"Wait, let's rewind a little" Emily said "What do you mean the school would be 'glad'?" Emily asked, looking baffled.

"Hmm?" Lulu had an amused look "What, did you guys not read the program's summary? Why do you think the school got renamed to Gulliver High and we're having this whole program to integrate the 3 races together?"

"For some cultural exchange thing?" Chelsea spoke but she sounded mildly confused as well.

"Well, yeah. That's also one of the reasons but it would've been a temporary program if that was the only one. But no, the government is helping promote coexistence and cooperation to fix our society, you know, to recover from the last GBLV pandemic... but also wants more couples to be formed among the different races, with how things are we can't just keep to ourselves anymore" Lulu explained.
"To be fair, this has been the case since a generation ago but we've been a tad slow to get on with the times compared to other countries"

"Wait a minute, is she saying that they basically brought us to be fodder for the giants?" One of the Lillie girls whispered to Tracy, who was looking just as concerned.

"No, even worse. They want the boys" Another girl said.

"I mean they're trash but they're OUR trash, the fuck do these giants think they are?" Yet another girl interjected and she was even cracking her knuckles. Chrissy's show of bravado against Jen inspired quite a few among her following.

Meanwhile among the Lillie boys, who sat behind and a fair distance away from the girls as it used to be in their previous school...

"Well, that answers many questions, but there's a lot new ones" Hunter muttered.

"I mean, it can't be worse than how it was back at Mully Ully Gue, for once we're not at the absolute bottom of the totem pole" Tony noted.

"Guys, guys! The hell you're talking about? If normal girls treated us like garbage, aren't bigger girls gonna be even worse?" Brett said, visibly agitated.

"He's got a point. At least Lillie girls only had us figuratively in their pocket" Tony said.

"You guys weren't looking that wary when Blaise pulled up with that Brob chick he got" Hunter replied "Even you were ogling at her, Brett"

"Gah! How can you not look? She was so... huge!" Brett was visibly flustered while both Hunter and Tony enjoyed a hearty chuckle.

"Point is, bigger girls have challenges of their own but I don't think they have to be as bad as the Lillie ones" Hunter said rather quietly "Just don't let Chrissy or her white knight Ben hear of it" The small group nodded in agreement. Other Lillie boys were having similar debates now that they were realizing of the exchange program's actual intent.

Back to your own friend group...

"So, the program is promoting like friendship and love between the 3 races, huh?" Cindy said
"Guess that means we're not the weirdos for once!" She then giggled.

"Cindy!" Both Lillian and Jen glared at her while Zuemy couldn't help but laugh a little, nodding in agreement. Just before Jen could look back at you, wondering if you heard Cindy's outrageous statement to try and do some damage control there was yet another loud, reverberating rumbling roar that harshly echoed off the classroom's walls, the sheer intensity of the noise made Joel, Pete and yourself flinch.

"I might have gone a bit too hard on the beans. Then again who can resist Dolores' tacos & burritos?" Lulu joked, lightly patting her slight tummy.
"I guess we can consider this an unofficial extra tip: If you plan to carry someone around in or near your booty, make sure not to overeat Dolores' lovely Mexican dishes" She added with a laugh. A few girls laughed as well, finding the whole thing hilarious. But the likes of Lillian and Jen felt rather called out although Cindy herself found it funny as well.

"Ok, I think this is where we should worry" Lillian said "I'm not sure anyone could take that many bombs in the face at basically point blank and at that scale"

"Oh? Funny to see you of all people get concerned" Zuemy threw yet another jab at the large, plump beauty who simply gave her an annoyed glare in response.

Back in the depths of Lulu's crack, Jim was thankfully not inside her panties but his situation wasn't that much better anyway. He was somewhat cocooned by them, bunched up in her massive crack. Not that he could move too freely with the two gigantic, doughy cheeks pinning him in place from both sides. The few minutes he had since her last blaring blast were barely enough to recover, once again wondering how you were able to take things like this on the regular, having seen the likes of your mom and sister do it plenty of times.

'Maybe having Brob blood really matters that much, guess it makes you even stronger' He thought, one of the few fully coherent thoughts he could formulate amongst the otherwise swirling mess that spun around in his mind.

