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One day, for reasons that escape your comprehension, you shrink really small (ranging from about 1/2 inch to 1/10 inch, 1cm to 1 millimeter approx. but other sizes are possible, usually no larger than an inch), and you don't really know why. Did someone do it? Did something cause it? Who, or what? Unfortunately for you, you won't get many chances to find out, as you have to try your best and survive as you're not alone. The girls that you were just hanging out with or happened to be around are now seemingly impossibly gigantic. You might try to alert them of your presence, but that might not end up being the best idea.

[This story is sort of a spiritual successor to TinyMan0001's 'Giantess/fart shrinking' stories, though not intended to be a carbon copy of it. One difference is that whether farts shrink you is up to whoever is writing, though I at least chose to leave the cause of shrinking mysterious at the beginning, and also because it slightly contradicts some backstory (I also left open the possibility for a girl to intentionally shrink you). However, like it, it's largely focused on the shrinking side, though I guess I can leave a branch dedicated for a giantess/growth route if anyone's interested on adding to that. Also, similarly, the girls may be aware or unaware of your shrunken form. Usually, I'd say they should progress from unaware to aware, depending on the girl and the situation though. I will admit I tend to do aware more than unaware, but unless it's been previously stated in a chapter, you can opt for either. I think unaware has huge potential I haven't tapped into myself.

At the end of the day, shrinking is a plot device, and it can be used in any way that helps keep the story going, as long as it doesn't contradict what was stated before. I probably won't have much time to do a whole lot of writing myself, so, besides setting up the initial routes, I'll be happy to let others unleash their creativity. I only ask for reasonable spelling (and this is coming from someone who has English as a 2nd language) and to at least make the chapter one or two paragraphs long. Let's not do choice one-liners, please.]


[Important Note]

Due to it having been an uncomfortable topic for some of the audience for a while and in response to community feedback, characters that were formerly under 18 will be upped to 18 years old. In most cases this doesn't affect the plot or even the ongoing routes much. There are two characters that are more drastically affected by this change, and I'll eventually patch up the plotholes this kind of retcon will cause, this will be the first part of it.

As an addendum to help maintain the highschool setting, I will be adding that in the highschool Blaise and his friends attend to there is a 13th grade that is supposed to be special preparation for college but functionally is just like a second senior year. Characters like Monique, Veronica and Emily will be placed in this grade, whereas Blaise and his core friend group with the exception of Cindy will be moved to senior year.

Some characters were already canonically 18, they most likely will be made one year older to maintain the idea that they're older/more mature than Blaise. Examples of this are Jen and Veronica among others. Not all characters at 18yo will be changed, such as Jessica Pilgrim, because keeping her in senior year doesn't even impact many of the storylines, and placing her in 13th grade would mean she'd go to college/university after that summer, so for back to school routes post-summer she wouldn't be there anymore and I think she has some potential to stay.

The two affected characters are Cindy and Yamile, intended to be freshmen students and 16yo as of the time of the story's setting. They will now be 18 and be placed in sophomore year, with both of them having been held back one year for different reasons. More on that in their updated descriptions.

Main Characters:

Blaise (You): 18 years old guy in his senior year of highschool. Tall (190 cm/6'3") for your age, with a light brown/lightly tanned skin tone and wavy black hair (usually messy) and eyes. You're a quiet guy that likes to keep a low profile, slightly athletic with a bit of muscle (Blaise weighs around 198 lbs/90 kg), but never joined any sports team. You tend to get decent grades with little studying, except on numerical things like Math and Physics, but you never quite fit in with the intellectual types either save for one exception, although you enjoy reading quite a bit. You also like anime and videogames and are rather introverted, but that doesn't mean you're apathetic or antisocial. You can't say you have many friends, and may say that you have quite a few acquaintances. You wonder if the friends that you do have are the reason for that...

[Additional notes: You have a crush on your friend Jen, but have never worked up the courage to ask her out, and at the same time, Lillian makes things extremely difficult and awkward, though at times she seems to help you on 'earning points' with her, and sometimes she may even give you some useful tip. Also, while this won't be mentioned a lot in-story but is relevant for minor background stuff, Blaise is of Mexican origin]

[New developments]

The following is just as canonical as the description above, meaning that it should always be held true unless being on an alternate world route

While you consider yourself an average guy at best, not having too much of an ego, and bordering on having low self esteem half of the time, your love life went from nonexistent (to your knowledge) to becoming pretty complicated shortly after 7th grade, there were two major events that you had no idea would impact your life so greatly at the time:

- Bailey, a girl that you defended from bullies one day ended up becoming more than just a friend, having confessed her love for you the year after. You've been dancing a dangerous dance ever since, keeping things friendly while avoiding her advances, there's no way you want to get involved with Toxic Lily's family of all people. But she's perseverant and hasn't given up yet, all you can count on is your own ability to keep escaping from her advances before things get too much out of hand...

- On a much more relaxed note, by what has to be sheer chance, one day, also in 7th grade, you met a girl called Maggie, a pretty short girl that more than makes up for what she lacks in height, her smooth and shiny fiery red hair not doing justice to just how much of a 'firecracker' she is... but not in the way you'd think at first. This girl is the living definition of shamelessness and despite being the second shortest person you've ever met besides Zuemy, her presence feels just as large as Lillian's if not even more.

She's extremely chill besides her many highly perverted antics, and after a couple of months passed, she made it crystal clear to you that she was interested in becoming a couple, but she didn't pressure you into giving her an answer yet, instead choosing to leave the invitation open, waiting for when you were ready. She's far from anything you'd ever imagined from a girlfriend... would it be worth it forsaking your interest in Jen, or even your lingering, confusing feelings for Lillian? That's a dilemma you haven't managed to solve in 5 years...

Complicating things even more, after not having seen her for a few years, you met Brooke again when you started 10th grade and while your friendship seemingly resumed right from where it left off that only lasted for a short while before she made it clear that she was interested in taking it to the next level. She hasn't actively pressured you into answering her confession yet but it's clear that she's still waiting for an answer and has gotten increasingly playful and teasing as time has passed. She comes across as dominant at time but it doesn't seem to be entirely intentional and might just be a result of how she was raised. She seems to have a knack for getting you in compromising positions though, just as Jen and Lillian show up, greatly angering them. At least she has some amount of restraint compared to Maggie.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, Veronica confessed her feelings for you a few months ago, though that one seemed to be based on a deep misunderstanding largely based on the way Lillian and Zuemy interact with you on a daily basis. Ever since, she's been trying to avoid you so you gave it a rest while pondering whether or not to respond to her feelings.

With all of these ongoing situations, your social life at school is nothing short of a massive headache, though you still consider Jen your actual love interest, wanting to overcome your own lack of self confidence to eventually ask her out, but you also need to sort out your relationship with Lillian and solve all of these other situations that emerged...


Lillian: 18 years old. She's massive for a girl, standing at the same height as you (190 cm/6'3") and weighing even more than you (105 kg/231 lbs). She's got fair skin, long straight black hair and emerald eyes. As these numbers suggest, she's on the chubby side, though she has a proportionately slim waist and a decently sized bust, though most of her weight is in her gigantic jiggling ass, the biggest in school that you know of, and thick thighs to go with it. She does have a bit of a tummy, but admittedly, this only gives her a cute look. Lillian has been your best friend since kindergarten. Still, you know each other very well, and she's comfortable around you beyond measure. Your relationship has also become a bit odd as you both hit puberty. The reason being that Lillian loves to tease you more than anything else in the world, and has practically no shame when it comes to it. She loves teasing you using her body, and specially her biggest feature, her ass. She often sits on your lap, chest, or even your face whenever she gets the chance, or lean her butt against you so you can feel it, or downright grab your hands and make them squeeze her rear, or shove them into her crack, and adores your shy/embarrassed reaction; she also tries to get you to rest your head or face on her butt whenever she gets an excuse for it. You wonder if you only put up with this because you've been friends for so long. She downplays all of this as just innocent teasing like old times, a claim that you can't deny since even since you were kids she often liked to sit on you or pin you under her weight in one way or the other. She doesn't exactly bully you, many times she just enjoyed the feeling of you resting on her soft body like a pillow, to the point that you've taken naps resting your head on her belly or lap/thighs sometimes, though she also enjoys the opposite, feeling you under her own mass. It just comes across as overwhelming because of her own sheer size.

Since she loves to show off her big ass to you and tease you with it, she always wears extremely tight pants that make you wonder how she managed to fit into them, and isn't shy at flashing you her underwear, which, as far as you can tell from the times you've been at her house (and she lives next to you, to top things off), all consists of thongs and variants of that. She's cheerful, mischievous, playful and fairly lazy when it comes to physical work. Despite her appearance, she's surprisingly strong and athletic when she plays sports or does some activity for P.E, but only when forced to, or taunted into, otherwise she chooses to laze around whenever she can get away with it. Her rationale being that she doesn't want to do any serious amount of exercise because she doesn't want to burn off any fat, and specially her butt's. In fact, she wants it to get even bigger and fatter, much to your dismay and embarrassment. Because of this, and her aforementioned size, she loves to eat and eats a lot, most of it being fatty and sugary foods. And it's this habit which brings about her next 'quirk', so to speak; because of the immense volume of food she eats all the time (or whatever reason, as you can't think of any other) she's pretty much gassy all the time, and unlike most girls, isn't shy to let it rip right there and then (and she's practically incapable of sbd's, all of her releases are huge and loud, and even what she considers a small fart is pretty darn big to anyone else). In fact, she often farts when she sits on you, which she finds hilarious. Also, due to her hanging out in your house a lot, she fell in love with Mexican food, specially with burritos, which only make her even gassier. She practically eats at least one serving every day, and when she can, she gets away with eating much more.

She's been friends with Jen for as long as you have, and while they're mostly on good terms, their relationship is also a bit odd, in that at times she's supportive to her, knowing she has a crush on you (unknown to you), but at other times, she stands as her rival over you. They also have a sort of rivalry regarding their 'best features', her boobs vs her ass. However, most of the time they hang out as good friends and honestly enjoy each other's company, but even more when you're present.

Measurements: 37 - 32 - 56 | Bra Size: B cups.

[Additional notes: Admittedly, she's my favorite character, and I hope to see a lot from her]

Jen: 19 years old, of Nordic origin. She's also tall for a girl, but not as much as Lillian (180 cm / 5'10"), and while she's also rather thick, she doesn't weigh as much (80 kg / 176 lbs). She has an hourglass shaped body (still bottom heavy despite her huge chest) and even though she sports the biggest bust in school, her butt is still bigger than it. It's considered to be second to Lillian's only, but Lillian's looks easily twice as big as it despite that. She has creamy white skin and light brown wavy hair that she often wears as a ponytail, and her eyes are hazel colored. Unlike Lillian, she doesn't have a noticeable tummy, her stomach is smooth and mostly flat, though it has a tiny bit of pudge that makes it soft. She was rather chubby as a child, but that 'baby fat' is what ended up giving her her prodigious curves, and while she started out feeling self conscious about her body proportions and weight, she's come to feel comfortable in her body thanks to you and Lillian. Now she carries her size and weight with unparalleled grace.

As a result of being quite athletic, and as per her own claim, her Viking blood, she has some muscles underneath her soft looking surface, though they rarely show given the generous amount of soft 'padding' on top of them, which only has increased as she's been following Lillian's advice to score points with you, which means she's been putting on quite a few pounds to enlarge her already large curvaceous assets. While you've never had the chance to touch them, they look really soft and squishy, though they are probably a bit firmer than Lillian's.

Your second friend, she came into your life much later than Lillian, when you were 12 and entered middle school. Your friendship is on much more wholesome terms than Lillian's, and the two of you have developed a rather obvious crush on each other, but neither has realized nor acted upon it. To further complicate things, you seldom get alone time, as Lillian tags along 99% of the time as well. Jen's very kind, optimistic and affectionate, so she's hugged you a fair amount of times, making you intensely red with embarrassment, and when she sits next to you and you feel her soft hips leaning on yours, you struggle to retain your composure. You love everything about her, her personality and her looks both. She sometimes is annoyed by Lillian's 'hogging' you, and is surprisingly hostile to any other girl that shows any interest on you, though you're largely unaware of that, the only instances where you've personally seen that behavior is when she's protected you from bullies such as Toxic Lily or Emily.

Her relationship with Lillian is a bit odd, as they're both good friends, but rivals at times, mostly over you, but also about their own perceived beauty, however, she's quite annoyed that her attempts at flirting with you or sending you some clear signals are often foiled by Lillian, who often outdoes her, being much more touchy-feely than her, given her greater confidence around you. She considers most other girls aren't even competition when it comes to your affections, but will still make it clear you're off-limits (when you're not present) if she feels that they may have ulterior motives beyond acting friendly.

On an unrelated note, she's become fond of anime, videogames and other stuff thanks to you and Lillian. At school, she likes to play basketball or volleyball, the latter being her favorite sport; however, she turned down joining the school's team to have as much time as possible to hang out with you, even if Lillian were also part of the equation. Still, she tries to spend quality time with you (alone) whenever possibly, but only succeeding few times. Following Lillian's advice, Jen has been trying to use her butt to entice you, in addition to her boobs, though she's much more subtle about it than her. She often wears tight jeans and short shorts/booty shorts that emphasize her largest asset.

Even though she's not Mexican (by blood), she was raised there up until she was around 10, and as such, she too is pretty fond of Mexican food, also, much to everyone's surprise, she speaks perfect Spanish but she rarely does unless you two are alone, or if it's absolutely necessary. The fact that she can catch some people such as Romina and Celeste entirely off-guard.

Unlike Lillian, however, she's never let loose around you, worried that that'd gross you out, despite Lillian's completely opposite behavior. She even told Jen that of all people, you would be the most prepared one, having endured years and years of farts from her, but she's chosen not to act upon that info. By Lillian's own claim, she's got Jen beat in noise by a long shot and volume though not by much, but if Jen happens to eat anything with beans, even Lillian calls her farts 'downright toxic'. She's respected Jen's wishes so far and hasn't revealed this side of hers to you (yet).

Measurements: 50 - 27 - 51 | Bra Size: H cups.

[Additional notes: Lillian lives next to your house, but Jen also lives within the same block/neighborhood. Not counting Ariadne, Jen's the physically strongest/most athletic out of all these girls, though Lillian is surprisingly close at least in terms of strength and stamina, quite close in speed but not quite at the same level.]


Cindy: A 18 years old sophomore student from Germany, she was once the new kid around and you happened to be around, helped her showing her around the school and other stuff. You don't remember it too well as it was a long time ago, way back in your elementary school days, but despite that, she's become friends with you and has stuck around ever since, though she got held back one year because in late elementary she got sick for several months and missed too many classes to recover. You never really found out the details behind it, all she's ever mentioned was that it was really bad. But despite that she's quite a joyful person, and has remained a close friend of yours despite being a year behind you school.wise.

Still, you two enjoy pretty much the same things, but she's decidedly much more of an otaku with a nerdy streak, whereas you do enjoy anime, and some interesting stuff to learn, but not quite to the same degree. Still, you often find yourself enjoying the anime, games and even documentaries she's recommended you over time. Maybe you ower her a bit of your current intelligence, who knows. Thanks to you she's learned plenty of Mexican history and about its ancient cultures, so it goes both ways.

Against what you'd expect from someone with her personality, she's fairly tall, almost as Lillian, but not quite, standing at 184cm tall / 6' 1". She's not too fond of hard physical tasks and only does the absolute bare minimum at gym, so she has quite the curvaceous and soft, well-padded physique, especially around the bottom, sporting a huge ass that nearly matches Lillian's, and has a fondness for wearing jeans or shorts so tight they look painted on. She has short, cropped black hair with blue eyes hidden behind her glasses and her skin is quite pale. Despite the aforementioned laziness, she's quite tomboyish on non-physical stuff, and fins burping and farting hilarious, yet, she's been nice enough to spare you from her gas, though she's joked quite a lot that even her smallest farts are like a Final Flash, and they could be compared with Lillian's. She's also occassionally joked about farting on you, but in the end she's never done so, which you and your nose are very thankful for. If what she says is true, she might even surpass Lillian, or even Veronica, at least noise-wise, as there's no way for you to know about the smell, a fact you're thankful for.

As for her feelings, you yourself have no idea. She's always been like a little sister of sorts, or a cool cousin, and you two just hang out and have fun together, sometimes with Lillian and Jen. Unknown to you, the latter doesn't like her at all, yet she can't be legitimaly mad at her because she's nice to about everyone as long as they haven't done anything to her. Lillian finds her interesting and funny however, though she's unaware that she might have quite the mighty rival farts-wise.

She could indeed have a crush on you, but you wouldn't know. One thing Jen particularly despises is that she has taken to calling you "big bro", but you know that's a silly inside joke, as it's a translation of the japanese "onii-chan". Her official explanation for the nickname has been that you were like the big brother she never had, and with you being a few months older than her she does claim that you're biologically older. As you help her with her homework, which you find easier as it's last year's stuff, the big brother image to her is only further cemented, but still, she largely treats it as an inside joke between you two.

Measurements: 42 - 36 - 55 | Bra Size: E cups.


Zuemy: 18 years old. A long-time friend of Lillian and yours, but you're not entirely sure on how to feel about her nowadays. She goes all the way back to the beginning of elementary school, so you've still been friends with Lillian a bit longer, but not by a very long shot. A short, black Cuban girl, standing at 140 cm / 4' 6", but a very stacked one, and in fact, despite having a significantly smaller body frame, she nearly matches Lillian's curves inch for inch. With black hair tied in a side pony reaching her hip, she usually wears a tube top with booty shorts that that goes in deep and spreads her crack open.

A very mischievous girl, Zuemy is very well known for her pranks and Lillian usually gets her ideas or at least props for her pranks from her. Compared to Lillian's pranks, Zuemy's tend to be far more wild than anybody would like them to be, and most unfortunately, you often end up involved in almost any prank of hers, or whatever crazy plan she can think of. Unknown to you, she's usually involved in your shrinking methods. Her mother could also be involved as well, as she was a friend of your father's since his younger days.

As she has special classes (she's sort of a scientific genius) and gets a different schedule from yours, starting highschool you don't interact with her as much anymore, but she pretty much shares all classes with Lillian that aren't shared with you, which makes it easier for her to to meet up with her friend. To her, you're a better source of fun when pranking and teasing Lillian, as she's one of the few people that is aware of her crush on you. She also seems to like you more as a toy or some kind of pawn than a friend, and has a rather crazy imagination, having teased you in the past with seemingly impossible scenarios such as her growing to massive sizes, or shrinking you to ant size, or even smaller, simply to become her new favorite toy, one to pretty much always keep in her ass to continuously blast with her terrifyingly powerful farts, which are either on par with Lillian's if not even worse on both noise and smell.

Zuemy has hinted at having some kind of stomach condition that keeps her gassy all the time, and like Lillian she's apparently incapable of silent farts at all, but even beyond that, all of her releases are very loud, and again, like her, she's long embraced this as part of her identity and pride. Finding it hilarious, and being pretty fond of using it to tease or annoy others, you being one of her favorite targets, with the added bonus of annoying Lillian and making her feel jealous.

