This is how you found yourself in the crack of the Brob girl with the biggest ass in this school. If someone had told you that this would've been your future into your first day and barely half of the day through you wouldn't have believed it.

Right now, those titanic buttcheeks weren't exerting any pressure, and the gap in between them, while minimal in relation to her own body, was pretty much a massive chasm to you. Somehow, you could sense that this was a much bigger and heftier place than Jen's boobs, perhaps there was an aura to them that you sensed, or maybe it was something more mundane like the thickened atmosphere down here along with the increased warmth.

Somehow, the scents of this area, while similar in some ways to Jen's, were also distinct in their own way but most importantly, they got you in a brief trance as you unwittingly took a deep dive into your own thoughts. The memories of your days before elementary were very hazy, very blurry even though you still remembered a few key details.

Those green eyes... and now that you thought about it, her face and of course, the massive butt though obviously, back then it wasn't as enormously plump and jiggly as it got now, but you could still recognize it. The smell down here managed to act like the final key. Your blurry memories were like a photo album, one covered in so much dust that one could barely recognize any of the pictures but now, that dust was getting swiftly blown away, finally letting you see the clear pictures for what they were.

'Goddammit' You thought. Not because you were mad at the discovery in itself, but because now that you knew, you were doomed to carry on this mental baggage. At least she didn't recognize you yet, that would've made things far more awkward. Still, what were the chances?

You knew who she was. Your first friend, going all the way back until the furthest point where you could recall conscious memories, and she was already your friend! According to your mom, you two met since you were babies. You had lots of fun together and besides your family, she was the person you spent the most time with.

You attended kindergarten together, where she was also your main caretaker and protector, carrying you around on her, playing countless games together, many of which involved her own, massive to you body. Both your mom and Ariadne used to tease you that she'd become your girlfriend in the future, maybe wife, and they seemed rather pleased at the thought, much to your frustrated embarrassment.

Many more memories came flooding back, some pleasant, some not so much and a few that were rather scary although not directly her fault. But then... elementary happened and you suddenly lost all contact with her. You didn't ever fully forget her, but the memories got so hazy over time that all you could've told if someone asked you earlier was that you were friends with a Brob girl back in kindergarten and before, that you two very close and that while you didn't remember her name, her striking emerald eyes you could never for get, nor her rather big butt, which you'd got very up close and personal with many more times than you could count.

Your previous suspicions went away for you now were sure that she was that girl and now, all you could hope for is that she wouldn't remember anytime soon, hopefully long enough for you to even have a remote idea what to do about it.

"How does it feel?" Cindy asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

"Oh, it feels good. But he's just standing there. His little feet tickle a bit" Lillian replied enthusiastically while Jen bit her bottom lip, feeling slightly envious.

"Must be admiring the scenery" Zuemy giggled "I mean those shorts are stupid tight, you can perfectly see those panties' outlines and how brutally they're getting swallowed up between those cheeks"

"Exactly!" Lillian responded with a smug wink, giving her impressive hips the slightest shake, which sent you bouncing into one of her cheeks, and with how jiggly and squishy they were, you effortlessly bounced back into the other only to be bounced back into the first one.
"Wow, I can feel him bouncing in between" She then said. Cindy's face went beet red, trying to picture herself doing the same thing, wanting to showcase how pillowy and soft her own big booty is.

Lillian then slowly began to clench her booty, allowing her to feel you better as you were instantly engulfed by her plentiful doughy flesh. The feeling was even more intense than when she had sat with you under her crack, now that she physically felt you her body was nearly overtaken by the powerful electric shockwaves that rippled across her body, rushing up her back, saturating every nerve along the way with a barrage of extremely pleasant tingles. She had to try really hard not to let out any moans as she felt all of this.

Now she understood at least in a way why Jen seemed to have lost control when she was licking the sauce off you. Just the touch of your body against hers was driving her mad and yet, there was something else to this feeling, a tinge of a past longing, like a forgotten memory that resurfaced. She couldn't quite put her finger on it yet but as she mulled this over, it felt more and more like this is something she'd already felt but that only made it all the better, like recovering something long lost.

