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""Wait, let's rewind a little" Emily said "What do you mean the school would be 'glad'?" Emily asked, looking baffled. "Hmm?" Lulu had an amused look "What, did you guys not read the program's summ..."
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"Altina already didn't find the situation funny at all but she was getting increasingly worried with every second that passed with her unable to find Chrissy. It'd definifely be pretty bad for her i..."
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"This is how you found yourself in the crack of the Brob girl with the biggest ass in this school. If someone had told you that this would've been your future into your first day and barely half of ..."
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"'Whoah' You couldn't help but be amazed. While it was true that this was far from your first time in a Brob lady's ass, this was the first time that it wasn't someone from your family, or people th..."
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"Without saying a word, Jen picked you up, swiftly yet gently enough not to make you too dizzy, although you got some chills as the rapid movement of the air around you caught you off-guard. She rai..."
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"Joe was a good person. At least, he liked to think so. He almost always said please and thank you. He frequently thought about volunteering at soup kitchens. He practically never forgot to call hi..."
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