Despite her antics, and your feeling of uneasiness around her given her fondness for messing around, you two are fairly close friends and she's confided in you some of her most personal fantasies, dreams and ambitions, which is how you know that she wants to try and create a way to shrink people (or alternatively, grow herself). She also sometimes surprises you by showing you 'mercy' rather than following up on some antic of Lillian's, and while she doesn't seem to outwardly mind her short stature, you've noticed that you're the only person she ever asks for help to get stuff she can't reach.

[Minor note]: Her name is pronounced Sooeh-mee.

Measurements: 32 - 28 - 52 | Bra Size: D cups.

Jim Jordan: A 18 year old guy that was born in America. With short blond hair and golden brown eyes, he was the picture of the white, rich, pretty boy. If only his mouth stayed shut. However, he can be quite the smooth talker when he puts his mind to it, and has charmed countless girls into dating him, but he can't hold any relationship for a whole month, most don't even get to last a week... and it's all because of himself, as he often tries dating other girls while already supposedly having a girlfriend, and always gets caught... which leads to the other reason he's made fun of...

He's also known as the female punching bag because of a mix of his dating shenanigans and stupid and/or perverted comments he makes and it became his comedic gag at this point. You and Pete have known him for a long while and if it wasn't for his stupidity, you were sure he would've had graduated with his girlfriend already, if he had one in the first place. But alas, unless he learns from his numerous mistakes, that's probably not happening anytime soon...

Jen isn't his biggest fan because of his comments about her boobs and his staring at them; as a result, she would attack him on sight. However, he would whisper something into her ear if he gets the chance and she would back off blushing, occasionally looking at you briefly. This is probably due to the fact he's aware of everything around, both on school and off-school. He's also the half brother of Jessica Pilgrim, and is quite scared of her as she once glared at him before, though reasons are unknown to anyone outside of the family.

[Important Note]: As a male character, a friend of Blaise's, he's under the same rules that apply to Raphael, his father. Check farther below.

Pete Smitherson: A 18 year old guy that came from Canada and a childhood friend of yours, one that you've known for nearly as long as Lillian. He's physical definition of a mob character with his ginger orange hair and green eyes behind glasses. Lillian used to bully him back in kindergarten and though she's not as bad as she used to be, she still shows some form of aggression/mild bullying towards him while he's more or less terrified of her. Despite of that, they could be closer than even you know for sure, and he'd likely know things you don't know yourself, such as Lillian's feelings for you, but given the threat her massive booty and her terrible farts pose, he wouldn't be too willing to spill the beans, though he may try giving you hints about it.

Unlike with you, she never acts flirty towards him, though, like with you, she will help him in case he were attacked by Emily or Toxic Lily. Romina may see him as an alternate target to use in her constant rivalry/challenges with Lillian, if she can't get her hands on you for whatever reason though.

[Optional info]: He's also Zoey's boyfriend, Zuemy's literally big sister, much to the surprise of everyone that hears about it. Even Zuemy is in disbelief about it, but hearing the live chats the two do together, it was obvious they were in love with each other. He's quite open with Zoey flirting with others and doesn't mind if she flaunts her figure to others. Other than being defensive of Zoey when necessary, he's an overall friendly and nice person to hang out with.

[Important Note]: As a male character, a friend of Blaise's, he's under the same rules that apply to Raphael, his father. Check farther below.

Secondary characters


[Note: I consider them to be secondary to the story's main trio, but they may be raised to varying degrees of prominence depending on the route and personal preference]


[Note: Celeste overlaps with Family, Arianna's listed under Family but also belongs here]

Ms. McAllen: Age unknown. She's been your Art teacher since middle school. She's on the taller end of the spectrum for most women, but is shorter than Lillian or Jen at 175 cm / 5'8" tall. Like Jen, she has a rather pale, but healthy looking skin tone, but unlike her, her face and chest have cute, faint freckles; she has shoulder length red hair and green eyes, but not emerald green Like Lillian's, hers are like a greenish turquoise, but the innermost and outermost rings of her iris are sapphire blue, she's told you that it's something like same-eye heterochromia, it kind of makes her flirty gaze all the more hypnotic if you look into her irises. She looks rather ageless, for all you know she could be in her early 20's, or she could be in her late 30's, there's no way to tell, though at times, going by her experiences and things she's said in class, it may suggest she could be older than she looks. She has a considerably large bust and a mostly flat stomach, though it does have a bit of pudge and the tiniest hint of love handles, which might be a sign that she either doesn't work out much or isn't as young as you may think, and her metabolism can't quite keep up with her voracious appetite anymore.

However, everything goes out of whack when you look below her waist, she has insanely wide hips and an absolute monster of an ass, whose heft is such that the floor slightly shakes whenever she walks, though you need to pay attention to feel it, and suspect she might be heavier than Lillian despite her apparent smaller size; her classroom chair, which seems to be a rather fancy executive leather one, constantly has a pair of unnaturally wide and deep indents. She seems to be aware of its tremendous size, and every single class she wears whatever accentuates it the most and fits her mood, mostly incredibly tight jeans or yoga pants that are a few sizes too small for her, giving students glimpses of her underwear at times, which all seem to be thongs, or panties so small that they got turned into thongs and got swallowed into her abyss of a crack; but on occasion she also surprises with pencil skirts capable of giving even the most chaste of men a heart attack. Her butt seemingly defies reality, it's absurdly huge, easily twice as big as Lillian's, but it's round and doesn't appear to have any noticeable cellulite, and it jiggles like jello even with her smallest motions, which makes it extremely difficult for guys to pay attention to her class. She has a quite bubbly personality and is a very enthusiast teacher, actually good at her job 'distractions' aside.

To further complicate things, she's also VERY playful and rather touchy-feely with students, specially male ones. And in your current group, you're the only guy, so you're her main, and likely only target whenever you have class with her. She's sat on your lap or sat very close next to you many more times than you'd be embarrassed to admit, has joked about you staring or getting distracted by her humongous 'assets' and also joked about waiting for your graduation to date you, and while all that is seen as all fun and jokes by the girls in your group, something about the way she looks at you makes you think she may not be quite joking, but you're afraid to find out. And it's not like she's been mean to you in any way, she's nothing but sweet, if perhaps a bit too playful.

With people she's fond of or considers close, she often prefers to be called Lulu, Lourdes being her first name. The insane mass of her butt all but confirms she's rather lazy (at physical tasks) and enjoys food quite a lot. Owing to her butt's tremendous size, there's a recurring joke among students that her farts must be truly devastating, and some claim that the floor and chairs shook when she's let loose, when she thought she was alone in the classroom. Whether those rumors are true or not, you'd rather not ever find out.

Measurements: 44 - 28 - 62 | Bra Size: F cups.

[Additional notes: Probably my personal 2nd favorite. Also, while Lillian is considered to have the biggest ass in school, that is only among students. Ms. McAllen easily blows her out of the water when teachers are also accounted, and even then, Arianna and Sheila have both bigger butts than her. Also, She's actually good friends with her, and at least one possible route could involve Lillian finding you shrunken and give you to her, either aware or unaware. Lillian doesn't even consider her an actual threat, and in particular she enjoys her shenanigans with you, but Jen's not quite fond of them, and may show hints of jealousy.]

Celeste: 18 years old. A cousin of yours. She's about average height (165 cm / 5' 5") but she's heavier than she looks. She has a moderately sized bust, but also a surprisingly big (and literally fat) ass, where a lot of her weight (about 70 kg / 154 lbs) is concentrated, but funnily enough, besides that, she looks rather skinny, and she gets baffled by the numbers she gets when weighing herself. She seems to not be quite aware of the full extent of her butt's size and weight. Her butt is no bigger than those of the other girls/women you know but it's definitely close to Lillian's in terms of jiggle, and it's even flabbier, as even Lillian's has a vague semblance of firmness, while Celeste's does not. However, it may feel heavier because nobody expects its weight, since her slender frame misleads anyone that's looking.

You know her since kindergarten but haven't spent all that much time in school with her, and despite being aware of being related, she's been hitting on you since middle school. From what she observed from Lillian, she often tries to sit on your lap, chest or face whenever she gets the chance. Because of this, she's not on good terms with Lillian nor Jen, but she's managed to catch you alone a fair amount of times. You sometimes feel that you only manage to get away from her because of your size, strength, and perhaps the mercy of a deity up there. To your dismay, she sometimes gets you to be paired with her for school activities, much to the other girls' frustration. On a more wholesome note, you've always tried to make her feel comfortable in her own body, though not even you have dared to point out the source of the weighing numbers she dreads, she solely focus on her stomach and waist and doesn't understand how she's "fat" with her current measurements. She's a bit obssessed with dieting in an attempt to slim down, but nothing she's tried has ever worked so far, and she sucks at athletic stuff despite being physically lighter than most other girls here.

Measurements: 27 - 23 - 40 | Bra Size: A cups.

[Note: Both Jen and Lillian hate Celeste's guts, while Celeste seems to feel envious of Jen's body and is disgusted at Lillian's. Of the two, Lillian has less patience with her, as she's dealt with her for longer, and can quickly get aggressive, however, Celeste might trigger Jen's rage if she hits the wrong nerve when it comes to you. Celeste has no hope of beating either of them in a physical fight, even fighting dirty she probably can't beat them.]


Yamile: (Pronounced Yah-mee-leh) 18 years old. Originally an exchange student from India, but she ended up staying and her family moved here. She's almost as tall as you and Lillian (185 cm / 6'1") and has a bust that almost matches Jen's, as well as an ass that is pretty close to Lillian's in size.

Similarly to Jen, due to paperwork when her family arrived, she ended up being held back one year, so you don't see her as often as the rest of your friends, but you met her because in 9th grade (8th for her), when she first arrived, you were the one tasked to give her a tour of the school. Later, she asked you to teach her English to help her improve her fluency, and via other acquaintances you've hung out a bit. She seems interested in befriending you and sometimes teases you to make Lillian and Jen feel jealous, but other times, her behavior appears to be cryptic, nonetheless, she's fond of your company, and it looks like she wishes you two spent more time together. She also seems to be pretty skilled at belly dancing and at shaking her huge hips in an hypnotic way, which, combined with her habit of wearing short shorts that look like they're about to burst, makes it extremely hard for you to keep a straight face.

She's told you that she likes cooking, and most of her lunches are self made. You couldn't help but notice that they always seem to be curry or a variation of it, and from their scent alone, you'd say they're probably a bit too spicy, which is saying a lot, coming from yourself, a Mexican used to chili peppers and the like. Still, you're one of the few people that can taste her creations without your mouth burning, something she appreciates, and sometimes has made lunch for you, much to Jen's dismay and frustration.

Measurements: 48 - 28 - 54 | Bra Size: F cups.

[Note: Jen's not too fond of her, as she considers her an actual rival over your affections, though she remains polite. Lillian however is on friendlier terms with her, even if they haven't hung out as much]


Veronica: 19 years old, currently in 13th grade of high school. Standing at a decent 174 cm/ 5'8" tall with long straight red hair that went just past her shoulders and bright green eyes. She has a build very similar Celeste's with most of her weight being found around her butt except she was more physically active, giving her butt a mix of fat and muscle that made it look near perfect. She was known as the gassiest girl in school (arguably tied with Lillian on that regard, though nobody knows for sure), and for good reason, she let loose farts that shook rooms or were easily mistaken for a sewage leak on a daily basis.

She actually asked you out once, thinking that you had a fetish after seeing Lillian fart in your face several times, but after you explained that you weren't really into farts she left in embarrassment without letting you give her an answer. You've been trying to clear the misunderstanding and maybe try to at least be friends (or, to accept going out with her, that depends a bit on circumstances), but she's avoided you ever since. After meeting her, you began running into other senior students with a bit more frequency, noticing that they sometimes appear in your classes.

Measurements: 29 - 25 - 48 | Bra Size: C cups.


Monique: 19 years old and currently in 13th grade, Monique stood at 168 cm/ 5'6" tall with short brunette hair that almost reached her neck and deep brown eyes. She had a butt almost as large as Lillian's, but she hated it. Monique would run, diet or workout on a daily basis but it never seemed to get rid of even an inch of her booty fat, however she had terrible case of swamp ass. Whenever she got hot or physically active she started sweating a ton, and a large wet line would appear on her clothes down her ass crack. Her swamp ass and her daily exercise meant there was almost always a sweat stain on her clothes.

Ever since Veronica asked you out, you've run into her a bit more than usual, either that or you've noticed her more, seeing that she seems to be one of her friends. You'd say you're on cordial, vaguely friendly terms with her, but you don't know for sure if she even knows of the incident with Veronica at all, and you'd rather not ask.

[Optional info: You can choose to have a very vague backstory with her, or you could incorporate the following]: The few times you've talked to her you've caught on the fact that like Celeste, she seems to be uncomfortable with her body, so, from your own experience on trying to get Celeste to stop worrying so much about it, you've also tried letting her know that she's fine as she is and that maybe it'd be healthier if she exercised for fun or to feel better rather than to pursue that one specific goal. Whether or not that has helped her case, or what she thinks about you for trying to reach out to her like that remains to be seen.

Measurements: 32 - 28 - 55 | Bra Size: D cups.


Emily: 19 years old and in 13th grade, Emily stood at 185 cm / 6'1" tall with long wavy blond hair and light blue eyes. She had a body similar to Jen's save her noticeably smaller tits. She was known for being supposedly extremely sadistic towards men, sometimes even considered to be a sort of bully, though not the typical kind. There were rumors of her seducing boys just to get them alone and torture them with her ass, most boys didn't want to admit they were overpowered by a girl but if they did it always came down to one word against the other. You heard her favorite thing to do was to smother them with her ass and when they were desperate and panicking for air, she would lift up her butt just enough to let them breath and fart on them. Luckily Jen and Lillian's protectiveness of you kept you from finding out if these rumors were true, though she looked innocent enough. Like with Celeste, your friends hate her guts, and since she's not related to you, they're far more willing to get hostile at her.

Measurements: 36 - 26 - 52 | Bra Size: E cups.


Coach Amber: A 28 year old woman that has been known to be overenthusiastic over anything that drives her passion. That mainly means anything that involves doing any physical work or any exercise. While it's good for morale for the beginning, it eventually becomes too overbearing for the students and Amber seems to not notice it. She also fails to notice how sweaty she becomes and the stench it makes. Though you only heard it through teachers' rumors, Amber indulges a lot of protein food, so much protein that her farts are basically bombs at this point and Ms. McAllen joked about who would win a farting contest between the two of them.

Amber is a redhead with her hair tied up into a bun and wears a white tank top with red shorts. She was once a fat kid, but after many years of working out, she developed curves from her childhood fat and it couldn't be helped as most of the boys lusted after her very muscular body, especially with her big tits and the two, firm dodgeballs she called an ass. With how big her assets are, they strain against her clothing.

Measurements: 46 - 29 - 55 | Bra Size: E cups.


"Snickers": A classmate of yours. Age unknown, but she should be in the 17 - 19 years old range. A girl whose real name seems to be a mystery. Everyone, including the teachers gets by calling her "Snickers", and she doesn't seem to mind, and in fact she's always seen with the aforementioned candy bar in one hand and munching on it. Almost literally all the time.

In terms of appearance, she's of about average height, maybe towards the taller end of the spectrum, but still average, standing at 5'8" (175 cm). She's by all definitions "thick" or even chubby, more so than Lillian for comparison, as she has a noticeably pudgy belly, but still has a very pronounced pear shape, with a moderately sized chest and large hips that rival Jen's, but look bigger because of her smaller body, to go with it she also has a rather huge ass that seems to be made entirely of jell-o. You don't know a whole lot about her, though you've had a few neutral/cordial interactions with her. Also, you think you've been crop-dusted by her quite a few times as she walked by, and despite your daily exposure to Lillian's farts, those still smell bad enough to break your concentration.

She looks like she might be on the tomboyish side personality-wise, or at least, that's the vibe she gives. She usually wears black shirts and comically short shorts that most of the time cover less than half of her bubble booty and also look one squat away from bursting. She tends to wear thick, dark purple lipstick, so she could be a goth of sorts. You and your friends don't really hang out with her, but you personally have worked on a few assignments with her, or even helped her with a question during some class or while studying, nothing you could consider beyond small talk. One point you've never felt brave enough to fully address is how to call her, since you suspect that her nickname was one created to make fun of her, given that she seems to be kind of an outcast, though she doesn't seem to care much about that.

Unfortunately, the thing you mostly remember her by is an "incident" in which during one of your shopping trips, you passed by the bathrooms and heard noises that were almost inhuman, some poor toilet was mercilessly getting blown up, and by the sound of it, for a long time too. Then "Snickers" nonchalantly came out of the bathroom, and in that brief moment she opened the door to leave, you were assaulted by an ungodly stench that made you shudder. It was the first time that someone other than Sheila proved to be able to produce worse smells than Lillian...

Measurements: 32 - 29 - 54 | Bra Size: D cups.


Miss Coleman: A ditzy History teacher that's a bit clumsy and tends to forget things (quite ironic given her specific profession), something the student use to their advantage, but she's quite kind regardless. However, her stomach is very volatile and her backside has been known to erupt with flatulence every few minutes, the fact that she doesn't hold them in doesn't help. Despite being on the quieter side of things, her farts really stink and unknown to almost everyone else, they're quite hot, to the point it may even hurt her when they get really bad.

She'd be nice enough to help you if you were ever in trouble provided she doesn't forget or her stomach doesn't start acting up.

Measurements: 33 - 23 - 44 | Bra Size: Large B cups, almost C.


Tina: A goth girl with an uber butt that goes to your school. You had never met her before. In fact, you had no idea of her existence at school, until you got a glimpse or two of her in the hallway, only to later find out she went to some of your classes, which is how you found her name out. With short brown hair, purple lipstick, and pale green eyes matching her ghostly white skin, Tina's an apathetic goth girl that doesn't care for much, or speak for that matter. Usually wearing dark clothes and black tight jeans, her jeans are unable to completely cover her huge ass and because of her constant bubble guts, virtually everything makes her fart, like a certain friend of yours, regardless if she had eaten or not. Farting for her is a relief. From the few glimpses you've gotten from her, she seems to be pretty nice even if she lacks expressivity, but there has never been any chance to interact with her in any meaningul way.

She's as tall as Jen, which is pretty tall for a girl, and her enormous butt could very well give Lillian's a run for its money. Together with her apparent constant huge farts, you're even surprised Lillian doesn't seem to know of her, as far as you know yourself.

Measurements: 38 - 30 - 54 | Bra Size: C Cups.


Romina: 18 years old. A hot-headed blonde Argentinian girl, that for a long time has become Lillian's rival on every conceivable thing. EVERY. including her infamous farts. She constantly challenges her and they're nearly even, but Lillian wins a bit more often than her, as unlike her, Romina isn't naturally gassy, but knows the right combination of foods to nearly match her. Owing to her nationality and culture, she's almost entirely carnivorous, and will only pay attention to vegetables if they can enhance her gas.

