You were a bit surprised, Jen clearly cared about you and while she still wanted to carry you close to her, she was trying to not be too insensitive after seeing your reaction to Lulu's massive bombardment upon Jim. It wasn't that others like your mom, Ariadne or Dolores didn't care but they probably failed to grasp how overwhelming they could be themselves to someone like you. You nodded timidly and she smiled, lowering you down towards her chest which was something you welcomed, still a tad flustered that she was so willing to put you there.

"Hey!" Cindy spoke, startling both you and Jen, reminding you that you weren't exactly alone.
"Can I hold you for a bit?" She asked you but Jen immediately gave her a mildly annoyed look.
"Come on, Jen's carried you almost the whole day" She said. You instinctively turned to look up at Jen as you tended to do when you were with your mom or big sis.

"Uh, I don't really mind if you don't" You said, scratching the back of your heard with an awkward chuckle.

"Hey, you're the boss when it comes to this" Jen said in a more cheerful tone than her looks suggested "I'd say not to easily trust any random girl out there but Cindy's not one of those" She shrugged, still with a hint of dejection in her face and then gently placed you on Cindy's palm while Cindy herself handed the still unconscious Jim to Jen. You couldn't help but wonder if you'd done the right or wrong call here.
'Besides, I owe it to him, I can't really complain much' she thought while lightly patting Jim with her fingertip, then carefully pushing him into her cleavage. Being knocked out, he could easily fall off with her chest's constant bouncing.

"Go easy on him, he already endured a lot this last class" Jen said to Cindy, anticipating that the chubby cutie was likely eager to stuff you down either her cleavage or her crack.

"No problem! You're okay with bellies, right?" Cindy then said, catching you off-guard with how direct her question was, unable to give a worded answer but nodded instead. She giggled and promptly pushed you into her belly button just as she'd done during her own demonstration during Lulu's class.

Just then, the two girls turned to look at Zuemy and Lillian, the former had Pete riding in her cleavage though his upper body was still peeking out of the otherwise great chasm while Lillian was stuffing Joel down her back pocket, eliciting a concerned look from both Jen and Cindy.

"I don't really have much of a choice" Lillian said with a mildly annoyed sigh, patting her chest to emphasize of her lack of curves upstairs.

"Could've used your belly button. I did" Cindy replied.

"Uhh... It's best that no one touches my belly right now" Lillian said, looking away.

Her friends caught her drift and even took a step back. They hadn't really paid attention to it until now but usually Lillian would unleash plenty of loud, massive farts throughout the day as she couldn't help being insanely gassy, some quirk that ran in her family, even on an empty stomach they'd be a lot gassier than most and any food would only further worsen it. But so far she had only let off the pressure a couple of times when you were conveniently hidden away and soundproofed, not nearly enough.

Both girls glanced at Lillian's slightly pudgy tummy and saw it rumble visibly, she was definitely struggling to contain an ungodly amount of pressure building up in her gut. Jen understood this best since she was suffering from a milder form of it and unlike Lillian, she had almost failed to keep it contained if it weren't for Jim's save by throwing you into her cleavage right before her big booty erupted with a loud blast of its own.

"Understandable" Both Jen and Cindy have her a thumbs up.

"Well, classes are over and on the first week there's nothing extra so we're free!" Zuemy said, trying to cheer up everyone. However she quickly caught on to the group's mood and also noticed Lillian's visible belly rumbling.
"You know, maybe I should hold Joel for a bit" She then said and Lillian nodded, carefully reaching into her back pocket, as if afraid that touching her own butt too much might cause something to happen.
"I think you all got enough action for now" Zuemy added once Lillian handed Joel over to her and she deposited him in her cleavage along with Pete.

"Does anybody need to go to the bathroom?" Lillian asked. Her friends all caught her actual meaning. The reason she was asking was because she knew the bathroom would reek intensely after she unleashed all the massive pent-up pressure in her gut, and this was in spite to having far more exposure to her gas compared to the average student at Gulliver High. The 3 girls shook their head, giving Lillian the green light and she walked out amusingly fast, almost power-walking.

