The class was in a stunned silence, the Brob girls were surprised that Lulu just let one of her infamously massive farts rip directly upon a Lillie. She'd already ripped one earlier but you were in her back pocket, plus that one was most likely accidental.

The Lillies all went pale in horror, those who came from Mully Ully Gue were reminded of the times a few Brob moms like yours went to the school, most of those times she had devastated it to some extent with either her humongous ass or her equally massive farts. They also remembered how Jen sat on Chrissy and only now realized that she could've done much worse if she wanted to. Conversely, the ones more loyal to her realized that Chrissy had been much braver than they first thought, going up against someone who can basically unleash a natural disaster's worth of power on a whim.

The awkward silence only made Lulu's nonchalant giggling all the more noticeable, as if echoing around the walls of an empty classroom. This did nothing to stop her in her tracks, already anticipating this sort of reaction as one of the likely outcomes. The Brob girls were already familiar with her enough that they should've expected something like this to happen sooner or later but she cut the rest some slack.

"Girls, that's just a normal thing that can happen when you least expect it" She said.
"I mean, we're not machines... and even then most machines do have some sort of vent or exhaust" She added with a chuckle, seeing that most of her students sans the Lillies eased up a little, a few even giggled.

"Not sure we can call those bombs normal" Lillian whispered.

"Now that's something, coming from you" Zuemy teased, making Lillian instantly blush to a beet red and give her a very annoyed glare, barely holding back from saying anything in retaliation just not to make a scene and because it didn't seem like you'd caught on.

The three of you, Pete, Joel and yourself were all speechless. You then saw that the other 2 guys began doing a solemn salute and even without a single spoke word you understood, Jim had really made an incredible sacrifice and it was your duty as a friend to honor it, even more so considering that he saved you specifically.

'Feels like they're doing a funeral' Jen mouthed to Cindy, who nodded quietly in agreement.

'Can you blame them?' Cindy mouthed back and the two nodded, keeping quiet.

"I know some of you might be concerned but I assure you Jim's fine. Trust me on this one~" Lulu explained, adding a cheeky and playful tone to her voice on the latter part. Upon hearing those words, Pete shuddered but neither Joel nor you gave it any further thought.

"But, was it necessary to be, um, that harsh?" Veronica timidly asked while both Monique and Emily threw her a mildly confused and perhaps slightly amused look.

"Well, I had already thought of demonstrating that this is something that can happen, and will most likely happen at some point" Lulu said as she turned back around to face the class. Her slightly pudgy tummy then visibly rumbled and it made noticeable-enough gurgling noises.

"Besides, the delicious food Dolores made gave me plenty of gas... might as well make some use of it" She giggled just as a second blast erupted from deep between her massive cheeks, making an even louder, echoing rumbling noise than the previous tone. Everyone in the class flinched at the same time and the Lillies nearly went all ghost white from sheer terror, specially after seeing how easily and nonchalantly this teacher was able to unleash such a beast.

Back in her crack, Jim was feeling rather dizzy, he'd never withstood such a massive fart from so close, though he had some knowledge of you experiencing stuff like this and he always thought it wasn't that bad, that you were maybe exaggerating. Now that he had essentially had a volcano's worth of explosive power going off in his face, he made a mental note to apologize to you for always making light of your anecdotes or when he witnessed the various shenanigans you suffered with the various women in your family and your life.

Just then, when his stomach barely settled but still felt his head spinning, he heard another ominous, deep rumbling and his skin felt cold, his already pale body going even paler in panic, as if his blood tried to retreat as deep as it could within his own body, seeking shelter from the impending cataclysm and then...

"Dammit" That was the single word he was able to utter before another deafening, booming explotion of furious, hot and noxious gases blew into him with the force of thousands of trucks at full speed. If it weren't for the sheer size and weight of Lulu's monster-sized asscheeks, he was sure he would've been sent flying out like a bullet but instead he was held in place by these gargantuan, gelatinous fatty globes of flesh that might as well be planetoids in their own right. The incredibly powerful gale wind blew his hair back and forced both his eyes and mouth open, unable to shield them from their potent stench, a heavy reek of beans and meat.