She's also pretty athletic and despite being fair skinned, she has a noticeable, almost perpetual tan. She's as tall as you and Lillian, that being 190 cm / 6' 3". But weighs about the same as Jen, 80kg / 176 lbs. She loves sports, but by far her favorite is soccer, and besides Lillian, she's the only other girl that openly enjoyed it, but then you heard she managed to have a female soccer team created for the school, of which she might or might not be the captain. She's also not above challenging boys, but not out of any desire to prove anything, but simply for the fun of it, and maybe because there aren't as many girls that are into it. A notable exception is Lillian, who does enjoy playing soccer, but when the two are in the field, it becomes personal. You've never quite known why there's such an intense rivalry between the two, but Lillian has commented that it has to do with the natural rivalry from their homelands, Argentina and Brazil.

Her body is a balance of lean muscle (more than Jen but nowhere near as ripped as Ariadne) and some fatty padding to make her curves look incredible, though her assets are smaller as a result, unlike other girls, she doesn't seem to mind her smaller chest and her ass is her sole pride and joy. She's claimed that her butt can match Lillian's weight despite being smaller, from packing more condensed muscle. Something you can more or less personally attest, as she has no issue using you as a judge for her constant challenges and even seeks you out to "help" her, which often ends up badly for you. Otherwise, she doesn't seem to care much about you, though since you're often with Lillian, she has sometimes offhandedly referred to you as her property, and if she felt like pissing her off she could use you to screw with her.

Her hair is straight and rather long, reaching down to her waist. She sometimes wears it as a ponytail but more often than not she lets it down. Despite having lived for a long time in the US, she seems to prefer speaking in Spanish if she can help it, and that is the only reason, besides annoying Lillian, for which she might seek you out to pair up with her for school work, out of sheer language laziness. As far as you're concerned, she's pretty wild, unpredictable, and it's best to avoid her if Lillian is around, but even if she's not, she won't hesitate to drag you with her and find Lillian for yet another one of her challenges/contests. Yet, a few times she acts nicer to you, and it seems to be out of some sense of fellowship as Hispanics/Latin Americans.

[Minor note]: Her name is pronounced Roh-mee-nah, stress on the middle syllable.

Measurements: 34 - 25 - 47 | Bra Size: C cups.


Jade: An Asian transfer student. While you and your friends don't know her that well, Jen was able to get some more information about as she was her guide. Jade is curious and while she has a tough time speaking English due to her moving from China, she's very friendly in a quiet manner. Being on the shorter end, height-wise, Jade seems to be petite and slender, however, due to her fashion style, her clothes are able to hide the fact she has a massive butt on her, almost unbelievably and defying all logic, hers is bigger than Celeste's.

She even hides a bigger monster inside them, shown when she needed to go and Jen showed her to bathroom, very surprised by the loud roars from Jade's bottom. According to Jen, Jade's farts were not only louder than almost anyone else, but the smell had it's own kind of league due to Jade's love of tradition Asian fried food. One could argue it's still not enough to surpass Lillian, but as she set the bar too high, that doesn't mean Jade's flatulence is a joke by any means...

Measurements: 30 - 24 - 45 | Bra Size: B cups.


"Toxic" Lily: The school bully. A 19 years old cruel bitch that enjoys bullying others for no apparent reason and has been known to be a menace to everyone around her. You don't know why the teachers don't do something about her, as they clearly hate her, but so far nothing had been done and has been tormenting her fellow students. She's known as the school's most feared bully, freakishly strong and resilient, being able to take on and defeat even (male) senior sport players with relative ease. By her own claim, it's because she grew up with several older brothers. You've known her since kindergarten, and her enmity with you and Lillian runs deep.

Of course, she has a preferred method of pain to inflict on others, which is to fart on them, especially face farts. She would sit on her victims' faces and rip several big ones for a long time as her cronies would follow in her footsteps. Emily happens to be quite close with her and would join her in her torments if she had the time. Her farts aren't as loud as Lillian's or as smelly as Jen's, but they still carry a stinky weight around in them and she has targeted you before.

However, Lillian, Jen, the teachers and any combination of the three had been able to make her back off, though you really don't want to push it around her. She could be considered to be a nemesis of both Jen and Lillian in the most literal sense, and her enmity with Lillian is the fiercest and most bitter, though Jen doesn't shy away from fighting her if she's provoked.

Despite her evilness, she has quite the hot bod as she has big boobs (not as big Jen's but not small by any extent) and booty (only a bit smaller than Lillian's). She usually wears a leather jacket over a white tank top and ripped leather pants that get eaten up into her, with one particular hole quite near her bunghole. Her dyed purple hair is tie up into a short side pony as her sharp eyes emit a dark brown glare and has a nasty scar across her nose. She's possibly third in terms of physical strength, a very close match to Lillian and Jen, which, coupled with more experience beating people up, means that if they were to confront each other, things would be very evenly matched.

Measurements: 40 - 26 - 50 | Bra Size: D cups.


Jessica Pilgrim: Unofficially known as "the hustler girl". A 18 years old highschool senior (not directly associated with Veronica at least) that you've known about since Elementary. A dedicated saleswoman, and a one-person-black-market, she boasts that she can offer and sell anything and everything for the right price, and while her deals seem shady at times, she claims that everything she's sold is legit and functional. You've seen her sell pretty rare or difficult to get stuff, such as vintage stuff, exam answer sheets, hall/bathroom passes, medical notes, concert and movie tickets after they're sold out, but she's also sold mundane, yet odd stuff like school supplies, medicine, clothes, and even freaking food if she's asked to get it.

[Additional info]: As Zuemy's implied to be the source, or be involved with the source of shrinking/growing shenanigans unless stated to be something else, Jessica would be able to steal Zuemy's prototype stuff to sell, thus, there'd be yet another way for people to acquire the stuff in school, but it'd be pretty obscure and relatively unknown. Then again, she might indirectly have had a hand in making the school's already dwindling male population even lower, who knows...

In terms of appearance, she'd stand average-ish height (165 cm / 5'5") with mid-back-long red wavy hair (a darker hue than Veronica's or even Lulu's by comparison), big sky blue eyes and a round cute face. A few times she's been teased that she has a baby-face, but that doesn't deter her from acting more like something from the criminal underworld than the cutesy highschool girl she could perfectly pose as. But unless really provoked, she's polite and doesn't seem to want trouble with anyone. On a few rare occassions you've had the chance of working with her in classes where she's appeared and she seems to be quite smart and resourceful.

She often wears a long sleeved striped shirt underneath a T-shirt (that is usually pink), both showing off her midriff, which has a tiny bit of pudge that may hint she doesn't exercise as much as she should, though given she seems to acquire incredibly difficult or rare to get stuff, you'd conclude that she may have some serious athletic/stealth/ninja or spy-like skills. as for her lower body she seems to wear all the time daisy dukes of varying colors, predominantly dark blue and black, but like with her shirt, underneath she has tight striped leggings. When she's selling stuff, she almost always wears a trench coat where she keeps her "wares".

[Additional Note]: This is a character that was "gifted" to me, so to speak, she was created by a nice person in my Discord server and chose to stay anonymous. I did further polish and flesh out the concept though, but the character's design and basic description are still theirs.

Measurements: 33 - 25 - 38 | Bra size: C cups.


Dolores García: The school's lunch lady, who jokingly referred to herself as "a chef in the making". A 45 years old Mexican lady. She prefers to be called "Lola" or "Lolita" [actual Spanish pet names for "Dolores", before anyone gets any funny ideas] by people she's friendly to. A kind, cheerful and jovial woman who's an experienced cook and enjoyed working with children, and even with teenagers, provided they're not 'bad apples' such as the likes of Emily or 'Toxic' Lily.

Another very good friend of Lulu's and Coach Amber's, who even hangs out with them after work when possible. Also an old friend of your mother's, Betty's and Sheila's, and technically a neighbor of yours, as she lives pretty close by. Her daughters have often served as "babysitters" back when you were younger, but even as you grew up, whenever Jordana or Ariadne weren't available, they were happy to fill in, and sometimes, even if those 2 were present.

Dolores is a big woman. Proudly and comfortably carrying her weight gracefully, but still large by all means of the word. She's the kind of woman that can even make the likes of Sheila look small, even though she was slightly shorter, standing as tall as Jen (180 cm / 5'10"). She's what one would definitely call a big, beautiful woman. She didn't even look quite her age, at least judging by her face alone, one would easily be misled to think she was hardly in her mid to late 30's at most. But she sported a large chest that could rival Jen's in size, also had quite a bit of a belly, a consequence of her age and slowed metabolism, plus her love for tasty food, but her most spectacular feature was her butt, one that could easily steal Lulu's title as "monster booty", an utterly gigantic 90 inch set of round, jiggling fleshy twins. Her hair is brown, kinda wavy and curly and at least shoulder length, though while working she has it hidden and contained by her cafeteria uniform's hat. Her skin has more of a copper/bronze tone in comparison to yours.

In terms of personality, she's the kind of woman that's completely aware that she's not a Magazine model, but as said before, she carries her weight gracefully, and often jokes about the size of her assets and the inconveniences they may cause, such as losing stuff in either her cleavage or her crack, or how huge her farts are, as, in a similar vein to Miriam, she loves her homeland's cuisine.

Measurements: 56 - 44 - 90 | Bra size: F cups (same as DDD, just like E here equals DD)


Orihime Zaniki: The one person that is even more fearsome than even "Toxic" Lily. The daughter of a local Yakuza boss (Japanese mafia). Unironically called "Princess", both as a reverential thing and because her name means that. [Orihime literally translates to "Rising Princess"]. If there is one person in the school that is truly untouchable, it is her. Owing to the title she's been given by the students at large, she often carries herself like royalty, having a powerful, commanding presence that on its own it can make almost everyone bow down to their knees to her when she's serious.

A 19 years old Japanese girl, a senior student with a seemingly contradictory appearance. On the one hand, she sports very long and very straight raven black hair in what is called a "hime cut", which consists on having perfectly straight bangs cut at the upper eyelids' level plus two sidelocks, one on each side, which she keeps at shoulder-length. This gives her an aloof, aristocratic/regal look, and it seems to add to her very stern personality, her reddish brown eyes seem to be perpetually glaring at whatever she looks at, a look that can make even the toughest guy feel ominous shivers.

On the other hand, she has various tattoos on her back, spreading onto her limbs and her big butt. She also tends to dress in an exceedingly tomboyish manner, often wearing very simplistic tank tops and jeans, though her large curves often strain them. Sporting a chest almost as large as Jen's and a butt that almost matches Lillian's, together with her regal look and her porcelain-looking skin, she'd be one of the school's top beauties, but as it's widely known who her father is, everyone either fears her already, or has learned the hard way to fear her, such as "Toxic" Lily. One of the very few people even the ferocious bully wouldn't dare to challenge. But it's not because she entirely relies on her family ties. She's quite capable of defending herself, and is chillingly calm and calculating, striking with near surgical precision and incredible strength. She's seen carrying a wooden katana almost half of the time, and when she does, it's a warning sign that indicates she means business.

Even though one would be led to expect she'd be an even worse threat than "Toxic" Lily, she's surprisingly not, instead she actually seems to lead a very quiet and discrete existence, and even seems to be a very diligent student, which is why Arianna has never been able to do anything about her, she simply doesn't actively look for trouble, but will respond in kind if trouble comes to her. She doesn't seem to have friends, and the only person she regularly talks to is Jessica Pilgrim, though it's unknown whether they're friends or just have a strong business relationship, not like you'd dare to investigate. You and your friends all give her a very wide berth, as you don't really need to make any more enemies as it is.

[Note]: Since Japanese names often use the surname first, she'd likely be addressed as "Zaniki Orihime", at least she'd call herself that. Anyone who dared to speak to her would likely have to use her surname since using the first name is seen as rude in Japanese culture.

Measurements: 46 - 31 - 50 | Bra Size: E cups


Aaliyah: A 18 years old senior and classmate of yours, though not someone you've interacted much yourself. She's the current captain of the girls' football team after the former one, a senior, graduated last year, though it's unknown why the baton wasn't passed to a sophomore then and instead was given to a freshman. In any case, she's a really passionate person that, while fairly competitive, ultimately just wants to have fun with her friends, and her teammates are also pretty much that.

Apparently, she's from the Caribbean, but you've got no further info on that. A dark skinned girl, slightly taller than average (5'8" / 175 cm tall) with curly blonde hair often worn in twin braids. She's heavier than her height would suggest, and most of it is either the muscle she's built up over her years of training and playing or the generous fatty padding that softens them and gives her pretty enviable curves. When asked about it, she's mentioned that she doesn't care much about looks and that she exercises to feel good and be strong, and that she eats to feel full, and everything else matters little, though she might be aware of the appeal she posseses. While having an extremely tomboyish personality, her way of dressing is more relaxed/neutral and while she seems to dress for comfort rather than looks, her clothes often emphasize her curves and shows off her toned midriff.

She's quite friendly with Lillian on account of having similar personalities, and in some ways, sense of humor, plus the fact that she's been trying to recruit her for years, as in her own words, "Lillian is built like a football goddess". But Lillian herself has no interest on being formally part of the team because she wants to spend her free time with you, and because she doesn't want to exercise more than she has to and risk burning off her precious booty fat. She occasionally plays with them for fun, however, and while you don't know this yourself, she means this as a way to show off for you, which is what has prompted Jen to occasionally join in as well, but like her, she doesn't want to commit full time. Leah has expressed an interest in adding Jen to the team too.

Measurements: 36 - 25 - 40 | Bra Size: C Cups.

Cassandra: Another 18 years old student and classmate of yours. Aaliyah's best friend and second-in-command. You know even less about her other than what you could see, and that is that she's a fairly slender black girl that is surprisingly strong. Sporting a moderately sized chest but a surprisingly large, toned booty that can still jiggle when she walks or moves. Slightly taller than her (5'10" / 180 cm) and with long, slightly wavy black hair, and a pretty round, kind of baby face. Her fine features would mislead anyone into thinking she'd be a cheerleader or a dancer and not a football player.

From what you've seen and heard, it looks like she does like half of the job and is the sterner leader figure whereas Aaliyah is more laidback and relaxed, though that's not to say she's not quite the innate leader herself. But sometimes she might be too friendly and Cassandra feels she needs to step in to have some actual discipline, though to her friend's defense, her team listens most of the time and it's seldom necessary. Like Aaliyah, she's on very friendly terms with Lillian and somewhat with Jen, and has been trying to recruit both to no avail, though she's been far more casual about it than her leader. You've got no clue as to whether you're even detected by their radar, it seemed that you might not even exist to them.

Measurements: 30 - 22 - 38 | Bra Size: B cups.

Damaris: A 18 years old Latina girl, another classmate of yours. Also a member of the girls' football team, and a good friend of Aaliyah's and Cassandra's. Like Cassandra, she's a rather pretty girl and her looks are quite deceiving as she's also really tomboyish and surprisingly tough and athletic. From what you've seen, she might have a friendly rivalry with Jen in terms of physical prowess, but so far, Jen has won most of the time. Standing at 5'5" / 165 cm tall, it's actually quite the feat that she can almost go toe to toe with her, given the physical disparity.

Oddly enough, the few times she's not hanging around with her team, you've seen her be quite friendly with Romina, Lillian's self-appointed rival, and it seems they've bonded over their common Latin American heritage, speaking Spanish (you only suspect this, but you know Romina enough to almost be sure) and probably an affinity for sports, having a mutual respect for each other's talents.

In terms of appearance, she has brown/bronze skin, almost the same shade as yours, but also a bit more on the broze side. She has a thick build like Aaliyah's, with larger boobs and a noticeably larger butt. She might have some more 'padding' than her too, given the way they jiggle and bounce whenever she walks or runs, more so than Aaliyah's. Her hair is brown, somewhat long, about shoulder-length and often worn as a ponytail. When not playing football, she seems to have a preferrence for very large earrings that could be mistaken for bracelets given their size.

Measurements: 39 - 27 - 45 | Bra Size: D Cups.

Chelsea: A 18 years old blonde, and also a member of the girls' football team, also another one of your classmates. Similarly to her teammates, her looks would suggest she's a cheerleader or even some kind of model. She's white, but her long exposure to the sun while doing outside activities has granted her a permanent tan that is the envy of many girls in the school. The tallest and curviest member of the team, but despite these looks, she's not the ditz one would usually anticipate. Her long, flowing and slightly wavy blonde hair looks like it's either completely natural or it requires quite a lot more care than someone like her would dedicate. She seems to be even more chill and relaxed than Aaliyah, perhaps even bordering on laziness.

From what you've heard, she might be one of the slowest runners in the team, but she makes up for this with a lot of stamina, a great deal of strength and supposedly, really high accuracy (both with throwing and kicking), as well as powerful arms and legs to go with that. All of these assets seem to be her pride and joy, and she often teases or has arm-wrestling contests with her teammates, which she often wins, though with Aaliyah, it seems it goes 50/50 if they don't outright get a draw. Probably as a side effect of her size and physical prowess, she seems to have one of the biggest appetites of the entire team, and quite often her teammates have joked that anyone that takes her out to dinner will likely go broke, though no one could deny that all that food goes to the right spots, giving her rather enormous assets, both upper and lower.

Out of the 4 football girls you know, she's the only one that has talked to you from time to time out of her own volition, being quite friendly and nice, and has shown interest in your cooking prowess, from what little you've offhandedly mentioned. But most interactions fail to go beyond small talk as often Jen shows up and indirectly (or directly, but unknown to you) ends it, though unlike with Emily and Toxic Lily, you're not sure why Jen does this. She might know something you don't, but that's a mere guess...

Measurements: 45 - 29 - 49 | Bra Size: E cups.

Lorelei: A 18 years old sophomore. A cousin of Cindy's and an occasional addition to your friend group. She's a lot more into videogames and less into other stuff, though anime and series with videogames interest her. Unknown to you, Jen has seemingly given her a pass since all she ever talks about is videogames and has never shown any express interest in boys, so she doesn't feel as threatened.

She has pale skin, owing both to her genetics as a German girl and her lack of exposure to the outside, as she dislikes outdoor activities, though she seems slightly more athletic than Cindy, but not by much. She has straight blonde hair that reaches down to the middle of her back. She's quite tall, being as tall as Cindy herself (6'1" / 184 cm tall) but has a slender frame, yet, like her cousin, she's rather bottom-heavy, having a butt that can almost rival either her cousin's or Jen's. Besides videogames and related media, you don't know all that much about her, though she quite often plays videogames with you either online or via local multiplayer. She seems to wear her favorite white headphones all the time, though it doesn't seem to hinder her ability to listen to people or things. How she gets away with it in class is anybody's guess...

However, there's a side to her that nobody, or at least, none of you (except perhaps Cindy) knows. Like Cindy, she's pretty gassy, but like her she doesn't seem to have much trouble holding them in, to the point you've never really seen or heard her breaking wind. But when she's by herself at home she can unleash quite the powerful storm, and she loves every bit of it, as she developed a fetish for it. She wishes she could find someone to share her fantasies with, but hasn't put in that much effort, though you pique her curiosity, given Lillian's interactions with you, but at the same time, Cindy's lack of similar actions has made her reconsider, though she sometimes jokes or mentions that her gas is really bad. But you're thankful she's never gone beyond joking, Lillian's more than enough trouble for you as it is...

