Earlier, in the Infirmary...

Chrissy felt her heart sink into a void while her body plummeted down into the dark, humid darkness between Altina's enormous cheeks. She had run out of curses a long time ago, she didn't even know who to be mad at anymore but she was both frustrated, yet she despaired badly, feeling like she was doomed to keep getting humiliated by the very giants she despised so much. She failed to see the karmic element to it and instead simply viewed it as a series of senseless injustices.

But unlike with Dolores, there was something about Altina that kept the proud Lillie from directly getting angry at her. She couldn't bring herself to even attempt to get the girl fired, sensing deep down that it would be the wrong thing to do even if she couldn't quite grasp why. In a futile act of resistance, she tried grabbing onto one of the nearby pale, jiggling expanses but it was too squishy to maintain any proper grip, failing even to slow her descent in any meaningful capacity.

Meanwhile Altina herself was so focused on trying to locate her tiny missing patient that she barely registered a sort of light, pleasant tickle that also made her booty itch a little. Leaving it to her subconscious to take care of while her mind remained preoccupied with her search, her hips shook a bit more energetically, getting her plump glutes to jiggle even more and bounce into each other, clapping a bit. The faint Lillie girl's screams that ensued went unheard and unnoticed.

Even though she'd already experienced Dolores' much larger and heavier derriere, Chrissy was not nearly remotely used to it and all she could do is to helplessly let out many screams as the massive meaty walls at her sides slammed into each other repeatedly, smothering her into their doughy embrace while they made powerful booming noises every time they bounced into each other. It took Chrissy several full minutes to realize that she wasn't getting squished, to which she breathed a sigh of relief.

What the unfortunate Lillie girl didn't know was that she couldn't have done this with any poorer timing. Altina's stomach remained upset by the hefty and heavily bean and spice based meal from Dolores she had for lunch and by staying on all fours looking under the bed, her movements inadvertently dislodged various gas bubbles that had been stuck in many recesses inside her gut and were now rushing frantically, seeking an escape.

Without even feeling it until it was too late, Altina's huge ass erupted with a loud, blaring fart that harshly echoed around the room she was in, slightly rattling the bed itself. The noise could've been easily mistaken for a revving bike's engine and a pretty powerful one at that. Altina herself froze in place and blushed a beet red, though she was alone in the room and with the upper half of her body under the bed it wasn't like anyone could see it anyway.

"S-Sorry about that" She apologized, still believing that Chrissy was somewhere around and feeling bad for subjecting her to her rank gaseous mix whose stench was enough to get Altina's nose to wrinkle in disgust.

Trapped in the depths of her humongous rear, Chrissy took the brunt of the gassy eruption with nowhere to escape and no shelter to protect her from the noxious, raging hurricane's fury. The booming thunderous reverberations it made caused the Lillie girl's entire body to rattle and feel like she was a living maraca, her ears rang painfully as well but soon all this sensory overload was overridden by the ungodly stench that forced its way into her nose and down her throat, surrounding her completely, leaving no escape from this terrible cloud that lingered for an awfully long amount of time, as if clinging to her wedged panties and the pants section of her scrubs as well.

In spite of her embarrassment, Altina wondered if maybe the smell would be enough to force the supposedly hiding Lillie out of her charade so she kept looking even while her gut rumbled more, ominously warning that there was yet more to come. She definitely failed to hear the faint whimpering that came from the depths of her ass as another enormous bomb was about to go off.

Said screaming was soon completely drowned out as a second and even louder and longer rumbling fart exploded out of the depths between Altina's massive cheeks. Their own size and weight, plus their incredible softness all made sure that the poor girl stayed pinned in place while the enormous hurricane blew past her, wildly shaking her jiggly surroundings.

At the same time, somewhere else...

Miriam was at work as usual, at Mayor Patricia's office. There wasn't that much to do so she was mostly free to browse the web until something important came up, Patricia herself was reviewing some budgeting plans and city projects but she was taking care of it herself. As for Miriam, she wasn't overly fond of office jobs like this but this was just a rather slow day, pretty often she and Patricia were out as they had to go around the city to take care of various issues and meeting up with lots of different people, a much more active and interesting job, the one that Miriam signed up for several years back when her former teacher in college got elected as the City's Mayor and called her in.

