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In a world much like our own, women can choose to give birth to either normal or micro-sized children. Virtually all male children are this tiny, and very few girls are. 
This is the story of one such unlucky, or perhaps very lucky, tiny child.


1. Imagination is paramount, grammar/spelling is not.
2. if you're going to lead the story into generally disliked philias, give the rest of us an escape option.
3. Have fun, be creative, and don't be shy about adding! Refer to rule 1!
3a. I legitimately don't care how awful you're afraid your addition is. Because (a.) it's probably not so bad, and (b.) I appreciate all additions, crappy or not. Well maybe less so the crappy ones, but refer to rule 3.
4. Also, as a sort of side-note, keep in mind the fourth, fifth, and sixth words of this story's description up there. Jake isn't the only tiny person!

Important Characters:
Jake: You, the main character/audience surrogate. You're currently ~17 years old and 1 cm tall, living under the discretion of your normal-sized mother and sister. Arguably the only important character.
Carolyn: Your voluptuous mother, who literally towers over you at 6 feet 3 inches, although, let's face it, most people do anyway. She is somewhat overprotective of you, and for some very good reasons. She is determined to save you from any harmful situation.
Amanda: Your normal-sized sister, the star of her school's water polo team. She's a little older than you. She believes that you should have more freedom than Carolyn gives you, but besides that, you three get along swimmingly.
Elizabeth: Your doctor, who's taken care of you ever since she saw your mother through your birth.
Scott and Adam: Your two best friends from Piccolett high school. They're tiny like you. Scott is something of a jock (as much as a tiny person can be) and is outgoing, and Adam's more shy.

NOTE Starting now, I will delete added chapters that contain egregious amounts of spelling or grammatical errors.

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Chapter 1
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