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Choose your role as a victim of the shrinking virus, a virus going around the world and wrecking havoc in the world. So far to counter the effects of the virus, the governments of the world have deemed all shrunken people, deemed as shrinks, unhuman, and not protected under any laws. In this new world, every normal sized person, deemed as Norms, is fair game to maim and destroy any shrinks that they may run upon.

There are nice Norms and evil Norms, depending on the person. Some families may treat the members who are shrunken as equals, and care for them, while others tend to take advantage of their shrink relatives. Schools are still integrated, and shrinks are still required to attend, leading to fun interactions there. Matter of fact, teachers are known to snatch some of their students for their own bidding themselves.


Due to some people who decided to take advantage of there being no rules, there is to be no characters under the age of 16 in sexual situations at all. I have deleted chapters involving said characters, and will continue to do so in the future if any more are added. Pedophiles deserved to be lined up against a wall and shot.

NEW RULE Don't add a chapter that's exclusively choices when it's not needed, you're obviously just trying to steer the plot in a direction you want to see it without actually contributing any effort or creativity, and it's annoying as shit.

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Chapter 1
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