Meanwhile, in Cindy's crack...

The 3 guys were surprised, Cindy wasn't kidding when she said that her huge butt was the warmest and softest spot on her, even the more timid Pete was basking in her warmth while letting her plush, doughy cheeks envelop him whole. They all felt like they were submerged in a sort of marshmallow ocean.

Jim once again found this feeling very comforting and made it his goal to find a girl to feel something like this with, or better, a search that had ended up poorly for him throughout the years although he'd only ever tried dating Lillies, feeling a Brob's warmth was like a whole new dimension of its own. He chuckled, as he could picture you and Pete telling him that it'd be crazy to chase after Brob girls... though then again you had been already claimed yourself by one even if you weren't aware of it yet.

'I almost can't believe she's so chill' Joel thought, Cindy was basically a dream for anyone into thicc, plump and cuddly beauties. He couldn't tell yet if he'd be into her specifically but if friendship would net this kind of treatment then there were no drawbacks as far as he was concerned.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

"FUCK!" Chrissy banged onto the massive, round twitching gate that kept her prisoner, her fists bouncing harmlessly off the rubbery flesh.

Everything had gotten so much worse and right when freedom was within her grasp. She was feeling angry like she'd never been in her whole life before, no matter how strong her will, things weren't bending to it anymore. The proud self-proclaimed queen amongst Lillie students fell to her knees, practically overcome with despair at her situation, trapped in a new level of Hell that she had never even had nightmares about before.

Despite being practically in darkness, she could see around her faintly and as she did, she wished she couldn't. She found herself in a massive pink tunnel seemingly made of an endless continuum of rings that pulsated, an eerie reminder that these walls were alive.

'How the hell do I get out now?' Chrissy stood up and punched the enormous sphincter several times, kicking it as well as she grew angrier but the muscular ringed "gate" wouldn't budge. The loud, pulsating organic groans made for an even more ominous, terrifying atmosphere but she was far more concerned about the very "gateway" that held her hostage in this horrendous, hellish and warped world.

Dolores resumed washing dishes and trays after cleaning off the little bit of spilt oil that made her slip and fall earlier, playfully patting her enormous booty as a way to thank it for being such a great cushion, rendering these things completely harmless as far as she was concerned.

As a result of the bean heavy, spicy lunch she enjoyed, more gas bubbles gathered in her gut and several of them merged into a larger one that began making its way down, making it growl and rumble. She could feel it rushing for its final destination but she didn't allow it to exit.

Even though she was alone, she didn't want to make too many noises and draw unwanted attention, thus, she clenched her anus tight and refused to budge even as the large gas bubble pressed against it. After a couple of minutes, the bubble was forced back up, managing to create a slight bulge in her admittedly already large gut. She raised an eyebrow, finding that somewhat unusual but not enough to warrant investigating it.

Chrissy would've wished that she did as she was completely caught off-guard when a gigantic bubble, easily capable of engulfing an entire Lillie city block within, rushed towards her. She let out a blood-curdling scream that was quickly silenced as she seemed to phase through the bubble's wall, getting trapped inside.

Her voice was further soundproofed by the bubble itself and Chrissy found herself in an even worse condition, the temperature rapidly became more oppressingly hot and the smell was the worst she'd had yet, coughing and retching at the thick, noxious atmosphere that surrounded her. Even more to her horror, she couldn't get out of the bubble, its wall was too elastic and durable for her tiny body to pop or to get through as she had entered.

Dolores' immense gut rumbled powerfully, its gurgling groans rattled the Lillie girls' entire skeleton but no matter what, the exit refused to budge and the fart bubble bounced back up, getting into the deeper, darker recesses of the large lunch lady's large intestine.

Chrissy's frantic streaming and attempts at getting out tired her out and she collapsed on the "floor", which was nothing more than more of the bubble from the inside. Looking above, her eyes widened when she saw a flurry of smaller bubbles coming down towards her, almost like an eldritch version of a meteor shower and she had absolutely no shelter. By reflex, she curled into fetal position and awaited for the worse, unwilling to accept her fate but without any choice left.