Just as Lillian quickly made a beeline for the nearest girls' bathroom, a certain person spotted her, Lillian's tall and overly curvaceous, bottom-heavy shape drew this lady's attention. Her yellow eyes seemed to have shone for a split second along with her long, silver hair. This person was no student, though, her uniform was a dead giveaway of her actual occupation: It was some nun's habits, although those were rather ill-fitting, showcasing quite blatantly this girl's own large curves both on the top and the bottom.

After making sure that no one was paying attention to her, she followed after Lillian in swift, dashing strides without making much of a noise. And then, just as she got right behind Lillian she seemingly vanished into thin air. To any outside onlooker, had there been any, it would've seen as if the nun simply evaporated on the spot right as she was within arm's reach behind Lillian. Fittingly, perhaps only God knows what happened to her...

"Alright, I suppose we're all going to our dorms to finish unpacking our stuff and change clothes before dinner in an hour?" Zuemy then said, Jen and Cindy nodded in response.

"Don't worry, I'll give him back at dinner" Cindy then whispered into Jen's ear, making her blush cutely. With that, each girl went her own way as they planned on taking certain detours before getting to their dorms. Jen headed towards the cafeteria while Cindy walked out of the classroom and headed deeper into the hallway and Zuemy went in the opposite direction towards the dorms. Luckily they were next-door neighbors and were on the 1st floor.

Some time earlier, back in the infirmary...

Chrissy's body felt devoid of strength and almost of vitality altogether, yet her seething rage seemed to be the only thing left to keep her going. She weakly tried banging onto the immensely doughy and squishy meaty wall that was one of Altina's plump asscheeks but she hardly accomplished anything.

In the back of her mind, she felt weirdly wrong for trying to injure something so soft, in a way it felt like trying to hit some innocent harmless animal. Unfortunately for the desperate Lillie lass, Altina's big butt wasn't entirely harmless. The faint tingly tickles that Chrissy's fists caused ended up disturbing the white-haired Brob's body enough that she unleashed yet another massive burst of flatulence without realizing until it was too late.

"Oof, I could feel my panties warming up with that one" She muttered, feeling the exceedingly large volume of hot, dense gas flooding every bit of available space in her crack and she could swear she felt her panties absorbing both the heat and the stink. Altina huffed, knowing she'd have to scrub her undies super hard to rid them of her potent stench, one of the causes for said undies not to last her for very long, though she still didn't quite understood how she broke so many panties so easily, she almost felt like they shrank every time they went through a washing cycle.

Chrissy's body felt nearly hollowed out as she took the brunt of the gigantic, reeking explosion, as far as she was concerned, she was right in front of a volcano's crater right as it went off, though rather than lava, it was a furious torrent of blazing, swirling gases that would've been just as toxic as an actual volcano's if not even more. The stench was so vile that she felt as if this were worse than the smidge of military training she went through back at Mully Ully Gue.

Her every bone, every aching muscle and her skin vibrated so deeply that she felt as if her whole being was rippling like a liquid, completely at the mercy of the deafening thunderous roar that erupted from the darker depths of Altina's chasm-like crack. Her massive, fatty cheeks ensured that all the noise echoed around and they repeatedly bounced into each other as a result of the gassy release's sheer noise, adding their booming claps to the already overwhelming cacophony.

"I hope she didn't hear that one" Altina laughed nervously, still trying to find her tiny patient, unwilling to have a missing person on her watch and on her first day, worse still, a missing injured person, or at the very least an exhausted one. Then again, she figured that Dolores' humongous behemoth booty must've done quite the number on her, seeing just how incredibly big it was in comparison, plus the not-so-subtle implications that Dolores went out of her way to punish the little gremlin given her behavior on the social media videos.

Feeling a little tired from being on all fours for so long, Altina decided to take a break before she resumed her search and so she stood up, stretching her back and arms as she did. A couple of silent puffs of dense, reeking gas escaped from her sizable behind, practically an inevitable reality when she was gassy in any capacity. She could swear that people like her own mom and Dolores overstuffed her with food on purpose, yet she was too polite to decline and the food was delicious anyway, wasting it would be a sin. Her big sister would certainly say something along those lines given her peculiar job.

'What in the seven hells does this girl eat?!' Chrissy curled into fetal position, futilely trying to protect herself from the noxious cloud of invisible gas that warmed her like a sauna while it also smothered her in its ungodly stench, making every breath she took an utter agony.

April 24