Measurements: 38 - 25 - 50 | Bra Size: C Cups.

Astrid: A 18 years old senior student, but not a classmate of yours. Jen's cousin, and apparently, a friend of Samara's. Jen loves her as family, but at the same time isn't quite fond of her, a sentiment you can share and understand given your relationship with Celeste. But in Jen's case, it's because Astrid appears to go above and beyond to live up to her stereotype: A ditzy, clumsy and honestly dumb blonde. But she's also incredibly nice and kind, and almost everything bad that happens is more of an accident/bad luck rather than any illintent on her part.

She reminds you of your aunt Karen a lot, but this girl is even curvier, heavier and arguably clumsier. Also, you're not sure whether it's her own idea or it's something Sasha has drilled into her mind, but she seems to quite often try to get flirty with you, or tease you with her outrageous assets, mostly in the form of sitting on your lap, which given her clumsiness, has ended with her sitting on your face more times than you'd like to admit. Some other times she just tries to casually brush her butt against you as she walks by, but again, given her otherwise nice demeanor, you're not sure what she's trying to pull, or what she's trying to get out of you. Jen gets quite furious with her, yet she can't bring to beat her up for her shenanigans, and seems to get quite frustrated at her inability to keep her under control.

Most surprisingly, it's Lillian who seems to get the most bothered by her antics, and gets quite defensive of you when she's around, though you're not entirely sure why. The only thing these two seem to have in common is that Astrid (or as Lillian dubs her, Asstrid) can be quite gassy and she doesn't seem to really be aware when she farts, or if she does, she doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, although her blasts are quite massive, though not quite on Lillian's level, at least in terms of volume and noise, but they definitely smell worse.

In terms of appearance, she has pale skin like Jen's albeit with a subtle hint of a tan. Also, her hair is rather straight instead of wavy like hers, but it's blonde like Lynn's, Jen's mother. She's also quite curvaceous though she still can't quite compete with neither of your friends, but she's pretty close. She's also slightly taller than Jen, 6'1" / 186 cm. She's quite heavy despite not looking as chubby as Lillian, but then again, she does seem to have somewhat of a thick build, with a large chest, butt and thighs. She seems to like to work out at the gym, but rather for fun than for any concrete reason, and that might be another reason why she weighs more.

Measurements: 46 - 29 - 48 | Bra Size: E Cups.

Valentina Vázquez: A 18 years old Mexican girl, a highschool senior that shares some, but not all the same classes as you. As Dolores' niece, you've known her for quite a long time, given her closeness to your mom. However, you avoid her like the plague, and for good reason too.

She was once your friend just like Lillian, Zuemy or Cindy, but after she tried asking you out when you were in 7th grade, you hesitantly turned her down (due to your crush on Jen and unresolved feelings for Lillian, but you didn't tell her that) and ever since then she's turned into one of your worst enemies, always seeking to humiliate you in some way, or piss you off/hinder you if she can help it, as such, she's stolen your things and in many cases destroyed, sold or otherwise damaging or getting rid of them, but her preferred way to attack you is using her admittedly large butt, claiming that your only worthwhile use is as her seat.

Differently from Toxic Lily, she's less focused on physically beating you up, though she won't shy from doing so if she deems it necessary, knowing you won't fight back. To make things worse, you've tried telling her mother, Rosa, about all she's done to you but she doesn't seem to believe you, and even when she does, she downplays it and says you just need to toughen up. You could go to Dolores, who seems to be more strict with her daughters, but to be fair, you're not even completely sure if she'd believe you, even though she has a much more positive relationship with you and your family... And then, there is the nuclear option, which would be to tell Arianna... but that's too terrifying to even imagine, so in practical terms, you have no real way to do anything to stop her.

None of your friends knows about this, as Valentina herself is careful to never have any witnesses, and something deep down prevents you from letting them know. Maybe Rosa's words have gotten to you, and you feel you need to solve this by yourself somehow. Unfortunately, Toxic Lily and Emily do know, and have joined her in making you even more miserable. Your only saving grace is that you've gotten quite adept at avoiding her, so encountering her has been getting increasingly rare, but when it does happen... oh boy...

She's not even really tall, but her attitude makes her every bit as imposing as Toxic Lily's massive body makes her. Standing at 168 cm / 5'6" tall, she's only a bit taller than Celeste. She's somewhat athletic, though not quite on Jen's level, nor can she really match Lillian's physical prowess. She has light brown skin, a lighter shade than your own, and has deep brown eyes, as well as long, wavy (not curly though) black hair that looks somewhat fluffy, or that's how you'd describe it. She's surprisingly curvy for her stature, having a modestly sized chest and a butt that's pretty large for her size, which, to your misfortune, you've found is large enough to smother you when she feels like it.

Measurements: 32 - 27 - 46 | Bra Size: C cups.

Bailey: A 18 years old girl you first met shortly after starting 7th grade, one day you saw a pretty girl with violet dyed hair get bullied by some of Toxic Lily's lackeys. You called them out on being garbage for hurting a defenseless girl and asked them to give her backpack back and to leave her alone, but the guys insisted that they were merely following orders and that you had no idea what you were messing with... long story short, a fight ensued, one that you managed to win, thanks to your dad's boxing lessons and maybe to some endurance gained from being Jordana's victim for so many years.

This girl, whose name you learned to be Bailey, is pretty sweet and kind. You befriended her in almost the exact same way as Jen, although without a crush on her though you recognized that she was quite pretty. However, any hopes of pursuing anything with her got shattered the moment that you learned that she's Toxic Lily's younger sister, much to your horror.

On top of it all, she's not even a bad person like her sister, she actually despises her bullying ways and her cruelty, but is pretty much powerless to stop her, and is often targeted by Lily or her cronies, and has been rendered into pretty much an outcast. At some point her identity became known to most of the school and most people will simply avoid her to keep from having to deal with Lily herself, and the only ones that approach her are those seeking to bully her on Lily's own orders. The only other exception is yourself...

Knowing that she's Lily's sister, you can't help but be in some ways terrified of her, well, mostly of Lily herself, but in the end it means that while you don't act rude towards her, you do try your best to avoid her, although you don't have the heart to abandon her when she gets bullied, and thus you end up defending her whenever that happens. And to make matters worse, she's confessed to be deeply in love with you, having developed a crush since 7th grade. You've tried your best at keeping things friendly but she really wants to become your girlfriend and she seems particularly determined to get a 'Yes' for an answer. Who knows what might happen if you suddenly were unable to escape from her advances...

In terms of appearance, she only has some superficial resemblance to Lily, having softer features, and of course, lacking her malicious threatening aura. Her violet dyed hair also looks somehow cooler and more serene, Lily's purple has a more reddish hue that seems to reflect her hot headedness for comparison. That aside, Bailey simply outclasses her sister badly on every other beauty related aspect, having smooth fair skin, befitting of someone who tends to stay indoors or in the shade, but not as pale as some other people you know, having just a light hint of a peachy tone to it, giving it a healthy look and suggesting she might spend at least a little bit of time in the sun.

Her body is a pretty close match to Jen's, possibly having the second largest chest after her and having a pretty big ass that is just as large as Jen's but has a more fatty jiggle to it. Her stomach is slightly pudgy, suggesting that she's not very sporty, however it doesn't compare to the likes of Lillian and Cindy, she just has a slight tummy that makes her look harmless and adds to her usually gentle and quiet aura. She seems to have a bit of a sweet tooth so that's most likely where it comes from, you often see her eating some form of pastry or stuff like donuts.

Measurements: 49 - 26 - 51 | Bra Size: F cups.

Maggie: A pale, freckled and red haired girl that you met early in 7th grade that you became friends with. She enjoys nearly all the same stuff as you do in terms of movies, games, etc and it's pretty clear that she's being genuine about it, because she seems to be honest to a fault, or put differently, she doesn't seem to care what anyone may think and she speaks her mind freely, which you'd find pretty cool and inspiring except for one teensy-weensy, but ever so crucial, little tiny detail: she's extremely perverted and probably has the dirtiest mind you've ever met, which is surprising since you know what Zuemy is up to, but the fact that the latter cares about you as a friend acts as a sort of filter that Maggie lacks.

She's quite reminiscent of Zuemy in even more ways, being also a pretty short girl, standing at 4'11" / 150 cm tall and also being downright a shortstack. However, while Zuemy has a slightly pudgy belly and a surprisingly large chest for her size as well as a big butt, Maggie's stomach is relatively smooth and flat, with only a tiny hint of a tummy, keeping things padded. She's also borderline flat in the chest department, though she's never appeared too concerned about it as far as you know.

This was apparently the tradeoff her body made, because it devoted pretty much all nutrition and growth into one very specific region of her body, making her ass massive, and it looks even bigger given her small body frame. She nearly matches Lillian's, which is a tremendous feat considering that she's way taller. And like hers, Maggie's butt seems to be mostly made of the squishiest booty fat, a fact that you quickly became aware of as she absolutely loves to tease and get playful with you using her prized asset.

Among her many antics, she sits on your face, back or lap whenever she gets the chance, and perhaps even more than Lillian or Zuemy, she enjoys grabbing your hands and pressing them into her doughy cheeks while teasing you about it every second. And this is without mentioning that she's told you exactly what she'd want to do if you gave her the chance or of circumstances permitted, stuff that's both made you blush in deep embarrassment and shudder in fear. She also loves to casually joke about how she thinks you need to have your face sat on, specially when you're looking tense or stressed, or how you just need to have some 'fun' with a big ass like hers.

Once you get past her pervy mood and antics, she's otherwise very chill and feels like a person you can really talk to about many things, however you heavily exercise caution given the fact that she openly stated interest in you since 8th grade. According to her, "the invitation's open any time" and she has been content to wait for you to make up your mind while having fun at your expense.

Still, you don't wanna egg her on any further, things have gotten complicated enough as it is. On a similar vein to Lillian, Maggie has taken to push her big booty into your lap or groin and grind on it as her own particular greeting, without any regard for whether you're alone or not, which has greatly angered both Jen and Lillian many, many times. Only God knows what'd happen if you ever agreed to her advances...

Measurements: 28 - 26 - 55 | Bra Size: A cups.

Brooke: A 19 years old girl that is another childhood friend of yours. The daughter of Mayor Patricia herself, whom given her relationship with your mom, you knew since a very early age. But unlike Zuemy and Lillian, who have stayed around throughout all these years, Brooke ended up having to move due to her mother's work and you lost contact with her since mid Elementary roughly. You were very surprised to meet her again when you started 9th grade, and even more so considering that her mother is the single most powerful and influential woman in the entire city, you always wondered why Brooke would attend a simple public highschool instead of some super fancy private school, not that you mind...

A tall, gorgeous black girl with a fairly chubby physique, with most of that extra padding going to all the right places. Another girl that can give both Jen and Lillian a run for their money when it comes to sheer size. She's a pretty chill person to hang around with, and despite being the Mayor's daughter she doesn't act arrogantly nor does she boast her status, carrying herself gracefully without any apparent pretentiousness. Still, she's a little bit of a school celebrity and whenever her mom comes by, everything feels tense, it feels like some military inspection.

You two were childhood friends, as mentioned before, and you were content to just resume that friendship, but as time passed she began to act flirtier and more playful until she decided to outright tell you that she wanted you as her boyfriend. Somehow, she managed to make you even more nervous than when Bailey and Maggie did the same, in this case, because you were at least partially aware that dating the frickin Mayor's daughter might be biting a hell of a lot more than you can chew, and you weren't sure you would be up to such a tremendous thing, and that is without mentioning that your own feelings have yet to be sorted out, but you'd be lying if you said that her beauty isn't tempting and it gets further complimented by her genuine demeanor.

You didn't outright turn her down, but you told her that you needed to put your thoughts in order before making such a serious decision and she understood. Somehow this didn't damage your relationship and in fact, at a first glance it looks like she's content to keep going like this, though her increased flirting and playfulness suggests that she might be trying to push for an answer, and that answer must be a 'Yes'. She's somewhat touchy feely at least when it comes to you, and seems to have a fondness for hugging you tightly, letting her large chest engulf your face or your neck (if hugging from behind) as well as sitting on your lap, or very close next to you, letting you feel the warmth and softness of her big butt and thick thighs, which heavily embarrasses you, but what makes matters worse is that she often does this when she senses that your friends are nearby, leading into many awkward and tense situations.

You can tell that neither Jen nor Yamile are very fond of her to say the least, but Lillian has more mixed feelings since they were also childhood friends, and in fact it looked like they were getting along until Brooke began acting flirtier, with Lillian's apparent dislike towards her growing little by little each passing day...

Measurements: 49 - 34 - 55 | Bra Size: G cups.

Janet: A school janitor that is largely unknown to students, with only some select teachers and staff knowing about her, such as Arianna, Claudia, Lulu, Dolores, Bertha and Coach Amber. Being seen by others is so rare that there are even various circulating urban legends at school that are actually about her.

A massive woman in nearly all senses of the world, a big beautiful black woman with black hair, often worn braided down and with amber colored eyes. She usually has a bored expression as she finds her job dull by itself, however she has stuck around for many years as she's managed to see or hear about some interesting situations at school, which amuse her in varying degrees.

At work, she wears a gray-green jumpsuit with a toolbelt filled with various tools and usually has a mop in her hand, with her name plastered across a relatively puny work tag. Despite looking quite chubby and squishy, her abundant, bouncy flesh has a surprising firmness to it due to the fact that her job is quite physical so even if she doesn't actively exercise, she gets a workout on the regular by doing her job every day.

Besides, or perhaps because of the sheer boredom she gets from her job, she's often playful and will try to make some exchange in order to have some fun, or might be up to something relatively silly such as stealing candy from Lulu, often by getting someone else to do it for her in exchange for something...

Measurements: 67 - 43 - 83 | Bra Size: G cups.
Family (Of the main group)

Ariadne: 22 years old. Your older sister (adopted though), she's even taller than you and Lillian at 197 cm / 6'5". Like you, she has medium dark/tanned skin. Her hair is long and black, but also wavy. She's basically built like an Amazon, she's more athletic than anyone else you know, but is still not excessively ripped, albeit she sports some impressive abs, her arms also being quite buff. Her figure, however, is beyond impressive for different reasons, she sports a huge ass that is about as big as Lillian's and despite her exercise and being fairly muscular, it has more than a generous layer of fat on it, making it soft and squishy, just like her bust, which is just as big (which makes it bigger than Jen's by a lot). She's in college, but comes back regularly to visit, specially on summer vacation and winter break.

As one would expect of an older sibling, she does a bit of bantering/teasing/light bullying to you, but she's not actually mean, and more often than not she's quite affectionate, and perhaps too much at times. She likes to hug you, sit on your lap or have you rest on hers among other things. She's also fairly protective of you, but she's more or less given Lillian and Jordana a free pass, and sometimes teases that you should ask one of them out. She's the only person you know to regularly exercise (Jen being much more liberal about it, besides playing sports at school), but besides her arms, abs and some definition in her thighs, her enormous curves are soft and jiggly, much to your embarrassment.

Despite being adopted, she resembles your mom in a few ways. Her love for sports may have come from both of your parents, but her fondness for exercise definitely came from your father. A thing that she has in common with your mom is that she ships you hard with Lillian, but unlike her, she also does so with Jordana, and often teases you saying that you should ask her out before she decides to do so herself, and she teases Jordana by implying her playfulness around you stems from an actual crush on you and that she may be jealous of your long friendship with her little sister.

As for ethnicity, she comes from the Caribbean, but she's never known anything about her biological family, your parents weren't given a whole lot of info, but they adopted her when she was 1 year old.

Measurements: 55 - 27 - 55 | Bra Size: F cups.


Miriam: 39 years old. Blaise's (and thus your) mother. Going by her looks alone, she's a tall, imposing woman, standing just a little shorter than you (185 cm / 6' 1"), however, she's an overly sweet, doting and highly protective mother (not quite overprotective, though, as she's given you plenty of autonomy over the years). You heavily took after her, your hair, skin tone, height and some of your facial features were indeed inherited from her. While she has quite the matronly figure, her face doesn't look her age, and has been mistaken to be in her early-mid 20's on many occasions. She's of Mexican origin like Blaise/you.

She's very joyful, fun-loving, kinda carefree and overly playful, though when needed, she can switch to 'wise parental figure mode' at will, though she seldom does, and you rarely give her motives to do so. When you were very young, you didn't notice it, but as you grew up, you realized your mom wasn't quite like others'. She watched anime and cartoons with you, played videogames with you, and even sports whenever your father was busy and couldn't do it himself. Eventually you learned, and got confirmation from your father, that your mom is basically an adult version of a tomboy. It was slightly shocking, but after giving it more thought, you realized you probably had one of the coolest moms ever, who wasn't shy to have fun with her son in ways many other mothers would've hesitated or downright refused. She's quite a sporty person about half of the time, but unlike Ariadne, she only enjoys it as a way to have fun with her kids, and doesn't really bother to exercise much otherwise, which gives her a slightly pudgy, and highly curvaceous figure owing to her relaxed approach to it.

She also loves to tease you (rather lightly) about your love life, or lack thereof, pointing that you have at least three beautiful female friends who'd probably go out with you if you just asked. Surprisingly, she's a a bit more strict with Jen, feeling that she has yet to prove 'worthy' in her eyes and earn her blessing, however, she very much approves of Lillian, whom she's known since you two were in kindergarten, and has pretty much already accepted her as part of the family, to the point that she gave her keys to get in your house whenever she wanted, nor does she mind letting her in to go wake you up sometimes. According to your father, it's highly likely that she sees her younger self in Lillian, and probably thinks that's the best kind of woman for you.

Ever since you started high school, she got a drastic promotion at her job, which has kept her mostly away from home, and frequently travels around the country with your father, but she still makes an effort to spend time with you whenever she can. And when she does, she loves to have you close, she often wraps her arm around your neck while she sits next to you, or outright keeps you hugged to her. Sometimes she teases about sitting on your lap as 'payback' for the countless times she had you on hers as a kid/baby. On occasion she's also joked about feeding you again like when you were a baby, but she's sensible enough to only do this when your friends aren't around. In general, she likes to physically show her affection for you, and tease the idea that you'll always be her baby, though at the same time, she trusts you to take care of yourself when she's not around. Still, with such a high drive maternal instinct, it shouldn't be difficult to trigger it to much higher levels should something happen...

In terms of her figure, she has a very similar body to that of Lillian's, although her affection for outdoor activities keeps her a bit leaner than her. She weighs a bit more than yourself (95 kg / 210 lbs) and her bust is considerably big, though not as big as Ariadne's, and her butt is close to Lillian's size, much to your embarrassment. It looks even bigger since her body frame is slightly smaller than hers. Similarly, she's quite athletic and agile despite her weight, and the way she walks is as if she were much lighter.

