"Did... did Lulu just shove him into a girl's ass?" Joel asked, unable to give credit to his eyes, feeling like he was still in some weird dream.

"Yep" Both Jim and Pete nodded. Their lack of a further reaction only threw Joel further off, it was almost as if these guys had seen this happen many times before.

"Not just any girl's" Jen said with a sterner sounding voice "That's the one that almost sat on him this morning"

The 3 Lillie boys flinched, sensing the venom in her voice. Jen was NOT happy at all with this situation. They looked up at Cindy, who shrugged and then at Zuemy, who subtly directed them to glance at Lillian, who was quiet but seemed to be just as bothered as Jen.

"What the hell did I miss?"

"Oh boy, you better sit down..." Jim said, patting the 'ground' after taking a seat. Joel felt like he was the only one not used to how strange things were getting but then again not even Cindy seemed bothered than the 3 were standing on her boob like some massive mountain or hill.

Meanwhile, you kept bouncing from side to side, from one humongous squishy meaty wall to the other. Your surroundings were getting gradually warmer but it wasn't such a bad thing given how chilly it was outside with the AC but you were also getting cocooned with the fabric of her booty shorts and their residual reek. You also didn't quite understand why Lulu went out of her way to get another girl to do this, you wouldn't have minded Jen... a thought that made you blush.

Then again, it could've been Lillian or Cindy, both girls were noticeable bigger than her on the hindquarter department and by the sound of it, both were very much looking forwards to it. It wasn't like you hadn't dealt with some truly colossal asses before, as ones such as Dolores' or Arianna's were bigger than even Lulu's but just like before, it felt different when it was someone you weren't familiar with.

At the very least you had no reason to feel threatened, the girl probably doesn't even remember the incident from earlier and Lulu is presumably overseeing the whole thing, having more fun than you'd like but there wasn't much you could do. The jiggly gelatinous walls that enveloped you seemed to contract and relax rhythmically but that could easily be chalked to her walking although it seemed suspiciously similar to how the likes of your mom and Arianna showed that they enjoyed your presence back there.

"Um, how do we know he's still safe?" Asked Monique as Veronica whispered into her ear.

"Because if he were uncomfortable, he'd be struggling desperately or outright climb out" Lulu explained, seeing the concern in the two girls' faces.
"Most of the time it's completely safe for Lillies, the only exceptions are really big ladies or weakened Lillies but I mean really weakened, like having been starved for weeks. Any average Lillie is usually healthy enough that this is no harm at all"

Monique and Veronica sighed in relief, in particular the former as she was already getting worried with the comment on being 'too big' but Snickers was more or less at her level in terms of curviness and yet Lulu raised no objections while Veronica was more concerned about your actual safety, even if it looked like you were already taken it didn't feel right in her heart to just stop caring about you without even a chance to meet you.

Snickers herself wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed by the demonstration or feel happy that with Lulu's help she got a chance to get closer to you, although this was much closer up and personal than she would've wanted, she wasn't complaining. Feeling your minuscule body engulfed by her soft, squishy booty only served to give her many pleasurable tingles that were becoming surprisingly addictive.

She swayed her hips more than was necessary and lightly clenched her glutes to feel you even better. She didn't feel any struggling on your part so she figured you were fine with it, which only encouraged her further, giving a slight extra bounce to her every step and found that it felt even better, almost as if you were digging deeper between her big buns. The realization made her blush for a moment, feeling flattered that you were apparently enjoying this as much as she was. Suddenly, she paused as she felt a much more pleasurable surge of tingles as you'd gotten pressed into the most sensitive spot back there.

'Oh?' She thought and then, even more to her surprise it felt like you were giving her a rub there. She got goosebumps all over the back of her neck and her arms and shuddered from the overwhelming tingly waves that rapidly rushed up her back.

You were caught off-guard yourself since Snickers' ass seemed to be way huge, you kept bouncing around and getting dragged deeper along with the rippling waves of jiggly fat that ensued until you suddenly smacked face-first onto a soft but not as doughy soft surface. It was noticeably warmer than the rest and even though a few layers of fabric dampened the feeling, it still felt like this thing had a more rubbery feel compared to the silky smooth flesh that enveloped you near completely.

