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Tails was studying books about anatomies and bodies, he got very tired and bored but still very curious he decided to study the mobian body by himself, so he build a ship capable to change size and a teleported in case of emergency. he gonna study his friends from the inside.

Sonic The hedgehog: The most faster living being in the world.
Amy Rose: The obssesive fan-girl of sonic.
Knuckles: Guardian of the master Emerald
Rouge The Bat: The thief of costly jewelry.
Vanilla and Cream: Maybe tails has personal interest in them

ANY kind of vore is welcome even more this can be like a endonaut-style story, tails can explore inside their bodies
Go Nuts
No end the story
Others Character like Sally, Blaze, Silver, Shadow and shade are welcome but are in different areas in the already annouced character
For Ex:
Blaze is with Vanilla and Cream
Silver or Sally with Sonic
Shadow with Rouge
Shade or Tikal with Knuckles

Please add, don't be shy, add many chapters as you can :D

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Chapter 1
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