Back to Cindy and yourself...

You had no idea what Cindy was up to but you appreciated not being forced into her cleavage or buttcrack, as nice and soft as they were you could use some time to recover from Lulu's plenty "demonstrations". Her belly button was surprisingly cozy, like a small cave, though one made of warm, doughy flesh. You'd been in various women's belly buttons but never as often or for long enough to consider it among the recurrent scenarios in your life as cleavages and butts or even thighs were.

Knowing that Cindy was okay with it, you allowed yourself to rest on the flesh that surrounded you, fully relaxing and letting the doughy material take your weight, which to someone her size was negligible but to you, it was like laying on a fluffy bed. Sure, there were several softer things you'd already laid on like Jen's boobs or Lillian's butt, or Cindy's thighs but none of that took away from the fact that the inside of her belly button was simply comfy.

Cindy's walk didn't last nearly long enough to fall asleep and soon you saw that her finger reached in, meaning that she wanted to get you out. Without even questioning it once, you walked over to it and hopped onto her fingernail. Once she fished you out and you readjusted to the light of the outside world, you noticed that she had taken you to an empty classroom.

"Uh, Cindy?" You asked, finding the whole situation strange to say the least.

"Don't worry, I'll explain soon" She said in her usual cheery tone, but then her stomach grumbled rather loudly, yet she seemed unfazed. Come to think of it, her tummy looks a bit different from before. Like it was more tensed up now? Maybe you were just seeing things and overthinking.
"Are you ok?" Cindy asked, snapping you out of your thoughts.

"Y-Yeah, I am! Thank you" You chuckled ans scratched the back of your head. Of course, none of these girls knew that what Lulu made Jim go through was more of a regular occurrence to you but even then, all those demonstrations she enlisted your help for did take a moderate toll on you.

"You don't think I'm too much, right?" Cindy asked, giving you a more intent look while one of her hands rested on her belly. You weren't entirely sure on what she meant but you shook your head in response.

Earlier, somewhere else...

Jen decided to head for the cafeteria, she wanted to have a sweet snack while she waited for dinner proper in an hour. She figured she'd also chill until then and also give Jim a chance to recover after his surprising "sacrifice". She knew she owed to him and not just for sparing you from Lulu's last stunt but earlier as well, saving her from embarrassing herself in front of you.

'I wonder if Jim likes Sherhey's' She thought just as she walked towards a vending machine that was near the wall across the cafeteria. While the school provided all meals for students, there were a bunch of vending machines with snacks and some other things that could be bought whenever they desired, provided that they weren't skipping class.

"Don't bother with that m'ija" Dolores' voice snapped her out of her thoughts and made her freeze on her tracks, not out of any fear or anything like that, but simply because it was enough to completely halt her current train of thought.

"Huh?" She turned to look in the direction Dolores' voice had come from but she saw no one at the counter.

However she soon heard various noises coming from the kitchen, indicating that the large lunch lady was quite busy. Jen couldn't help but be a bit surprised that Dolores seemingly recognized her without even seeing her. She then walked towards the counter, the part that was in a straight line in front of the kitchen's door.

"Yes?" She asked, a bit confused as to why she was called.

"Heard you coming" Dolores said from the kitchen "Don't bother with those measly chocolate bars. There's a chocolate cake I saved for you and your friends"

"Oh! Thank you so much, Dolores!" Jen turned to look to the side and saw that there was a single chocolate cake in the otherwise empty counter, in the crystal part where various desserts are normally displayed. The cake was already sliced for a total of 8 pieces. But she stopped again, realizing that she could take the slices she'd eat herself, but she didn't really have a way to take the rest of the cake to her friends.

"I know what you're thinking. Hold on" Dolores then said and the cooking noises from the kitchen largely came to a stop. The sounds of running water could be heard next as Dolores washed her hands and after a few seconds she walked out of the kitchen door.
"There you go, this should be enough to hold the rest of the cake. Just remember to return it, tuppers are sacred, you know?" She chuckled.

"Of course" Jen giggled and nodded, taking the container, which was definitely large enough to store 6 cake slices with some room to spare, Dolores' calculation was pretty much flawless.

