She was absolutely massive. Weiss had been daunted by the sheer size of everything in the room before. But looking up at the ginormous, golden colossus who had just walked struck her to her core - it was awe inspiring.


She could tell who it was immediately: that curly, golden hair, those black shorts that were just a little too short, and of course the humongous breasts that no doubt could now crush Weiss in an instant. That's right, it was Yang Xiao Long, the buxom boxer of team RwBY. Only now, to Weiss, she looked well over a hundred feet tall.



Weiss shook herself out of her trance and got to work. She hurriedly began running towards her teammate, waving her arms and shouting for help. Her voice, it seemed, was too small now to reach Yang's ears as Yang casually swayed into the room like nothing was the matter.


Yang had just come back from a session at the gym, and she was pooped. She dropped her gym bag with a thud onto the floor, unaware that it almost flattened her shrunken teammate. Stepping further into the room, Yang eagerly stripped herself of her sports bra, sighing in relief as she could finally let her girls breath free, the cool air delivering a welcome chill on her sweat covered skin.

Weiss, meanwhile, was rather upset at Yang. Not only for not noticing her, but also for nearly smearing her under her gym bag. As Yang had stepped over her, Weiss was just about ready to give that oversized (normal sized) bimbo a piece of her mind. But she stopped as she watched Yang tearing off her top, her humongous breasts bouncing freely, and the uncovered sweat dripping down from them like rain. Weiss, ever the prude, wanted desperately to avert her eyes... "but maybe just a quick glance?" It didn't matter, however, as Yang effortlessly tossed her sportsbra onto the floor, directly on Weiss, depriving the prissy heiress of the buxom view, and trapping her in a folded mess of moistened fabric.


Weiss (after taking a moment to take in the pleasant aroma of Yang's lavender soap and exerted sweat) struggled desperately to free herself, finding herself caught in a new fold with every movement. She heard Yang's thundering footsteps stomping farther and farther away, and became even more desperate to get out to get a chance at catching Yang before she left.

Eventually, the relieving wash of cold air met Weiss's now moistened skin, and she found herself free from that mess of fabric. (Weiss, for her part, acknowledged the sports bra as a worthy opponent, especially considering the two beasts it keeps tame on the regular). Taking a brief moment to collect herself (especially as her dress was now fully ruined), Weiss quickly took to the task of tracking down her gigantic teammate.


It didn't take too long for her to discover Yang was...

June 12, 2023
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