced Lillie-sized dolls to practice with/play with to the group, she was the only one who didn't outright flatten hers, neither when stuffed down her cleavage or her crack but Zuemy had noted that the dolls weren't fully comparable to the real deal.

"This also goes for you gentlemen, I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of delicious-looking thiccness but you have to be a bit careful. Bite more than you can chew and you might find yourself choking... or more accurately, smothered~" Lulu said with a flirty tone, leaning down a little to show off her large chest as she spoke.

Jim's jaw dropped, he felt like this had to be a dream to have such an immensely sexy teacher arguably teaching the sexiest subject in the school. But suddenly he felt his mouth close and that made him snap out of it.

"It's gonna fall off if you keep your mouth agape like that" Said a somewhat annoyed Pete, who had apparently jumped over from Zuemy's chest to Cindy's.

"Can you blame me though? This lady's an absolute MILF! Well, she would be if she had children but you know what I mean" Jim said, to which Pete groaned and shook his head.

"You'll regret it if you egg her on" He warned, though it didn't seem like he was too angry himself about it, it sounded more like an oddly ominous warning.

"To be fair, that's quite the huge ass, and her chest's pretty big too" Zuemy said, surprising the duo a little.
"If you're good I'm sure Lulu will be happy to let you two get a feel of dat softness"

"Please..." Pete sighed and shook his head.

"I would say she might already have set her sights on Blaise though~" Zuemy added with a smug sing-song tone.

"Huh?!" You couldn't help but be surprised at hearing Zuemy saying your name and as you heard the whole sentence, you couldn't help but blush from deep embarrassment.

"She's just joking" Jen spoke softly and once more she gently placed her fingertip on you and pushed you a little into her enormous, pillowy boob. It seemed that she caught on to the fact that it was a way to soothe you, well, either that or it was a simple show of affection with the same intent to comfort you.
"Lulu likes to joke around too but she's not taking you away" She said in a slightly more serious tone.

"Even if Lillies are strong I don't think he can handle an ass that fat" Lillian chimed in with a bit of a chuckle of her own.

"And what does that say about yourself, huh?" Jen was quick to reply with a confident smirk. Lillian's eyes widened for a moment, realizing that she'd just inadvertently played herself.

"Goddammit" She huffed annoyedly. Both her huge ass and her plump crotch felt like they were throbbing, desperately craving the feeling of your delicate form on them. As much as she would hate to admit, Zuemy had hit the nail right in the head and her case of 'Twisted Twat' was becoming unbearable. But she also knew that if she could get you to be on her big booty it'd ease the tension a fair amount.

"By the way!" Lulu spoke again, recapturing everyone's attention.
"In an amusing turn of events, it is those who pride themselves on the purity of their heritage who hit the ceiling the earliest"

A collective "huh?" was heard all around the classroom but Lulu simply chuckled in response.

"Pure-blooded Lillies are the ones who have the most apparent limits to how much they can withstand. And since most of them likely are, both Lillie boys and girls from larger races need to be careful, specially if the latter's packing" She said, playfully smacking her big butt with both hands, making a resounding clap that felt like thunder to the Lillies on their desk.

"That thing CLAPS" Some Lillie guy remarked.

"What not many might be aware of is that mixed heritage Lillies have a hidden bonus, they gain a large amount of the relative strength of their mother's race" She said but then paused for a moment.
"Maybe I should step back a little. I suppose you guys don't really know how hybridization works, right?"

Most of the classroom shook their heads in response, Zuemy and her friends being one of the few notable exceptions, which Lulu herself caught on.

"You see, there's still an ongoing debate on whether Gulliverians, Brobdingnagians and Lilliputians are all different species, subspecies or truly breeds like those of cats and dogs. The species argument kinda falls apart quickly because any of the 3 races can produce fertile offspring" Lulu said "But whatever it might be, there are some interesting quirks"

At that moment, Zuemy gestured at the girls to take notes while she simply kept listening with an amused look that pretty much told she already knew what would come next.

"For example, it appears that Lilliputian genetics are in particular hardcoded into the Y chromosome, so any offspring from which the father is Lilliputian will always be Lillie-sized if male. However, if the offspring is female, most of the time they will inherit the mother's size, Gullie or Brob. Only a very small percentage of the times it will result in a Lillie-sized female. But these chances can increase if the mother carries Lillie genes from further back in her family tree, at least up to great-grandparents as far as it's been confirmed scientifically"

Lulu walked around while explaining that, noting the girls' interested reactions while the Lillie boys were more varied, ranging from curiosity to concern as many began to realize that if they were to form a family, most of it would be gigantic unless they only ever had sons. Some wondered how harsh it would be to raise a giant daughter by themselves, assuming that the mother would be of no help due to the pervasive perception that Brobs and Gullies were lazy and unintelligent.

"But there's even more!" Lulu spoke "You see, even if the hybrid child is Lillie-sized, they won't be the same as a pure Lilliputian anymore. They will gain enhanced strength from their mother's side. A boy born from a Lillie father and a Gullie mother will outperform any pure Lillies on all physical aspects. Oh, and a boy born from a Lillie father and a Brob mother would be even stronger, quite a lot"

"This is finally MY TIME TO SHINE!" Said a very proud-looking Jim as he puffed his chest.
"French Gulliverian blood flows through my veins, where the ladies at?"

"A restraining order away if you keep up the attitude" Pete replied with a bit of a chuckle.

"Guess the cat's out of the bag, huh?" Cindy giggled "Now the others will know to look for a Lillie-Brob if they have curves"

Both Jen and Lillian responded with an annoyed sigh and a faint groan while Zuemy enjoyed a good but relatively discreet laugh.

"But that can go even further beyond~" Lulu said, at which point Veronica timidly raised a hand.


"Simple" Lulu smiled kindly "I already told you, a Lillie-Brob hybrid will be Lillie sized if it's a man. Now imagine that the man marries a Brob woman and they have a child" She said and a good bunch of the class blushed at the thought.
"That son will be 3/4 Brob and the remaining 1/4 Lillie. Just like half-Lillies, if male, even quarter-Lillies will remain their father's race's size. Ooh, and they far exceed any and all physical abilities from the other hybrids, let alone pure Lillies"

"Wait, is she telling us that hybrids are stronger?"

"Hybrids are superior?!"

"But we were told they were genetic defects!"

"They said hybrids were sickly and weak"

Some murmuring could be heard coming from the Lillies' desk, with this being the first time that many of them got actual information that wasn't Lilliputian imperial propaganda.

"There hasn't been a child born with any further mixing than that, so that's what's known. In theory, a quarter-Lillie with Gullie blood would be possible but it's never happened in documented history" Lulu said "But it gets more interesting still"

"You see, hybrid offspring get traits from both parents, even if the sizes are more or less hard gender-locked. Lillie hybrids of Gullies and Brobs can exhibit traits that Lillies normally don't have, such as different hair color, skin color, eye color or even hair types. Both Gullie and Brob Lillie hybrids are taller and more muscular in general too, though the height difference is hard to appreciate for us Brobs" She said.

While she was telling those tidbits about hybrid Lillies, you noticed that Jen, Lillian and even Cindy glanced at you a couple of times with a cryptic expression that made you flinch a little. You then took a deep breath and tried to focus back on the class but you were feeling quite exposed already...

March 21