"Between you, Ariadne, Dolores, her daughters, Betty, your mom and mine I think he's been kept plenty 'warm and safe' " Raphael said, making air quotes in a cheeky manner.

"You did NOT just mock me right now" Miriam said, trying to sound angry but she was close to bursting out in laughter.
"Should I keep you warm and safe all day then, dear husband?" She asked, trying to match his sassy energy.

"Don't threaten me with a good time, plus massaging you kinda counts as a workout" Raphael smirked and once again Patricia cold be heard enjoying a good, hearty chuckle. Miriam couldn't hold it in any more and laughed herself, feeling better as the heartache of not having you around eased up.

"I'll have you know my baby does a better job massaging these than you do" She then teased back, giving one of her massive cheeks a meaty-sounding slap.

"I mean, I was the one who taught him but practice makes perfect and you all have been making practice too much, sheesh, I swear you just want a free masseur instead of a son" Raphael said, once again with a cheeky giggle.

"Well, can you blame me? And I mean, Dolores also really loves her massages. She didn't get a boy of her own but, yeah... it's a lot of work, literally" Miriam said, chuckling along with him.

"And as much as I'd love to pamper those gorgeous buns all day myself I still have a job to do, there's only so much I can do with one hand... and gotta make sure the laptop doesn't get crushed like a can" Raphael then said.

"Well, if I'm too much for you to handle you could always go help Patricia" Miriam made a mock frown as she shot back.

"Now you're just being hurtful" Raphael laughed.

"That's for questioning my love for my baby" Miriam huffed, trying to look mad.

"I remember when I was your baby" Raphael teased back, making Miriam blush just as she did back in their highschool days.
"At least, that's what I was called by that sweet, kind girl that rescued me from getting squashed under her bestie's oversized behind, all those years ago" He said, enjoying seeing the usual bronze on Miriam's face gain an increasingly noticeable reddening.

"Hey, Sheila's not bad at all. Last time we checked she boasted the biggest booty in all of Brazil" She said.

"The Spanish or the Portuguese one?" Raphael raised an eyebrow.

"Both" Miriam replied "Funny that you mention her, I told her not too long ago that we moved into the capital city"

"Oh, yeah, I remember that she moved here when she retired from modeling" Raphael said.
"What does she do nowadays?"

"She teaches Portuguese... not that she needs the money but just because she wants something to do that doesn't need her traveling all over"

"Huh, I have a hard time picturing her as a teacher" Raphael said but he noticed a faint hint of a smirk on Miriam's face and it clicked in his mind.
"Wait, don't tell me she works at-"

"Yep, Gulliver High, and her daughter's there too" Miriam nodded.

"And you thought it was a good idea not to tell me or Blaise about it?" Raphael sighed, sensing shenanigans in their future.

"I mean, I think it'll be cuter if the two encounter each other again on their own, I think they'll remember their first love once they do" Miriam giggled while Raphael rolled his eyes.

"If Sheila's blood runs strongly in her, I'm afraid she's going to be too much for him to handle" He said with another sigh.

"You forget our son's 3/4 Brob, he's stronger" Miriam said proudly.
"I mean, you're half and you can handle me after all" She said in a softer, more teasing tone before she playfully placed him on her chest.

"Whoah, this brings back memories" Raphael said as he landed on the warm, bouncy surface. A whole generation ago, when it was himself, Miriam and others that attended highschool, Miriam had a fondness for carrying him around on her body and many of those times were on her chest or in her cleavage though she tended to prefer using her bottom assets more often.

[Continuity/Lore Note: Blaise, Jim and Pete as well as their families were from a southern city near the border with Mexico, but they moved to the Brobdingnag capital city on the island of Vancouver upon getting chosen by the Gulliver Exchange Program. It doesn't affect that many things, it just means that Blaise and his family are new to the city]

Meanwhile, back in Lulu's class...

Lulu was standing right before Jen and the look in her eyes told the Nordic beauty that her quirky redhead teacher was already planning something more to get her tiny crush involved. She really wanted to stop her but she had no idea how, plus it wasn't like she could truly get mad at Lulu, she's always been this playful and eccentric. Jen looked around, as if trying to find something, anything that she could use to get you out of whatever Lulu's mind was brewing.