Patricia had her work cut for her as the Mayor of Brobdingnag's island capital city, the single most important place in the entire country and by population numbers, one of the largest although those numbers were due to the increasing amount of Lilliputian and Gulliverian populations settling, whereas many parts of the country remained largely Brobdingnagian and as such, boasted smaller populations that took up larger areas...

Miriam stood up to avoid having her legs fall asleep, and doing so once every hour or two just to help keeping healthy, plus taking her eyes off the computer also allowed her eyes to take a break. She stretched her arms and yawned and as she did, her sizable behind clenched a little as well.

Meanwhile, between those mountain-sized, doughy cheeks there was a certain man who was barely able to close his laptop before the meaty walls surrounding him fully engulfed him. He merely chuckled at this and used one hand to lightly grab the exceedingly soft mass enveloping him, tickling it with his fingers while awaiting a reaction. Soon, everything trembled wildly and he felt as if he was amidst a seaquake but instead of water it was squishy soft flesh.

The pressure immediately eased up on him, but with their sheer size and heft plus the business skirt constricting them in place, Miriam's plump asscheeks still largely kept him pinned in place but he had some literal wiggle room and could move around more-or-less freely within her crack, something that he was actually used to and had been for a few decades already.

"You forgot me already?" Raphael sent to his wife via texting on his phone.

"Of course I didn't! But I needed to stretch, I've been sitting in here for the last 2 hours" Miriam replied, not even bothering to text as she knew her husband could very well hear her voice even with the plentiful muffling her ample behind provided.

"It's a good thing nearly all Lilliputian tech is military grade nowadays because those buns were going to flatten it" Raphael teased and tickled Miriam's sensitive crack some more, his tiny fingers expertly made the enormous fleshy globe quiver, delicately tapping on its immense, blubbery mass. Miriam couldn't help but feel some goosebumps form as she shivered in pleasure.

"H-Hey!" Miriam tried to sound mad but there was no hiding that she loved the ticklish tingles she was feeling all over her plump derriere. They traveled all over the large, meaty and round expanses that made it up and then some, reaching her lower back and gradually dissipating as they went up her back all while her hands and the tips of her fingers all gave many pulsating tingles in addition.

"Relax, I'm glad you enjoy my cooking this much" He wrote, having a smug smirk as he grabbed as much of his wife's doughy flesh he could and shook it, knowing she'd feel it. In response, Miriam only blushed harder and even more so when she sensed what he was doing, presumably to showcase how incredibly huge and plump it was.

Just then and with only a split second of a rumbling for a warning, Miriam let out a pretty big fart that she'd been holding in for a while, making her thick cheeks ripple and clap along its resonating roar. She then felt something tiny smack into the middle of the back of her panties, smiling in satisfaction that her retaliation worked but just before she reached back to retrieve Raphael, she heard Patricia laugh in her office.

Miriam could only chuckle in slight embarrassment that she'd been heard but then again, Patricia was no slouch when it came to letting it rip with her truly monstrous ass and the two were also big fans of the local Salsa Shack franchise, which had become so successful that it was rapidly spreading throughout the entire nation.

"So, you were saying I eat too much?" Miriam said with a mock-annoyed look as she fished her husband out of her crack.

"Never said it was too much" He chuckled nonchalantly as he stood up and fixed the wrinkles on his clothes "And I never said it looks bad on you" He added, giving her a playful smirk.

"Hmph! I can't believe it that your own son is better educated than yourself, he would never-" Miriam began saying.

"So now he's my son only?" Raphael didn't even let her finish, already giggling at her flustered face. But then he looked into her eyes, seeing something else somewhere in the gleaming beauty of those black irises.
"You're feeling this restless because he's in that boarding school, aren't you?" He asked in a calmer tone.

"Well, of course! It's not the same when I don't have him with me, kept warm and safe..." She sighed.

April 6