Being the reason of your own Mexican roots, she loves to cook food from her homeland, or at least use its ingredients in her own interpretation of other dishes. She's quite fond of chili peppers (whose spiciness she seems to be immune to) and beans. Her homemade food is absolutely stellar, but as her job became more demanding, she got lazier in the kitchen and orders takeout (of questionable quality) much more often, which has made her get 'bigger' than she used to be. She's specially fond of American style tacos and burritos, and that's the reason your house seems to be perpetually stocked with those. At least, thanks to her, you learned to cook for yourself, but that doesn't spare you from the 'explosions' that ensue after she eats, if you happen to be around her, which she finds hilarious or downplays it. The fact that she buys many more burritos than she eats makes you suspect she may purposely have a surplus for whenever Lillian comes over, and easily got her hooked to them...

Measurements: 46 - 30 - 55 | Bra Size: E cups.


Raphael: 40 years old. Blaise's father. Like Miriam, a Mexican, born and raised in his homeland, but in his late childhood his family moved to the US and brought him, so he'd have better chances of getting a better life. Starting middle school, he met a particularly interesting duo, that he wouldn't have known was going to change his life forever: Miriam and Sheila.

Apparently, there's plenty of backstory between your father and these two, and you've managed to hear quite a few interesting anecdotes, to say the least. It looks like some things weren't all that different, even when about 30ish years apart. Standing at 180 cm / 5'10" tall since his late teens, he had been consistently taller than both Miriam and Sheila throughout middle and highschool, but they got that one last growth spurt that he never did, much to his annoyance, though he can't really be called short by any means.

Appearance-wise, he'd have fairer skin, as your own darker tone was inherited from Miriam. His brown wavy hair also passed you on the genetic lottery, drawing instead hers. But you did get the same waviness in your hair. Despite not looking like he was outdoors all that much, he had plenty of sun as he loved to do physical tasks and spend time outside, but simply didn't get much of a tan. Nowadays, he's left his days of hard physical labor behind, and instead uses his brains. You're not entirely sure on what he does, but you know it has to do with programming and tech, which is the main reason you and even your mom are fairly computer-savvy.

Despite his apparent lack of exercise, he's still decently built up, and you could argue he's probably slightly stockier than you, weighing almost the same despite being shorter, but you could tell it was muscle rather than fat. A diet that nearly entirely consisted of homemade food went a long way to help him stay in pretty good shape. He's not all that fond of non homemade food except for things like pizza, and thus, when all your mom has around is her signature burritos or similar stuff, he opts to whip up something himself, much to your fortune if you're around by that time. Or, if he's feeling lazy, he'll order a pizza, a guilty pleasure that you also get to enjoy.

Like Miriam, he's fairly protective of you, but sees that you're pretty responsible and dependable, and has given you considerable freedom, perhaps more than the more protective Miriam would like, but he has a way with words and can still charm her just like way back in highschool, to your fortune. As it can be inferred, he's very happily married and very in love with his wife, a feeling that is mutual.

Unknown to you, something that is fun to him is to see the similarities between you and him, despite not knowing yourself, as he definitely saw a pattern with your two friends and your own dynamics, reminding him of his own. As for his relationship with both of his children, in some ways, it could be considered you're his favorite, being his firstborn, and a boy, but he still had plenty of love for Ariadne, and the decision to adopt her came from both him and Miriam. Seeing that Miriam was more neutral, and that Betty favored Ariadne a little more, he tried to compensate by favoring you to balance that, and as far as he know, it worked, since you've never showed signs of feeling unloved by anyone in your family, and can consistently count on him... when he is around, that is, as sadly, his work, like Miriam's takes up a very significant portion of his time nowadays, but he at least spent as much time as he could around you in your childhood.

You could tell your personality definitely draws from both him and Miriam's, him being mostly calm, hard-working, cool and relaxed, sort of balancing out Miriam's energy, creativity or playfulness, and her bits of laziness, though you knew he wasn't above cracking jokes or playing some kind of prank when he thought of good ones. Obviously, after years with her, some of her personality eventually rubbed off on him, but almost everyone that knew him would say it was a change for the better. Your own snarkiness likely comes from him, however, and going off from what your mom has told you, your relative introvertedness likely came from him.

[Important Note]: As a male character that's not Blaise, he's not really supposed to make any appearances while you're shrunk, though he can be mentioned, alluded to, or even be featured in flashbacks. I was initially going to leave it fairly open as to who he was in the first place, as I hadn't gotten any concrete stuff to make his character, but now that I have, I'm adding him to the cast, as odd as his case may be.

I had first thought that Blaise should be half-Mexican, thus, his dad would've been American, but I only had very generic ideas for such a character, so, I decided to go 'screw it' and give him more characterization, my style. Sorry if it seems I'm abusing the Mexican nationality trope here, but I think you can understand this would've been the best way for me to project his character, including his upbringing, personality, traits and history. I hope it's not that hard to self-insert as him, just like with Blaise, in the instances where he's the new protag.

He could be your partner in your shrunken shenanigans, if he too was hit by whatever hit you for that to happen, who knows, it could lead to some interesting developments. And while this IS Blaise's story, there's the possibility of having Raphael be the protagonist across some storylines. You could also play around with this, and he could have an entire side story of his own while Blaise is dealing with his shrunken shenanigans elsewhere, as in, two stories going on simultaneously, that could be pretty interesting.

At the moment of writing this, I'm not convinced I can build up a whole spinoff based on him, but let's see how that progresses. So, here it is, another potential shrunken partner, or even an alternate protagonist, and that could be either set in the current time, as an adult, or we could feature his middle/highschool era, together with the suspiciously similar voluptuous duo that accompanies him.


Sheila: 40 years old. Lillian's mother, a big woman in all senses of the word. Standing as tall as yourself (190 cm / 6'3"), but much heavier than either you or even Lillian herself, weighing a massive 150 kg / 330 lbs, most of which is below her waist, though she has a sizable bust, and a relatively thin waist in comparison, but her tummy is definitely a bit bigger and pudgier than her daughter's. She was apparently one of the most if not the most successful dancer back in Brazil, being an expert at shaking her enormous assets in ways not apt for the faint of heart, and boasts that she has the biggest booty in Brazil, and probably the whole world's, given the country's fame. By her appearance, that's a very difficult claim to challenge (except for her oldest daughter). Personality wise, she's even more carefree and relaxed than your mom, but like her, she's playful almost to a fault.

She's been your mom's best friend since middle school, as both of their families moved to the US by that time, and stayed in touch ever since until they finally moved to where they live now, and made sure to live in the same neighborhood (literally next to each other). Given the massive quantity of money she earned in her youth, she's more or less unofficially retired, though she has a job for the sake of having something to do, teaching Portuguese at the school you attend to. Given her long friendship with your mom, she's also your unofficial 'aunt' and babysitter whenever needed, but as you grew up, she came to tease you nearly as much as Lillian does, and given her much greater weight, it comes across as far more overbearing. Your mom finds her antics with you hilarious, however. They've even joked that if you're not taken by the time you turn 18 she's willing to take you herself, or at least 'teach you how to be a man'.

Being Miriam's friend, she got hooked to Mexican food years before you were even born, but unlike her, she didn't get much of a resistance to some of the food's spiciness, thus, she's less fond of chili peppers and more of beans and other stuff. She often comes by to get some burritos from your mom's pantry or fridge, just like her daughter. Lillian claims that both her big butt and 'gassy tendencies' came from her, though thankfully, for a long time you wouldn't know, besides her claims of her mom's farts being 'legendary' or that hers were nothing in comparison. Sheila has been mostly kind enough to spare you from them, though a few times, many on Lillian's request, she's let loose to show off her 'power'. A few other times you've been exposed to her massively powerful gas include visiting her while she's felt sick, or when she arrives to the house, not knowing you were there, and assuming it was only Lillian and herself.

[Minor note]: Her name is actually pronounced as Shayla (That's how it works in Spanish/Portuguese)

Measurements: 42 - 36 - 70 | Bra Size: D cups.

[Additional note: As it may be inferred from her description, she raised her children as a single mother, and in fact never married. On an unrelated note, she never stopped practicing her dancing despite retiring, a fact that she's made you VERY aware of, at times when you've gone to her house]


Jordana: 22 years old. Sheila's first daughter, Lillian's older sister. She makes the words "big sister" as literal as they can get, standing almost as tall as Ariadne, and that is, even taller than Sheila herself, at 195 cm / 6'4". But, even more impressively, she's managed to be even heavier than her mom (165 kg / 363 lbs), with a giant booty that surpasses even hers, though she also sports a decently sized chest that unfortunately looks smaller on her already large body frame. She also has a little bit more of a pudgy belly than either her little sister or her mom. While Sheila has a moderate tan, and Lillian has fair skin, Jordana's is rather pale, though she's just as fond of the beach as them. She simply can't get a tan to save her life, but on the other hand, it helps her pull off the goth/bad-girl look she's fond of better, marking a starker contrast with her usually dark clothes.

Speaking of that look, she often dresses in black, both shirt and jeans, that you marvel at, as they somehow contain a far too big and heavy butt. Her pants, or leggings, if she choses to wear those, always look like they're painted-on, and one bad move away from bursting to shreds, but they somehow hold on. She's not big on wearing makeup, though she will likely wear black lipstick if she's going out somewhere. At home, she probably won't bother, and speaking of that, she's absolutely shameless in that she's perfectly happy to strut around in just very ill-fitting underwear while you're around with Lillian, Jen or both. You can tell Jen is scared of her, and even Lillian, who is otherwise pretty dominant herself, also respectfully fears her. To this date, Jordana is the only person you've known to be able to subdue Lillian, or beat her in physical might, which surpasses hers, yours, or anyone you know for that matter.

That's not to say they're enemies, or that they have a significant sibling rivalry, though they seem to have at least some rivalry over their 'assets', although it's clear the big sister got that one covered. She'll be happy to team up with Lillian if that means she can get to tease/play with you, but even Lillian considers that her playfulness, approach and methods are too much even to her liking, and will likely try to stop her before she gets out of control, since, after all, you're her best friend.

As you would expect from someone carrying Sheila's genes, and having common heritage, upbringing and habits with Lillian, that enormous ass is pretty explosive, and that is putting it very, very lightly. While Sheila at least tries to hold back for your sake most of the time, Jordana definitely does not, and in fact, has been fond of testing her 'power' on you as her unwitting subject plenty of times throughout your life. This was made worse by the fact that she was often tasked with babysitting you as a kid, often together with Ariadne, who happends to be her best friend. To you, it meant lots of playful wrestling matches you ended up losing, only to be given a very literal stinkface, or her just finding whatever reason she could pull off to sit on you and fart to her heart's content.

Her apparent fixation on you hasn't been lost on your own big sis, who has jokingly suggested that you're gonna have to choose between either sister eventually, and that Jordana might not even give you the benefit of a choice in the matter, but you pray to all gods in existence that's just her twisted sense of humor speaking and nothing of it is even remotely close to reality. As for Jordana herself, she's claimed that she likes you like a little brother or some kind of pet/toy, as she sometimes sort of bullies/banters with you, not in an exceedingly mean manner, but given her physique, it comes across as pretty overwhelming.

You didn't hate her, but were definitely relieved when she left for college, as that was a literal breath of fresh air for you. Though she attends to the same all-girls college Ariadne does, and you can only imagine what those two will be up to. If she comes back home for summer, you'll either have to spend time away from her home or count on Lillian for protection, which might not be all that reliable, but it's better than nothing.

Measurements: 42 - 40 - 85 | Bra Size: E cups.


Lynn: 40 years old, Jen's mother. Slightly shorter than her daughter, standing at 175 cm / 5' 9" tall, she also possesses a voluptuous figure, and hardly looks her age. She's of Nordic origin, though you've never personally asked her about it, although both her and Jen have made offhanded comments about having Viking blood from time to time. Lynn has even told you that Jen's sporty personality and toughness may very well come from it, but you weren't sure if she was serious or just joking.

Her hair is golden as opposed to Jen's light brown and her eyes are blue, but has the same pale, but healthy looking complexion as her. She's quite curvaceous, but they're a little downscaled owing to her shorter stature, but said curves look about just as big on her body as Jen's do on her own. You don't know a whole lot about her, since she seems to be constantly traveling on business like your own mom, but you've met her, and have been to Jen's house with her present. She certainly seems to like you and approve of you, to the point that she's teased you about when you plan on asking her daughter out when she's not within earshot, making you blush madly. Despite having her apparent blessing, you don't feel quite sure, some things about her behavior seem cryptic to you, and often you can't quite discern what her true intentions may be. Her icy looking, soul-piercing gaze makes maintaining eye contact with her rather difficult for you. At least, she seems to trust you and doesn't seem to be overly strict with her daughter even when it's only you two hanging out.

Measurements: 46 - 26 - 50 | Bra Size: E cups.


Karen: 38 year old blonde with similar height to her child (Celeste), and is your father's sister-in-law. With a thick figure of big boobs and bubble butt, the hour-glass figured woman is of European descent and is greatly enamored with the Mexican lifestyle. She loves her family greatly and even sometimes jokes about you being married to Celeste to make the family bigger or something like that. Other than that, she's a ditz and almost everyone is amazed at how airheaded she is, you having an idea at where Celeste's oblivious nature with her weight comes from. Your father has even joked that his brother married her for her looks, but despite her bimbo behavior, nobody really has an issue with her, she's nice to everyone, and almost anything bad that happens with her is a legit accident.

Measurements: 56 - 27 - 52 | Bra Size: F cups.


Ariana Abalos: 26 years old. Your first cousin and the current school's principal. Very similar to your mother in appearance, except for the beauty mark over the right corner of her mouth and frozen cold blue eyes. With a slimmer waist and notably fatter butt, she has quite the stern streak amongst students, especially you and Celeste.

As long as a problem turns up, she turns to you or Celeste with suspicions, but your mother said it was because she was very worried about you two. Celeste is terrified of her and would clam up in her presence and your friends were no better. Lillian would try to stand up to her, but eventually would be silenced. As for you, she seems to act as cryptic as possible and it was impossible to tell what was on her mind, something that scared you to no end. You feel or suspect that she hates your guts or despises you, but you can't even begin guessing why. The truth may be wildly different, however...

Measurements: 45 - 26 - 66. | Bra Size: E cups.


Betty: 48 years old, Miriam's sister, your aunt. She stands a little taller than your mom, but a little smaller than you (189cm, 6'2.4"), and even though she is older than Miriam, she still looks equally young, and, like her sister, many people have thought that she is in her early-mid 20's. Although she is of Mexican origin just like her sister, her facial features look kind of "old-fashioned American", and have a significant resemblance to those of Marilyn Monroe, including her classic haircut, though her skin tone is rather tanned and her hair dark brown.
She works as a model, and due to that she is constantly moving around the country for various photoshoots for different magazines and brands, so you don't see her that often. However, you have really good memories of her, she's friendly, loving, and has a smile that is really hard to forget and seems to light up the room. Since you were a kid she has brought you different gifts, from toys when you were little, to airpods now that you were older.

She also has a good relationship with your sister, whom she considers to be a younger version of herself, and even though Ariadne is her favorite, you have never felt like she made significant differences in between you two.
Betty's figure is very similar to Lillian's, but with some major differences: her butt is slightly bigger, yet smaller than Ms. McAllen's, and, that she is as fit as she can be, basically, she's what Lillian would be if she exercised regularly, and with a bigger butt. Don't get confused here though, she still isn't precisely skinny, her big butt is obviously mostly fat with some more muscle, and her belly has some belly fat, yet this attributes only contribute to her sexy image of curvy model.
Your aunt never truly teases you on purpose, but there are still some situations where she had unintentionally let you take a peek at her big beautiful butt, like when she bends over or stretches, and mainly when she is exercising. Overall, you try not to look at it, but sometimes the lust over seeing a supermodel's booty wins you over.
In general, you could say that your aunt was a very sexy, caring, loving, funny, friendly and when needed, concerned woman, that you wished you could see more often.

Measurements: 40 - 30 - 60 | Bra Size: C cups.


Samara: 18 years old. Lillian's cousin, though she almost looks like a twin sister of hers. She confirms that Lillian's kind of physique seems to run in the family, as if Sheila weren't enough proof. She boasts a somewhat chubby figure with massive thighs and a huge butt that matches Lillian's size. However, she's even lazier than her, and has a slightly pudgier belly, though it can't be said it takes away much from her beauty. While you haven't been around her to be fully sure, you're under the impression her ass is fatter and jigglier than Lillian's. She also has slightly bigger boobs, which of course she boasts, though not as much as her larger lower curves. She's a bit heavier than Lillian.

Also, as opposed to her cousin, who sports fair creamy skin, hers is naturally tanned, owing to the same Brazilian heritage as her cousin's. Her blonde hair is a mystery to you, however, as you have no idea whether it's natural or dyed, and have never asked her nor Lillian about it. She dresses in full gyaru fashion and seems to be a sort of informal model or influencer, constantly taking pics and selfies that emphasize her outrageous curves.

Unfortunately for you, or for anyone that happens to be around her, Samara has a very similar sense of humor to that of Lillian's and seems to be just as gassy as well, so she finds her constant bursts of flatulence hilarious, and often records them on video to share with some other gyaru friends who also find them funny. You've interacted with her a few times, as both Lillian and Sheila pretty much consider you family, but you have absolutely no idea on what she thinks about you, though she fully knows who you are.

[Note]: Formerly named Sasha, I'll be correcting the chapters featuring her with the updated name.

Measurements: 40 - 36 - 56 | Bra Size: C cups.

Zuleima: A 40 years old, Cuban black woman. Zuemy and Zoey's mother. You know her, and have had some minimal interactions with her, but all you know is that she's a kind of scientific genius like her daughters, so it's obvious that it's her whom they got it from. Like Zuemy, she's very short, one of the shortest people you know, standing at 4'9" / 145 cm tall. She has a more slender built than either of her daughters, with a thinner and smoother stomach, but she still boasts pretty large curves, even more so for her size, and her sedentary lifestyle has made them arguably just as fatty as her daughters' if not more, which anyone can tell as soon as they see the sheer amount of jiggling that ensues when she walks around.

She works in your father's tech company, and seems to be an old friend of his and your mom's, going way back to middle school. Yet, she's the one that seems to interact with your mom the least, and you don't really know how things are at work with your dad and her, though nothing has suggested that she's really a bad person. Initially unaware of this, your mom or Sheila could reveal that she, like her daughters, had an odd thing for the size of things, wanting to be able to change it, namely, to make things bigger or smaller, which might or might not be rooted on her own small stature, which would likely frustrate her to no end (unlike Zuemy who doesn't seem to care much about it in itself)

[Additional Information]: This is beyond the scope of Blaise's knowledge, there are at least two main ways in which her character can be portrayed, if you don't come up with one yourself. Both have in common that she had a crush on Raphael since they were young, but failed to act on it for reasons unknown, but Miriam's eventual "victory" might have led her down at least three different paths:

- She's become bitter and envious of Miriam for taking what she believed was rightfully hers, though she maintains a façade of friendship while still desiring Raphael... she might do something drastic. As for Blaise, she might not directly hate him, but his presence would be a bitter reminder of her failure, reminding her that she should've bore him a child instead of Miriam, and thus, she might redirect her negative feelings towards him.