'Wait...' Your eyes widened. Given the many times you'd been in the depths of many women's behinds, you weren't unfamiliar with what you were just feeling but you were surprised still. You tried to push yourself away from it but that only caused the constant swaying motion and the booming quakes you'd been experiencing to come to an abrupt halt but unfortunately, the squishy, doughy masses enveloping you barely budged, pinning you against the rubbery fleshy circle.

"Everything alright?" Lulu asked, noticing that Snickers stopped out of the blue but she'd already caught on to what was really going on, having noticed her shudder and the goosebumps. This only made her smirk and chuckle.
"Don't worry, I know" She then said "You see, this can be a pretty intimate way to carry a Lillie around and in the right circumstances it can feel pretty good, similarly to the cleavage which also can result in very pleasant feelings. It can become even a little... addictive~" Lulu giggled and gave a rather suggestive wink to the class, making at least half of the Brob girls blush in embarrassment while the others were weirded out.

Jen and Lillian exchanged a concerned look and then stared daggers at Snickers, they could even see a hint of guilt in her blushing face and groaned quietly, realizing that they just might have gotten more competition already.

"Admit it, you two are just envious that it's her and not either of you" Zuemy teased both Jen and Lillian, snapping them out of those thoughts and earning annoyed glares from them both while she and Cindy enjoyed a hearty chuckle.

"I mean, even I would've wanted to" She added, drawing the 2 girls' annoyed glares at herself while she only giggled some more.

"I dunno if Blaise is one of the luckiest guys ever or the unluckiest" Joel said, scratching his head.

"Up until now we'd say unluckiest but now, I'm not so sure" Jim laughed a little.
"I think he can handle whatever comes his way, at least"

"I'm honestly surprised the Lillie girls never gave him the time of day. Their loss" Zuemy chimed in, still knowing in full that Jen and Lillian were listening and weren't too content.

At the same time, at the Lillie desk...

"Wait, isn't that the girl that squashed you 2 hours ago?"

"Holy shit, yes! That's her!"

"I wasn't squashed but she sent a bunch of us flying with a fart when we had just arrived to the table at the cafeteria"

"She's not half bad tho"

Many of the Lillie boys were already wary of Snickers and some had already suffered the consequences of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time and around a much larger person than themselves.

"Are all Brobs hippos or what?" One of the girls asked disdainfully.

"They eat like them for sure"

"She's a pig, a literal pig"

Rosario could only look around and see that nearly all other Lillie girls had reached a consensus on their disgust and heavy dislike to outright hatred for the girl. She didn't hold anything against her though she too had heard and even witnessed some of the earlier incidents that were being talked about.

"Finally, the freak got his just desserts! He wants to hang around those fat monsters? Let him get an actual taste of it" Tracy said with a smug smile, crossing her arms. Rosario sighed and shook her head in disappointment.

"Okay, I think that's plenty of a demonstration" Lulu said to Snickers, prompting her to stop walking around.

She nodded and reached into her admittedly huge ass with a hand, having to dig surprisingly deep into her crack as her booty shorts had been pretty much demolished between her gluttonous cheeks and you were enveloped by a lot of that bunched up fabric. It took her a few minutes but she managed to find you and pulled you out, giving you a warm smile before handing you over to Lulu, who walked towards the desk your friends were at.

"See? Nothing bad happened" She said before calmly placing you on Jen's awaiting palm, which closed a bit too quickly around you.

"Looks like someone's jealous" One of the Lillie girls said, causing some giggling to ensue among her group.

"See this, boys? Do you really want a girl that can imprison you in her hand?" Tracy said, looking back, as the boys all sat behind the girls, who occupied the front rows, an arrangement inherited from Mully Ully Gue to showcase their dominance over them and as a visual reminders that it was always 'Ladies First' no matter what.

Jen snapped out of it and gently placed you back on her chest, feeling like she'd missed you for a much longer time than it'd been in reality. Lulu stood in front of her and observed her with an amused look as her plump lips curved into a smirk.

'Not this again' Jen thought, feeling pretty exasperated already. She even threw a brief glare at the Lillie section since they had pretty much sold you out by telling Lulu they'd all rather to have you be the target for her class demonstrations.

April 3