It was as if time slowed down to a crawl, as it usually in movies before the big, climactic explosion except that this one was of hot, heavy gases instead of fire and was every bit as loud if not louder, the thunderous roar it made made him feel like his bones were rippling while the harsh smell forced itself into his nose and mouth once more. He could swear he was able to feel each individual soundwave as if they were shockwaves from a meteoric impact and the booming claps of Lulu's titanic asscheeks only added to the already chaotic cacophony.

'Goddamn, how does he tank stuff like this on the daily?' He thought while feeling as helpless as a ragdoll amidst a tornado, a surprisingly accurate depiction of his own situation. He had even seen the likes of your mom pick you up and drop you down into their massive booties, unleashing enormous farts just like he was on the receiving of right now. He briefly wondered if his own mom would've been like this if the chance presented itself, seeing that many Brob women were like this with you.

"Okay, if he wasn't dead before, I think he might now" Cindy muttered.

"Cindy!" Jen whispered with a mix of anger and concern, annoyed that she was so blunt when Jim's friends were already all looking very worried.

"I mean, Lillies are stronger than they look, right? But, sheesh, could've gone a bit easier on the poor dude" Zuemy said, scratching her head.

"And that's what she wanted to put Blaise through" Lillian added, causing you to look up at her upon hearing your name.

"Really, Lillian? You too?" Jen rolled her eyes and sighed, then she looked down at you and gently placed her fingertip on your head, the closest she could get to putting a hand on your shoulder.
"It's not your fault, none of us knew what Lulu was up to" She tried to reassure you and realized that Jim did a much greater sacrifice than he probably meant to and she'd need to find some way to pay him back.

"Geez, Ms. McAllen, are you sure it's alright?" Monique said, feeling more than a healthy dose of second-hand embarrassment though, just like most other Brob girls, she knew that Lulu was always like this.

"Yeah, Jim's fine" Lulu replied with a cheeky giggle and lightly patted her butt, making it jiggle enough that it could be seen even from the front.
"You guys don't give your fellow student enough credit, he's a fine, healthy Lilliputian gentleman. He surely can handle even curves as big as mine without issue" She then said with a fake pout, making most of the girls chuckle, though many felt bad for him, while a few considered he got the consequences of his own actions.

However, after she said that she turned to look in Jen's direction and winked, you could swear that was directed at you but whether or not it was in reality would've been anyone's guess. Your worry spiked up again. Did she know? Had she somehow figured out your true nature? It was true that you weren't the best at lying but you hoped you could at least get away by omitting the full truth.

Then again Alisha had seen though it but maybe that was an unfair comparison, she grew up amongst Lillies in a place where they were fully integrated into society and definitely seems plenty knowledgeable on the topic but Lulu was supposed to be a mere Brob teacher in, well, Brobdingnag itself. They were trying but they hadn't quite fully put their act together yet in terms of having all 3 races coexisting in society, and you were aware that many Brobs had grown up without ever interacting with a Lillie, only knowing of them through books and mass media.

"I don't think it's the curves that we're worried about" A tall, curvy girl spoke with a slight giggle.

You hadn't paid much attention to her but now that you looked at her you saw that she looked like the could give both Jen and Lillian a run for their money at the same time, sporting a similarly plump and slightly chubby, curvaceous body that could also measure up to the likes of Cindy's, although her skin was a slightly lighter chocolatey tone compared to Zuemy's. The way she was dressed and something about the way she looked told you that this girl was rich and/or famous, maybe some kind of influencer or some other sort of celebrity.

"Very funny, Brooke" Lulu replied in mock annoyance but it was clear that she was still having way too much fun herself.
"For the record, I'm not telling you to shove Lillies down your rears and let loose but I'm saying it's a quite convenient and safe place to carry them around and if they stay for a meaningful amount of time, things like these are bound to happen. It could be your friends, dormmates or even your boyfriends... the school would be glad if we got inter-size couples" She added, to which most of the Brob girls either got flustered or weirded out while the Lillie girls were visibly annoyed and the boys were intrigued, nervous and a little afraid...

April 17