- Frustrated and hurt at her failure, she tries to move on, but Raphael was still the man she loved. Blaise's resemblance to him, however, might turn him into a new target for her affections. But, being a very intelligent woman, she probably wouldn't act exactly like Sheila or Lulu, though her feelings might get the best of her at times. This version of her would like to try and get to know him some more, given their rather limited interactions. Given her genius, she could propose tutoring him on subjects she knows he struggles with, such as Math, Chemistry or Physics, but it'd be mostly a pretext to get more time to spend with him.

- Related to the previous one, unable to fully let go of the past, she wants to live her dream through her daughters, trying to instigate either Zuemy or Zoey to pursue you romantically to become part of your family at least in a way. With Zuemy's closer relationship to you, she might be the more suitable candidate in Zuleima's eyes.

You can mix and match these approaches to varying degrees, or come up with something different

Measurements: 38 - 25 - 54 | Bra Size: D Cups.

Regina: 65 years old. Your grandmother on your father's side. Standing at 5'7" / 170 cm she's shorter than either of your parents or yourself, but that does very little to hide just how powerful her personality can be. A kind and doting mother, and even more so as a grandmother. She can sometimes intimidate either or both of your parents when she believes they're acting out of line, which has baffled you and Ariadne ever since you were kids. Seeing your grandma pull the fearsome chancla against either or both of them was always quite the spectacle, you had to admit. But you never had to really worry about it, as she's very sweet and doting to you and your sister. Your mom seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex towards her and is easily intimidated by her, this also makes her want to try harder to prove that she's indeed a good mother and wife, often with hilarious results, well, maybe not so much to you when you're involved.

There's a bit of history that Blaise doesn't know yet, that in the past Regina didn't really approve of Miriam being your dad's girlfriend back in their highschool days, instead secretly supporting Sheila, whom she deemed a better candidate as a wife and future mother, but eventually she came to respect and accept Miriam. But it looks like Miriam herself never quite got the memo.

She seems to be frustrated by the fact that your dad is more reluctant to her (admittedly quirky) forms of affection than you are with your mom's, something she's expressed some measure of jealousy and envy of over the years, a situation that has put you and your dad in some odd situations you'd rather not remember in full detail. And if for whatever reason he's not available, often the next target for her affections is none other than yourself, which has ended up in many, many situations that are very similar to your mom's shenanigans with you, and in fact Regina often asks to get the same treatment she gets from you.

Regina, tough front aside, is similar to Miriam in personality, sense of humor and in her ways of showing affection, to the point that you've ended up on the receiving end of the latter a lot of times. And like her, her dietary choices tend to make her fairly gassy, much to you and your dad's chagrin.

She looks pretty healthy and young, but she lacks the privileged genetics your mom and grandma Xóchitl possess, so sometimes one can spot a few stray gray hairs on her head, but she usually dyes them to her natural color, that being dark brown and wavy, same as your dad's, usually kept at shoulder length. But other than that anyone looking at her would be mislead into believing she's into her early 40's at worst. A former cop and a nurse, now retired from both professions, she still leads a pretty active life.

The way she dresses also hints at the fact that she might be just as tomboyish as your mom, often preferring pants or leggings over skirts and dresses. She has a medium sized chest and just a little bit of pudge in her belly, but she has a pretty wide set of hips with an almost disproportionately large booty to go with those, which makes even the most conservative pair of underwear look skimpier than actually skimpy lingerie, a fact you're painfully aware of as she's enlisted your help to rub various creams on her skin to supposedly keep it smooth and young-looking, though your parents and even yourself don't think it's the creams what keep her looking like that. She definitely is a bit jealous of grandma Xóchitl's genetics, specially since the latter doesn't even use any special creams nor makeup, though she occassionally may use some floral or fruit extracts she gets from her own plants. Xóchitl has mentioned that she believes the best beauty treatment there is is simply eating well and staying hydrated.

Measurements: 38 - 32 - 50 | Bra Size: C cups.


Xóchitl: [Pronounced as Shaw-cheetle]. Name being Náhuatl (Aztec language) for "flower". 64 years old. Your grandmother on your mom's side. Bigger, happier and sweeter than her daughter, in more senses than one she's one giant fluffball, an overly sweet, caring and doting lady that loves nature and her family.

A descendant from the ancient Aztecs, she's very aware and very proud of her cultural heritage, to the point she almost dresses every day like this, except that she really is a big lady, comparable to Dolores with enormous curves all around, sporting a large chest, a more notable belly than her daughter's (comparable maybe to Jordana's) and a jiggly behemoth of a butt, so even those clothes would be stretched to their limits trying to contain her bulging curves.

Just like Miriam, she has quite the incredible genetics, as she definitely doesn't look her age either, anyone looking at her would think she's a woman ranging from her late 30's to early 40's, and the fact that her skin's pretty smooth without makeup and she doesn't have a single gray hair on her head only reinforce that image. Her hair is smooth, straight and fairly long, easily reaching below her waist, which she often keeps down, though shen she works she has it in a large, single braid.

She grew up in a rural village deep in the Mexican heartland's jungle, but for a long time she's been a gardener and has her own flower shop, fittingly given her name. She uses the expertise from having worked with plants for many years, and countless centuries of traditional wisdom passed down from mother to daughter for generations to help make homes prettier and healthier as part of her job has her educate and help people to have their own gardens with plants that not only are beautiful and have nice scents, many are also edible or provide fruit.

However, her job aside, she's very laid-back and relaxed with most other things, to the point that she's sometimes a bit lazy. She can also be quite clumsy, which unfortunately for you has ended with you squashed under her, mostly under her belly or her big butt, though she easily laughs these incidents off. With her living in the same city as you and your family, having her come over to visit or you and your family coming over to her place isn't even complicated at all, and there are times were you went to hers simply because you were closer to it than your own home, and you were always welcome. The only "downside" is that she tended to overfeed you because she can't quite grasp the idea of someone tall not needing as much food as she'd consider, but thankfully those meals haven't had an impact on your general looks.

Miriam got her big appetite from hers, but it's hardly a match, Xóchtil can really eat a lot, justified in that she does everything at her home and work by herself and plenty of that is physical, yet her body's plenty "padded". As a consequence, which isn't aided by the amount of spice she likes to add to her own meals, she has really powerful farts that might be a fair match to Sheila's at the very least, and she's just as nonchalant as herself about it. But it seems like she heavily underestimates her own gas.

Among the things she tends to downplay and underestimate are her own size and weight, often bumping you with her ginormous butt if she happens to walk by you, and unless she's in her own house she tends to bump and knock things over, once again due to her outrageously large curves. She also tends not to look where she's sitting and thus, various random things have ended up squashed under her massive plush cheeks or engulfed in between until they fall out of her crack or get farted out. She's fairly tall for a woman, standing just a little bit shorter than her daughter Miriam at 5'10" / 180 cm tall.

Measurements: 42 - 39 - 86 | Bra Size: D cups.

College People


This category also includes Ariadne, Jordana and Chahna. Other friends or acquaintances of them, or college staff and other students that attend to the all-girls college Ariadne goes to will be featured here as they are created.


Jaya: 22 years old Bengali girl with a dominant personality. Her gargantuan ass and toxic flatulence are rivaled only by Jordana, both of which have only grown bigger as Jordana and Ariadne introduced her to Mexican food. In college, she’s garnered a bit of a reputation as “that face sitting chick” due to her promiscuous nature and her tendency to smother any guy she’s with under a mountain of ass. Jordana has told her stories about you and how you always end up under her ass, which has her more than a little interested in you. Ariadne finds her hilarious just as she does with Lillian, and might not be too keen on protecting you from her advances.

Jaya is 5'5" / 165 cm tall with long hair that she keeps in a braid that hangs over the front of her shoulder. She has heterochromia, her right eye is green and her left eye is blue. She weighs 200 pounds with a good chunk of it going to her butt. When she's dressing casual she usually wears sweat pants and a black tank top.

Jordana had heard the initial rumors of the "face sitting chick" and actively sought her out. She tracked down the source of the rumors and that led her to Jaya. The formed a mutually beneficial relationship together when Jordana pitched the idea of acting as a wing girl to Jaya so she could dominate more men around the school. Jordana thought it was hilarious to find eager jocks with dominant personalities and hook them up with Jaya only for her to smother them under her ass. She'd often sit outside the bedroom and choke back laughter when she'd hear the exact moment when they start to panic right before Jaya planted her ass on their faces. Jordana introduced Jaya to her bestie Ariadne which led to them forming a friend group.

Measurements: 55 - 35 - 75 | Bra Size: F cups.


Isha: 21 years old with a prankster streak similar to Lillian and a butt to rival hers. Like Jaya, she comes from the Bengal region of India. She’s heard many stories about Jordana and you and has been eager to meet you if only for the thrill of messing with you. She stands 5'3" / 160 tall with bra length black hair and green eyes. Her favorite color is pink so a lot of her wardrobe has pink in it. Her body is pear shaped and she often wears sports yoga pants or shorts. She's not fat but she could definitely be described as chubby. She has a cute round face and is usually wearing her favorite pair of gold ear rings.

Isha and Ariadne became friends when they ended up sitting next to each other in world history class. Isha would often help Ariande when she was struggling especially when it related to South Asian history, and Ariadne helped her when the topic became Mesoamerican history. Since then they've become dedicated study partners and Ariadne has introduced Isha to her bestie Jordana.

Measurements: 45 - 30 - 60 | Bra Size: D cups.

Carmen & Maya: Dolores' twin daughters. 21 years old Mexican girls that have inherited their mother's curves, though theirs aren't quite as large as hers... yet at least. As Dolores is quite a close friend of your mom's and Sheila's, her daughters have often come to visit, and it's all the more unfortunate for you that their rather strict upbringing left them effectively quite "boy-starved" and the only nearby target for their affection (and/or urges), has been you. This didn't change over the years, and in fact, it probably got worse since they've attended all-girls school all of their lives, and while that spared you from having to deal with them at school, you couldn't say you were quite spared from having to deal with them on a daily basis, as they were familiar enough to be able to come uninvited and nobody besides you would bat an eye.

Both are nearly identical, and stand slightly taller than their mom, at 6'1" / 185 cm. They have the same tan/bronze-ish skin tone that's kinda more towards the bronze side than yours or even your mom's in comparison. They boast huge curves that are nearly unmatched by most girls, though you know several that do match or even surpass them.

Carmen has a more outgoing/extroverted personality and does a fair bit of exercise to try and keep her body toned, though her curves remain huge and rather soft, but are a bit firmer as a result. She does have some musculature in her arms, although nowhere as much as Ariadne's.

Maya is the quieter/more indoors one, but it's not quite enough to call her an introvert, since she's almost as flirtatious as her sister, however, she doesn't really enjoy outside activities all that much unless those involve showing off her body. She also loves to eat tasty food and doesn't care that she has a chubbier physique as a result, since it gives her larger curves with minimal effort.

The two sisters have a playful rivalry of their own and you've often gotten unwittingly involved, as they have you judge their constant contests, many centered on their beauty and the size of their humongous assets, their massive booties being their personal pride and joy as their 'best feature'. They also have a fondness for tricking people into mistaking them for each other, and in your case, playfully 'punish' you for getting it wrong. But to be fair, unless they strip down to their underwear/bikini or are wearing really tight clothes (they often do but still) it's near impossible to get it right, especially when they deliberately dress almost the same.

Jen and Lillian aren't fond of them at all, and consider them a serious threat, so, if they happen to be around each other, things are likely to get heated. Lillian has a much longer history with them, and while they're older, Lillian is larger and stronger, but it's not like the girls actually get violent even with Jen and Lillian's aggression, and instead they intend to defeat them where it hurts the most, that is, with their sheer beauty and sex appeal.


Carmen: 54 - 36 - 76 | Bra Size: F cups

Maya: 52 - 38 - 80 | Bra Size: E cups.

Zoey: Zuemy's older sister. 22 years old, just like Ariadne and Jordana, and a friend of theirs as well. A scientific genius, perhaps with even greater intellect than that of Zuemy's. However, apparently, as a tradeoff, she's a clumsy ditz at everything non scientific, often tripping over her own feet, and when you've been around, this often means getting hip checked, butt bumped or have her fall and land on your body a lot, and unlike Zuemy, she's quite big, boasting enormous curves that are more than a fair match for the likes of Jordana.

She's not that tall compared to the taller girls/women you knew, since being short seems to run in her family, but she still dwarfs her little sister in height and width. She stands at 5'7" / 170cm tall, but has a much chubbier build than Zuemy's, especially her massive booty. And like her sister, she can be quite gassy regardless of what she eats, or even on an empty stomach, though food will only increase its volume and worsen its smell.

A side that she keeps more privately to herself, though Zuemy knows about, is that she's into a lot of butt-related things, so she loves everything along the lines of facesitting, smothering or farting on a lover, or using her prodigious curves to entice him. She may not necessarily like the domination aspect, and would be more into just showing her affection with her overwhelming curves, likely without being fully aware on how big and heavy they can be.

Another kink of hers is shrinking, she absolutely loves the idea of shrinking her boyfriend (or someone she'd like to be her boyfriend) and use her massive booty to give him all the affection she can, in her particular ways. It'd be likely that the way Zuemy gets to shrink you was actually a pet project of hers at first, and she would've developed the initial blueprints/starting formula depending on the specific method chosen, as such, she'd probably recognize that the shrinking was at least in part her doing, and would be one of the few people besides Zuemy to not be so surprised about finding a shrunken person, even feeling happy about finding one. But if she found a shrunken guy... even more so, a shrunken guy that she found in her butt, she might not want to let him go anytime soon...

[Optional details]: For the time being I'm keeping this part as optional since Zoey could be used more ambiguously as things stand, but if you choose so, you can have her be Pete's girlfriend.

Measurements: 46 - 38 - 67 | Bra Size: D cups.


Yamile's Family

Alisha. All her children greatly resemble their mother, however, Alisha has the biggest curves in the family. Dressed in traditional Indian garbs for women and the religious red dot on her forehead, her black hair is tied in a bun as her eyes match the clear blue sea. While stern with her children, she greatly loves them and would love nothing more to see them exceed in life. When she heard about you from Yamile, she was a bit disappointed that you weren't a rich, white boy, but other than that, you really don't want what she thinks of her as you never met her. While she enjoys her homeland its culture, she's quite englamoured with the food on this side of the world, despite how badly her stomach reacts to it and her own brand of curry. 39 years old.

Measurements: 57 - 34 - 69 | Bra Size: F cups.


Chahna, the eldest child of 23. An all-round man-eater and slut. She loves hanging out with men and fulfilling her lust, that it scares a majority of the male population. Even the men she slept with are reluctant to do it again because of her endless stamina in the sack and Yamile vowed to defend your chastity from her as a joke (you think as she unconsciously stared at your crotch in lust, maybe). Thankfully, she goes to an all-girls college far from here; the same one your adopted sister goes to. Her hair is wild and flows until her mid-back as her green eyes sparkle in the light. She usually dresses in a sexy manner to show off her assets that nearly matches her mother's. She's not afraid of other people's kinks, no matter how gross it is and her homeland cuisine has been known to upset her bowels. Her lust can her make misunderstand the other party, which can lead to disastrous results to varying degrees.

Measurements: 56 - 30 - 65. | Bra Size: E cups.


Dulari, 22 years old. With her hair in a pony tail and black glasses on her petite nose, she greatly inherited her mother's sternness when it comes to studying and tries to impose it on others. She is annoyed by her older sister with her antics and scolds her on it, though Chahna ignores her usually. Thinks of you as a bit of a troublemaker, but is quite doubtful of the claim as she didn't meet you yet. Just like the rest of her family, she tends to pass gas from the large amount of curry she eats, but is nice enough to blast it elsewhere. However, when angry with someone, she would use her farts to torture them. She also goes to the same college as her sister as a freshman.

Measurements: 50 - 27 - 55. | Bra Size: D cups.


Falguni, 19 years old. A cheerleader in your rival school and a selfish woman. Completely and utterly in vain, she only cares about her beauty and has earned the scorn of almost all the women around her, family included. With brown eyes and her black hair in pigtails, many people can admire her beauty. However, her backside has been known to erupt loudly, even on an empty stomach, and Falguni is quite embarrassed by it, so she goes to a private place, ensuring nobody knows about it (though her family loves to tease her about it). Best not to be found by her, especially when she's gassy.

Measurements: 55 - 27 - 44 | Bra Size: E cups.


Fulki, 18 years old and twin of Yamile. A super energetic girl that looks the same as Yamile, though her blue eyes contrast with Yamile's greens and her hair is cut short of her shoulders. A tomboy through and through, she has no problem letting them rip and is an utter idiot. However, she is quite kind, and seems to like you from Yamile's description of you. Has a bigger butt than Yamile's. People that's not familiar with Yamile may easily mistake Fulki for her.

Measurements: 47 - 28 - 60 | Bra Size: D cups.


Gazala: 20 years old. A super shy girl that is quite short, and often gets mistaken for being the youngest of all the sisters, Gazala gets easily stressed out and it doesn't help when she farts in times of stress. Her bangs cover her eyes as they're shielded by her glasses. She's extremely shy of anyone that isn't family and would hide from them. Given how shy she is, she's probably homeschooled and is the most introverted person you know, and that being somewhat introverted yourself.

Measurements: 60 - 29 - 57 | Bra Size: G cups.

Work & Other characters


[Note: There are two jobs, usually only one of them is Blaise's, if mentioned at all, though you could have a route where he has both. Some routes have him not working however.]

Grace: A pear-shaped brunette that hunts down any man she sets her sights on and makes the most of a one night stand. Unfortunate for you, you just happen to work on the day she came over to the club (or the Salsa Shack, depending on which one is your workplace) and grabbed your collar, stating she wants to fuck you. Due to a number of reasons, one of them being at work, you politely refuse her and that made her very eager to get into your pants. Ever since then, she'll ask to have sex with you whenever you're around her, though your boss made sure to stop with a call on harassment on Grace's part. Surprisingly, she's the older sister of Lulu McAllen, though when brought up, they both say things are complicated between the two.

Measurements: 49 - 30 - 63 | Bra Size: E cups.


Ms. Rachel Flatum is a 47 year old that runs and owns the club from several generations. Rachel is a pale white woman with freckles across her brown eyed face and a scarlet braided pony tail that reaches her shoulders. Treating everything as a business, Rachel runs a tight ship and isn't afraid to put her foot down, even if her opposition is a wealthy woman of importance. She treats you like any other employee she has and is punctual about things, though she does somewhat worry about you as you happened to be quite popular with the clients to an alarming degree. She also has a daughter and that girl is rumored to be similar to her mother in appearance. Ms. Flatum gets easily bloated, so during working hours, she releases sbd's all over the place, as the clients have been known to break wind from various factors and privately, she drops massive bombs that's capable of shaking a room in pure ecstasy and relief.

Measurements: 47 - 33 - 57 | Bra Size: D Cups.

Job Place: The club is an exclusive one for women, where the theme behind it is Mexico, hence the Mexican food that's served there. It was a miracle you managed to get the job there, considering Ms. Flatum breathing down your neck, but thanks to your efforts, she hadn't found a reason to fire you... yet. The main trio's mothers are members there, but they rarely go and are usually together.