With the transportation issue taken care of, Jen went to a nearby seat and put her tray on the table. 2 slices for herself, that was more than enough to tide her over until lunch. Even though she dropped volleyball more than a year ago her metabolism remained pretty fast and demanded for a very hearty appetite, plus, Lillian's advice also called for eating some more to build up those curves she wanted.

Jen grabbed a fork and used it to cut a smaller chunk of the slice of cake, then picking it up with the fork itself to eat. The chocolatey flavor was miles ahead of what one would get from most sweets, this was truly something made by hand and with a lot of love. Just a single bite was enough for Jen to be in her little happy world of bliss as she kept eating on auto-pilot while the unconscious Jim rested in the depths of her cleavage. The softness of her flesh and the gentle warmth that it gave off made for his unconscious state to feel more like a pleasant, restful nap.

Several minutes and one slice of cake later, Jim finally began to reawaken, feeling like his brain was rebooting like a computer after a harsh crash. When he found himself in darkness and engulfed from both sides by some incredibly heavy yet soft mass he panicked and his heart skipped a few beats, after all, his memories before he passed out were a jumbled mess, a hazy one at that. Just then, light pierced from above the seemingly all-encompassing darkness and a pair of skyscraper-sized fingers reached down, feeling around a little until they found him, gently picking him up next and fishing him out of the meaty chasm.

"Huh?" That was the first thing he uttered as he was met with the gaze of Jen's hazel eyes while her fingertips raised him to their level.

"Welcome back" She said with a cute giggle "Had a nice nap?"

"I mean, yeah" He replied with an awkward chuckle of his own, quickly realizing where he'd been sleeping but on the other hand, he was relieved that it wasn't Lulu's tremendous booty anymore. He then looked away before asking a question:
"How come I was allowed in the VIP section?"

Jen giggled again but found his reaction cute. It didn't fully fit in with the slight impression she'd gotten from you that he was more of an incorrigible womanizer, but then again it was likely that he'd never dealt with Brob girls before.

"You earned it" She replied with a smile "It takes a true friend to do that sort of sacrifice, I'm not sure if I or any of my friends could go that far"

"Hey, I didn't lie when I told you Blaise's my best bud" Jim said, looking again at those eyes, the irises alone were larger than any screens he'd ever seen in any cinema. He then remembered an otherwise random conversation in the past.


"C'mon Blaise, everyone has a type! Even Pete here likes 'em big, he likes 'em chunky" He teased you as he'd done many times.

It was somewhat amusing that of the quirky trio, you were the one who was most tranquil, specially when it came to girls. You were the only one who was in no rush to try and land any dates with any of the girls at Mully Ully Gue.

Even with the horrible treatment all guys got from them, many still fiercely competed for the most meager crumbs of attention and seeing you as the only one who did not engage made you look even more like a sore thumb, reinforcing your image as an outcast. Your friends knew better but even they were curious as to how you didn't feel any apparent urges or attraction.

"I don't really like any of them that much" You replied with a nonchalant shrug.

"Didn't you say that most Mexicans have a fetish for blonde hair and blue eyes?" Pete said, barely suppressing a chuckle of his own.

"Yes, but I'm not one of them. It doesn't really do anything for me, really. Blue or green eyes are pretty but I don't feel that spark and blonde hair is kinda meh to me" You said.

"Hey, hey! These golden flowing locks are a genetic prize!" Jim said.

"And have they helped you with the girls?" You retorted with a slight but noticeably enough cheeky grin.

"Goddammit" Jim huffed.

"I mean, it's a Lillies-only school and a lot of them are blond, it doesn't have the same impact" Pete said.

"Well, your red hair hasn't helped as much either. Could've tried looking more like a Viking or a Scottish warrior to impress the ladies" Jim said

"Well, I do have some Irish in me" Pete responded "So, what do you like then?" He asked you.

"I haven't really given that much consideration but I think brown hair maybe, brown eyes too, like light brown ones? They seem underrated" You replied.

"Huh, so you do have a type..." Jim smirked.


'Well I'll be damned. I guess that's at least partially why he wasn't complaining' Jim thought, fondly reminiscing of those days in spite of your collectively poor social status at school.
"But, you know... I saw the look in your eyes at that moment too, so I kinda took one for the team not just for his sake" He added, feeling like he couldn't lie to those hazel rings, not that he wanted to anyway. Jim then would've sworn he almost heard the pupils widening at what he'd just said.

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