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Disclaimer: All characters featured in this work are 18+.


Welcome to the world of Granblue Fantasy: a place where islands float, people of various humanoid backgrounds do their best to get by, and world-ending threats appear at an alarming frequency.


Drastic differences in size have always existed here, in some way or another. However, this has not prepared its inhabitants for the drastic changes that are yet to come. Someone's life is about to change, and with it, perhaps, that of the entire Skyrealm.


Let us set off...




Author's Note: The chapter count is a bit deceiving at the moment since a lot of it is me putting the structure together. But now that it has been established, I'll be filling it out when I have the time (and hopefully ya'll will too). I'll remove this note once I'm satisfied with the setup-content ratio. 

This'll also be Open Additions until I'm given a reason to reconsider, so have fun and don't shit the bed.

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Chapter 1
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