Nancy is a brunette with brown eyes and wavy hair that reaches her butt while she has a gap between her front teeth. Despite having a couple of years over you in age, she's quite friendly with you and treats everyone causally. You have never seen her in anything but her work uniform and work hat, as well as her working hard. She's is probably the laziest person you have ever met and treats everything the same as a slacker would do; it's quite surprising that anything could be done. She also has a fondness over the food you make, trying out 'samples' of it and because of it, she has her office in one of the bathroom stalls as she pushes monstrous farts from her big butt for the majority of the time.

Measurements: 41 - 30 - 56 | Bra Size: C Cups.

Job Place: Salsa Shack, a Mexican restaurant that women really like, especially your friends and family. Despite it being just you and your boss, Nancy, you guys were able get the job done. You may hire people soon, as the restaurant's doing fairly well.

Etsuko Honda: A 29 years old Japanese woman, a servant of the Zaniki household, working directly under Orihime herself. She serves as her personal bodyguard/enforcer, and besides Jessica, is the closest thing she has to a friend, though she has unquestioning loyalty to her boss/Master. The reason she was chosen by Orihime herself was because Etsuko was a rare female sumo prodigy, being trained almost the moment she could stand and walk, and achieved the national female championship at just 16 years old, giving immense visibility to the female branch of the sport.

She went even further beyond, and took on the male sumo wrestlers to claim the title of Yokozuna, aka Sumo Grand Master, a mere 2 years later, as well as getting high recognition and praise for winning against all the odds. But it was no secret that for a woman, and even more so for Japanese standards, she was quite large and almost seemed to be naturally gifted for sumo wrestling. Her tall stature was accompanied by a plump physique that gave her the heft she needed to fight as the martial art demanded.

The rest of her history remains unknown to all but herself, all that is known is that she gradually disappeared from public life, although she never officially retired, and she defended her title several times before fading into obscurity, only to reappear in America and under the service of the Zaniki household. She doesn't seem to resent her current lifestyle, and is happy enough to serve Orihime. However, her kind personality is often overridden/overshadowed by Orihime's sometimes ruthless commands, as she now used her immense body to subdue those who have incurred in her Master's wrath, or to intimidate those who need to be shown their place and Orihime herself deems unworthy of getting her own hands dirty.

She has porcelain-white skin and long straight raven black hair. Even though she doesn't fight professionally anymore, she still retains the sumo lifestyle and training, which she has never stopped doing. As such, she boasts very large curves as well as quite the belly, though it remains dwarfed by her utterly massive derriere, and her chest is nothing to scoff at either. The tight clothes she often has to wear, as she's required to wear formal attire whenever she's not fighting, mislead just about everyone, they're frequently strained so badly they seem like they are one bad move away from bursting, but when she finally takes them off, if as if her curves explode and expand massively when not harshly compressed by the unyielding fabric, something Orihime has employed to further intimidate her opponents on more than one occasion.

Measurements: 53 - 42 - 87 | Bra Size: E Cups.


Mia Hafsa (name translates to, Mia = beloved, and Hafsa= Light of Moon, Brooding Hen.) This strong willed African American woman stands proud at a 5'2" / 158 cm. At 42 years old Blaise would somewhat remember her being around for as long as he has lived in town.

But he can’t quite remember if he has ever directly interacted with her. Two memories that stick out though is of her clothed in a type of medical outfit handing out food outside the local college, and a second of her verbally beating a man who nearly hit some kids at your school with his car. “When you are behind the wheel of a car YUNGIN ya better have ya eyes on the road! I catch you pulling some stunt like this again and I’ma fully WOOP yo ass so hard you’ll wish I’d just called the cops!” To push her point she sat down on the front of the sports car causing it to loudly Clank its front bumper against the pavement!

The only word that could really describe her is, as the kids say, THICC! Full plump D cup breasts stacked on a short waist with a Monster set of hips. Due to age her bottom would be covered in soft cellulite pockets giving it an overall chunky appearance. Her powerful thighs and calves are supported on two big feet. A curtain of black hair drapes across her broad shoulders. She has small hazel eyes and slightly puffy cheeks. She has a straightforward tough attitude that gives way to a soft affectionate side once she gets to know someone. Very much a mother hen type of woman, if you are in her good graces then you have a powerful friend! But cross her? … Hell hath no fury. The phrase Sulphur and brimstone is only a minor reflection of what you will have to deal with.

[Optional Info]: As an additional job, or her current one, she could be the school's nurse, which would mean that you would know a little more about her, at least seeing her around a tad more often, but as you seldom went to the Infirmary, you still didn't interact as much with her. This also means that she probably would've interacted with the teachers and Arianna. Perhaps, most notably, she would've come to know Grace's younger sister, Lulu. This "lore" can be ignored if you'd rather keep her as a nurse in the city, and have her presence be a bit more vague to Blaise and his friends.

Measurements: 41 - 29 - 58 | Bra Size: D Cups.


Sasha Medvedeva (Sasha = helper, Medvedeva = Bear) The words of a famous song writer comes to mind. “She’s a BRICK, HHOOUUSSEE!” Sasha is a dominating sized amazing at a tall 6' 8" / 198.12 cm. Not as wide as her friend Mia, she has no less amount of MASS. A mixture of what seemed to be muscles and fat covered her body. Broad arms, Plump C cup breasts, a curved six pack, all stacked on a perky (and quite large) butt and tree trunk legs. Long Snow white hair is usually pulled up into a pun. With subdued amber eyes.

Blaise would have no idea what to call this woman. But to those at the local collage and town cross fit she would simply be known as the “Bear”. If you get her as a trainer you better not have planned on taking it easy. She works herself and her charge to near breaking point. This stern to the point woman is not one to be messed with. A Russian beauty who has no qualms with getting her hands dirty. But to those that stay despite her blunt imposing stern outer shell will find a fiercely loyal and playful companion. Though… there is also a rumor about town of a brute of a trainer suddenly vanishing one day after a whole love seat was literally thrown through his living room window. When asked about its Sasha will only respond with a stare and a serious. “Should have thrown something bigger.”

Measurements: 37 - 26 - 54 | Bra Size: C Cups.

Bertha: None other than Snickers' mother. While she's not taller than her daughter, she's much heavier and curvier, but has a rather pretty face and the same golden hair as her. It's unknown what she does for a living, as it seems she doesn't go out much, sporting a paler complexion than Snickers', and appears to be sort of a slob, being somewhat careless with her personal hygiene and being much gassier than her daughter despite not following the same diet. As you've witnessed from afar how massive her farts are, you sometimes wonder if she has anything to do with Snickers' social status...

You've never met her, but have seen her on few rare occasions when she came to parent-teacher meetings, however it's very uncommon on her part, if she shows up more than thrice a year you'd be surprised. She seems like a nice enough lady, nothing about her behavior strikes you as her being particularly mean or obnoxious, but then again, you've never had any personal interactions with her, as you barely have had any with her daughter for that matter.

Measurements: 38 - 40 - 87 | Bra Size: D cups.

Rosa Vázquez: Dolores' younger sister. A 40 years old Mexican lady that otherwise would just seem as your typical friendly neighbor lady. She's not your direct neighbor, but lives in the same neighborhood, and given Dolores' friendship with your mother, she's also on quite friendly terms with her, and you've known her since you were a kid.

Unfortunately for you, ever since Valentina began bullying you, she's been of no help, dismissing your claims or downplaying them, believing that you're simply too soft and need to toughen up. Otherwise, she hasn't been exactly mean to you, but you can't help but find her lack of empathy and sympathy concerning.

She's slightly taller than her daughter (171 cm / 5'7"), and significantly curvier, though nowhere near as much as her older sister. She has light brown eyes and dark brown hair, that's similarly wavy to Valentina's, but kept a bit shorter, at shoulder length, while her daughter's usually reaches the middle of her back.

Measurements: 39 - 29 - 53 | Bra Size: D cups.

[Additional Note: She and Rosa have a different surname than Dolores' because it's pretty much implied that the latter is unmarried]


Patricia: A 48 years old big beautiful black woman, the city's current Mayor, this, the single most powerful and influential person in the whole city. A smart but extremely nonchalant, and perhaps a bit lazy woman. She was your mom's teacher at college, and perhaps the most important one of them all, which led into them developing a close friendship that endured throughout the years. Ever since she began running her electoral campaign for the position of city mayor, she enlisted your mom's help, and once she won she basically made your mom her second-in-command for nearly all intents and purposes.

As a result, your mom has had to travel around the whole city which is why she hasn't been home as much as she used to, and there's also the fact that the full city appears to be much bigger than the areas you generally know, which is why many times your mom can't reliably make it back home for the night. This situation is likely going to get even worse as your mom has told you that Mayor Patricia actually wants to go for the state's governorship as soon as her term concludes, and of course your mom will help her every step of the way, as she's pretty passionate about her work, helping make the city you live in a better place.

But before she was such an important political figure, you knew her as a joyful friend of your mom's, in some ways similar to Sheila or Dolores, but her presence can feel surprisingly imposing without her even intending to. And that is most definitely helped by her body, this woman is just massive to a level you didn't even know was possible, sporting a larger belly than even Dolores' and also a much bigger butt, one that you have unfortunately gotten up close and personal more times than you'd be willing to admit, which means that this woman has the biggest body you've seen so far.

Whenever she's come to visit your mom at home, it seems that she's fated to inevitably bump you with her huge ass, or inadvertently sit on half of your lap, as her monstrous derriere is larger than even two whole couch cushions. Her playful and carefree attitude about it helps things even less. Given these precarious situations you've ended up in more than once, it was also a fateful inevitability that many of those times you got blasted by some room-shaking farts, which she laughs off as a silly harmless thing. You can't say that her gas on its own is as bad as, say, Jordana's or Sheila's, but they can still make for some intimidating booming quakes.

On an unrelated note, she seems to have a particular interest in your school, and has come by way more times than you think is normal, and whenever that happens nearly all teachers and staff panic hard. You could ask Brooke about it but you haven't felt like prying that much into her family's affairs. On the other hand, she has donated cool and useful stuff to your school, and also held some interesting contests, a few of which you have won yourself, and this has given you a chance to shake her hands or get hugged by her a few times. You have felt a bit embarrassed by how nonchalant she is about it, but she always tries to reassure you by reminding you that she knows you before you were even born.

Measurements: 58 - 46 - 100 | Bra size: F cups


Claudia García: A 66 years old woman, none other than Dolores' mother and the school district's supervisor. Despite Dolores' closeness with your family you haven't interacted all that much with her. She seems to be sterner and more of an old fashioned traditionalist, which is no surprise given her age, though she looks quite good still.

Sporting a slightly darker skin tone than her daughter's and some graying hairs on her head which she doesn't bother to hide, she looks both wise and intimidating. She has nearly the same build as Dolores as well, though with a slimmer stomach likely to a more active lifestyle, and perhaps reflecting on the sheer discipline she seems to carry herself with at all times.

She seems to believe that younger generations have gotten soft and weak, particularly guys, which is why, the times you've interacted with her you've found that she believes and practice in the same 'tough love' that her daughter Rosa does, which is absolutely no surprise as she's most likely the origin of that herself. But compared to her daughter, who shows some amount of restraint, Claudia is quite adamant on wanting guys to shape up to be tough like the men of her time, and unfortunately for you, many of those times you've been her target for a lack of other guys' presences when she's around.

Despite not being nearly as violent as Arianna, you feel like she's someone that you should fear even more at school, without knowing why, something deep in your subconscious simply makes you wary of her, although you can tell that she doesn't seem to bear any ill will towards you either, and that in her own view, she's trying to help. Now, if only she didn't show up at your school so often...

Measurements: 54 - 40 - 90 | Bra size: F cups

Special character(s)

Chiyoko Kamiyama: A very tall, curvy girl, standing at 198 cm / 6'6" tall. She has long red hair that reaches below her waist, with a few orange and blonde streaks. Her eyes are iridiscent, and they sparkle in the light, but even in the dark they might have a faint glow. What makes her different, besides these traits, is that she's no ordinary human. She's a dragon that came over from another universe, reasons unknown.

Among her abilities, she can change from her full-on draconic form to her humanoid one, and either can be kaiju-sized (200 meters / 657 ft. tall), human sized, or anywhere in between, with the possibility of growing even larger or having the ability to shrink, and she's capable of also growing and shrinking others, and she can opt to use some of her more draconic features in her human form at will, such as horns, claws, fangs, scales and tail. She'll have her horns on at nearly all times, summoning or disappearing her tail depending on the times and sparingly using her wings. Her claws or fangs would likely only appear when she's angry, or in the case of her fangs, when she's excited.

Her draconic form is that of a massive European style dragon with bright red scales with some orange and golden ones making elaborate patterns on her skin. Also sporting two enormous wings that allow her to fly. With a long neck and sporting a few long, black horns on her head. I picture them as those of a triceratops minus the bony frill. Also has razor-sharp fangs and teeth, something in between those of a shark and a T-Rex, her eyes adopting reptilian slit-type irises when in that form. The rest of her body would be what you'd expect from a dragon, though even in this form she's a bit more slender than your tipical dragon, and has a bit of a hourglass shape to her body. Her tail is thick, long and surprisingly dexterous, almost like an extra hand. Sometimes, it seems to act on its own.

She's immensely powerful as well, capable of enormous feats of strength and speed regardless of her current size (being exponentially stronger in her draconic form though), and as expected, she can breathe fire, or shoot it from her hands (only in her human form). Despite being perfectly capable of defeating pretty much anyone in her path barehanded, she has a fondness for a nodachi type sword (an oversized katana) and a gun from her homeworld.

As for personality, she's a very wild card. She's quirky and all kinds of crazy, the good kinds that make for someone very extroverted and fun to be around, but she doesn't fully understand the human society from this world, instead using what she knows from her homeworld as reference, often with hilarious or even troublesome results. Almost everything this world has to offer in terms of food and entertainment will be heavenly to her. Comparing to human standards, she'd be perceived as extremely tomboyish, having pretty much no concept of girly behavior, though she may act the part in front of some people such as your parents or other authority figures if required.

Age: 7,000 years old in human years. For her species standards', it's roughly equivalent to 18.

Measurements: 55 - 29 - 60 | Bra Size: G cups, but she probably wouldn't know.

Owing to her draconic status, she might come across as somewhat bossy without fully meaning to, but sort of expecting others to do as she says either due to her species being revered, her lineage or her own personal merit in her homeworld (you can build some more backstory for her based on this). In any case, she won't take a 'no' for an answer when she's set her mind to something.

[Note]: She's got her own classification for a few very obvious reasons. Being on the front page makes her a canonical character, but unlike all others, she doesn't necessarily exist in any given storyline. She's to be used wisely, because once you include her, you're probably throwing the entire story out of whack, and there'd be no going back from it, lol. Not that it's a bad thing, but consider that she'd drastically alter the tone and pace of the ongoing story, so, only use her if you're really sure you have a good idea or can leave a solid foundation for someone else to pick up on.

In case it wasn't obvious, this is a sort of tribute of my own to the famous VTuber Kiryu Coco, who "graduated" from Hololive today, July 1st 2021. I know, this is one of the weirdest places to find one such tribute, but I just thought 'Why the hell not' and went ahead and created her character. Technically, she should be a route-specific character instead of being displayed on the front page as canon, but that too is meant to be an homage to her. Something I decided to do in memory of her.

Btw, her name wasn't just randomly picked, lol, I did want to preserve the CK initials, but I did my research, Chiyoko means "child of a thousand generations" and Kamiyama can either mean "god" or "mountain", both of which can be pretty fitting given her power and size.

[Crossover Characters]

Jade: A 18 years old girl, a highschool senior, though one you had never noticed before. She stands nearly as tall as yourself or Lillian, at 6'2" / 189 cm. Has very pale skin and a full-on goth look, her raven black hair is spiked and somewhat long (at least past shoulder length). She's a very chubby girl with an extreme pear body shape, similar to Dolores or Jordana.

Unknown to you until you met her, she's a bit smug at times, lazy and sometimes comes across as condescending, but she's not really a bad person and in fact, she makes an active effort to minimize her own negative personality traits, but only with those she deems worth the effort. Also, quite tomboyish, and doesn't always take the best care of her personal hygiene, much to your misfortune, as you'd later come to find out. Apparently, she's capable of a certain degree of magic/spellcasting, though it seems she needs to study and practice from ancient books instead of it being an innate ability of hers.

Measurements: 38 - 42 - 80 | Bra Size: C-Cups.

Additional notes: She was created by G-Writer and featured as the tritagonist in one of his oldest interactives:
    Shrunk by Your Tomboy Girlfriend  (18+)
Your girlfriend always disgusted you, but when you break up, it gets a lot worse.
#1239183 by G-Writer (82)

She's been slightly modified/tweaked in order to fit in this "guest appearance" or crossover, plus minor things added by myself to add more detail to her character. Given her special status, I'd recommend asking her creator before adding her to any other routes besides the one I've already created for her, as I don't feel it'd be my call to make.

PS: I consider these special characters outside the "repeated names" rule I sort of made, so it's not necessary to rename the Jade that was created for this interactive already.

Maria: Another 18 years old high school senior, and one whose existence you weren't even aware of at all up until you ended up meeting her. Standing almost as tall as Cindy, at 183 cm tall / 6', the girl otherwise seems to be a bit of a loner and initially, she wouldn't draw much attention when looked at from the waist up.

Her body is pretty unusual, from the waist up she looks like a slightly chubby girl on the smaller side, with a cute slight tummy and round, rather perky (but still small) breasts that she often covers with baggy clothes. However, from the waist down, it's completely different, she has a massive pear shape, and you'd confidently say roughly 80% of her body weight is in her absolutely monstrous ass, one that would put even Lillian's, Lulu's and even Arianna's to shame.

She's rather shy and easily flustered, and probably as a result from her lack of social interaction, she has trouble reading any cues from people and often misunderstands things, though she tries to be as well intentioned as she can be. Unfortunately, if you encounter her while being shrunk, it's not likely to end up well for you, as she also seems to be quite clumsy and way gassier than you'd expect...

Measurements: 30 - 29 - 84 | Bra Size: B cups

[Additional Notes]: Also a creation of G-Writer's, and might be the oldest character of the bunch. She's featured in a short story called "The Pear-fect Date", which you can find here "The Pear-fect Date" . She's also the most heavily tweaked since she was changed from a young adult secretary to a student, but the rest of her characterization seems to be fine according to her creator.

Jennifer: (Not to be confused with the main character Jen). Another girl from your school, age unknown, but appears to be a senior, so at the very least she should be 18. There's no way around it, this is a massive whale of a girl, and that's without trying to be mean... she's simply huge on every aspect, she'd be the perfect pictured description for the word 'Behemoth' in the dictionary. Tall, very, VERY chubby and with simply outrageously oversized curves (and quite a belly to go with them). You don't even know how you never noticed her before.

At least. she seems to be just minding her own business, and it doesn't look like she's looking to bother anyone. Given her physical size, she's given a really wide berth wherever she goes, though unknown to you (initially), there's another reason for it: This careless-looking girl is indeed at least careless with personal hygiene, sporting varying degrees of BO depending on the activities she had that day, plus smells that might give Veronica or Snickers a run for their money... but yet again, she doesn't really seem to be trying to annoy anyone. Her face seems to have a nearly permanent dead eyed, emotionless look, though you'd think there had to be something she'd show some emotion for, even if you didn't know what exactly.

