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As of 3/22/2024 I'm reuploading this to Collaberotica. There are now about 70 new chapters. Yes, you read that number correctly. The only major difference is that characters here will be aged up to all be 18 at the youngest.

I'm making this because I want to do something with what could've been a wonderful visual novel, instead of watching it crumble into dust. At this point, it's extremely unlikely that the game will ever be released, but I still want to do something with the world and the characters. If you haven't heard of the project, here's a link to the Kickstarter page (a short, but well-polished Demo is available on the description page, and a considerably longer but VERY rough demo is available on the updates tab under the August 2021 update.

Description below paraphrased from the Kickstarter page's description'

Basically, you wake up one morning to find that your world has become the cliche-filled world of a harem anime, with you as the protagonist. Not only that, but helping you along is the Narrator - a voice that only you can hear, who conveniently happens to understand the rules of how your world works. It is now your destiny to conquer the hearts of several hot anime chicks!

But seeing as this is a CHYOA, it's up to you, the writer, to determine if You (Y/N), the protagonist actually succeeds in this. Just like in the game('s demo available) stupid choices and thoughtless words will lower your affection-rating with the girls and lower your chances of scoring a smokin' hot girlfriend.

List of characters below (this is fairly lengthy)

1. You- If doing a self-insert storyline, write as (Y/N) and stay in second person (you did this, you greeted the brown-haired girl.) If NOT doing a self-insert storyline, the protagonist is Shujin Kou (still write in second person.)

2. Kiyoko, the wolf-in-sheep's clothing! Sweet, kind, popular... she seems perfect in every way! But beneath the surface, all is not as it seems... Build: Average height, big breasts, thick thighs, wide hips, and narrow waist. Ginger hair in two tails down either side of her head.

3. Ayano- the gamer chick! She's more focused on gaming than pretty much everything else, you included. Build: short height, petite frame. No curves to speak of. Wild, shaggy black hair.

4. Izumi- the tsundere! A staple of any harem anime. Izumi's also got a killer body, with gigantic breasts- the biggest in your school by a wide margin. She's ill-tempered and quick to throw a punch or kick at an offender, with no patience for jerks and morons who treat her as a giant pair of floating boobs. Build: Tall height, enormous breasts (each one larger than her head), wide hips, toned stomach, backside not too large but not too small. Hair: Short dark blue hair. Additional info/personal secrets: Extremely skilled kickboxer. Big fan of Shonen/fighting anime. Terrible singing voice. Secret desire- to be a model.

5. Hotaru- the tinkerer-tomboy! She's an inventor always working away in her workshop deep in the woods. Build: Short height, slender frame. Hair: slightly-messy, brown. Additional Info: Very friendly, potentially the easiest heroine to build affection with.

6. Satomi- the half-foreign transfer student! Hailing from France, she's got a love of fine dining and loves nothing more than exploring culinary tastes from around the world. Build: Extremely tall, big breasts, huge butt and very wide hips and extremely thick thighs. Slightly pudgy around the waist/stomach. Hair: Long, wavy, blonde.

7. Ava- the paranormal mystery investigator! This diminutive lady is always on the hunt for a spook or specter or cryptid... She possesses a vast wealth of knowledge on the occult, conspiracies, and all manner of mysterious creatures from around the world. Build: Very short height, petite frame with few noticeable curves. Hair: Short, pink with two small tails in back. Additional Info: Confirmed age in game is 17 years old, despite not looking like it.

8. Ai Sakaguchi- the star athlete! She's in better physical shape than literally anybody else, and is unmatched both on the sports field and off in the classroom. She's also an enormous Japanese-History buff. Build: Tall height, large breasts, fairly large butt, big thighs, with wide hips. More muscle definition on her thighs/arms/stomach than any of the other girls. Hair: dark brown in a short ponytail. Additional Info: She's your upperclassman/woman, being in the year ahead of you.

9. Jouko- the Yakuza Princess! She's elegant, she's beautiful, she's... got a whole retinue of deadly bodyguards?! Careful, don't mess with her or you might end up sleeping with the fishes... Build: Tall, very large breasts. Enormous backside (the largest of all the girls), very wide hips, enormously thick thighs. Surprisingly narrow waist- guess the fat on her body went somewhere else. Hair: Long, slightly messy, wavy, dark purple, with two large drills/ringlets framing her face.

(No picture available, she was created after the other characters. Currently her image is only available in the August 2021 demo.)

