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Your best friend Rachel is throwing a party to celebrate turning 21, which means lots of food, lots of cake, and lots of booze. You are Jessica and at some point at the party find yourself mysteriously shrinking down to a 1/4th of an inch tall. Now you’ve got to try to get the attention of a bunch of women hundreds of times your size. But can you even make it out alive?


Jessica (aka you)[Age 21]:
The main character. Jessica is a 21 year old young woman.

Note: I’m giving her a name so that the MC isn’t referred to as [Your name] or [Y/N] or just inconsistently given a name when they’re talked about during the story. Other than being female nothing is set in stone about Jessica.

Rachel [Age 21]:
Your next-door neighbor and closest friend. Rachel is part Hispanic, tall, and has long black hair. The guys go crazy over her near perfect features. You and Rachel had been best friends since you were both in diapers and were closer than most sisters. Naturally you were invited to Rachel’s party, it was your idea in the first place.

Kelly [Age 20]: A mousey small brunette woman, Kelly is a computer nerd currently learning programming in college. Kelly used to follow you and Rachel around a lot when you were in high school, but she’s kept in contact since then despite moving to go to college. You heard rumors that Kelly was a lesbian and while you haven’t seen her have much luck with guys, she never said anything to you. That said, rumors kept circulating that she was in love with you or Rachel, or both, but you never put much stock in rumors.

Alisa [Age 22]: A tall and you admit gorgeous blond woman, Allisa was a year ahead of you and Rachel in high school. She was the head cheerleader as well as ran a couple times for class president but never won. She defies the stereotype of a mean not to mention brainless popular cheerleader. You and Rachel became friends with her because Rachel consoled her when she noticed Alisa was crying after an ugly breakup with a boy on the football team whose name you don’t even remember anymore.

Kia [Age 20]: A black woman who usually wears her shiny black hair short or in a ponytail. Unusual in your friend group you met her after high school while working part time at a restaurant that Kia still works at, and you started hanging out after you quit. Kia volunteered to help with the catering and aspires to be a chef, but her best fare is by far is outdoor barbecue.

- More guests can be added later in the story!

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Chapter 1
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