As if on cue, the ominous gurgling returned for a split moment and Jim could only barely brace himself before the enormous eruption hit him. The thunderous blaring that then ensued felt far more intense than the biggest speakers on any concert he'd been to. The massive torrent of heavy, hot and noxious winds hit him like a train at full speed, as if a giant hand was trying to press him flat while Lulu's titanic doughy cheeks held him in place, their booming claps only making the noises all the more overwhelming.

The sensory overload was so great that other than the heat of the hurricane-sized fart and the force pressing directly into him, his other senses had gone numb, for his brain was unable to cope with all that sheer input at the same time. His perception of time had already been shot but it felt like this blast in particular went on for an even longer eternity than the previous ones. Not just his head, it felt as if his whole body was spinning by the time it died down and it took him a while to just realize that.

"Oh dear" Lulu chuckled but she still had a nonchalant giggle "I don't even know anymore if I really went too hard on today's food of if it's from the double portion of bean soup I had for dinner last night" Several girls facepalmed at Lulu but also some giggling ensued.
"Alright, I think Jim's done enough volunteering" She said and reached into the back of her pants, digging into her crack since Jim had fallen rather deep between her massive cheeks and was enveloped by her bunched-up panties that were more of a thong.
"You alright, hon?" She asked as she set him on her palm and held him in front of her face, unfazed by her own flatulent reek still clinging to him.

"General, I couldn't get the number of the enemy battalion..." Said a more than woozy Jim before he faceplanted on Lulu's hand, evidently he had been at his limit enduring her gigantic farts at near point-blank. She raised an eyebrow, finding his last phrase amusing.

"We really got a lot of militaristic training in our previous school" You spoke up to sort of defend him. The Lillies knew this very well as most of them came from that very same school. But most of the Brobs you saw seemed to have a concerned look, including Lulu herself. She carefully set him on the desk near Jen and Cindy.

"I can't believe he tanked all that" Joel said, scratching his head, remembering how he'd been nearly knocked unconscious by Bertha's humongous farts, though he didn't take as many nor as close as Jim did.

"His boasts of Gullie blood weren't a lie" Pete said, climbing down from Cindy's chest to retrieve his friend and you followed suit. You noticed that when you stood up, Jen's hand moved reflexively, as if to keep you but she apparently caught herself and let the two of you proceed.

"Okay, I suppose that in some cases you really gotta be more careful" Lulu then said, clearing her throat previously to regain her momentum.
"Like I said, if you're gonna have a passenger riding in the back, be mindful of what you eat... but on the other hand, stowaways beware" She added with a bit of a laugh.
"She can't be careful with you if she doesn't know you're there, besides, climbing up people without permission is just as rude as picking people up without asking" Lulu winked at the Lillie boys and most of them shuddered in response. The Lillie girls tensed up but remained silent.

"So, let's try to make the best of it and coexist together in spite of our different sizes. You never know, you guys might discover your new best friend, or maybe even find love" Lulu said, making virtually everyone in the class blush save for few exceptions. Just then, the 'Bing Bong!' noise of the school's electronic bell was heard, indicating that the class had come to an end and with that, the school day.

Jen and her friends remained on their seats while most students rushed out, in part because they never liked pushing and bumping into people and also due to being worried about you and your Lillie friends' safety. However, as the girls walked past Jen you noticed that some of them threw glances at you.

They seemed curious but in some cases you weren't entirely sure. Snickers and Chelsea for sure were, as well as Brooke but there was this other girl, a bit more slender-looking than the rest with long straight black hair and a black blazer with fancy-looking ornaments, eerily reminiscent of the military. The look her reddish eyes threw at you seemed more cryptic and something deep down told you to be on your guard, somehow you sensed some sort of potential danger about her even if you weren't able to explain why.

But your train of thought was cut short when Jen picked you up and raised you to her face's level, giving you a sympathetic look. You and Pete had previously brought Jim to Cindy's chest but Zuemy picked him up and stuffed him in her cleavage, already putting in practice Lulu's lesson.

"You know, you can ride on the front this time given what happened with Lulu" Jen said somewhat sheepishly "Not that I'm... that gassy, you know? But I guess it'd be scary for now"

What happens next?

April 22