Other than that... well, to be blunt with all of you, I got my start on this site writing fetish stuff, and I'm not going to stop now. There'll be fetish content in this interactive, but for the sake of the story, if someone is doing a more-or-less normal storyline sticking to the canon world, don't go adding weight gain, or shrinking/giantess content, or object transformation, or whatever else to that. Leave the fetish stuff to their own branches.

That being said, I'd like to tell you all about THE WISHSTONE


The wishstone was a Kickstarter reward teased by the original creator that would allow you, the protagonist to alter the world around you (by making wishes, as the name implied.) Either as a newgame+ reward, or a reward for going through a specific chain of events mid-save, this magical rock will allow you to alter the world around you. Things that were alluded to by the original creator were things like giving yourself x-ray vision to see all the girls in their underwear at all times or making a girl's breasts bigger! The newgame+ wishstone would allow you (the player, not the protagonist) to start the game with whatever choices/changes you want already applied with the universe/story changed to accommodate them, such as making a previously flat girl have enormous breasts.

Either way, if you want to do fetish stuff, the WishStone is a good way to do it while staying in canon bounds.

With all that said and done, it's time to enter the interactive. Have fun and write well!

1/22/2023 UPDATE: Opening up slots for NPCs- mostly because the unfinished state of Harem Protagonist means that there are no known characters outside of Shujin, the narrator, and each heroine. So without further ado I'm opening up slots for characters from outside sources to be added in!

CURRENT OCs and Crossover Characters, and minor canon characters (Includes characters planned but not implemented as well as characters already in the story. I should point out that no one is required to use any/all of these characters. They're just there if you want to fill your cast of characters out.)

1. Hatake Inosuke: Male, middle-aged. Build: Unknown. Role: Shujin's boss in the 'Izumi's peeper' storyline. Source: Original character (credit 2)

2. Mio Jinguuji: Female, 18. Build: Tall height, Enormous breasts (nearly as large as Izumi's) confirmed by canon as 106cm/J-cup. Curvy thighs/butt, but not enormous. Long, straight purple hair. Additional info: Loves small, cute things. Not afraid to commit lewd acts to get close to someone she has a crush on. Role: Unconfirmed/student council president. Source: Manga- My Senpai is After My Life.

3. Ruu Kurokiya: Female, 17 (19 in the Izumi's Peeper storyline). Build: Average height, large breasts. Butt/thighs curvy but not overly large. Dark skin (fake tan) with dyed blonde hair. Additional info: Attempts to tease people (especially somebody she has a crush on) often backfire in hilarious ways. Role: Unconfirmed/unaffiliated student. Source: Manga- Tedama ni Toritai Kurokiya-san

4. Souko Takayukashiki: Female, 17. Average height. Enormous breasts (at or near par with Mio). Thicker thighs than normal, average hips/butt. Long, straight dark hair (black w/ purple sheen.) Additional info: possesses encyclopedic knowledge of all manner of bizarre (frequently lewd) information. Role: Unconfirmed/student + club member. Source: Manga- Hen na Chishiki ni Kuwashii Kanojo Takayukashiki Souko-san

5. Evan (last name currently unknown): Male, mid 30s. A westerner (British or American) living in town for some reason. He's no tourist but rather a permanent resident. Speaks fluent Japanese. Owns a small care in a quiet part of town. One of Ava's few 'people' connections. Source: canon (he appears in a few of Ava's scenes in the August 2021 demo.)

6. Miyako Oka: Female, 17. Build: Slightly above average height, larger than average breasts. Toned (large but not huge) thighs/backside.) Sporty and in good shape. Short, black hair. A friendly and outgoing girl, the kind of person who could make friends with anybody. Role: Student/possible sports team member. Source: Meika-san can't conceal her emotions.

7. Tsunoda (first name reader's choice): Male, 18. Fairly tall, decently muscular, hair is naturally brown but mostly died blonde. An aggressive, violent jerk who respects nobody, be it a classmate or teacher. Role: Student/bully at high school. Source: High School of the Dead.

8. Ayano Kojima: Female, 17. Build: Average height, very large breasts (between Satomi and Izumi's size.) Otherwise fairly slender. Short black hair, wears glasses. A bit timid and self-conscious, but possesses a hidden perverted streak buried so deep that she doesn't even know it's there... unless something wakes it up. Source: Seishun-Pop (manga.)

