"Looks like any Brob can do if, if it's just stuffing someone into our belly button" Chelsea said after raising her hand and being prompted by Lulu to go ahead with her question.

"Yes, that's true" Lulu nodded "But at the same time, you'd need to be more careful. A bigger belly makes it harder for the Lillie to fall out. What becomes impractical is having them rest on it on the outside if you don't have much there to begin with" She slid her hand up and down against her own stomach, emphasizing that in spite of having a slight bit of pudge in there, it remained a largely smooth, flat wall.
"If you're going to lay still then it's not a problem but I wouldn't advise it if you're going to be moving around"

Meanwhile, you sat down and relaxed fairly quickly. Cindy's belly button proved to be a surprisingly cozy and safe place at least so far and there was really no reason for you to freak out. Upon hearing that your walking around tickled her you decided to grab a handful of the dough flesh around you with each hand and squeezed it a little, then stroked it to see if that'd give her yet more tickles, feeling an odd compulsion to tease her a little like a younger sibling, which you never had. Trying to delve deeper into why only resulted in getting hints of a coming headache so you almost immediately abandoned that pursuit.

As expected, your surroundings began to shake more powerfully, as if you were on the epicenter of an earthquake though the 'tremors' themselves were relatively mild and you heard Cindy's muffled giggling so you kneaded her soft flesh while the overall shaking increased and the sounds of her laughter grew louder.

"Everything alright?" Lulu asked, seeing that Cindy was struggling badly not to burst out laughing and already losing. The fact that her hands clutched her plump belly gave her a good guess on what might be happening.

"It... tickles!" Cindy struggled considerably to speak in between fits of giggling.

"Maybe he wants to be let out?" A girl spoke, attracting many looks at her. She looked petite and noticeably short for a Brob girl, with lightly bronzed skin and flowing black hair.

"He could've just walked out and climbed up if he really wanted out, Valentina" Lulu replied, being just as intrigued as everyone else.
"What do you think, Cindy?" She then asked.

"I think he's just having fun" She said as the tickling finally ceased and had to take a few deep breaths to recover "Yeah, I think he was just messing with me a little" She added.

"A Lillie... messing with a girl that size?" Some of the Lillie boys muttered, their minds blown at the revelation of a possibility not one of them had ever considered.

"If true that's a damn flex"

"Damn, I could never..."

The Lillie girls only showed more disgust...

"I think he's become a whaler for real, yuck"

"That's what happens when you got no standards"

"That's what happens when you weren't raised right"

"I mean, isn't his mom-?" Rosario tried to speak.

"Yeah, that explains it" Tracy hastily responded.

"I suppose that's a new thing we can add on and it goes for both guys and girls, be a tad extra careful if you're ticklish. And for the boys, you better only tickle someone you know and in a safe environment" Lulu spoke with mock seriousness.
"You can take him out now" She said to Cindy, who nodded. However, rather than actually reaching into her belly button to pull you out, she simply held her finger right outside and a little below. Moments later, you walked out on your own and climbed down from her navel and onto her fingertip. Cindy then placed you on top of her belly but kept her hand below to catch you if you fell.

"Very nice and considerate!" Lulu praised her "In some ways, all you really need is kindness and that should guide how you act" She further explained "Thank you for your help, Cindy and Blaise"

With that as your cue, Cindy carefully picked you up and deposited you on her chest while walking back to her seat. As soon as she sat down, you saw that you got covered by a shadow and before you could react, another pair of skyscraper-sized fingertips picked you up, setting you on a larger round expanse of squishy softness. When you looked up you saw Jen smiling at you with a slight blush. Somehow, she seemed a little too eager to put you back on her chest but you were in no position to complain. You then noticed that Jim and Pete had been waiting on the desk and were immediately climbing up Cindy's massive bust.

"Consent goes both ways, people! You should also ask before climbing someone up and it's definitely much safer if they know" Lulu spoke after taking a glance at the situation.

"I told them they could climb on me" Cindy said, not wanting her new friends to get in any trouble and she meant it anyway. She chuckled and lightly patted the quirky duo when they made it to the top of one of her big boobs.