Lillian felt the urge to push you deeper into her crack but she had to restrain herself, though even if she did, she still had two layers of clothing in between her skin and yours, but they were stretched so thin that she could almost feel you all the same. But she was sure that Jen would likely protest. Even now, with how much bigger her ass is than hers, you were technically much deeper already. She rapidly clenched and unclenched several times to savor the feeling of your body engulfed by her enormous, doughy meaty expanses.

Cindy stared intently, taking mental note for things to do herself, she was really looking forward to feeling you down there, she had a strong feeling that you'd enjoy it even if you acted all bashful about it and she absolutely loved that kind of cuddling.

Trying to have her cake and eat it too, Lillian sensually swung her hips, knowing that her massive cheeks would wobble and jiggle intensely and she used those fatty undulating motions to get you dragged deeper and deeper into the confines of her crack, where her shorts and panties had gotten bunched up into a large wedgie and were greedily swallowed between those jumbo-sized glutes.

"You're really enjoying him back there" Jen said with a mildly annoyed look.

"Just as you did yourself" Lillian shot back with a confident smirk.
"You even got him to go spelunking between those massive milk jugs too and no one here's complaining" She added with a grin that made her blush while Zuemy and Cindy enjoyed a hearty chuckle.

"...fair enough..." Jen huffed in defeat.

Meanwhile, things had been relatively calm for you, but then these mind-bogglingly huge walls closed in on you, thoroughly enveloping your entire body with their hefty, squishy bulk, infusing you more with their gentle warmth.

You heard the girls' muffled voices but nowhere clear enough to make out what they were saying, and your concentration went out the window the moment Lillian's gargantuan cheeks began to clench and unclench rapidly, something that you were surprisingly familiar with, as it was a way the likes of your mom, Ariadne, Dolores and even Arianna liked to show you affection with, they all considered it to be a form of hugging and were very fond of it. Still, being "hugged" by Lillian's gigantic asscheeks felt different and even more so now that you were sure that she was that friend from long ago...

But even when you sort of got used to the current state of things, you were yet again caught unprepared when everything began to shake. Effectively, your whole self-contained world, which was Lillian's exceptionally massive booty, began to shake more powerfully than before, from side to side, getting all those countless tons of bouncy, jiggly and fatty flesh to ripple and undulate like you hadn't experienced before, and it was these fleshy waves that began bouncing you all around in between her cheeks while dragging you deeper and deeper into her crack, where the overbearing pressure from their immense weight became more apparent, the warmth increased and the various scents around there became more concentrated.

Lillian purred quietly, feeling that her plan was being successful, with your form inching closer and closer to the deepest recesses of her buttcrack. She bit her bottom lip for a moment, feeling very naughty. She knew a chance like this wouldn't come again easily, but if her big assets managed to entice you as much as it appeared, then maybe she'd get more chances in the future. She really wanted to show you all she had to offer, and when it came to her ass, there was a hell of a lot to offer.

It was at this time that her gut grumbled, reminding its owner of its own existence. Perpetually gassy but getting worse with any food she ate, it was already bubbling up, hard at work, getting rid of the gaseous remains from yesterday's dinner while her stomach was ravenously breaking down her hearty lunch, ensuring that there would be a lot more gas rushing its way down her bowels later in the day.

'Ah, damn. I wonder how he'd handle my farts when he's already that deep' Lillian thought with a mischievous giggle and an added glint to her pretty eyes.
'But right now I can't risk scaring him off. It's good enough already that he's let me sit on him and put him in between these. Maybe later...'

"Lillian?" Zuemy asked, raising an eyebrow. She was curious about it herself, but like Lillian, she understood that there was a time and place, but seeing that you were already reacting rather favorably to them greatly paved the way and she hoped that things would go more smoothly from now on.

"Heh, your stomach's all grumbly just like mine" Cindy chuckled, patting her tummy, which made various groaning and gurgling noises in response.

"Are you sure those guys are safe back there? Sounds like you're gonna explode" Jen said, a bit worried.

October 22, 2023