Much to her (mis)fortune, the large bubble held on and all of these others that crashed into it only merged, making it grow larger while the amount of gas inside rapidly increased, which also meant that the swirling noxious mix of digestive gases became even more highly pressurized, making Chrissy feel like she'd been put into the world's largest pressure cooker.

Deafening rumbling groans resonated all around her while more and more methane bubbles crashed into the one holding Chrissy prisoner, making it grow more and further increasing the pressure inside. Even Chrissy herself was surprised that she'd managed to remain conscious so far, perhaps her will to live wasn't completely overpowered yet and she clung to it with everything, however little, was left in her.

"Oh boy" Dolores chuckled, noticing that her gut was getting more bloated by the second, forcing herself to work harder and faster to get done with washing everything so she'd have her well-deserved few hours of resting time before she had to begin preparing dinner.
"I can't wait to go back to my room" She muttered "Looks like I've got a real storm brewing down here" She lightly patted her tummy, eliciting louder, almost angry-sounding gurgles.

And unknown to her, a very diminutive girl trapped in the middle of it screamed her lungs raw even though there was no hearing her. Chrissy whimpered as the rumbling became a series of massive earthquakes and the grumbling, gurgling groans became deafening like thunder. To her misfortune, she was able to hear Dolores' voice and knew exactly the kind of fate that was about to befall her...

Back at the lunch table...

"Are you sure they're ok?" You asked somewhat worriedly, not because you thought Cindy bore any ill will but because she's so alluringly chubby and those delicious curves are indeed so heavy, you were concerned about them, even though Jim was one of the few Lillies that boasted his hybrid heritage... Gullie blood could only help so much after all.

"Yep, they're real comfy" Cindy replied with her signature sweet smile.
"You can join them and see for yourself" She added with a surprisingly suggestive and playful look but she quickly reverted to her usual bubbly demeanor. You were baffled nonetheless.

"I think he's had enough close ups to you for now" Jen said protectively.

"Unless it's close ups to you instead?" Zuemy said, smirking cheekily.

"Exactly!" Jen replied without missing a beat but it was then that she hit the brakes and realized what she'd just said, blushing intensely while her hands trembled and she began stuttering, frantically fumbling around in her mind looking for a way to undo her mistake.

"My, my... Look how flustered you've got her already" Zuemy giggled.

"Me?! What did I even do?!" You jumped a little and almost freaked out, how could any of this be your fault? Zuemy and Cindy exchanged a knowing look.

"Looks to me like you're worthy of your title, Mr. Titan Tamer" Zuemy giggled again while you groaned and rolled your eyes.

"Please don't start with that, that was just Jim's stupid idea to viralize stuff" You facepalmed.

"I dunno, I think it's pretty accurate. Look at you, you're sitting at a table with 4 curvy beauties and you've got their undivided attention" Zuemy then winked at you, making you gulp and feel more nervous.

"Hey... how would you feel if instead of going between my cheeks you went between Jen's? Would you like that better?" Cindy asked somewhat bluntly but the question itself is what nearly made you faint. Jen's blush only intensified but she was also staring down at you intently.

"Cindy, what kind of question is that?!" You shook your head while your legs felt shaky and weak.

"It's a good question. I mean Cindy's not the only one who likes that kind of cuddling" Zuemy teased you with a smug smirk.

Trying to find some safety or moral support at least, you turned to look up at Jen but she was only staring at you while her face looked near completely beet red.

"Hold on! This is an unfair question!" You tried to deflect but you didn't know exactly how.

"Come on, it's really not that complex" Zuemy shrugged "If Jen told you she wants you to go cliff diving down between those cheeks would you be yay or nay at it?" You looked at Jen again and saw that she was half-smiling.

"Blaise?" She asked quietly and your one way out vanished before you, even Jen wanted an answer, goddammit.

"I-I mean, what would you want in that situation?" You asked, feeling increasingly nervous.

"We already established she wants you to go there" Zuemy said "The ball's in your court dude. Yay or nay?"

"I... I suppose there's nothing wrong if she wants it" You replied after taking a deep breath, feeling so warm that you wondered if your body was as red as Jen's face right now. And speaking of Jen, her eyes lit up as she heard you response and you saw her pupils widening while her half smile rapidly became a full one.

"Welp, he's spoken, what now, Jen?" Zuemy asked...

October 12, 2023