"Alright, but for everyone else that hasn't made any previous agreements, remember to always ask first. The only exception is if it's an emergency, and in that case kindness comes back into play because it's easy to get angry at things, rarely we do ever stop and wonder why something happened. So, in this case remember to not assume malice first for anything, more often than not it can be explained by accidents or ignorance, not just the intimate stuff by many things in this life" Lulu said.

Even though most of the classroom was already familiar with her, they still were a bit surprised that she could display this level of wisdom along with her nonchalant playfulness, but that was what made Lulu Lulu after all.

"Um, are there any more ways...?" Veronica asked timidly, drawing a considerable amount of attention while Monique reassured her with a thumbs up.

"Of course! And it's one of the better ones, you could say that it's my favorite~" She giggled.

Earlier, in the Science classroom...

Bertha stood up, wondering how she hadn't found the missing Lillie boy yet. She practically knew for certain that the 4 girls that told her weren't the kind to mess with her so she didn't consider that they'd be lying to waste her time. She tapped her chin in thought while one of her feet also tapped the floor.

Right behind her and completely out of her visual range, Joel was pitifully plastered onto one of Bertha's gigantic asscheeks. Looking from a distance one would think she had an odd sticker almost dead center on her cheek. He had sunken enough into her squishy blubbery mass that he didn't even stick out from her any more, making him seem indeed flat. Then, his immediate world began to tremble and wobble as the waves created by the repeated impacts of her foot on the ground traveled up and sent the entirety of her colossal glute into a gelatinous jiggling frenzy.

All this shaking woke him up from his stunned stupor but he was feeling like he'd been run over by a truck, which was hilariously accurate, although he'd experienced a much greater weight by whole orders of magnitude. The jostling only made him feel like he was being shaken like a soda can prior to a prank. Then, all of sudden there was a thunderous roaring blast, like a thunderbolt landing dangerously next to him, the noise was incredibly intense and it made Bertha's moon-sized asscheek ripple and wobble far more intensely than before.

Bertha almost didn't even notice that a pretty big fart erupted from the depths of her massive XXXL booty but given that she thought herself to be alone, she simply chuckled and patted her large belly.

"Dolores' food surely does not forgive" She said and then slapped her butt.
"And you surely don't forget" She then did some stretches, not caring that a second, even louder bellowing booty blast erupted from her.

Joel's ears were ringing, these had been by far the loudest things he'd ever heard, though Jen's enormous fart from earlier wasn't that far from the sheer intensity of these ones. He had vibrated so much along the countless tons of doughy booty fat he was pressed into that he felt woozy and then the potent stench, reeking heavily of beans with some hints of spice and burnt sugar invaded his nose, his throat shortly after.

And as if the Universe still had a bone to pick with him, he then felt the meteoric force of a massive meaty wall striking him from behind, making another thunderous booming noise as Bertha's hand slapped her fat cheek. However, this impact was able to dislodge his minuscule form from her overabundant fleshy mass.

"Hmm?" Bertha sensed something odd on her hand as it rested on her hefty ass, something very small. Her first thought was that it must've been a piece of lint but even then, she brought her hand toser to her eyes, curious about what the 'lint' looked like and when she did, her eyes widened for a split second.
"Well, I'll be damned!" She laughed "Looks like these fat buns do better detective work than I do" She brought her hand even closer to her eye and looked Joel over, seeing that he definitely matched the description that the girls provided.
"Phew, that's a relief!" She laughed some more "I was starting to think that one of those 3 girls that left might have you"

Those words somehow struck Joel's puny, defeated form with much greater weight than the entirety of Bertha's BBW self could have, reminding him that he was no longer with his newfound beautiful queen. He simply let out a frustrated groan followed by a sigh.

"Alright, little rascal. I think you've had enough of cop-ping up a feel of these" Bertha snorted a little at her own pun.
"But you'll have to bear with me for a lil' more, I'll take you back to your class" She said, nonchalantly bringing him back around her waist and shoving him down her back pocket. If her earlier interaction with those two Lillie boys she found earlier was anything to go by, she guessed that Joel didn't really mind being up close and personal with her gigantic rear, and thus she began walking, leaving the science classroom to head for Lulu's...

March 26