Jen sighed and shook her head, growing more desperate and frustrated, not wanting to make a scene but she wanted to protect you. She wasn't entirely oblivious to the other girls' reactions either, she knew that to most of them it looked like you were already hers, something she wanted to take full advantage of to discourage any more competition for she had enough with Lillian already. But she was worried that things like these made her claim look weaker, emboldening other girls to challenge it.

"I volunteer as tribute!" Jim's voice snapped her out of her thoughts, instinctively looking at where the sound came from, that being on top of Cindy's bountiful chest. All 4 girls' looks were on him and soon most of the class was at least looking in their general direction.

"Oh?" Lulu chuckled, looking at Jim, briefly glancing back at you and then looking at Pete, who flinched for no discernible reason. She gave an amused smirk and nodded slowly in approval, carefully bringing her hand towards Cindy for him to hop on.

Without thinking twice, he slid down the enormous curves slope of Cindy's boob and then gracefully jumped, scoring an almost Olympics-worthy landing dead on the middle of Lulu's palm. You looked at him in stunned shock, which only intensified when he turned to look at you, giving you a thumbs up alongside a confident smile. You could swear he looked up briefly and did a sort of military salute. Jen blushed in response and silently mouthed a 'Thank you'.

"Alright, here's a few more things I need to explain about caboose transportation and lovely Jim here has decided to volunteer for it!" She said with such an excitement that it was impossible to hide. She then walked towards the middle, standing in front of the classroom in general.


"Lucky or unlucky?"

"Wow, he looks even more flimsy than the other one"

These were some of the comments that were murmured amongst the Lillie students as well as the Brob girls but Lulu either didn't hear them or ignored them and carried on with her class.

"Well, you see, if you carry a Lillie back there for any substantial length of time, certain things are bound to happen" She said and at that moment, all 4 of your new friends tensed up while Pete, Joel and yourself looked pretty confused.

"Uh oh" Zuemy said.

"What's wrong?" You asked Jen, who blushed when you asked that question. You turned to look at Lillian but she averted your gaze for some reason.

"Wow, poor Jim" Cindy said quietly but she didn't even look at you.

'What the hell do they know that we don't?' You wondered, scratching your head.

Then, as many times in her teaching career, Lulu chose to demonstrate things with actions rather than words, giving a playful wink to the class before she turned around and brought Jim towards her gargantuan derriere, using her free hand to pull the waistband of her tight jeans back. Jim's own eyes widened as he saw a very dark abyss as well as only a tiny hint of a skimpy black thong that was most likely getting devoured between her monumental cheeks.

Without any further warning, Lulu tilted her hand, dropping him with almost uncanny aim right towards the deep, dark chasm she had for a buttcrack, giggling quietly when she felt him sliding down against the sensitive inside of one of her cheeks. Once she felt he fell deep enough, she let her pants snap back, sending her ample glutes into a jiggling frenzy, looking like those fleshy masses were entirely made up of soft, squishy gelatinous fat. Lillian couldn't help but feel a little envious even if she was practically at that level herself.

All of sudden, Lulu's gigantic ass erupted with a fittingly enormous fart that startled everyone just from how powerfully loud it was, the echoes that its blaring reverberations made adding to how chaotic it all sounded, like several revving engines all at the same time and within a cave. The girls on the front rows even felt their chairs and desks slightly shake from it, in fact, it felt like a minor earthquake to you, the vibrations made even Jen's body vibrate a little as well.

You noticed that both Pete and Joel looked like they were silently praying for Jim's soul while your own eyes twitched in disbelief, that fart was truly monstrous, a hell of a lot louder than what your mom or Dolores had unleashed on a pretty bad day. You also went pale in realization that Lulu had meant for you to take that at point blank.

'Goddamn, I'm gonna owe Jim a huge one and I don't think there's enough pizza in this world to pay off that kind of debt' You thought.

Inside Lulu's generously-sized bottom, Jim felt like he was in heaven, surrounded by warm. squishy marshmallow-like flesh, plus a hint of a feminine scent that got his heart pumping, he didn't consciously know what it was but evidently something deeper in his conscious did and he was reacting to it, lovingly embracing one of the titanic, round walls that engulfed him. However, his happiness was doomed to be short lived as he soon found himself on the receiving end of a cataclysmic explosion, making a deafening, thunderous rumble of a roar while everything around him shook madly...

April 9