9. Matsuno-Sensei (no first name known at this time, reader's choice for now): Female, 28. Build: above average height- slightly taller than Izumi, huge breasts (on par with Izumi.) Very curvy all over. Huge butt, thick thighs... Not huge, but some muscle tone in her arms and legs. Skills: Expert Karate practitioner. Extra info: Ridiculously huge appetite, though she doesn't seem to realize it. Source: Hittsu (manga)

10. Yaeko Minegasaki: Female, Late twenties-early thirties. Build: Above average height. Curvy body. Big breasts (around Ayano's size), enormous butt with matching thick thighs. Yaeko's packing the most 'junk in the trunk' after Jouko, the ass-queen herself.) Shoulder-length purple hair. Purple eyes. Usually wears suit/pencil-skirt combo. A professional business woman who values profits over all else. Ruthless and not afraid to use dirty tactics to get what she wants. Source: Food Wars (she's the villain in the first chapter/first episode.)

11. Hikari Daimon: Female, 27 years old. Build: Above average height: on par with Mio. Slender in all aspects; flat chested (and not happy about it.) Shoulder length black hair. Usually wearing a maid uniform- she's Mio's personal maid. Her mistress usually ropes Hikari into going along with whatever plans Mio makes about romance. Or buy things that Mio doesn't want her family to know about. Exasperated by her mistress's many ideas, but loyal nonetheless. Source: My Senpai is After My Life!

12. Mia/Vice Director (V.D.): Female, 18 years old. Build: below average height - slightly shorter than Shujin, has long red hair with some very large breasts for her size (on par with Kiyoko) while being quite slender everywhere else. A tsundere through and through, though unlike the man-killer Izumi, what Mia lacks in height and physical prowess she more than makes up in brains. Often seen working alongside Hotaru. Extra info; Genius level intellect, but little social skills due to bullying for said intellect. Prefers to be called by her title of V.D. due to her position in Hotaru's club. Loves a challenge. A big fan of romance novels, but will vehemently deny it if asked. Secret Desire: To find something that'll brighten her dull life. Source: Shrink High. Suggested by Fafnir.

<<Maken-Ki Bloc>> NOTE: BWH/cup size for Maken-Ki girls are canon. I'm not making this up/estimating.

13. Aki Nijou: Female, mid-late twenties. Build: Average height. Very curvaceous. BWH in centimeters (per Maken-Ki canon) B:103 (K-cup), W: 58, H: 92. Long dark-blue hair. Has the aura of a sensual, sultry woman despite never having had a boyfriend in all her life. Would very much like a boyfriend, but is exasperated by her mother trying to constantly play matchmaker for her. A kind, caring, and benevolent woman. Role: School nurse

14. Minori RokuJou: Female, mid-late twenties. Build: Slightly above average height (though often described as having the 'presence' of a much taller person. Very curvaceous. BWH: B: 101 (I-cup), W: 60, H: 94. Mid-length pinkish-red hair that she usually keeps in a loose ponytail. Usually wearing a red tracksuit. An exuberant woman with a loud, confident personality. Loved by some students and feared by others. Role: Gym teacher (NOT principal like in Maken-Ki canon.

15. Haruko Amaya: Female, 18. Build: Average height. Very curvy. BWH: B:97(H-cup), W: 59, H: 88. Long, dark purple hair with two bangs on either side of her face, and a long side-tie ponytail. Kind and caring to her friends, but also strict and stern at school in regards to following established rules. Hates perverts/openly perverted acts. Role: Head of the student security board/discipline committee. AND/OR captain of the Kendo club

16. Chacha Akaza: Female, 18. Build: Much taller than average (around Ai's height.) Very curvy: BWW: B: 99 (H-cup), W: 62, H: 88. A carefree girl with a laidback personality. Rather immodest. Has dark skin that no one knows whether it's natural or a tan. Mid-length white hair with two bangs at the side of her head an a ponytail/topknot that falls down on top of her head. Role: member of the manga club.

<<END MAKEN-Ki Bloc>>

17. Meiko Shiraki: Female, 18. Build: WAY taller than average. The tallest student after Satomi. Extremely curvy. BWH (canon per her manga). B: 115 (K or L-cup estimate). W: 60. H: 93. Mid-length white hair that she usually keeps in a bun, with two thick bangs framing her face. One of the most physically powerful characters at the HP school. A severe, imposing young woman who makes the unruly fall in line... or be forced into line. Still, she has a hidden soft side that she reserves for her (few) friends. Role: Student council member. Source: Prison School.

18. Ryoka Narusawa: Female, 17. Build: Slightly below average. Gigantic breasts- she's by far the bustiest student at school. Her chest takes up a huge amount of her torso and seems disproportionately massive on her body. Still, in addition to her unusually colossal breasts she has wide hips and a large butt as well. She's a very energetic girl who is very bubbly and hard to get down. Still, her overenthusiastic personality sometimes weirds people out, and she has a hard time making new friends outside of the few that she already has. Role: Science/occult club member. Source: Occultic Nine.

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