Sometimes, it looks like she's not very aware of the people around her, as she'd sometimes knock stuff off with her enormous curves, or inadvertently push/sit on people while her mind is focused on something else. She's also to be prone not to really noticing how fresh her food is until after she's consumed it, which has had quite unfortunate consequences... even more so for those around her.

If you were to ever encounter her while shrunken, she'd be completely unpredictable as far as you can tell... And that is, if you ever get her to notice you.

Measurements: 40 - 48 - 88 | Bra Size: B cups

[Additional notes]: Just like the other two, this is another character of G-Writer's, taken from a story called "Alternate Reality Series" "Alternate Reality "Series": Step-Mother Version" , featuring her and her bombshell of a stepmom. Unfortunately, only the stepmom part was ever made, thus she had only a very limited appearance in it (in the very last part), but it was more than memorable enough to capture my imagination. I'm definitely filling quite a few gaps with her character description, but I've tried to stay as true as possible as her original depiction.


Amy Fallon: A brunette girl you've never seen before and you'd be pretty certain she's not a student at your school if (or when) you saw her, with shoulder length hair and owl rimmed glasses over her green eyes. Compared to her C cup breasts, her ass is the largest you'd ever seen on anybody, even beating Dolores's as her hips usually strain the jeans that hug tightly her fat ass and thick thighs. She's extremely gassy and voracious, if you were to find yourself in her vicinity while shrunken you'd risk ending up inside her in either end, with her having a preference for the back one if she can help it.

Measurements: 38-38-95 | Bra size: C cups.

[Note]: An OC of Reborner (46) 's, so I'd recommend asking him before using the character for any given storyline, the same as the other crossover characters.

Roxxy/Roxanne: A 23 years old white girl, standing 5'5" / 165 cm tall and weighing 135 lbs / 61 kgs. A nice and kind college girl who ocassionally tutors people for some extra cash and possesses a thick, curvy physique more or less comparable to Veronica's. She and her friends moved into the city some time ago for various reasons, mainly academic in Roxxy's case as she got a full scholarship in the same college Ariadne and Jordana attend. She might have seen you passing by in the campus but you've never interacted with her before.

A notable thing is that she, along with her group of friends have had previous experience dealing with tiny/shrunken people, as their friends Ricky and Randy (who have stayed behind at their home city) were often subjected to shrinking shenanigans courtesy of Stefani, so if you were to run into her, she'd be glad to help you and keep you safe, that is assuming you can get her to notice you.

Despite not being particularly gluttonous, she can be quite gassy at times, though unlike most of her friends, she doesn't intentionally fart on anyone, not even her shrunken friends, though that's happened as they've found themselves lost in her crack or tangled down the back of her underwear without her realizing.

Measurements: 36 - 26 - 44 | Bra Size: C cups.

Maria Sánchez: [Note: Gave her a surname to distinguish from the other Maria, plus, I vaguely recall her having a surname similar to this one in older source comics, though sadly those are now gone so I can't tell for sure]. A 26 years old Latina who's outrageously thicc, sporting massive boobs and a monster booty, her curves dwarf even those of Lillian's. She stands 5'8" / 173 cm tall and weighs 380 lbs / 172 kg.

A nice girl, but very playful and flirty, perhaps to a fault. She's really fond of shrunken guys, and in fact, both Ricky and Randy were her previous boyfriends, whom she loved to play with, specially with her gigantic ass and her massive farts. This girl is so gassy she might be a match for Lillian if she does not surpass her outright.

She currently works at the spa section in Ms. Rachel Flatum's women's club, and also one of the reasons she moved to this city besides following her friends was that she wanted to find for herself how the Salsa Shack compared to her home city's (in)famous Taco Shed, which was probably the main culprit for her being so gassy.

If you run into her while shrunken, things can go two ways, if she fails to notice you, her titanic jiggling jello booty is a very dangerous hazard that will be hard to avoid given its sheer size, and if you find yourself under it it's gonna be nigh-impossible to escape. But if you catch her attention, you risk becoming her next tiny boyfriend, to be "spoiled" in her very peculiar way... You better pray that your mom's and Lillian's treatment has toughened you up enough to handle her...

Measurements: 46 - 38 - 71 | Bra Size: D cups.

Carla Sánchez: A beautiful and playful Latina BBW that works as a house maid, and is Maria's mom. 52 years old, standing 5'9" / 180 cm tall and weighing 460 lbs / 208 kg. Sporting even larger curves than her daughter, and a significantly bigger ass that is also far deadlier, as she has a medical farting problem, which constantly gives her abundant and potent gas regardless of what she eats. Unfortunately, this has led her to believe that she can eat whatever since the end result is gonna be the same, which often results in her consuming foods that will further amplify her gassy issues.

She's way more playful and flirty than her daughter, to the point that Maria often had to protect her shrunken boyfriend and keep him hidden from her or risk having him taken away to be stashed down her enormous, gassy derriere. Whether she's aware or unaware of you, she'd gonna be a great danger to your shrunken self.

Measurements: 50 - 40 - 85 | Bra Size: E cups.

Stefani: 26 years old, a black girl with an overly curvaceous body, specially her huge ass. She's 5'7" / 170 cm tall and weighs 320 lbs / 145 kg. She attends to the same college as Roxxy, Ariadne and Jordana but she also works as a stripper in the city, and like Maria and Carla, she's very fond of spicy, gas-inducing foods, thus she quickly became a frequent customer at the Salsa Shack. She's also an extremely playful prankster that has a thing for being rather dominant, in a way similar to Jordana but perhaps a tad harsher, though she does have a softer side.

She has a deep dislike for what he perceives as hypocrisy, namely guys that stare at her prodigiously sized behind but freak out when she farts, or at least that's how she puts it. But despite that, she also loves to show off and not just in the beach, but wherever she can get away with it, she'll likely be wearing extremely tight and/or skimpy clothing if she can help it.

One peculiar thing about her is that she's in possession of a shrink ray, whose origins are unknown (or are they?), and won't hesitate to use it on anyone she wants to get back at, or get playful with, and there will be little that can stop her. Any captured shrunken guy will be guaranteed to spend most of his time tucked down in the depths of her cavernous crack and be forced to endure her constant spicy farts.

Measurements: 40 - 36 - 60 | Bra Size: C cups.

Juliana: A truly massive black BBW and Stefani's mother, sporting even larger curves than her daughter. 48 years old, 6'2" / 188 cm tall and weighing 480 lbs / 217 kg, a famous model and exotic dancer in Brazil, also works as a model here, and there's a possibility that she knows about Sheila.

She's pretty fun-loving and a bit flirty, but she's a lot nicer than her daughter, and at times she might even be a bit motherly or protective. However, she's still fond of having shrunken "guests" in her massive booty, and if given the chance she may treat them to a free show to display her pole dancing skills, or perhaps give a humongous lapdance or a striptease. Though those shows might end up being a lot windier than intended as not only she's also fond of questionable foods like her daughter Stefani, but she herself has some super spicy chili recipes of her own, and will love any meal that resembles those, leaving any unfortunate victim trapped in her ginormous crack to suffer the consequences...

Measurements: 52 - 43 - 88 | Bra Size: E cups.

Danielle: Stefani's childhood friend. A black girl with even more impressive curves than those of Stefani's or even her mother's. She's 26 years old, stands 5'8" / 173 cm tall and weighs 500 lbs / 226 kg, most of which are allocated to her beachball-sized cheeks. She's nicer than Stefani, but can be just as playful as Maria and like her, she had a naughty side, plus she might have a few strange interests few people are aware about. She's probably a rather safe bet if you were to run into her while shrunken, but a very hazardous one if she's not aware of your presence...

[Optional info]: She currently works at the Salsa Shack since she loves its food, and besides coming together with her friends, it was one of the reasons she moved to the city, so it's possible you may have seen her there but may not have interacted with her yet, or she could be a coworker you're just slightly acquainted with.

Measurements: 44 - 38 - 85 | Bra Size: D cups.

Rhonda: 29 years old and one of the absolutely biggest, curviest ladies in the group. A white, brown haired lady that might be the most literal physical definition of a BBW. Standing 6' 6" / 198 cm tall and weighing 600 lbs she's truly massive, and the majority of that weight is put in the best (or worst, depending on the perspective) places, possessing one of the largest busts ever and also a truly enormous ass that just about matches Dolores'.

At first glance she might look older than she is, but upon closer inspection anyone would realize that she's quite youthful, but has a mostly mature, albeit joyful demeanor. Her personality is quite sunny most of the time, but she also has a very naughty side to herself, which is very likely to come up in the event that she encounters a shrunken guy, who's gonna have a very hard time escaping her tremendously-sized posterior. She used to work for Randy as a house maid and to this day she remains friends with Roxxy's group. Even in this city she still does her house cleaning/house maid job, one of her signature things being that she wears a French maid outfit while at it, one that was clearly not designed with curves as plump as hers. Her glasses add a touch of sophisticated sensuality to her outfit, but whether she truly needs them or not is unclear.

Like Dolores, she might not necessarily be as gassy as some of the other girls/ladies, but she's probably fond of food that's not kind to her stomach, and while she might not fart as much, when she does let loose she can unleash room or even house-shakers...

Measurements: 60 - 42 - 90 | Bra size: I cups (or HH)

Brigitte, aka "The Booty Bomb": A 23 years old British exchange student that now got a scholarship to the college your sister and Jordana attend to, a classmate and friend of Roxxy's and Stefani's. But besides that, her job is a pretty peculiar one, she's an internationally famous wrestler whose identity has remained unknown so far as she wears a mask and hasn't lost any match where it was put at stake.

She stands 5'8" / 173 cm tall and weighs 250 lbs / 113 kg, sporting large boobs and a larger booty that's more or less just as big as Lillian's or Monique's. She's usually kind but can be a little flirty and playful. As her wrestling alter-ego, the Booty Bomb, she's a lot more confident, smug at times, and also exponentially more playful.

Her "civilian" attire tends to be a bit simplistic, with long sleeved blouses and tight jeans that do show off her largest asset to some extent, but as the Booty Bomb she has an outfit that's like a black version of R.Mika's outfit in the early Street Fighter Alpha games, and like her, she has an affinity to wearing thong type bottoms as part of her wrestling outfit.

Measurements: 49 - 33 - 55 | Bra Size: D cups

Caren Laitinen: A 22 years old girl of Finnish origin that works as a local nun, notably being the youngest in the city. While your mom was raised pretty liberally when it came to religious matters, with grandma Xóchitl opting to honor her ancestors' beliefs for the sake of culture and tradition more than anything else, your father's side was a bit more traditionalist, and thus, you were taught that sometimes spiritual advice can help at times when secular one doesn't seem to cut it. Still, you could probably count with the fingers of just one hand the times you've actually gone to any church, and nearly all of those were either accompanying your grandma Regina or your father. But if for whatever reason you decided to set foot there once more, you might run into someone you had never met before...

Caren [not to be confused with Aunt Karen] is both slender and almost painfully thicc, sporting large boobs and a massive butt with thick thighs to go with it. Her religious habits, which would be very conservative clothing on anyone else, fail to an almost hilarious degree to conceal the sheer curviness of her body, instead her chest and butt press tightly against the strained fabric that struggles hard to try and contain them, not that she minds, as she's very much a prankster at heart and enjoys messing with people, though she's not mean by any measure of the word and wouldn't intentionally want to hurt someone, it's just that she sometimes can get a little too playful.

Very ironically given her line of work, she's a pretty massive pervert with a raging fetish for big butts and farts, both her own and other girls'. She's often horny at work and loves to use her bodacious curves to mess with people. She's also pretty touchy-feely with other girls or women and will often squeeze their butts. If she can, she'll try to smell their farts too. Most of the time she gets by with her mom's and her younger sister's.

Despite being lactose intolerant, she's often eating cheese and drinking milk because she loves the taste and doesn't care how gassy those things will make her, she's overflowing with confidence and is proud of her big butt and of what it can dish out, which by the way is nothing to scoff at, even on an empty stomach she's gassy to a comparable level to Lillian's, ripping huge, blaring blasts that can even slightly shake the floor in a given room, her dietary choices further amplifying this and God help you if she manages to get her hands on anything remotely similar to beans.

As for her appearance, she has waist length, smooth silver hair and yellow eyes that sometimes look like they have a slightly otherworldly glow to them, as well as rather pale skin, similar to Jen's or Jordana's. Whenever she's not at work, with her nun gig being a part time job at best, she's much more liberal with her clothes, often opting for tight leggings that get stretched to their absolute limit by her outrageously large derriere, and the tank tops she often wears also struggle to contain her large, bouncing bust.

What no one in the world but her alone knows is that she possesses a pretty peculiar "gift", an unnatural ability, a superpower according to some, a freak accident of genetics according to others, or, perhaps, the proof that God has a sense of humor by bestowing such a gift upon Caren: She possesses the ability to shrink people and things freely, and while she can grow them back to their original size whenever she desires, she cannot make things grow larger beyond there, at least under the usual circumstances.

As much as she'd love to tease you herself with her generous assets, she's just as likely to set you up to get a close encounter with her little sister Altina's big booty, or even happily hand you over to your mom, Lillian or another girl interested in you for them to have fun with you at your newly reduced size.

This is someone you haven't encountered yet, but there are chances to run into her if you go to church or nearby, or by random chance at school, as it turns out that she has a little sister that works at the same school you attend to. Unknown to you, she's recently befriended your mom so there's also a chance she might show up at your home one day...

Measurements: 48 - 24 - 65 | Bra Size: E cups.

Altina Laitinen: A 18 years old girl, Caren's younger sister. A shy, surprisingly intellectual girl that is already working as a part time nurse assistant at your school as part of her own internship (and potentially doing voluntary work as a pseudo nun at the same church as Caren). In terms of appearance she resembles her sister a lot, though her silver hair is a lighter tone, more whitish in comparison and her eyes are bright green. Her figure is much more slender too, having pretty much a flat chest since her body seems devoted to only make her ass grow, as well as her thighs to go along with it, however, lacking on the bust department hurts her self confidence quite a bit, despite her sister's and mother's reassurances.

Compared to her big sister Caren, by default she's not as gassy, and does a decent job at holding them in while at work or outside home in general, though she does often go out of her way to drink milk in hopes that it'll help her chest grow, failing to account for her lactose intolerance. Once fueled, she can get surprisingly gassy, though not on the same level as her sister's in terms of noise and volume. Her farts vastly outclass Caren's on smell though, and they might be the single most toxic ones you'd ever run into, perhaps being on par with Veronica's (though without having any specific gassy foods or milk in the latter's case)

Personality wise she's almost a complete opposite to her big sister, being pretty shy and awkward in most social situations, she's also oblivious to her own appeal, often bending over or even lightly bumping or grazing stuff with her sizable behind without noticing the effect it may have on others. This is further worsened (or enhanced depending on your view) by her being simply way too adorable and cute, and you can tell it's just her being herself in all honesty, not something forced as some people may do for attention.

Speaking of her sizable behind, despite her petite complexion her butt is surprisingly big, being on par with bigger girls such as Snickers or Cindy, and not so far behind the likes of Monique or Lillian.

While she's completely innocent, if Caren is around you will most likely get deeply embarrassed as the older girl will relentlessly tease you about how big and sexy her little sister's butt is until she eventually shrinks you and plants you somewhere to get really up close and personal with that jiggly bubble butt at a scale you never imagined before...

[Additional Info]: One possible way for you to meet her is that she does some volunteer job in the same church as Caren and Miriam has met her, either because she went to church as part of her work agenda or prompted by Grandma Regina. In any case, Miriam finds her to be absolutely adorable and stunningly beautiful as in for a future daughter in law.

Miriam then decides to try and have a more active role in pairing the two of you together. Unfortunately for you, she also thinks that Altina needs to get some more meat on her bones to be a good, healthy mother and this most likely will result in her overfeeding/stuffing Altina full with some of her heartiest foods, most of which will likely contain beans, dairy, meat and a good amount of vegetables that will keep her gut working on overdrive. Miriam also would likely offer her milk to drink to help her bust grow just like Altina herself believes, and this would only make her gas way worse.

The other way for you to meet her is simply by going to the school Infirmary, either on your own or accompanying someone. Of course, you're welcome to come up with anything else, keeping her description in mind.

Measurements: 25 - 22 - 54 | Bra Size: A cups.

Aino Laitinen: Caren and Altina's mother. A kind, beautiful woman afflicted by an unknown debilitating but non contagious sickness. This ailment largely drains her strength limiting the things she can do throughout the day, making it so that she tires easily and needs a lot of sleep to recover, she's often laying in bed to conserve energy as well. Her condition is the main reason why Caren is doing her part time job as a nun to help support her and to fund her own studies and why Altina took up Nursery as her major.

Her silver hair is kept at shoulder length, as opposed to her daughters who wear theirs long. Her eyes are yellow like Caren's but with a gentler, more mature aura to her look, resembling Altina's despite the different color. She also has quite the bodacious figure, sporting a sizable chest and a really large butt, which due to her low physical activity and lack of exercise, is kept extremely squishy and jiggly.

In addition to her debilitating ailment, her already natural gassy tendencies, which both of her daughters inherited parts of, are further worsened, having a lot of huge farts like Caren with a terrible smell like Altina's. Her daughters have gotten used to it but other people would probably struggle to stay around her for long.

Like Altina, she's very kind though she may not be entirely blind to her own appeal, but on the other hand she'd likely believe that her age and illness are enough of a deterrent for any man to give her a second thought. This is someone you'd only interact with after getting to meet either Altina or Caren as she practically never leaves her house.

Measurements: 40 - 25 - 72 | Bra Size: F cups.
Well, those are the characters I've created for this plus some added by other authors. I hope to see stuff with them, but you're welcome to create more characters if you wish, and if they're used enough, I'll add them here. The last thing to do here is the rules, I guess

Here's an imgur album with some visual references I got:
UPDATE: The imgur album will remain, but it has become outdated, as it was thought for a much smaller number of characters than this story eventually got. Not that it's a bad thing, but imgur's UI isn't too good to sort many images, plus, it tends to get laggy, at least for me. So, I've remade the visual reference album in OneDrive, which allows me to have the pics sorted by character in folders, if you wish, check it out! Link here  

You're free to ignore the albums in favor of your own imagination and creativity however, though at least the ones I got for Lillian, Veronica, Jen, Jordana and Ms.McAllen are very close to what I had in mind. Besides Lillian, however, the other girls are supposed to be slimmer than the pics I found, they're mostly for butt references. Some exceptions are Sheila, Jordana, Isha, Jaya, Dolores, Zoey and Etsuko, basically the canonical BBWs or borderline BBWs.


[Update history]

I've kept a list of changes done to the original story on in the style of a changelog, you can check it out here if you're curious about it.

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NotOnTime's working on some other stuff, yes. Lillian's beach route will also be revisited eventually and he recently did some great chapters in the microverse with Miriam
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I can add your idea to my backlog but it will take some time to get there. There's already a more developed route done by NotOnTime that largely fulfills the same ideas though.
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